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Christina Sarich ~ Big Pharma Spends Billions On Vaccines While World’s Biggest Pandemic Rages On

NaturalSociety  October 8 2013

Do you think its bird flu, or swine flu that has killed the most people worldwide? How about HPV, the latest supposed vaccine-prevented disease? Guess again. The most prolific pandemic disease on the planet today is tuberculosis (TB), and there is not one thing Big Pharma has been able to do about it. This disease is second only to HIV/AIDS in the numbers of adults it kills worldwide every year.

The World Health Organization estimates that two billion people—one-third of our planet’s population—are infected with the bacteria that cause TB. Of these 2 billion, 10% are expected to become sick, with half dying if treatment is not found. TB has become resistant to multiple drugs, and medical professionals are worried it will become ‘practically untreatable.’ Countries like South Africa, Thailand, Cambodia, Swaziland, and numerous others have seen millions die. Statistics say one person dies every 20 seconds from TB.

TB was once considered an ancient disease. It is now been proven that TB affected hunter-gatherers who lived more than 70,000 years in our history. A recent BBC article stated that tuberculosis has human, not animal origins. With super bugs on the rise and traditional medicine failing how can we treat disease from a different perspective?

 “Many common infections, such as streptococcus (which causes infections such as strep throat, rheumatic fever and scarlet fever) and pneumococcus (responsible for pneumonia, meningitis, blood infections, sinusitis, and ear infections), are growing resistant to the existing range of drugs. It is estimated that up to 30% of some bacteria have developed new biochemical defenses.” Continue reading

Judge to FDA: Remove Superbug-Breeding Antibiotics from Animal Feed (Thanks, Vk)

Anthony Gucciardi | Activist Post | March 23 2012

A federal judge has stepped up to the plate and is now ordering FDA regulators to start proceedings to revoke the approval for the use of common antibiotics in animal feed, stating that the excessive overuse of antibiotics is threatening public health through breeding drug-resistant superbugs. The news could not have come at a more appropriate time, after it was just recently revealed that antibiotic overuse has actually spawned a resistant ‘white plague‘ that threatens the health of individuals worldwide. Thanks to the countless unnecessary prescriptions of antibiotics dished out in nations like India, a heavily drug-resistant form of tuberculosis has scientists concerned over a potential pandemic.

United States Magistrate Judge Theodore Katz ordered the FDA to begin with the initiative unless the drug manufacturers can prove that their usage in the food supply is safe. It would be highly unlikely that the drug makers could produce evidence showing that the antibiotic consumption is safe, considering that antibiotics have been linked to obesity, metabolic syndrome, and even skyrocketing mental illness rates. This is in addition to creating massively resistant superbugs that are considered to be impossible to treat by mainstream medicine.

The Independent reports:

Using standard antibiotic regimens, there is a one in 10 chance that treatment of an E.coli infection will fail because the bug is resistant. But, as numbers of resistant infections rise, there will be increasing pressure to use more powerful antibiotics, called carbapenems, which are the last line available. And resistance to those is already emerging…The warnings follow increasing reports from Europe of patients with infections that are almost impossible to treat.

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