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Tracing the Occult Origins of Christmas

Makia Freeman – Christmas has come around again, and as we all scurry about hanging lights and stars everywhere, and adorning our trees with red and white ornaments, how many of us reflect on the occult origins of Christmas? How many of us realize that this merry festival has roots, in fact, in ancient traditions of magic mushrooms, Saturn worship and sun worship? Today’s Christmas is truly a hodgepodge of ancient rituals and celebrations, with roots as far back as 4000 years to the Mesopotamians. This is not surprising, for Christianity itself is a borrowed religion, built on top of previous Coptic (Egyptian), Mesopotamian and Babylonian religions. Christmas really has nothing to do with the alleged historical birthday of a human called Jesus. Let’s take a look at some of the traditions which have formed Christmas, so we can gain a deeper understanding of its symbolism. (Also see Jesus  pictured again in religious artwork with magic mushrooms.)

The Christmas-Magic Mushroom Connection

ChristmasJohn Allegro was a free-thinking Dead Sea Scrolls scholar and archeologist. In 1970 he wrote a fascinating and highly controversial book entitled The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross, whose subtitle was A Study of the Nature and Origins of Christianity within the Fertility Cults of the Ancient Near East. In it he put forth the unique idea that Christianity was an expression of an ancient cult which worshipped sex and mushrooms. To straight-laced scholars and prim-and-proper Christian apologists, this idea was simply too much for them to contemplate, but Allegro provided an impressive amount of evidence to back his claims.

He showed how the mushroom – specifically the red-and-white magic mushroom Amanita muscaria – came up again and again in Christian art. He explained how the Eucharist – where Christians believe the bread wafer is transformed into the body of Christ – is a re-enactment of the sacred ceremony of ingesting the flesh of the Amanita magic mushroom. Allegro argued that the entire story of the Jesus in the Gospels was a code for the ancient journey of conscious self-exploration, the hallucinogenic “trip”. You can imagine how the majority of people reacted to his “sex-and-mushroom cult” theory in 1970 in England! Continue reading

The Christ Energy

Earth-Keeper Chronicles December 25 2013


“For time never was when there was not a Christ and not a Christ mass.” (EC 262-103)

Edgar Cayce stated in his readings that there was never a period in (duality) earth in which the Christos energy was not present. He stated that Jesus (Jeshua ben Josef) was the first ‘man’, the first human soul to complete the process of the earth cycle and return in full to the Divine Source. He stated Jesus had ten incarnations prior to the one as Jesus. We celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25th, and December 25th was the Solstice prior to to the 3rd century AD. Read more (below) to learn the importance of the December Solstice and the true meaning of this time.


A Time of Rebirth…

Continue reading

Constance Demby ~ Novus Magnificat – Part I (excerpt) [Audio]


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Doreen Virtue ~ 2012 Yearly Oracle Card Reading

4 Angel Therapy | January 1 2012

With 12 oracle cards from 12 different decks, there are messages for each month and also a collective message for the year. The pattern in the cards for 2012 shows that we need to wait and not act impulsively upon desires. We also are strongly guided to trust our intuition. Overall, it looks like a gentle year, with the months of February and March especially bringing in new light and opprotunities. Still, your manifestations may seem to have blocks or delays. Rise above frustrations by trusting that this is divine timing in action, and that any delays will bring your dream to you in an even better way. December brings about celebration and is a good month for action and when dreams are likely to show movement and manifestation.

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Dec 26 2011 – Jan 1 2012 ~ Doreen Virtue’s Weekly Oracle Card Reading

4 Angel Therapy | December 25 2011

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Dec. 19-25 2011 ~ Doreen Virtue’s Weekly Oracle Card Reading

Doreen Virtue | 4 Angel Therapy
December 11 2011

Merry Christmas! Please remember to call upon heaven for help this week, especially during times when you feel alone, stressed, or overwhelmed. This week can lead to great personal healing, especially if you work on forgiveness and speaking your truth (always with love). The angels have said that new light and happiness are coming for us all, beginning the first week of Feburary. Expect a very happy shift starting in February, even if you feel like you have to hang-on and endure until then.

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