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Lawrence E. Rafferty ~ The CIA Lost Its Soul And Took Ours With it

“Why is it now only a crime if our enemies do it to us?  Will we regain the soul of America again and finally get past partisan grievances to retake the moral standing of our nation?” – L Rafferty

CIA-BadgePOTUSThis past week’s news reports of the Senate report on the CIA Torture program were both distressing and enlightening.   I was dismayed to not only read what the full extent of the CIA’s Torture program was, but also when I read pundits and former CIA officials claim that rectal rehydration was merely a medical procedure! I was further discouraged when commenters on this blog made claims that waterboarding and other torture tactics were either necessary or what the devils deserved.

Very few pundits or commenters seem to care if the so-called Enhanced Interrogation techniques were legal or ethical when the CIA resorted to them shortly after 9/11.  This “debate” over the actions taken in our name by the CIA has gone from a report based on the CIA’s own words to denials that the techniques were torture, to claims that great intelligence value was gained using the torture and claims that it was a biased report written by Democrats.

When we were attacked on September 11, 2001, most of the world was supporting the United States in its hours of grief and anger.  What happened after the attacks quickly turned the tide of world opinion against us and created new enemies.  When the CIA delved into its historical “playbook” to devise black sites and brutal interrogation techniques, the result, in my opinion, was a loss of our ethical and legal bearings that are still out of whack today.

When our greatest generation fought enemies stronger and just as brutal as what we face today, our forces were held to a higher standard than the enemy we were fighting.  The idea that America does not torture or mistreat its prisoners or enemies is not a new one.  It dates back at least to when General George Washington decided that British regulars and paid mercenaries fighting for the British were not to be mistreated in our detention facilities. Continue reading

Ida Lawrence ~ All Of That And Then Some

sorendreier  October 1 2013

Heaven as a state of being… I like it. Heaven as a permanent state of being with no fall-downs… I’d like that even more! But for me, fall-downs happen… maybe for you too. So how do we get back into awareness of the divinity of ourselves and of all that is, after we’ve fallen?

Spiritual and metaphysical teachers give us a lot of methods for raising our energy, and they’re beautiful. They work! But in the denser states of illness or emotional distress, it’s not as easy as we may think to stop the mind from churning in order to effectively use the methods that we have learned and practiced.

So why do we fall? Could be the darkness of the world, or an assault from someone with ill intent, could be inner unresolved stuff, or could be simply ‘shit happens’. When it happens to us we can lose our connection. At that point we are not only suffering from the illness or the life situation, we experience a deep ‘not home’ spiritual discomfort as well.

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Soren Dreier & Ida Lawrence ~ The Fall Inside

Zen-Haven  September 13 2013

People say there’s a thin line between love and hate, good and evil, right and wrong. There may be a thin line… we could call it the everyday decision point. If we look at it that way, the line helps us lay out the coordinates of an inner guidance system for self empowerment.

Let’s begin with a story recalled from memory. It’s the story of the afterlife of a pious Tibetan monk. When the monk made his transition, his brothers carefully followed the spiritual tradition and chanted for 21 days, using crystal balls, and communicating with their brother in order to help his soul stay near the monastery and on the spiritual path.

At one point during this process, the monks became unsettled… they saw that their brother couldn’t proceed. He was caught under a rock and was asking for help. They asked him why he was under the rock, and he answered that he didn’t know. They encouraged him to figure it out, otherwise, that would be his purgatory.

He did look into the reason he was under the rock, and came back with a particular memory. He remembered being in the kitchen one morning and seeing a cockroach. He put his foot on it. In his spiritual practice, taking any life is forbidden. The monk had disobeyed on that morning, and he never came to terms with it. There it remained. In order to continue on his journey, the monk had to face and work through the unresolved wrong.

That little story tells a lot about our perception of our own wrongdoings.
Who knows better about wrongdoing: we… our higher selves, accessed within, or the social conditioning systems human beings have structured to tell us what is wrong and right… those networks of control we call the matrix.

We are very much used to the concept of ‘falling from Grace’ from the outside – God in other words. But since we don’t subscribe to judgment by the SkyGods, we must recognize that it’s more of an internal affair.

If we fall from our own Grace, the results can be devastating. Sickness kicks in, on every scale imaginable. We simply ‘get sick inside’ – of ourselves… and that will spread like a blizzard through the immune system. Not degraded by disobeying God, the matrix, but by the convenience of choosing solutions where we simply know better.

‘I knew I shouldn’t have done that’, and so on…

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John Smallman ~ And Of Course You Cannot Agree On What Is Right!

Jesus Through John | November 23 2012

To awaken is the right and the destiny of every sentient being, and it is God’s Will that all awaken. The illusion has brought much pain and suffering into your hearts over the many lifetimes you have chosen to undergo experiences within it. You do not need to continue engaging with it, because it is an invention of your collective minds, and it is they that provide its maintenance and support. The opportunity is constantly being presented through which you can abandon it and move forwards into your fully conscious and awakened state.

Many are now helping to change the collective perception that maintains it unquestioningly. The time has come for your unawareness of its unreality to dissolve. The phrase “You create your own reality” has been bandied about for the last thirty or forty years, falling in and out of favor as fashions and the seasons change, but that is how you invented the illusion and how you continue to maintain it. You can see its effects in action as the political moods in a country change in response to events, and waves of despair, anger, or exhilaration sweep through a population. And your elected officials are always attempting to use the mood swings that occur to their own personal advantage.

However, many of you have become aware of the unfortunate effects and the irresponsibility of responding to mood swings with corresponding changes of intent. You have observed the enormous damage that results from such unbalanced and unpredictable behavior, and you are no longer willing to be swayed, influenced, and manipulated by egoic power seekers riding the waves of perceived public opinion. There is now a conscious intent on the part of the majority of those incarnate on Earth at this time to find and follow a constant path of spiritual evolution that will bring all into harmony and enable the peace for which you all long to be achieved. You have limitless amounts of assistance available to you from those in the presently unappreciated and unseen realms whose only wish is to help you to awaken, and you are finally taking full advantage of it.

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Jesus Thru John ~ Your Shadow Side Is A Very Important Part Of Human Nature

John Smallman | July 25 2012

One of the main issues that humans will be dealing with in the coming months is the need to acknowledge, address, and release their shadow side.  The shadow side is that aspect of self which is generally judged to be unacceptable by the family, religion, or culture in which one grows up.  Actually, it is a very important part of human nature and is needed as a balance to the aspect that is deemed acceptable.

Your illusory world deals in opposites – right and wrong, love and hate, fast and slow, etc. – and for harmony to flow these opposites must be balanced.  What generally happens, though, is that one side is judged “good” and the other “bad,” and the side or aspect that is judged bad is either kept hidden or it is buried deep within the subconscious realms of the mind.  Doing this causes stress and tension, and severely limits your creative abilities.

When you look at the lives and works of some of your most creative people, you can see that their shadow – unacceptable – side was very involved with the work they created, and in their daily lives and behaviors, and this is either ignored or patronizingly accepted as the “price” that people have to pay for “allowing” them (those incredibly creative ones) to entertain you with their great skills and talents.  But it remains unacceptable for anyone else to behave like them.

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Zen Gardner ~ Eugenics – Toxic Meat Glue Of The Elite Agenda

Zen Gardner | June 19 2012

OK. Let’s give ‘em a break…for a minute. Suppose the elitist PTBs are real people thinking like we do. I know, a stretch, but let’s try.  So how can they perpetrate such horrors on humanity? How could such madness be justified in the minds of men?

Actually, it’s Easy. To them it’s the truth.

A fabricated bastardization and reversal of any real Truth, but in their minds they’ve decided this arrogant illuminist takeover makes sense to them. Especially with their fat cheeks being firmly ensconced in the seats of power.

Oh, the vestiges of their human conscience gives them a nudge in some cases, but it’s been shut down almost completely for most of them. It has to be. You can’t have empathy and wreak such havoc on nature and humanity.

If you’ve ever known or observed a pathological liar, this cauterized mindset is their way of life. Politicians do it without the slightest compunction. To them it’s part of the job description for ruling the unwashed masses. How is it justified logically? The old “necessary evil” ruse. And the even more amazing thing is they smugly revel in this ugliness.

Toxic pig’s blood and chemical cocktail called “meat glue” used to bind meats and create fake steaks….how apropos

Eugenics Justifies All

Think about it. What a slam dunk for world domination to so twist perception to where humanity is the problem that needs to be curtailed by draconian controls while being systematically exterminated like a pest infestation. Be it engineered wars, poverty and food shortages, drugging, dumbing down or injecting toxins in our bodies, all is fair game to them.

Eugenics is the “tie that binds”, the glue that holds all the other lies conveniently together.

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Ann Kreilkamp ~ Wall Street: Alexis Goldstein, Who “Drank The Kool-Aid,” After Seven Years, Got Out And Got Real

Exopermaculture | May 2 2012

Goldstein’s colorful description of end-stage capitalism, its intensely competitive, scarcity-based, mendacious, pretentious and, underneath, lonely and terrified charade of “making a (rapacious) living” at the expense of literally everybody else both fascinates and repels.

I’m reminded of the netflix film I watched last night: “The Corporation,” which compared the gradual legal transmogrification of this all-too-human structure — which is not natural, which can and must be either transformed or abolished — to a psychopath, its charter dictating the financial, short-term “bottom line” (for shareholders) as the single overriding value while ignoring ethics, empathy, and responsibility.

Given the way corporations work, how can you be anything but a psychopath and actually succeed on Wall Street? Remember Gordon Gecko’s “Greed Is Good”? — Let’s remove one letter: “Greed is God.”

Read Goldstein’s post here

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Greed Drives the Rich to Bend Ethics, Study Concludes

Eryn Brown | Nation Of Change | February 28 2012

The rich really are different from the rest of us, scientists have found – they are more likely to commit unethical acts because they are more motivated by greed.

People driving expensive cars were more likely than other motorists to cut off drivers and pedestrians at a four-way-stop intersection in the San Francisco Bay Area, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, observed. Those findings led to a series of experiments that revealed that people of higher socioeconomic status were also more likely to cheat to win a prize, take candy from children and say they would pocket extra change handed to them in error rather than give it back.

Because rich people have more financial resources, they’re less dependent on social bonds for survival, the researchers reported Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. As a result, their self-interest reigns and they have fewer qualms about breaking the rules.

“If you occupy a more insular world, you’re less likely to be sensitive to the needs of others,” said study lead author Paul Piff, who is studying for a doctorate in psychology.

But before those in the so-called 99 percent start feeling ethically superior, consider this: Piff and his colleagues also discovered that anyone’s ethical standards could be prone to slip if they suddenly won the lottery and joined the top 1 percent.

“There is a strong notion that when people don’t have much, they’re really looking out for themselves and they might act unethically,” said Scott Wiltermuth, who researches social status at USC’s Marshall School of Business and wasn’t involved in the study. “But actually, it’s the upper-class people that are less likely to see that people around them need help – and therefore act unethically.”

In earlier studies, Piff documented that wealthy people were less likely to act generously than relatively impoverished people. With this research, he hoped to find out whether wealthy people would also prioritize self-interest if it meant breaking the rules.

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Ben Arion ~ The Inner Spiral Of Ascension – Be One With The Current of Change

Ashtar Command Crew | February 7 2012

The “idea” of this article came to me, simply by sitting on the bus, and suddenly this strong feeling emerged from within. I could not “think” it away and I could not in any logical way get rid of it. I tried to be with it, by allowing it, and it became even stronger, and suddenly my heart knew what to do, to simply take deep breaths, focusing on the in and out breath, through the nose.

This simple act changed everything. It changed my “energy” and my inner pressure was released. We are such powerful beings and a lot of our “feelings” get stuck in our bodies due to “shallow” breathing.

There is a strong current of intense light sweeping through our hearts and our planet. It’s like the most powerful water current you could imagine. Just imagine yourself trying to stop this natural current or trying to change the direction of this powerful current towards anything you believe is right.

Allow yourself to be swept away by this inner current of Love, which is to be found within your heart. Don’t try to stop it. You have to let go and surrender to your heart. Some will be concerned that surrendering to their heart current could disappoint people in their outer reality, because they may think they have a responsibility to change the world. When you become one with this natural love current, you will synchronistically be of service to others within your life. This current is flowing through all hearts on this planet and connects everyone.

The truth is that you will feel drained, and feel a lot of resistance within yourself if you don’t trust this strong current within you. You cannot change a “waterfall” to flow “upwards”, but you can allow it to fall as it is. The Inner Love current is an energy of joy and you only have to “go with it,” allowing yourself to understand that it’s a choice You either create resistance to what is, or you allow it. This is peace at its core. This is so simple that most people aren’t ready to hear or accept it.

The world will change. I can compare this way: Do we need to change winter into spring? Of course not, because it’s a natural process, a mirroring of the microcosm in a macro-cosmic cycle. This is hard for the mind to accept, due to its programmed beliefs to “do” things, and to not “surrender” into a higher energy of love and trust. The belief that we have control over events is also an illusion, because you cannot control love. Love is creating through us, with intent beyond right and wrong.

This current of highly-charged light energy is bringing up a lot of issues that need to be healed and forgiven. So all the chaos and negativity we see around us now is just a “phase” of this transition. It’s nothing to be fearful of. You will come to understand that all of these old and limited beliefs hindered you from allowing you to let go and become one with the current of Love. You will stop trying, and just BE in this world and enjoy the shift.

All people have their personal inner journeys. We can see that but we cannot really interfere with peoples life-paths. We can extend a loving energy of Hope and project our Unconditional love to these people. We cannot tell them that they are creating their lives and circumstances, because all people aren’t ready to hear that.

It all comes down to self Love

Because the hardest lesson for us is that we all create our lives and that there are no victims. People who read this may doubt this. People don’t have their life experiences by accident or by coincidence. Some people go through very tough “life-lessons.” Some even choose to transmute “collective karma” that was not theirs, because they are great beings of love who choose this.

So we cannot judge anyone or anything.

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