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Stephen Lendman ~ No Joy To The World This Christmas

SteveLendman December 25 2013

grinchHow can there be with wars raging out-of control! Who’s celebrating while mass slaughter and destruction persist?

No Christmas cheer this year for billions. No Feliz Navidad. No happy holiday. No Wise Men spreading good will.

No silent, holy night. No decking the halls. No herald angels singing. None heard on high.

No coming all ye faithful. No telling it on the mountain. No merry gentlemen resting. No peace on earth coming upon a midnight clear.

No most wonderful time of the year. No having yourself a merry little Christmas. No holly jolly one. No wishing you one in times of war, injustice and human suffering. Imagine them on an unprecedented scale.

No frosty the snowman fun. No winter wonderland. No jingle bells joy. No auld lang syne.

No Christmas 2014 to remember. No Santa on his sleigh. None coming to town. No gifts for billions.

No peace with war winds raging. None with growing global human misery. America is Scrooge writ large. It’s the Grinch that stole Christmas.

Scoundrel media editors claim otherwise. They support the worst of all possible worlds. They pretend aggressive wars are liberating ones.

They claim nations are destroyed to free them. They call imperial dominance democracy.

They glorify wars in the name of peace. Humanitarian intervention and responsibility to protect (R2P) mask ravaging one country after another. Mass slaughter and destruction reflect it.

They call plunder economic development. They pretend Christmas 2013 reflects peace and good on earth.

They ignore what matters most. They turn a blind eye to America’s imperial savagery. Unprecedented human misery reflects it.

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James Tyberonn ~ The Christ Energy

Earth-Keeper Chronicles December 25 2013


“For time never was when there was not a Christ and not a Christ mass.” (EC 262-103)

Edgar Cayce stated in his readings that there was never a period in (duality) earth in which the Christos energy was not present. He stated that Jesus (Jeshua ben Josef) was the first ‘man’, the first human soul to complete the process of the earth cycle and return in full to the Divine Source. He stated Jesus had ten incarnations prior to the one as Jesus. We celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25th, and December 25th was the Solstice prior to to the 3rd century AD. Read more (below) to learn the importance of the December Solstice and the true meaning of this time.


A Time of Rebirth…

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Suzanne Lie ~ The Penny


suzanneLieGlowThe small child was very excited that he had found a penny. The adults smiled because they knew that a penny was not worth much. But the child did not know that. He was as proud of his find as an adult may have been of a hundred-dollar bill. Every day he polished his penny and returned it dutifully to his pocket. Some days he had no pocket so he carried it in his shoe. But always he carried it.

It became a talisman ~ an omen. He knew that it meant that something special would come to him. It even made him believe that he was something special ~ special because HE had discovered the penny. The adults thought he was being “cute”.

Until IT began…

No one could say when it began or even how, but slowly-very slowly, the penny began to glow. At first, everyone thought it was because the child polished it so much. But, gradually, it became evident that no ordinary penny could glow like that, no matter how carefully it was polished. And furthermore, the glow began to change. Some days it was gold, other days it was blue or orange and sometimes, the colors flickered in and out like rays of the rainbow.

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GE Christenson ~ Christmas Wishes

DeviantInvestor  December 23 2013


GE Christenson

Santa: The following are our Christmas wishes for the bottom 95% of Americans – as measured by either income or total assets.

A People’s QE: The Fed creates $85,000,000,000 (perhaps reducing to $75 Billion in January) per month – Quantitative Easing or QE – and feeds it to the bankers, the wealthy, and the politicians. A people’s QE is for the Quality Enhancement of the bottom 95% – an additional $85,000,000,000 per month distributed to 315 million people in the U.S. Santa: please deliver $ 270 to each person monthly or, at current prices, about 14 ounces of silver per person per month or about 3 ounces of gold per person every 14 months.

CONGRESS: It would be grand if congressional approval ratings stayed above 70% because congressional actions beneficially represented the nation and the needs of the people instead of large corporate interests and their own payoffs. Santa: we know this is probably hopeless, but please make congress and the government more truthful.

JOBS FOR AMERICANS: Does shipping jobs offshore and closing factories make America stronger and a better place to live? The “profit for me but unemployment for you” approach is not a good plan. Santa: please open American factories and create more local jobs.

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John Smallman ~ Humanity Has Collectively Made The Choice To Open To The Light.

JohnSmallmansBlog  December 8 2013


As the Christmas and New Year holiday season approaches really focus on being peaceful, being compassionate, and being loving, as Jesus always was. He is your guiding Light, the Way, and the Path, and he demonstrated to you by his attitude and behavior how to follow It. Yes, all paths are individualized because you all have your own lessons to learn, no two are the same. Nevertheless, when you intend to live lovingly as Jesus did, and as you focus your attention on being loving like him much of the energy that you channel and share will be similar to his, and that is what is healing humanity and preparing it for the great shift in awareness, in consciousness, and in intent. That is why you are on Earth at this time, to enable humanity to shift away from conflict and mistrust and move towards Love. Remember every single one of you without exception channels energy constantly because you are all, always, conduits directly connected to the Source! Make it positive loving energy by holding only that intent.

Do not forget that spiritual energy is like electricity, it is abundantly available and powerful, but what you do with it, what you use it for is up to you. When you are unaware of your origins, of your spiritual heritage, it is very easy to choose to use it to serve your own egoic agendas. However, as all your egoic agendas are self-serving, its power becomes very diffused and misaligned when you do this, and it loses its effectiveness.

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Melissa Melton ~ It’s Black Friday, And All I Want For Christmas Is My Faith In Humanity Back

TruthStreamMedia  November 30 2013


Ah, the holidays. A time when people come together and show love and empathy to their fellow men in the spirit of peace and goodwill.

Or not.

Already Black Friday is upon us, an aptly named time when people descend upon stores like heartless consumer zombies on crack to partake in supposedly super amazing splendiferous door buster crapfest extravaganza explosions. Most of America won’t be the same until after New Year’s.

Every Black Friday, I find myself losing what little faith in humanity I had managed to attempt to build up from the year before when I lost all faith in humanity on Black Friday.

It’s not even Black Friday anymore. In more recent years, Black Friday has oozed over and infected Thanksgiving. Some call it “Gray Thursday” but it might as well be black, too, as headlines this year declare “Millions add shopping, sales to Thanksgiving traditions” and “Shoppers Camp Out, Forgo Turkey For Thanksgiving Deals“. Kmart reportedly opened its doors at 6 a.m. Thanksgiving morning for a 41-hour sales madness marathon.

And commercial-driven madness it is. This is how pathetic people act, not because it’s Christmas, but because corporations and propaganda tell them to.

Here’s a compilation. Watch for yourself. The only thing missing is the Christmas muzak looping in the background.

Black Friday Disasters (Supercut) [5’28” Video]

People are not only brainwashed, totally conditioned to act like dumb, dangerous animals, but they actually believe they are entitled to. Why? To buy shit?

It’s being reported now that someone has already been shot at a Kohl’s department store this year.

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Paul Craig Roberts ~ Washington’s Hegemonic Ambitions Are Not In Sync With Its Faltering Economy

Paul Craig Roberts | January 7 2013

cartoon_droneIn November the largest chunk of new jobs came from retail and wholesale trade. Businesses gearing up for Christmas sales added 65,700 jobs or 45% of November’s 146,000 jobs gain. With December sales a disappointment, these jobs are likely to reverse when the January payroll jobs report comes out in February. Family Dollar Stores CEO Howard Levine told analysts that his company’s customers were unable to afford toys this holiday season and focused instead on basic needs such as food. Levine said that his customers “clearly don’t have as much for discretionary purchases as they once did.”

For December’s new jobs we return to the old standbys: health care and social assistance and waitresses and bartenders. These four classifications accounted for 93,000 of December’s new jobs, 60% of the 155,000 jobs.

Obviously, the economy is not going anywhere except down. It takes approximately 150,000 new jobs each month to stay even with population growth and new entrants into the work force. Few of the jobs that are being created pay well, and the constant, consistent demand for more poorly paid waitresses, bartenders and hospital orderlies is difficult to believe. If Americans cannot afford toys for their kid’s Christmas, how can they afford to eat and drink out?

Media spin seeks to create a recovery out of thin air, but these graphs from John Williams (shadowstats.com) show the reality:

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Mahala ~ Planet Alert January 2013

Mahala’s Astrology | January 1 2013

Happy New Year everyone, may this be a wonderful year with surprises everywhere. Remember, we are still in the year of magic and miracles. This past year was very challenging. It was a number five year and five rules change. This year will be a number six year. Two plus thirteen (2013) = fifteen/six. The tone of 528 hertz is the vibration of love. The number 528 adds up to 15/6. With this number in affect we will see many people moving into unity consciousness, and this is the year when people will start thinking with their heart. It is also a number 13 year which is the number of the Goddess energy that is within everyone. Thirteen is also the number of transformation.

How did you experience December 21, 2012? Did you think nothing happened and life goes on as normal? That was not my experience. I felt waves of energy come in one after another which connected me with a higher frequency. I have heard from many people who had different kinds of experiences. Some cried for days, some felt the earth’s resonance jump in frequency and others felt the energy of the lay lines change. The crying part was around the time of Christmas and lasted until the full moon of December 28th. What a good way to open your heart chakra.

December 21st was just the beginning of the 12 days of Christmas. First we had the alignment with the galactic center and then the three suns lined up which are Alcyone in the Pleiadian system, Sirius, the central sun of the Milky Way and our local sun. Check out this link. It is the best video I have seen about December 21, 2012.

In the eighties there was a movie that came out called The Dark Crystal. This movie talked about how the crystal had to be in place before the three suns lined up and then the change would happen. The movie was based on Atlantis and its destruction. It was also about the search for the right crystal to activate the earth so a new age could start where there was no more war and everyone lived in peace. After I saw that movie years ago I tried to figure out when the three suns would line-up and couldn’t figure out when that would happen so I finally gave up. It wasn’t until I watched the above video that it all came together for me.

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Ruth Ryden ~ Newsletter #124 From Ruth & The Masters Of Light (January 2013)

The Masters of Light | December 31 2012

January, 2013 Happy New Year!

First of all, thanks to all of you who sent cards, messages, gifts, and letters to me at this important time of year. They all mean a lot to me. Our family gathered at our home on Christmas day in groups so that we could have the time to visit and enjoy the kids. It was a very nice Christmas.

Now that the nonsense about the end of the world has been realized, we can get down to the job of creating a new cycle of humanity. The following was given to me during the night recently, and is most appropriate at this time:

Universal consciousness seeping into minds of men, both positive and negative. Making right choices is imperative for the future of humanity. Accept changes and adjust thinking and actions accordingly. This is the Time of Renewal for all mankind as it has been foretold. Each incarnated Soul has the responsibility to protect the way of Love.

The reality of global changes happening all over the world is becoming pretty obvious as the unusual storms sweep across our country and around the world. Hopefully, those who rule our governments will finally realize the changes that need to be made to accommodate our way of life. OK, I won’t get into that. I do personally feel that humanity is starting on a roll toward spiritual understanding that has been sadly lacking for centuries. Every religion has a spark of the reality of universal consciousness, even if undermined by human need for power. Open minds and inner connection with our Creator will ease the path into the future.

Masters, what do you see for us this coming month, and perhaps a bit into the
months ahead of us?

MastersThere is a new day coming that will change not only the shape of your planet, but the atmospheric conditions and climates all over the world. Not all at once, of course, but you will begin to see these changes every month, every year, until they can no longer be denied. Yes, the frequencies that surround your planet are changing drastically now, which is causing the unusual storms across the U.S. continent. Such storms will become almost a natural occurance as they roam around the world.

  • China and most of the Asian continent will be experiencing hard times, very cold temperatures and earth movements in a few months that will make many changes in the government and the attitudes of the leaders.
  • The hot continents of the southern reaches of the planet will find temperatures turning colder than usual in the next two or three months, with grand movements.
  • The great jungles in Africa will be inundated with flooding from constant rainfall, forcing old tribes to seek refuge nearer the coasts. This will be an extreme movement of populations all through Africa.
  • The Pacific island chains are being shaken by the deep sea movements of the plates and many of the islands will continue to lose land as the waters rise and fall without warning.
  • Oceans will be moving unrestrainedly as the plates move and merge beneath them.
  • Tsunamis will become more frequent.
  • Mankind has been wise enough to put into place instruments to warn of such movements. Your planet is starting its movement back into a slightly different position in your solar system, which is causing all of this.

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