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Oracle Report ~ Monday, August 18, 2014

“In a most welcome way, today’s energy also strives to release us from something that has stressed our psyches and bodies.  Light codes swirl to infuse and strengthen us.  You may find yourself saying, “Finally!” about something.”  – Laura Walker

Russia_AncientStones4Third Quarter Moon in Gemini: realign, revise ~ Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Bhairavi (Goddess of the Heart)

Skill: open your heart

Negative Imprint: selfishness and selfish motives, blind to light, distrust, gloom and doom outlook, insensitivity to other’s feelings, over-involved in other’s lives and neglecting one’s own life, unrealistic and unnatural standards

Positive Imprint: beauty, simplicity, repair, self-care, release from stress or distress, heart-healing, re-calibration, refreshment, improved communication, reward for hard work or commitment, signs of the future

The bombastic energetics of this lunar month have produced the need to stand tall and strong like rock formations towering over a deep canyon.  The universe has asked us to not only be standing stones, but also singing stones.  Our “inner tune” – our personal energetic frequency – has been linking with other’s tunes,  sending reverberations aligned with the value and beauty of life.  It’s a circuit of booming love and it continues to resonate through Wednesday. Continue reading

Oracle Report ~ Sunday, August 17, 2014

 “In combination, the CME is producing a dramatic show of the forces of nature to bridge us over a chasm and masterfully empower deep healing.  The full impact of the energy is in effect through Monday, when the CME reaches Earth.” -Laura Walker

GrandCanyonThird Quarter Moon in Taurus: revise, realign ~ Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi (The Fierce One)

Skill: be aware of the strong tendency for things to be distorted and act wisely

Negative Imprint: fatigue, unprepared, dependent, imbalance, racism, separation, not adjusting to changes, mutation

Positive Imprint: inventiveness, solution-focused, self-reliant, endurance, transformation, confidence, signs

On Friday, August 15, 2014, a magnetic filament on the Sun erupted and produced a coronal mass ejection (CME) at 2:00 pm EDT/6:00 pm UTC.

Spaceweather.com reports the magnetic filament was “snaking down the middle of the solar disc…and split the Sun’s atmosphere, hurling a CME toward Earth, and creating a ‘canyon of fire.’”

This is interesting for many reasons, but what immediately echoes for wise owls who have been reading the Oracle Report since the New Moon in Leo on July 26 is this choice of words and the symbol for the energy of this entire lunar month – “rock formations towering over a deep canyon.” Continue reading

James Hall ~ High-Frequency Insider Trading

BATR  April 16 2014


No one has ever claimed that the financial markets are a level playing field. Equities, bonds, currencies, options and futures are not arenas that operate by equivalent standards for all parties. Great fortunes were built not by chance, but on superior information, known to the few. Professional traders are not risk gamblers, but operate on the premise of special advantage. Through advance and proprietary techniques that reduce exposure hazards and provide exclusive head start triggers, which virtually guarantee profits, the elite firms dominate Wall Street.

Business Week states in the article, Is High-Frequency Trading Insider Trading?, that

Classically defined, insider trading means having access to material, non-public information before it reaches the rest of the market; it’s like getting a heads-up about a merger before it’s announced, or maybe a phone call from a Goldman Sachs (GS) board member saying that Warren Buffett is about to invest $5 billion in the bank.”

With the introduction of super computers and Financial Algorithmic Trading, the era of generated trading strategies emerged that fill automatically, when predetermined prices are reached. Some would argue that exchanges were simply applying the latest technology to the time honored system of flipping positions.

Continue reading