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Jelaila Starr ~ Old Global Power Structure Now Collapsing

Jelaila’s Weekly Messages | Nibiruan Council | February 20 2012

An impending global financial restructuring has been in progress for several months. Now it appears we are about to see it manifest.

Got news yesterday that the last piece of the puzzle is now falling into place. That piece is the resignations/arrests of key finanical leaders in banks/organizations around the globe. Here’s one of many links to articles about it. http://preview.tinyurl.com/827hly4

For those who are not aware of this, it will come as a surprise. I suggest you look for info on the White Dragons of China. The White Dragons are a faction of the 13 Global Elite (GE) bloodlines that have chosen to work for the good of humanity instead of against it. You could say they have done an about-face.

I have a strong feeling that this group came together not because of the “old guard” deciding to change their plans, but because of their children. It appears the ancient 13 bloodlines that have ruled this world have been infiltrated by incarnating starseeds. These starseeds, part of Generation Y are now young adults and are being groomed to take over the roles of their elders as future leaders of the world. But becasue they came in with a different plan, they are`following a path that takes them to a higher level of consciousness.

This brings to mind something that my guides told me years ago; they said that the bloodline members would be able to integrate and end their roles without bloodshed. I’ve often wondered how that could happen, but never once did I think it would be as a result of the children. Wow!

So why was this change in the Global Elite’s power structure so important?

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Conscious Media Network ~ More Thoughts On Global Economic Restructuring

Regina Meredith | January 3 2012

When we were approached to post this statement, we understood that it would be like blowing smoke in the beehive of the alternative news communities but we had a gut reaction to go ahead with it.

Many of the comments about the video were concerned that we are all being conned. Perhaps. Many others were justifiably critical that there are few details involved in the statement. As far as I know, the statement was designed to simply put the concept out that our monetary and economic systems are crumbling and that something has been built underneath in its place.

As I mentioned in the video, I spent some time speaking with the person who drafted the statement and they pointed out that there would be a great deal of public education that would follow in attempting to explain this new economic/business model in which “individual meritocracy” would be the goal.

Here is the definition that was given:

“Meritocracy, as it is applied to the new system, is an ideology of the system and it is an intended, individualized result.

This is not meritocracy as that term may be understood in a political sense, but is more a type of approach to enterprise administration (economic, socio-economic, humanitarian) that provides the best tools and capital for individuals/groups/NGO’s/SME’s and so on to excel and to thrive. Individualized meritocracy is what results from this approach.

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