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Creating Your Reality…Laws And Disclaimers

Dana Mrkich – Different teachers use different words but we’re all really saying the same thing: “believe it and you’ll see it”, “ask, believe, receive”, “as ye shall ask, so shall ye receive”, “If you can see it and dream it, you can achieve it.”

believeThese are more than just inspirational quotes, they are laws of vibration and reality creation. I wish we were all taught this in school, but it’s never too later to remember these teachings and apply them to our lives.

One thing that is important to also know in conjunction with the above is the small print disclaimers that follow : “if it is truly meant for you”, “in the best most right divine timing”, “if it is for your highest good”. These aren’t the Universe covering itself just in case things don’t work out. They are laws working for you. Sometimes we think we want something, or someone, but our Soul can see what is up the road – something better, something more in alignment with who we really are – and so we are re-directed. Continue reading

Jennifer Hoffman ~ Perfection Or Progress? Time For Some Flexibility And Compromise

I am  happy to announce that my great doorknob and hinge replacement project in my house is now complete.  While my intention was to replace every doorknob and hinge, there were a few unexpected problems which resulted in a few things that didn’t get changed. It became a matter of deciding how long I wanted to fight with them or just leave them where they were. Did I want perfection or was I willing to compromise so I could make progress and get this project finished? Sometimes we have to choose the path of least resistance and learn that replacing can involve re-cycling the useful elements of the past and integrating them into the present.

thingsMost of the hardware replacement was fast and easy. And then there were those few times where the new hinge didn’t fit quite right, or the old doorknob had been badly placed so when I put the new one on, the screw holes weren’t in the right place. There were a few screw heads that were stripped during the initial installation so they wouldn’t come out. The new hinge screws were a little longer than the old ones and in some cases, I had to recycle the old screws because the new ones wouldn’t fit.

With all of these issues I had to re-consider my original plan of replacing everything and amend it to allow for those things that simply could not be replaced. Did I want absolute perfection or was I willing to compromise so I could make progress and finish the project? So one old hinge remains, and a few have old screws. They aren’t noticeable and it was a matter of deciding how I wanted to spend my time and energy and when this project would be finished. I could fight with things that obviously weren’t ready to be replaced, or work around them. Continue reading

Oracle Report ~ Tuesday, March 24, 2015

“. . . more than the ability to lift ourselves above situations and circumstances today, is the opportunity to learn something very valuable. Many things may be learned!” – L Walker


Rock Mountain National Park In Colorado ~ Photo by Marie

Crescent Moon in Gemini: perseverance, challenge

Wisdom Goddess: Kamala (Goddess Who Uplifts)

Skill: lift yourself above the situation

Positive Imprints: looking for inner wisdom, going above and beyond the ordinary or what was expected, transfers, joy and joyful celebrations, visions, having choices, going wild in a good way, excitement and enthusiasm

Catalysts for Change: not paying attention to our own needs or the needs of others, indecision, zealots, not listening, believing one’s way is the right or only way, superficially addressing things, communication issues, interfering with others, ruining the party

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “a majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealized by a boy who takes it up as his ideal of greatness, and as he grows up, begins to look like it”

Today we find that we may need to lift ourselves above a situation. This may be to elevate our perspective to gain wider insight or it may be because the situation does not suit us – it doesn’t fit. The energy to do this comes from the location of the Sun today at the degree of the Sabian symbol “a triangle with wings.”

When we lift ourselves above situations, we remove ourselves from them to some degree. This brings us into unknown territory, which is often frightening because we are generally “tribal” or “pack-oriented” by nature and do not like the idea of being separated or ostracized. Solitary confinement is death for a human. So, even breaking away just a little from something that has provided stability, security, common links, identity, and reliability can be hard to do. Continue reading

Manifesting Your Dream Life

Jafree Ozwald ~ Have you ever wondered why some people just thrive in life, and everything they touch turns to success while others are always just getting by?  No matter what happens, these people tend to always remain happy, at the top of their class, and successful, while the others seem to be perpetually challenged by it all? Some may say its luck, genetics, or perhaps are blaming somebody else for their situation. The real truth is that the difference between those who are attracting their dreams, and those who are constantly challenged by life, is the level of their “Manifesting Vibration”.

manifestingWhat is a Manifesting Vibration?  It is the level of energy and consciousness you’re radiating out into the world, integrated with your ability to get out of the way and receive that which your heart truly desires.  We are all born powerful manifesting beings, its just that some remember this fact while others have forgotten it.  When you own the fact that whatever you focus your attention on, is what grows and expands in your life, you take that first step towards increasing your Manifesting Vibration. Continue reading

Oracle Report ~ Monday, March 23, 2015

Crescent Moon in Taurus: perseverance, challenges

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Bhairavi (The Fierce Goddess, The Goddess Who Fortifies the Heart)

Skill: be the sculptor of your life, releasing parts so that a new form can emerge

Positive Imprints: love, sharing aspirations, time for self, making a mark, adjustments, being in the present moment, pioneering ideas, taking heart, imagination, common interests lead to new projects

Catalysts for Change: double-crossing, criticizing other’s ideas, selfish, emasculating, over-identification with other’s opinions of us, fear, escapism, putting pressure on, dependence, holding on to the past, feeling alone or lost, jealousy of people who loved ones care for or spend time with

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “a majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealized by a boy who takes it up as his ideal of greatness, and as he grows up, begins to look like it”

Today our ideals of greatness may bump up against things, primarily our beliefs about what is possible and other’s beliefs about what is possible. This is exacerbated by the tendency of today’s energetics to put more emphasis on externals, which is always tricky. Continue reading

The Week That Was: Energies A Go-Go!

weekDana Mrkich ~ What a week that was! Between multiple strong solar flares, a super new moon, solar eclipse and Equinox, it feels like we haven’t been able to catch our breath.

You may have felt like more things than usual were jam-packed into your schedule this past week, meanwhile the clock was accelerated making it feel like we were running on the go constantly! That said, I noticed that anytime I thought “Actually, I don’t want to rush. I’m really enjoying what I’m doing right now” it is as if time slowed down and expanded a bit allowing a much more comfortable and joyful experience. 

The energies are fast right now, there is no doubt about it. Yet I’m being shown that scene from the movie Lucy, where she is standing in the middle of Times Square. Everyone is rushing around, but with a wave of the hand she can slow the scene down. If only it were that easy, but we definitely have the ability to feel something similar to this. When we take a moment to stop and breathe, it is like we press pause on all of our hectic to do lists and errands, and step out of time for a minute.


Scene from ‘Lucy’

That may mean literally taking a minute, in between being ready to rush out the door, and stepping outside your door just stop, take a minute, or even 30 seconds. Close your eyes. Breathe. That 30 seconds or a minute can be just as effective as a long meditation because time doesn’t really exist. It can make the difference between feeling pushed and stretched all day, to feeling a bit calmer, less anxious, more centred and clearer to take on the day.

Continue reading

The Cosmic Role Of The Spiritual Catalyst

Some souls have incarnated here to hold an energetic harmony which provides empathic support for evolving people. Others however, have come with the specific ‘mission’ to break down illusions and inspire change by the very energy they hold. Such people may be called “Spiritual Catalysts”. They’ll frequently find they have a confrontational affect on their environment and especially the people in it: you begin to undermine the very illusions society has been built upon.

In the beginning, life for the Spiritual Catalyst can be very challenging, until we learn how to integrate the full complement of energies we have; and how to utilise that energy with gentle sophistication, but definitely without dilution…

Accelerating Change

catalystOf course an essential part of walking the path is ‘standing in our truth’ – having the courage to express who we really are. This in itself begins to light a beacon for others to find their own truth, inside themselves. But this is only really one small part of the role of a Spiritual Catalyst. Such beings hold very strong energies within their soul ray harmonic, which first harmonises with their environment and then begins to emit a frequency that activates change.

It is important to say that a true Spiritual Catalyst does not change the eventual outcome of a person’s journey into truth, they only accelerate it. So a true Spiritual Catalyst will not impart their own truth onto others, rather they’ll present an alternative possibility or challenge a key building block of someone’s own reality causing illusions to fragment and fracture, thereby opening space for a more evolved version of their own truth to emerge and flourish.

In speaking personally, I notice that I have the capacity to empathise quite quickly with people within a group environment. I seem to be able to connect with people’s consciousness easily. I know that this can be very ‘disarming’ for people, they tend to soften quickly. This is the first part of being a Spiritual Catalyst. But then I can also quickly read the illusions and distortions people may be harbouring at an ego level. I can ‘hear’ the mismatch between soul and personality. It’s at exactly that point, frequencies begin to attune and shift inside of me. Continue reading

The Solar Singularity Is Nigh

Tam Hunt ~ “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future,” quipped Yogi Berra. I keep his wise admonition in mind as I make predictions about our energy future, but we have many reasons for optimism when it comes to the future growth of solar power.

solarHere’s the summary: solar is taking over. We can now see many years into the future when it comes to energy, and that future is primarily solar-powered. Why my optimism? Well, let me explain.

The “solar singularity” will, by my definition, occur when solar prices become so cheap that solar becomes the default power source based on cost alone and without subsidies. We aren’t there yet but we’re probably just a few years away from that point, particularly since we’re seeing energy storage costs declining significantly already. (I’m not going to address storage in this article further but, of course, a grid can’t run on variable solar power alone so we’ll need storage and other backup technologies to ensure reliable grids as solar power penetration grows).

Swanson’s Law, named after the founder of SunPower, a large American manufacturer of solar panels, states that the price of solar panels generally drops by 20 percent with every doubling of shipped panels. This has been the general trend since solar became a viable technology — hence its designation as a “law,” even though there are times when some deviations from the trend take place. For example, from the mid-1990s until 2008 solar costs declined by relatively small amounts, primarily due to stubbornly high silicon prices in a backdrop of increasing commodity prices across many markets, until the crash of 2008. Since 2008, however, panel cost declines have accelerated and the general trend is now back and then some.

When we compare recent cost declines for solar to other energy prices we get a pretty picture indeed and this is why solar is now getting very serious attention by investors and pundits alike. Continue reading

Ann Albers ~ Messages From The Angels

EarthLet there be a sparkle in your eyes and a gladness in your heart! You are alive! Life on earth is a gift, a blessing, a precious opportunity to grow in your awareness and ability to connect with love. The planet herself is a miraculous being, a wonderful and loving soul who permits you, as any good mother does, to learn your lessons, make your choices, and grow in your awareness of love.

This week we encourage you to thank your Mother Earth – the soul of the planet upon which you reside. She is indeed a spirit incarnate. She feels you walking up her. She loves when you get along with one another. She feels your appreciation, your love, and even your concerns. She gladly takes the energies you wish to discard and gives you life affirming energy to sustain your human body.

Dear ones, your planet loves you very much. This week take some time to sit or stand upon the earth. Feel your feet deeply rooted into her soil, if only in your imagination. Feel her energy running up from the soles of your feet or coming up through the base of your spine, nourishing your spirit and giving your body life affirming energies. Take the time to connect with her spirit and thank her for all she gives you. Then take a breath and feel her love coming back into your heart. Breathe in her love and breathe out yours. Continue reading