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David Icke ~ Silencing The ‘Truthers’ [Video]

SF Source davidicke  Oct 3 21014

David Icke ~ Madness Or Beyond The Program? Open Mind Or Programmed Life? [Video]

SF Source davidicke  August 29 2014

David Icke ~ So Where From Here? [Video]

David Icke ~ ISIS The Start of World War III [Video]

SF Source davidicke June 29 2014

David Icke ~ Jimmy Savile, Paedophilia, Satanism And The Royal Family [Video]

“This world is controlled by a scale and depth of evil which is almost beyond comprehension.” ~D Icke

SF Source DavidIcke 29 June 2014

David Icke ~ ISIS, Symbolism And The Perception Deception of The NWO [Video]

Alex Jones interviews David Icke – writer, public speaker and former media personality – for his perspective on ISIS’ destabilization efforts.

Source TruthTube451 (AKA MrGlasgowTruther) June 23 2014

David Icke ~ Huxley Predicted The State Would Steal Our Children Because He Knew What Was Coming [Video]

Source DavidIcke  June 12 2014

David Icke ~ “One Of The Most Corrupt Industries On Earth – The Cancer Industry” [Video]

See also Dr Tullio Simoncini explaining the simple cure for cancer

Source  davidicke  June 9 2014

David Icke ~ A World of Clinical Insanity Where The Crazies Rule [Video]

davidicke  June 1 2014