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David Icke on The Lou Collins Radio Show 25th April 2016 [Audio]

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Rise Of The Gnostics

“It is time to reject the phony new age movement and the phony green movement both controlled by the globalists, and become fully conscious and environmentalists ourselves. It is time to come to the simple realisation that we are all love at our source.” – P P Parker

EarthHologramThroughout history people who really seek the truth, open their minds, and dive into this reality have been demonised, ostracized and eventually slaughtered. Christians were slaughtered every day after the death of Jesus before Constantine declared Christianity the official religion in 325 AD at the council of Nicea. Were these early Christians really Gnostics? That is a very good question. St Paul’s writings were definitely of Gnostic origin and virtually all the writings of the Gnostics were destroyed, which includes the Library of Alexandria.

The butchering and slaughtering continued through the dark ages and then into the Spanish Inquisition, where the Cathars were wiped out in France. The peoples who lived next to the Cathars said they were the most peaceful and righteous people they had ever met. They were still wiped off the face of the earth for being heretics, which simply means ‘a belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious doctrine.’ In recent times, this type of behaviour is not tolerated in so called civilised societies, so people who are looking for the truth have been growing in numbers slowly. Now, thanks to the internet, they are starting to communicate with each other. The rise of the Gnostics is here and growing daily.

Gnosticism simply means knowing.

Again there are stories to help people understand the situation we are in. To put it simply, Gnosticism is a journey of inner discoveries. You can speak with authority and confidence of your knowledge because it is an experience and not conjecture or hearsay. The inner journey is a fabulous journey but enlightenment comes at a price. Well it did for me anyway. Continue reading

Turning Of The Tide [Video]

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David Icke ~ Madness Or Beyond The Program? Open Mind Or Programmed Life? [Video]

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