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Oracle Report ~ Monday, January 26, 2015

“An undercurrent or hint in the energetic today leans toward us finding new ways and doing new things that are a truer representation of who we are.” – L Walker

Alice Ouzounian ~ The Six And Seventh Senses Of Man

Plotinus.com ~ In this essay, we shall try to focus our attention on the Soul using some simple examples.

As we know, we live and develop self-consciousness with the help of our five physical senses. In turn self-consciousness gradually develops an ego. From childhood the ego is the part in man that learns and separates itself from others. It teaches him to discriminate between this and that, putting limits around himself and others, develops traits of character, expresses the impulses coming from the Soul in creative and unique ways. However as part of his human inheritance there exists in him two more subtle senses. In some people these two senses are awakening and in a process of development. We shall call them the intuitive and spiritual sixth and seventh senses. Their role is to let our level of consciousness be influenced by the impulses coming from the Soul and Spirit levels of man. Nonetheless, these two germinal centers within man will one day in the future manifest their qualities perfectly when the sixth and seventh sub-races in humanity will have arisen.

The two subtle senses in man reveal a new and unique knowledge that influences and unfold in him corresponding qualities.

Trying to activate these two spiritual senses in us depends entirely on our level of purification and of mastering the functions and impulses coming from the ego. This means that we must first learn to master and transmute our animalistic instincts and stop over rationalizing with our cerebral intelligence so that these two spiritual senses unfold their spiritual attributes and qualities in us.. The true sages of all epochs have based their teaching on the seventh sense. This sense is based on the innate knowledge that belongs to the Spirit of man in which dwells the sublime knowledge of the creation of the universe and of its Source. Moreover, it also includes the knowledge and processes of the mystery of incarnation and of reintegration into the Absolute Uncreated Light. We therefore, understand that for us, this knowledge is still incomprehensible, since, to be able to enter in its dimension, we must have first perfected the seventh sense and its corresponding level of consciousness in our being. Continue reading

Shanta Gabriel ~ Trust In The Universal Flow Of Good

GiraffeKissesKeeperGoodbye AA Gabriel ~ The Divine Presence is an energy which is omnipotent, everywhere present and has infinite capacity for good. This energy flows through you and surrounds you at all times. There is never a time when you are not a part of this energy flow of God, the essence of Divine Love. In this you can place your trust. You can also be assured that regardless of where you are or what the situation is, all energies flow to the highest good for all concerned, at all times. You can trust that there is always a Creative Solution in any situation no matter what it looks like.


You can set an intention in your mind or on paper for what you want to see manifest in your life. This gives direction to the universal flow of energy. It’s like holding a vision of your target in your mind, and then taking aim with a bow and arrow. When you release the arrow, you trust it will go where you aim it. The power of God is the energy behind the release of the arrow, but you are the one who takes aim. When you clearly know what qualities you want in your life, this Universal energy will flow where you want it, following the direction of your intention. Continue reading

Ann Albers ~ Message From The Angels

simion_love Turn your sights to love this year dear ones! Allow yourself to receive the vast and beautiful expressions of love that are available in every single moment of your life. Look outside at creation. You are loved. Take a sip of water. You are loved. Feel your hands, your lungs breathing, your heart beating. You are loved. Look at the spectrum of beautiful colors. You are loved. Listen to music that uplifts you. You are loved. Look in the eyes of an animal or a child. You are loved.

Look at the shelter around you. You are loved. Look at the food upon your plate. You are loved. Look at the fact that we are writing to you via this newsletter and aware of each and every one of you as precious, beautiful, cherished souls upon the earth. You are loved. Continue reading

Saturday, January 24 – Sunday, January 25, 2015

“It is a good idea this weekend to spend some time in whatever place or space is spiritual for you.  Spirit is sending key insights into matters.  The energy naturally places us in alignment for inner wisdom.  There is a lot happening for our inner contemplation; complex sets of dynamics are in effect.” – L Walker

Josh Richardson ~ Everything You Are, Have Been And Ever Will Be Is About Frequency

frequency Your entire existence…all matter, all life, all experiences–everything owes its existence in the physical world to frequency. Absolutely everything is frequency. You cannot have an experience on this planet without attracting it through frequency. Every emotion, including love and hate tunes into a specific frequency. Health has a frequency. Disease has frequency. Your organs are each tuned to a specific frequency as is your entire body which resonates at its own frequency.

You are a symphony of frequencies while you project yourself through this universe and create your physical reality. You are a master of your energy, and thus you are able to control everything you are, everything you do, everything you experience. From the day you are born until the day you die, nothing will ever change the fact that you are both a frequency emitter and receiver in flux with your internal and external environment.

DNA possesses two structural characteristics of fractal antennas, electronic conduction and self symmetry. Electrical conduction allows the movement of electrically charged particles within the body and that flow produces our life force. Continue reading

Dana Mrkich ~ What Is Your Energy Saying To You?

danamrkich2Our energy is speaking to us loud and clear this year. Well it always has, only we are now hearing it and feeling it in a stronger way. When energies are super high as they will be from now on in, everything within us and in our lives that is not true to how our souls would like us to be is highlighted, felt more intensely, seen more clearly and often released or changed completely with or without our conscious desire. So, depending on your perspective this can feel totally liberating, or leave you feeling quite dishevelled.

Inner and outer turmoil forces us to ask the questions: What needs to change? What do I need more of? What do I want less of?

We are really being called to be true to our heart and soul this year more than ever. So when you are feeling flat and exhausted it’s a good opportunity to ask yourself:

- What is out of balance here? What am I doing too much of? Or too little of? Am I giving out more than I am receiving? You can’t be of any use to anyone with an empty cup. Take time to fill yourself with things that nourish you. It can be as simple as having your cup of tea in a really special cup, going outside for 5 minutes, or taking time out to check your inner emails by way of journaling, meditation or some freestyle crayon drawing/painting.

If you find yourself feeling hyper-sensitive or hyper-emotional (not just now but anytime in this coming year), there is a message there for you somewhere:

- Are you holding on to an outdated belief, emotion, perspective, habit etc that is past its expiry date and wants to be let go of asap? It will no longer feel good, a hundred times more than usual.

Continue reading

Jamye Price ~ Foretelling Futures

rp_jamyePrice.jpgAs you embark on your year of creative power, you are focusing part of your energy from your now moment into your Future. This has been a nebulous pursuit from the human perspective, for the functionality of your heart/mind has not been taught as valuable to the future beyond its ability to put action into order for creation.

Even those that believe it to be powerful do not often fully trust the mechanism, for it is not as understood as action creating result. To feed someone that is hungry is obviously valuable. Yet for those that do not understand the power of the mind/heart complex – to Love that same person and see their beauty and capability is a lovely gesture, but ineffective for results.

As you begin to honor the entire process of creation, from invisible vibration of thought and emotion, into visible participation of your choices and actions; you are utilizing your full creative potential. Humanity does this automatically, for they observe, think, compare and choose. Yet most are not taught the creative power of the thinking and feeling mechanism (intentionally singular because they work together). Therefore, humanity does not control their thoughts or feelings as they control their actions, for the actions are seen as contributing to the final result. Continue reading

Oracle Report ~ Friday, January 23, 2015

“It may be helpful today to keep in mind that there is nothing to prove.  Nothing has to be put on display to impress or draw attention.” – L Walker

RoseWithThorns Crescent Moon in Pisces: persevere

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Matangi

Skill: love and heal

Negative Imprint:  over-ambitious, over-analyzing, overly-critical, overly-competitive, causing distress, trying to control nature, testing, false power, feeling guilty and not taking action to remedy the matter

Positive Imprint: attraction, sharp instincts, maintenance, relating, healing, spiritual centers, offering, inventive, balance, achievements

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: an old adobe mission (building the future – the Second Renaissance, outposts, spiritual retreat)

Today, the Sun moves to the degree of “a Hindu healer.”  How about we all go forth today with a powerhouse wave of love?

The planets favor it, and there is extra help from Uranus.  Readers who have been following the Oracle Report since last spring know that Uranus has been the main player in the energy and events of the last year.  Today we bid farewell to the energy of Uranus at “a bomb which failed to explode has been safely concealed.”  Uranus will not return to this degree in our lifetimes.  The bomb has finally been safely concealed.

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