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The Mystic Tourist ~ Ikisat The Serpent

Mystictourist’s Blog | July 22 2012

The company I keep enforces the contract I crafted when I chose their acquaintance. We contract with all manner of spiritual beings and those are the agreements to which I refer. There are beings that reveal the true nature of the agreements we make with them and others who, by our agreement, deceive us. I do not know that it is possible to get through life without contracting with both of these types. I know of none who have and I have heard no stories to suggest any person ever has. Of these beings one of the most troublesome I have known is Ikisat.

I first met Ikisat decades ago. Ikisat is a Satan who is as a serpent. As with all Satans we must make a contract, an agreement with them, in order to be influenced and fooled by them. Because all Satans are liars when we make an agreement with them we are instantly corrupted with their lie and we deny the knowledge of our agreement. We even deny the existence of the Satan with whom we have made the agreement. It is all part of our bargain. We accept the lie and in doing so we lie to ourselves at the very moment of the bargain we strike. They are just liars and when we make an agreement with them we only fool our self and deny our divine existence. Satans only wield influence. We choose to align with them and the only authority they have is the choice that you or I make. Without our authority they have nothing. I know of five different types of Satans but the serpent is the most intimate. The serpent enters our being through any orifice and as such is an extremely corrupting influence.

Any discussion of spiritual beings is incomplete without the mention of Angels. Angels guide and protect us even when we inadvertently become corrupted by the Satanic influence so common in our human community. Satans are not to be feared. They cause no harm as they can only influence. They are to be understood. When we see the nature of our relationship with them we can appreciate the difficulty we all face. This appreciation gives opportunity to exercise compassion and to move and act by its spirit, love.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

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Michael ~ Spirits of Darkness Spirits of Light

Mystic Tourist | May 23 2012

While Devils, Demons and Satans influence us we are distracted. There are better spirits. So long as we lend shelter to Demons and Satans, by maintaining our relations with our personal Devil or Devils, ignorance prevails. These spirits can only exist in the shadowy world of ignorance where we pretend we do not see them. We have to make that agreement with them and then every subsequent agreement gains instant ignorance. We are all agreed, that our condition, as human, will include this definition. So long as we support this agreement all spirits are affected by it.

I have long been content to keep my knowledge of spirits private. Some people believe in such and others are sure people who make such claims are being dishonest or they are not well. That there is some sort of psychological deficiency. This blog has emboldened me. I have seen these spirits so believing they exist is not much of a stretch. What else am I to do when they make themselves known? I suppose I could imagine that I am not well but I know that I am. Better to ask just what is going on. That is the path I have chosen and so I write about my observation. About what I have seen.

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Laura Bruno ~ The Devil Card

Laura Bruno’s Blog | May 2 2012

The Devil Card -- Rider Waite DeckAh, the Devil Card: that reversed pentagram wielding symbol of all things evil and the sinister forces to which we willingly chain ourselves. The ultimate Shadow of repressed desire and rejected parts of the Self. Perhaps no card represents so clearly where humanity stands in relation to freeing itself and getting back to the Garden. As in the Garden of Eden. According to Wikipedia, “The Devil is the card of self-bondage to an idea or belief which is preventing a person from growing or being healthy.”

Conspiracy theorists and people following David Wilcock’s ongoing and latest updates about the end of Financial Tyranny will recognize Devil imagery in disclosures about the Illuminati and “the occult economy.” Overt Satanic rituals, mind programming in the media, near non-stop lies by government and a meticulous 300-year plan to enslave humanity! 300 years? Well, that depends on your source. Documentation remains for at least 300 years; however, some sources would bump that up to 2,000 years, 13,000 years or even “from the beginning.” Same soul group recycling the same diabolical plots of world domination and mass extinction. Can it really be that bad?

Yes and no. You can certainly find evidence for some real sick puppies on this planet. You can find evidence of fraud in banking and nearly unspeakable acts of government. These details will continue to leak into the press, especially as more and more people turn to alternative news online. Lamestream media has lost an astonishing level of credibility and viewership in recent months. CNN alone lost 50% of its viewers in March 2012! Our voting machines and election results may be obviously rigged, but we can still vote with our attention and (what’s left of) our money. Just as the chains on the Devil Card remain loose enough to slip off, nobody external chains us to manufactured news and default reality.

Police state? Why bother? Humanity has already shackled itself to a Shadow side that it claims to want destroyed. We reject our own power, secrets, sadomasochism, obsession with taboos, and then wonder how these “monsters” get so big! With Pluto in Capricorn — the Devil often masquerades as a goat ;) –anything dark and hidden will be revealed. In addition to ruling wealth, Pluto reigns in Hades as “Lord of the Underworld,” another strong Devil-association. Capricorn has a natural ruler of Saturn, another planet with strong ties to “Satan,” co-opted religions, and the “Satanic Cabal.” Occult simply means “hidden,” but that word alone conjures fear and trepidation among many. Dabbling in the occult means playing in the “Dark,” and the watered down and overly sanitized version of our victim selves judges our own and others’ darkness.

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Lisa Renee ~ How Much Are You Willing To Know

Energetic Synthesis | March 7 2012

Dear Family, Those of us that have been clarifying our new identity as we move into the next stage of our emergence into the world, are starting to sense that we are being pushed through our limits, to be catapulted into some level of the stratosphere. Wherever we are, whatever we do, we are getting a big push. Some of us are getting pushed to “get up to speed”, to re-educate our belief system, get over our delusions, to get our inner or outer work done, to “show up” for something new in a big way. Some of us are having physical accidents, business disappointments, personal chaos and emotional tragedies. Some of us are being pushed hard, in whatever level of self-mastery we have signed up for. Many of us feel like we have not had restful sleep for weeks, with all of this energetic pressure and pushing. All of this activity, no matter what form it takes in your life, within your spiritual purpose, is about one thing – PAY ATTENTION. There is an incredible amount of forces pushing energetic chaos and disruption in the environment. Do not fall asleep at the wheel and let the auto pilot drive the car. This means that you are in the driver’s seat, hands firmly on the wheel, paying attention to the road in front of you. Don’t look at the GPS, or text on your phone! Pay attention to what’s in front of you.

Some of us may have been wondering what in the heck we are missing. What is it that eludes you in the clarity of the self, your mission and purpose? The clarity of the current energetic terrain, what’s happening in the environment, the community around you? What is really happening to humanity and the planet? Are we going to war with the Middle East, again? WHY? Where is the context that allows the human mind to be free of artificial control and dark manipulation?

We ask you to consider this. How Much Are You Willing to Know?

The Resolution to All Planetary Problems

What if it was clear that the resolution to every problem that exists on this planet, economic, political or social, was fully resolvable by committing to and reclaiming your spiritual identity? That all pain, suffering, sickness and atrocity, even cataclysms, are based in spiritual disconnection, whether that form is human or nonhuman? That in the big picture, it really does not matter what person is the President, what organization is spraying chemtrails, running the cabals, or financing negative alien “black op” projects. They are a symbol of a collective “mind controlled puppet” playing out their role as the unseen force manipulates their ego’s behavior to keep the same 3D structure feeding the same vampires. They will just pluck another dominating ego persona from the masses to play out the same fear manipulation program, until humanity takes a stand and says they have had enough blood-letting. All of this drama is the “collective shadow aspect” that runs amok and hides behind the distorted smoke and mirrors to scare the crap out of all of us. That disconnected shadow aspect has no “real” power over you, even when it inhabits a negative alien form, a demonic form, when you finally understand what it is, how it exists and why it is manifesting that way on the planet. It exists both as a “force” and as “entities” which are possessed by this force both en-souled and soulless. It can only exist as a vampire feeding on other “alive” human organisms. It lives for the instant gratification of its “desire” for hunger, never satiated, painfully addicted. It lives because through our fears, we allow this “force” to feed on us, giving it a form, as a collective species. With a United Humanity, and with the courage to face our deepest fears, many of which will never come to pass, this shadow force and its boogey men would be vanquished overnight.

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Chris Geo ~ Madonna, The Superbowl and the Truth

Truth Frequency News Exclusive | February 20 2012

Symbol literacy is an important part of life and I thank my friend and regular guest Michael Tsarion for helping me understand what I see ; However, I’m noticing others who are not quite as literate in symbolism pointing out everything they see (but don’t quite understand) as a satanic Illuminati ritual. I think this is detrimental to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

While I’ve never been a fan of Madonna, particularly for songs like Vogue and Material Girl (which is ultimately programming to make the youth superficial and shallow), as a musician I can recognize talent when I see it. I was absolutely blown away by her Superbowl performance and the fact that she performed the show live (instead of lip syncing like many do) and even doing cartwheels in six inch high heels on top of that! Well, any performer/musician out there will agree that takes talent, especially for a 50+ year old!

So I sat back for a couple of weeks and just ignored the Superbowl (as I always do because I choose not to allow Madonna, the music industry or football into my consciousness). I never quite understood how the same people who proclaim everything to be “subliminal mind control”, can sit there, glued to the television and watch every minute and every detail of performances like this. Most people who read or listen to “alternative media” or “independent media” (which is the new distinction we’ve made for Truth Frequency) would never even be exposed to these type of performances, right? Well, doesn’t pasting videos and images of these performances all over the internet bring more attention to the mind control programming and expose more people to it? It doesn’t make any sense, but I suppose some will argue that we must expose it to break the brainwashing so OK, I’ll give them that.

Horned Owl

But that brings me to the whole idea of “exposure”. A lot of people simply don’t understand the certain symbols so we have a bunch of misinformation and disinformation floating around making us all look like ignorant researchers to those who truly understand. Furthermore, I imagine the “elite” sit back and read the blogs circulating and propagating false definitions while laughing at how ignorant we are and how we can be fooled into believing the “Illuminati” has more power than they really do. The fact of the matter is, the illusion of power is just as good as actual power!

So let’s break this down a bit shall we?

Minerva depicted holding an Owl

First and foremost, the owl does NOT represent Molech who was a demonic god of child sacrifice and represented by the bull.  I’m not excusing the going-ons of Bohemian Grove by any means, but we have to call things how they are, not as how we want them to be. The Owl has always represented Minerva who is also known as Athena in ancient Greek lore. Keep in mind, I was raised speaking Greek, learning about Greek mythology and Greek Culture so this is pretty natural to me.

Crown of Thoth as worn by Liz Taylor in Cleopatra

From the Greek texts (paraphrasing) “And from his (Zeus) head, he bore owl eyed Athena”. Athena has always been represented by the Owl. She is the Goddess of wisdom and war who sees all things.

Athena Statue, Centennial Park, Nashville, TN

If you look closely at the crown on Madonna’s head you can see an OWL, not a Baphomet  or the crown of Thoth. Thoth has a sphere surrounded by two horns. Furthermore, a Baphoment is a goats head in the shape of a pentagram quite unlike the crown or head-dress Madonna is wearing. While a pose she “strikes” for a split second may be similar to the Devil Tarot card, you can find statues of Athena and Egyptian Hieroglyphs with the same pose. You can see George Washington posed as the Devil card and find a real connection to the Devil tarot and baphomet below.

Salusa (Feb 13 2012) ~ The Human Race Is Taking Hold Of Its Destiny And Refusing To Be Led Down A Path To Total Enslavement

Mike Quinsey Blog | February 13 2012

The pressures are mounting on the dark Ones who in recent weeks have lost so much power. They see their financial ploys failing and circumstances turning against them. The cabal have long been identified, and they are now known for what they are in their attempts to bring the world under one government. You shall soon see them taken out of circulation, and kept under supervision where they can no longer interfere or impede the changes that are already underway. There are thousands upon thousands of people who are working for the Light, and their collective energies are a powerful force for bringing out the truth and manifesting their vision of peace. The awakening continues and more souls are looking beyond their everyday happenings for the answers. They are beginning to see how their lives have been rigidly controlled, and seek the return of their rights and freedom from the restrictions placed upon them.

We are pleased that you as a Human Race you are taking hold of your destiny, and refuse to be led down a path to total enslavement. It does lead to some degree of violence as you demand your freedom, as those in control who wield the power are reluctant to concede to your demands. We deplore any form of violence but do understand that your anger is a powerful emotion. These situations should change once governmental changes have taken place, as the new leadership will make it clear that their appointment is one that will work for the good of all. At this time we hope to be able to openly participate with them, particularly as several important changes will also need our support. Our presence largely comes down to being invited to appear, and the information we get suggests that our coming would be welcomed.

The Galactic Federation has made contacts all over the world, and some countries respond more readily than others. Our major challenge is in those dominated by religious beliefs, particularly of the Catholic faith who believe that we are in league with the Devil. It was however helped by the announcement from the Vatican acknowledging that we do exist. In fact our representative has visited them on more than one occasion, and our hope was that it would improve their understanding of us as they were made aware of Ascension. The different religions will have to bring their teachings into line with the truth about your origin, and the true purpose of life. They will however, continue to exist all of the time that they are needed, by those who are unable to accept changes.

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Heather Fraser ~ The Soul of Everyday Living

Sacred Scribe | February 8 2012

It’s so easy to get lost in the details and dramas of ordinary life.

Of course, they only seem like details and dramas if we are caught up in the whirling “Tazmanian Devil” energy of the mind.

In this chaotic, never happy place, the soul of life is completely unavailable to us.
Soul is what makes us feel richly alive, passionately open, and reverently blessed by our earthly existence, and that is something uniquely individual for each of us.

It’s different than Spirit I think, which connects us to the divine, otherworldly realm of formlessness and the source of All That Is where we all originate from, and where we are all the same ONE energy of I AM.

Spirit is our original Home.

Soul is what we have the potential to feed and express in our earthly experience…because we can…because we have physical bodies and wonderfully alive senses…and because it’s fun.

And yet it, in my experience, living with Soul can only happen through the heart.
The deep richness of the Soul is such an awesome, creative, individual, combined expression of one’s unique pattern of energy spanning lifetimes, and if all of that (or even some of it) can be pulled into this earthly life and expressed through the opened heart, then something magnificent has been added to the mix of all time.

When I was hiking this morning, the absolute still calm of the forest and the chattering squirrels and singing birds, were my experience of Soul.

When I write, Soul is being fed and expressed.

When I buy fresh fruit and pile it high in a handmade pottery bowl, Soul is being fed and expressed.

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