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Stew Webb ~ How Eric Holder Lost The Struggle For Social Justice

This article continues the story of US Attorney Eric Holder’s failure to carry the torch passed on by the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and shows how US Attorney Eric Holder made a deal with JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and the New York Federal Reserve gang instead using his historic opportunity to achieve true Equality and Social Justice as the first African American Attorney General of the United States.

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EricHolderBabylonian money magic and the actual business model of the international banking cartel that controls the Federal Reserve and other key Central Banks around the World depends on cycling a target population through economic expansion and contraction.

Bankers make money by lending. Then, bankers make money by taking away. While counterintuitive, bankers know that the increase in currency an asset can command as a sale price is a function of their expansion in the borrowing facility they make available to that population. With each new loan, the banks obtain security and an ownership of an interest in additional property along with the streams of income used by the borrower to obtain the loan. When the target population is deceived into taking on as much unfavorable debt as it can pledge to, banks then make money by contracting the economy for the target population.

Foreclosing On The New Equality


Veterans’ Today readers will of course notice the above graph took a big turn to the South in 2007 at the end of George W. Bush’s (Bush 43) presidency. Every one of the gains in home ownership, jobs, and wealth under Bush 41 and Bill Clinton have been taken back. For young African American men facing real unemployment of near 50% like Michael Brown, those that did not make it out of decaying urban core areas to better schools and safer neighborhoods under President Bill Clinton, the prospects are grim and home ownership is unreachable:

“The unemployment rate for black youth reached a high of 49.1 percent in November 2009 and as of January 2012 had fallen to 38.5 percent. Not only has the unemployment rate remained high, but a large number of black teens are no longer in the labor force – either working or looking for work — which explains some of the drop in the unemployment rate.

In 2007, black teens participated in the labor force at a rate of 30.3 percent. By 2011, that rate had declined to 24.9 percent. Labor force participation of black men and women aged 20-54 declined by 2.3 percentage points from 78.2 percent in 2007 to 75.9 percent in 2011, while participation among older black workers (aged 55 and older) increased by 1.3 percentage points — 35.3 percent in 2007 to 36.6 percent in 2011.”

DOL Special Reports- The African-American Labor Force in the Recovery, February 29, 2012. US Department of Labor.

Ferguson in North St. Louis, South Chicago, Wrong Sides of the Red Line

In America, before the White majority and the middle class experienced that organized crime engineered economic contraction in 2008, African Americans in inner city core neighborhoods were already experiencing an economic contraction. And it was a deliberate artificial contraction by the banks that was unconnected to a lessening of employment or wage levels.

This process or scam played by the major commercial banks on Black families was known as “Reverse Redlining.” The big banks that lost market share to Savings and Loans, and then to more responsive and customer friendly state and regional banks pulled out of serving urban residential neighborhoods with high minority populations.

However, the banks could not leave the profit potential of these same neighborhoods unexploited, so they located more predatory versions of mortgage and credit services in the neighborhoods they had pulled their regular banks out of.  In the article The Color of Money by Bill Dedman, printed in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. January 5, 1988, the Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative-reporter showed that banks would often lend to lower-income whites but not to middle- or upper-income blacks. The Reverse Redlining scam involved selling mortgages, credit and insurance to these previously abandoned customers, but with far less value on offer for the otherwise similar appearing financial products.

Often, these new institutions would have similar names or variations of the names of the parent banks, but since they were organized as independent units in the abandoned neighborhoods, the services and rates offered could be uniformly much higher than those available in the suburbs. To the point of usury, but also through less favorable terms and conditions majority race customers in more competitive locations would never have to accept.

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) were the first advocacy groups to stand up for low income home owners in urban core neighborhoods subjected to Reverse Redlining. The young Barak Obama, with several other attorneys, had served as local counsel for ACORN in a 1995 voting rights lawsuit joined by the Justice Department and the League of Women Voters.


ACORN Protestors Calling For Justice To Stop Foreclosures

In Missouri, where non judicial foreclosures are the rule, the sudden collapse of the Black Middle Class in places like my urban region, the greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area, was disastrous. Whole neighborhoods of freshly restored beautiful turn of the past century houses appeared to be boarded up over night. During the Clinton years, urban blight had been ruthlessly hunted down and eradicated, new Costcos and Home Depots appeared in what had been ghettos. And, the people reinvested in their neighborhoods. The houses were brought up to current HUD standards and to meet every banking quality requirement.  Continue reading . . .

SF Source VeteransToday  Jan 10 2015

Jonathan Turley ~ Not So Fast: Obama Administration Waits Until Election Eve To Dump Over 64,000 Pages In Fast & Furious Operation

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailThe Justice Department has previously been held in contempt by Congress and hit with increasingly tough court orders from a federal judge over its obstruction of efforts to secure evidence in the notorious Fast and Furious operation. Many have accused Attorney General Eric Holder of acting blatantly political in withholding documents to protect Democrats from backlash before the elections. As if to prove that view, the Justice Department waited until late on election eve to finally dump more than 64,000 pages of documents congressional lawmakers have been seeking for years. The timing was almost taunting in its impact. Guaranteeing that the content could not be viewed before people voted, the Obama Administration’s long obstruction resulted in this troubling image of a politically timed release. The Administration previously admitted that it would not discuss its plans for unilateral immigration action until after voters had gone home from the polls. Continue reading

SHELL GAME: This Is Why Michael Hastings Was Murdered And Eric Holder Stepped Down [Video]

“19,000 Swiss Bank Accounts fund Terrorism. Part of the reason behind Eric Holder’s immediate retirement.”

Discussion of the book SHELL GAME: A Military Whistleblowing Report to the U.S. Congress Exposing the Betrayal and Cover-Up by the U.S. Government of the Union Bank of Switzerland-Terrorist Threat Finance Connection to Booz Allen Hamilton and U.S. Central Command ~ 2LT Scott Bennett 11th Psychological Operations Battalion (retired)

Background: Scott Bennett is a U.S. Army Special Operations Officer (11th Psychological Operations Battalion, Civil Affairs-Psychological Operations Command), and a global psychological warfare-counterterrorism analyst, formerly with defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. Continue reading

Jonathan Turley ~ Report: Justice Department May Shutdown Zimmerman Civil Rights Investigation . . . Quietly

jonathanTurleyWhen the Obama Administration sent in a team to investigate civil rights violations in the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin, some of us expressed doubt over the basis for such a charge as well as the timing of the federal move into the case. Indeed, I was highly skeptical of how the case was charged and prosecuted. Now the Washington Post is reporting that, after two years of investigation, Justice officials do not believe that they have sufficient evidence to bring federal charges.

George Zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder and manslaughter in a state trial in Sanford, Fla., last year. Various community and political leaders demanded that Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. bring a federal civil rights case against him. The protests led to considerable pressure for the Obama Administration to act and the investigation by the Civil Rights Section helped quell some of the discontent over the verdict. However, the case remained weak for both a second-degree murder case as well as a civil rights charge. While many read racist motivations behind Zimmerman motives, Zimmerman succeeded in establishing that he was acting in self-defense.

The Administration has also taken the same quick response to the shooting in Ferguson, though that investigation is centering on the police department as a whole.

Source: Washington Post

SF Source JonathanTurley  Oct 3 2014

Erin Ade Interviews Paul Craig Roberts On Corporatism & Mosler On The Economy [Video]

Shares of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac dropped on Wednesday after some of Wall Street’s best known money managers lost a legal battle that would have forced the bailed-out Fannie and Freddie to share profits with private stock holders. On Tuesday, a US district Judge threw out a lawsuit brought by Fairholme Capital Management and Perry Capital that challenged the US government’s 2012 decision to sweep nearly all of Fannie and Freddie’s profits to the US Treasury, rather than collect set dividend payments. Erin weighs in.

Then, Erin is joined by Paul Craig Roberts – chairman of The Institute for Political Economy and former assistant secretary to the Treasury in the Reagan Administration – to talk about Attorney General Eric Holder and his policy toward big banks. Roberts sees nothing good in the incestuous relationship between Wall Street and its regulators. Continue reading

Stephen Lendman ~ Holder Resigns

“To ravage and destroy nations. To plunder their resources for profit. To exploit their people. To do so on the pretext of national security. To commit the highest of high crimes with impunity. Holder’s OK was automatic. Rubber-stamp.” – S Lendman

steveLendmanHe’s leaving. His nightmarish reign ends. He won’t be missed. He’ll be remembered as one of America’s most lawless attorneys general.

He waged war on fundamental civil liberties. Francis Boyle called him “a total disaster for the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Human Rights and the Rule of Law.”

He expects his successor to be worse. Rogue states operate this way. Obama presides over a homeland police state apparatus.

He governs lawlessly. Expect another partner in crime to be nominated. Expect no letup in core rule of law principles violations.

Or war wagrd on fundamental freedoms. They’re disappearing in plain sight. They’re targeted for elimination altogether. Perhaps they’ll die before Obama’s tenure ends.

Maybe his new attorney general will get marching orders to eliminate remaining ones. Perhaps tyranny is one presidential diktat away. Continue reading

Jonathan Turley ~ The Holder Years And The Perils Of Politics Over Principle In Government

“The sad truth is that Holder could have been truly great — not simply as the first black attorney general but as a man of principle who stood with the law over politics and friendship.” – J Turley

Below is my column on the resignation of Eric Holder as United States Attorney General. For civil libertarians, Holder’s tenure as Attorney General under President Obama has been one of the most damaging periods in our history with a comprehensive attack on various constitutional rights and principles from free speech to the free press to international law. In recent polling by NBC and the Wall Street Journal, Holder was the second most unpopular government official after the positively radioactive Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

As someone who previously called for Holder’s firing after the investigation of various journalists under national security powers, I am hardly one who can offer congratulatory sentiments for such a record. However, much like President Obama, one has to wonder what could have been if Holder had chosen a more principled and less political approach to his office. Holder is resigning the same week that a federal judge ordered the release of “Fast and Furious” documents after the Justice Department was accused of a pattern of delay and obstruction. Holder was previously held in contempt by Congress for his withholding documents and conflicting accounts to an oversight committee looking into the scandal. Indeed, Holder was looking at an even more aggressive period with the possible loss of the Senate and increased GOP seats in the House. Continue reading

Breaking News ~ U.S. Attorney General Holder Turns In Resignation


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will announce his resignation at the White House on Thursday, Justice Department and White House officials said.

The officials, speaking on background, said Holder will formally announce his plans to leave his post in the Obama administration but will stay on as the nation’s top lawyer until his successor is confirmed.

In a statement, the White House said President Barack Obama would make a personnel announcement at 4:30 p.m. (2030 GMT).

Holder, 63, was the nation’s first black attorney general and has made civil rights a cornerstone of his time in office.

His resignation follows a series of tumultuous events affecting the department, including recent uproar in Ferguson, Missouri, in the wake of the shooting of an unarmed teenager. Under his tenure he also has grappled with other controversies, including the trial of those linked the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks as well as the handling of guns at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Continue reading . . .

SF Source YahooNews  Sept 25 2014

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Steve Watson ~ Poll: Majority Reject Obama Policies Because They’re Bad, Not Because Of Racism

“Eric Holder’s “racial animus” is a desperate and pathetic attempt to pass off record low approval ratings.” S Watson


According to a new Rasmussen Poll, a sizeable majority of Americans do not believe that opposition to Obama’s key policies stems from racism, as both the President and the Attorney General have repeatedly suggested.

The survey found that 61% of likely U.S. voters think people who oppose the president’s policies do so primarily because they believe his policies are just plain bad, not because they are racist.

Attorney General Eric Holder’s likely response will be that this poll is also somehow racist. Holder has consistently suggested that criticism of Obama’s policies is driven purely by racism.

Holder’s latest outburst came this past weekend on ABC News, as he charged that he and the President have been targets of “a racial animus” by political opponents. Continue reading