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‘People Lose Trust In EU Govts’ [Video]

German Euroskeptics take regional votes from Merkel’s party

The rapidly rising Eurosceptic party ‘Alternative for Germany’ has won its first seats in regional elections in the west of the country. Much of the party’s votes were gained from the ruling party of Angela Merkel, that scored its worst election result in decades. RT discusses the new trends in European politics with Paul Hampel from the Alternative for Germany party.

SF Source RT  Feb 16 2015

Gregory Mannarino ~ Dastardly War Will Prop Up Failing System

Financial analyst and trader, Gregory Mannarino says the new Iraq crisis is no accident.  Mannarino says, “They are letting this happen on purpose. . . . We have an economy that needs to borrow cash into existence.  It is built upon the acquisition of debt–period.  This cash needs to be borrowed into existence and then dispersed.  They don’t even care where it goes.  If this mechanism becomes impeded in any way, the whole thing will collapse.

We do not have a wealth based economic model.  We have a debt based economic model. . . . The United States of America has been involved in more military conflicts than every other nation combined, multiple folds, why?  It’s the mechanism, the U.S. dollar being the world reserve currency, needs to be borrowed into existence and then spent.  So, the propagation of war is paramount with this type of an economic model.”  Mannarino thinks, “I believe they allowed this thing to develop and this whole thing to come apart because this is part of the scheme to keep the whole thing propped up.”  Continue reading

Ben Fulford (June 10 2014) ~ Emergency Meetings Of Western Elite Fail To Break Financial Deadlock, US Implosion Now Looms

Correction ~ The June 9, 2014 edition of Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis contained a photograph of burnt bodies that we were told by MI5 were Christians massacred by Muslims. It turns out the bodies are the result of a gas tanker explosion in the Congo.

However, the MI5 source told me that even though the photograph is wrong, there really are massacres of Christians taking place in Africa. ~Ben Fulford


“What [Van Duyn] does not seem to realize is that secrecy was needed for them to rule and without it, they will lose power. Rule by murder, bribery and brainwashing needs secrecy or else it will invite rebellion.” ~B. Fulford

ChristineLagardeThe emergency G7 plus Russia (but not G8) meeting last week has left the corporate government of the United States isolated from Europe and on the brink of bankruptcy. This French Government video of US corporate lackey Barack Obama meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin clearly shows Obama asking for something and being denied.


It now clear to everybody who is paying attention that the United States is bankrupt and is being kept on life support by fraud (eg. tiny Belgium buying all those Treasuries) and by the ongoing rape of Japan. This situation is untenable and the formal declaration of the bankruptcy of the United States of America Corporation is coming soon, according to Japanese government sources.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott of Australia last week suddenly cancelled long planned meetings with US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, IMF head Christine Lagarde and World Bank head Jim Yong Kim, even though Australia is scheduled to host the G20 summit in November. Does Abbot think these US corporate government institutions will not last until then?

The declaration of bankruptcy of the US corporate government would also mark the end of a 2000 year project by the Roman Empire to create a worldwide fascist dictatorship or New World Order, multiple sources agree.

The Nazi/Zionist response to their looming defeat is to threaten to unleash over 10,000 “blonde Al Qaeda,” terrorists on Europe and the US.


The ongoing mercenary attacks in the Ukraine and the recently manufactured China/Vietnam crisis are other snarls of this dying Nazi Zionist beast.

There is also obviously something very unusual going on with the IMF, with Director Christine Lagarde asking in public if she has to “get on her knees and beg.” Ostensibly, the begging is about mistaken IMF predictions for the UK economy but the real reason is that the IMF is bankrupt, MI5 sources say. Continue reading

Andy Hoffman ~ Negative Interest Rates Signal Final Currency War [Video & Transcript]

Financial analyst Andy Hoffman says the negative interest rates installed last week by the European Central Bank will eventually mean depositors will pay the banks in Europe to hold their money.  Hoffman explains, “I believe that will happen in time . . . inevitably there are only so many tools in the arsenal of the central bank.  They can print money and lower interest rates . . . all that stuff.  Now, the ECB, like the Bank of Japan, and the Fed are at the bottom of the barrel. . . . What they are trying to get them to do is for the banks to take the money out and lend it. . . .

Of course, it’s ridiculous because they are not going to lend anything.  They are insolvent.  That’s why the ECB is also reinstating . . . their Long Term Refinancing Operation to liquefy banks like Deutsche Bank and Portugal’s Espirito Santo because they are in big trouble.  So, will it get down to depositors?  Well, you have two choices.  Either eat those losses, and I just mentioned, they are already drowning in insolvency, or pass them along to depositors.  Yes, I think in the coming months, you will see banks with negative deposit rates. . . . I would take my money out.” Continue reading

Mark Kempton ~ Secret European Cash Limits In Place

Some of you might remember the recent scandal where #HSBC tried to impose cash withdraw limits on their accounts:


People queue at an exchange counter in central Kiev on February 28, 2014 (AFP Photo)

People queue at an exchange counter in central Kiev on February 28, 2014 (AFP Photo)

Well it turns out that was just a trial balloon, to see how the public might react to withdraw limits being public knowledge. Limits that are already in place!

Let me tell you what my sources are telling me.

They have tried to withdraw large amounts in cash from a bank. They were told quite categorically“No, you cannot have this amount in cash”. They then asked if they could make an appointment to receive the amount in cash and were told “No”.

Just an awkward bank clerk right?

They then proceeded to transfer the balance to another bank, and tried to make the same withdraw. They received exactly the same response “No, No, No, No, you can’t have your money”.

So what’s going on? Continue reading

Paul Joseph Watson ~ Economist: U.S. Banks Preparing To Charge Customers For Deposits

Negative interest rates coming to USA

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailIn the week that the European Central Bank cut its deposit rate for banks from zero to -0.1%, economist Martin Armstrong warns that negative interest rates are coming to the United States, meaning that Americans will be forced to pay just to keep their money in the bank.

In a move described as unprecedented, the ECB became the first central bank in history to cut any main interest rate to negative yesterday, part of a package of measures designed to encourage banks to provide more loans to businesses and households. Many view the policy as a desperate sign of Europe’s faltering economic recovery. Continue reading

Greg Hunter ~ Weekly News Wrap Up June 6 2014 [Video & Transcript]

“There is still phony accounting being allowed in that financial institutions can look solvent by attaching fantasy valuations to the underwater assets they have on the books.  With all of this, there is still no real recovery.  The Fed policies are a total failure for the common man.  What the Fed has done, according to the Department of Agriculture, is raise food prices.  Recent data shows food inflation in the U.S. is on a 22% pace for this year.” G. Hunter

The top story is the global economy.  It’s not fixed and there is no real recovery. Yes, I know the stock market hit all-time highs again, but that’s because the market believes the Fed; and now the European Central Bank will continue the easy money policies.  The ECB just announced it will go to negative interest rates of -.1% on deposits. That’s right.  In Europe you have to pay a bank to hold your money!  If Europe was really in a so-called “recovery” as we have been told constantly for several years, would it need to go negative on interest rates?  Of course, it wouldn’t.

ZeroHedge.com called the move for negative interest rates “Officially Entering the Monetary Twilight Zone.”  It is no less than confirmation that nothing the ECB has done to date has fixed anything, and, in fact, the economy has gotten worse.  Please keep in mind, the Eurozone is in trouble despite the tens of trillions of dollars the Fed pumped into it through its swap lines.    Continue reading

Simon Black ~ Nigeria Just Doubled The Size Of Its Economy With A Stroke Of A Pen

SovereignMan April 7 2014

sovereignManSimonBlackSantiago, Chile ~ Over the weekend, Nigeria’s government made an accounting adjustment in how it calculates its GDP statistics.

By changing the base-year in GDP calculations from 1990 to 2010, Nigeria increased the reported size of its economy by 89% over the weekend.

So with a stroke of a pen, the West African nation leapfrogged South Africa to become the continent’s largest economy.

And in doing so the country’s debt-to-GDP ratio fell below 20%. The ratio of bad loans in the banking system when compared to the overall size of the economy also dramatically declined in proportion.

The same thing happened in Poland last year when the government there made a grab for private pensions, then counted those new assets against government debt.

It was just another accounting scam. But it dramatically lowered Poland’s debt-to-GDP ratio on paper, even though the government had not actually gotten any ‘richer’.

Continue reading

Cash-Strapped Greece Protests Against Further Austerity

RT  November 6 2013

Public and private services have shut down across Greece as unions hold a 24-hour general strike against additional austerity cuts in the recession-plagued country. Protests are taking place as Athens holds talks with its ‘troika’ of creditors.

Wednesday’s strike disrupted public transport, halted ferry and train services, shut down state-run schools and left state hospitals and the ambulance service functioning with emergency staff, the Associated Press reports.

Dozens of flights were cancelled or rescheduled as air traffic controllers walked off the job for three hours from noon in support of the action.

“Workers, pensioners and the unemployed are going through an endless nightmare,” Reuters quoted a port workers statement. “The government and the troika are destroying this country.”

Protesters are pushed back from the riot police as EU and IMF officials escorted out from the emergency exit of the Greek Finance Ministry after their meeting with the Greek Finance Minister in Athens on November 5, 2013. (AFP Photo/Aris Messinis)

Protesters are pushed back from the riot police as EU and IMF officials escorted out from the emergency exit of the Greek Finance Ministry after their meeting with the Greek Finance Minister in Athens on November 5, 2013. (AFP Photo/Aris Messinis)

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