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Soren Dreier ~ Maneuvering The Cosmic Karaoke Bar

Zen-Haven May 30 2013

imageA couple of years ago I went to a health fair where I was giving a talk. In the corridor this woman came toward me and said:

– You are like me.
– Okay, what are we?
– We are the chosen ones , we’ve got a propeller in the brain inserted by the space people.
– No, I don’t think so.” (I knew a band called the Propeller Heads, though) and no, couldn’t find the vent-switch.

She continued: -I can see you need love. I just have been to a clairvoyant and she said I should say what’s on my mind, not restraining myself, and I should go to a propeller seminar with her and learn to manage it.

My weary eyes started to stray to the horizon.
– OK, what´s the going rate for propeller management seminars these days?



To say it very nicely: She has no bloody propeller mounted in the brain.

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Meredith Murphy ~ Map Of The New Reality, February 2013

Meredith Murphy | January 31 2013

Recognition of Where You Are

February dawns and we begin to realize where we really are: we’re in the middle, each of us emerging into the new in perfect time.  We’re in the middle of bridging the old into the new. In the middle of crossing from one reality into another. in the middle of downloading and integrating all that is taking place, and all we’ve summoned. We’re in a moment of releasing ourselves to the wisdom of SOUL, recognizing that it is Soul–the expansive aspect encompassing the continuum of our own being, which is wisely orchestrating our participation in this here, this now. Rather then feeling this Soul as something separate, outside of us, dictating–mysteriously–this moment, that moment, we are beginning to remember that Soul flows forth animating this experience and we are learning the dance of this sentience. The incredible dance of conscious, multidimensional collaboration with All-That-Is, in the form of our fully realized, most expansive, inclusive self–as Soul.


We’re still connected to the old because we bridge from it into the new. We’re continuing to release, to reclaim the fullness of our energies, and we’ve encountered one of the first conundrums of the New Reality: how do we concentrate in a new bandwidth of frequency, fully present, while not shutting down the expansiveness and freedom that’s here and also that’s still unfolding?

It’s sinking in that we’re on the other side of the completion of a major cycle in existence. The disappointment of the 2012 prophecies, and/or the subsequent joy of noticing the subtle energies have become a bit more familiar now and the process is deepening.

Everyone awake can feel that big changes have happened, but they’re still coming forth in terms of meaning and understanding. The re-interpretation of the disappointment has helped some of us realize that subtler energies aka higher frequencies, in abundance were never going to show up in our lives with the explosiveness and fireworks some felt sure to happen and which we ourselves we may have anticipated at least on one day in particular. We’ve let go of that wish for an explosive ending ushering in the new beginning, and perhaps we’ve even realized the gift in this pacing–more gentle, more easy to assimilate, less “frying” for lack of a better work <smile> and begun to allow ourselves to notice what has changed.  This invites us into a elaborated relationship with self-trust and self-knowing; as we claim what we know, our vibration rises and our empowerment increases.

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Christina ~ Your Higher Calling

Golden Heart Dialogues | October 20 2012

The Wisdom of the Ages Speaks ~ We are here for the sake of each other. Freedom clearly is our reason for being. It is a freedom that is beyond civil liberties—it is the liberation of truth found within our heart.

It is the freedom to love. We are eternal beings here for a short time.

The shift of the ages is right before us it is front and center. We are a group of beings, revealing our selves as the new human, existing in both a formless and human body simultaneously. We dwell in our body consciousness enmeshed with our cosmic consciousness. We are not alone. We are surrounded by each other having a co-joint experience.

Throughout time man has sought to be with the body and heart. It is clear that humanity has time and again been foiled due to their appointed miscalculations as a whole.

The inner struggle and the outer struggle are in conflict and unresolved. It is time for humanity to perform at their very highest level and calling. It is here where the global community stands together to fight against the injustice instigated through their own creation.

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11 11 11 ~ Prayer For Oneness

by Maureen Moss | Maureen Moss
October 28 2011

Mother/Father God within the temple of my being, you, The All-knowing Intelligence of this Universe, the Loving Intelligence that created Me and this Universe and this Planet, I offer this prayer to you.

You are the Divine Love, which has supplied this earth with nature and animals, the waters, the elements and the elementals, even the Dark and the Light on behalf of each one of us. Thank you.

You have filled the Heavens and Earth with your many dimensions of Love, the stars, the moon, the sun and the oceans, with the rhythmic activity of the tides, to assist in bringing us into balance. I now acknowledge your Presence in all things and inside of me, and I thank you.

You are opening the doorway to the 11-11-11, giving us each an opportunity to change our spirals of evolution and be done with duality and polarity, and I thank you. I will not take this moment in human history lightly. This I know is a magnificent collaboration with you Dear God, and I say yes, and I thank you.

Dear God, help me to collaborate with you more willingly and hear you now in an even deeper way through my heart and my Oneness with You and all You created. Help me step up to awaken fully now, with LOVE, True Love, Sacred Union, and One Heart as my guidance as I do my part to incite an excitement of Unity never before felt on this Planet. Help me to remember there is no other way.

This is the Way. I pray for the strength, courage and wisdom to love myself beyond any of my misperceived limitations.

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