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Understanding And Dismantling The Global Control System

“We came from the highest source there is. We came ultimately from the mind of the Creator itself, whatever you perceive the Creator to be. All of the levels that people wish to go through are simply different steps on the ladder that leads to home. ” ~J Websdale

Surviving the Matrix

WorldInChainsLooking at the global situation from the perspective of fear is counterproductive. We need to look at it from a perspective of concern, and see the opportunity that lies in having the knowledge of the global situation. There are opportunities in all these problems. Many people, when they discover the global situation and discover the truth about the world we live in, they move straight into fear. This does not help alleviate the situation. It’s one thing to be aware of it, but it’s another thing to be working actively to rectify this problem – the problem of government corruption, the problem of corporatism, the problem of commerce being superimposed over the human experience to the point where money and economics is viewed as being more important than people and more important than life. Unfortunately this is the situation we currently face.

Many people in our society have grown quite accepting of this; they believe that if they don’t pay their bills then they should be removed from their houses and cast out onto the street. These bills are all contrived, and the way they are contrived is by superimposing a system of interest-based commerce over the minds of the people. Our money system itself is created by a private bank which charges the government interest on the use of their money, which immediately places everybody who uses money into a state of unofficially manufactured debt. This is a simplistic way of looking at it, and it is actually much worse than that. The banks manufacture the paper that we use as money. Money is in fact created when people take out loans. Because the paper that we use is privately printed, privately owned and privately run, there is a debt attached to using that paper. This has the effect of placing everybody within our society into a state of perpetual self-generating debt, which lasts their entire life and sometimes beyond; thereby passing that debt onto their children. All of this debt is contrived and manufactured, and is completely unnecessary. Continue reading

Bitcoin: The World’s First Cryptographic Commodity

theintelhub.com February 3 2013

One result has repeated itself without fail throughout history. Every fiat currency ever created has dropped to zero and ended in horrible failure for the majority of its users, while benefiting those that destroy it. The reins of this economic self destruct mechanism are carefully tended by the worlds power structure while they position their own assets in such a way to profit from the fire sale as the rest of the world struggles to survive.

This pattern has repeated itself ever since the first cuneiform tablet was forged, just after the abstract concept of money was created. Since that time society relied completely on evolving technology to verify and preserve the institution of money as it was originally intended, and others continually worked to break that system for personal gain. Because this has been an expensive and complicated task in the past, people have always relied on a centralized institution to control the common wealth. This has always left people vulnerable to this central point of control being hijacked and used against the common wealth, until now.

The creation of Bitcoin is a historical landmark in the evolution of money. For the first time in human history there is a system of trade that is not under the control of a centralized system, and is in fact designed to prevent such controls. It also includes a few never before seen features enabling people to use publicly known open source mathematical calculations to ensure that the Bitcoin can only be spent once. A finite number of Bitcoins will be created, and the probability of generating them decreases as new users join the system. These are the key tenets of the Bitcoin system.

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Power of the Purse (full length) [Video]


A long (4 hrs plus) documentary that investigates the money powers throughout history, namely American history. From ancient times to present day, money has been used by the elite as a tool of enslavement over the masses. Never before has this been more true with privately run central banks creating money out of nothing and manipulating its value to engineer economic depressions consolidating wealth in fewer hands. This film shatters the illusions of the modern financial system and reveals the wizardry behind it all.

  • “Debt is Slavery of the Free”
  • Power of the Purse Volume explores the following topics and much more:
  • The Knights Templar’s International Banking System,
  • The Rise of the Rothschild’s European Banking Empire,
  • How the Federal Reserve and other Central Banks create money out of thin air to drive nations and people into debt,

How both sides of major wars and conflicts have been funded and engineered by powerful banking interests,
  • The 1970s And Inflation,
  • The Creation Of The Phony State Of Israel

  • 9/11 – The lies surrounding the official story of the September 11th, 2001 attacks and how it has been used to justify endless war,
  • How the manipulation of the value of money has been used to create economic depressions,

and more.

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Secrets Of The Federal Reserve [Full Video]

Govt Slaves | October 17 2012

An oldie and most definitely a goody. Please enjoy! Blessings ~G

Fantastic presentation by the late great Eustace Mullins about the Secrets of the Federal Reserve. Eustace Mullins was arguably the best researcher of esoteric topics.

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