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Simon Black ~ Gallup Poll: “A Mere 17% Of Americans Say The US Is No. 1 Economically”

“. . . for the last seventy years, the US dollar has been the world’s dominant reserve currency. Make no mistake—as US power shifts, so will the dollar’s reserve status. And this changes everything.” – S Black

currencyBangkok, Thailand ~ Only hours ago, Gallup released a new poll showing that only a small minority (just 17%) of Americans still view the US as the world’s economic superpower.

Echoing former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers’ quip, “There is surely something odd about the world’s greatest power being the world’s greatest debtor,” it appears that economic reality is finally beginning to set in for Americans.

Yes, it turns out there are consequences when you habitually indebt future generations in order to buy bombs, drones, and body scanners.

There are consequences when you regulate every aspect of society, from how much people can earn on their savings, to what they can/cannot put in their own bodies.

The decline of the United States as the world’s dominant superpower was always inevitable. No nation or empire can hold the top spot forever.

History is full of examples of once-dominant superpowers that have declined (and even collapsed altogether).

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Money Vs Currency, Backwardation And Contango Discussion [Video]

In these times, everyone needs to have a clear understanding of what money actually is, because when you ask anyone on the street what money is, they pull out federal reserve notes and the rude awakening is just ahead that these pieces of paper are anything but!

If you owned the printing press, you’d want the citizens of the world to think of your fiat as real money. That campaign has worked for a long time, but just ahead, we’re going to see the US dollar become worthless, as a direct result of the criminal and unconstitutional actions of the Federal Reserve. This group of parasites who own the Fed are not part of our government. Their names are secret. Their deed, destructive to the financial structure of the world and likely to produce a worldwide depression that could last 25 years, with starvation, unemployment, chaos and war! For this reason, I have written a script, recorded it and added an article to explain what’s going on, so that the public is more informed.

The link to the article is here: http://www.mineweb.com/mineweb/conten…

SF Source BackToConstitution  Dec 17 2014

The Rot From Within [Video]

One cannot deny the similarities of the collapse of the Roman and American Empires. Individuals need to protect themselves from this collective fate by getting their fiat, intangible wealth out of the rigged and now doomed system and into real tangible assets like silver.

SF Source TruthNeverTold  Oct 20 2014

The Currency Of Kindness

Zen-Haven April 10 2013

sdkindA most powerful force is kindness. It seems to have a life of its own. It´s like a manifested organism multiplying on the inside and the outside. Highly contagious.

There are levels to the value of it of course.

Some manifested kindness is not kindness. It´s selfish. It comes with a condition. I once came across this Tibetan doctor who would treat her patients for free. Asked why, she would say: It will get me a good karma for the next life!.

Really. Don’t think the universe sees through that? Cosmic Certified Selfishness. C´mon.

Any act of kindness that comes with a condition is ego-build up.

Any act of kindness that comes without condition is ego take down.

This autumn I accidentally stumbled in to some very kind people who taught me the value of kindness. It amazed me. It came without any conditions. Just a reach out and doors opened.

That is really valuable, the door opener effect. Every person on this planet is plugged into a neural network and when networks open up, the climb uphill becomes somehow easier. It transcends into a beautiful journey with a gentle breeze supporting you.

Be a door opener, it’s a loving quantum leap.

So I try to go with the currency of kindness and manifest it as good as I can. Not easy, but I think I´m getting the hang of it. A lot of Matrix programming to the concept of kindness has to be transcended. The goody-goody do right. What if people abuse it and such?

They can`t because I noticed I didn’t care if they did and then: nobody did.

Before I sound like a Southern Baptist Holy Roller who just met the Lord I also discovered that I had to call on my dark passenger from time to time. The shadow. The ego. And manifest rage and anger.

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