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Clinton Aide Walks Out of FBI Interview

millsAccording to the Washington Post, Hillary Clinton’s former chief of staff – Cheryl Mills – abruptly walked out of a recent FBI interview after investigators broached a subject Mills considered “off-limits.” Mills and her lawyer ultimately returned to the interview, but the incident highlights how close the FBI may be getting to a case they can take to the Justice Department.

Mills was reportedly unwilling to answer questions regarding the process through which Clinton provided her emails to the State Department. Mills, who is an attorney, claims that she would be violating attorney-client privilege by disclosing that information to the FBI.

Hmm. But hasn’t Clinton publicly encouraged all of her aides to cooperate fully with the investigation? Or is there a caveat to that directive that didn’t make the papers? Something along the lines of: Cooperate with them, of course, but don’t tell them the truth about what we really did.

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“We Do Investigations Here At The FBI”

FBI Director Reportedly Contradicts Clinton On Email Investigation

ClassifiedJonathan Turley – The FBI and its director James Comey have been careful not to be swept into the political campaign in comments about the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s personal server. The Clinton campaign, and the candidate herself, have repeatedly scoffed at any danger of an indictment and insisted that this is merely a “security review” or “security inquiry.” Indeed, close Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal was on CNN this morning stressing that this was nothing more than a security review. Now Comey is being quoted by Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge as directly refuting this core claim by Clinton and saying that this is a criminal investigation. He would also likely disagree with Bill Clinton’s recent claim that the investigation was just a “game” and nothing more.

Herridge asked Comey if the bureau is conducting a “security inquiry” into the server and Comey responded “I don’t even know what that means, a security inquiry. We do investigations here at the FBI.” While that certainly does not mean that Clinton will be indicted, it directly contradicts her repeated characterization in the scandal — and a virtual mantra by Clinton supporters.

Some of us have been questioning the dismissal of the investigation as an inquiry as well as the clearly misleading argument that the key issue was whether material was marked as classified. The emails never had to be marked to be considered classified. Yet, Hillary Clinton has insisted that “I never sent classified material on my email, and I never received any that was marked classified.”

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All Trump All the Time, Bad Economy Sold as Good, Lucifer is In Style-NOT [Video]

trumpGreg Hunter – Trump talks, he makes news. Trump doesn’t talk, he makes news. Trump tweets, he makes news. Trump offends, he makes news. Trump makes sense, he makes news. You may think what is going on with Donald Trump is all about Trump, it is really about the changing landscape of media and the old mainstream media (MSM) losing its relevance. Look at what just happened with Trump and this debate fiasco with FOX.

FOX thinks it’s still running the media show, and Trump is showing them they are not. When you hear about Trump tweeting, switch out the word ‘tweet’ with ‘broadcast’ and there you have it. Trump, via the new media such as Facebook and Twitter, doesn’t need a network of TV stations or a cable outlet.

The mainstream media is so freaked out they cover each and every tweet of Trump’s so as to not miss out and retain some relevance. No front-runner would have ever turned down a TV appearance until now. Why did he turn it down–he doesn’t need it. The MSM needs him. Times are changing, and the MSM is losing its grip in media and thus its relevance. Of that there is no doubt.

The USA Today finally stopped saying we are in a recovery. You know why? Because we are not in a recovery, at least not for Main Street, but that doesn’t stop them from pushing what I think is a false narrative.

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Obama Denigrates the Professional Integrity/Investigation of the FBI

FBISteve  Pieczenik – Over the past few days, I was completely stunned when I heard Obama pronounce in an interview that “Sec. State Hillary Clinton had made mistakes with her personal Email server. But she did not harm national security.” I have already explained in my former blogs how Hillary was guilty of having a personal server for her emails. I have already stated my views that the Diplomatic Security Service of the State Department; as well as, Pat Kennedy, Under Secretary for Management at the State Dept., were both culpable in allowing Hillary to commit this travesty of justice.

However, I, like many of my national security colleagues, were waiting for what one institution in the federal bureaucracy would determine concerning the legality of Hillary’s actions— THE FBI. Any hopes that the FBI could conduct their usually professional, extensive, and impartial investigations were immediately negated by the impromptu statements made by POTUS on the TV show, “60 Minutes.” The lawyer, Obama, knew that as an officer of the court he was sworn to uphold the laws of the court. Accordingly, he was obligated to keep his mouth shut regarding any ongoing federal investigations.

In the last few days, Obama has evidenced a real problem with his ability to assess reality– both in foreign and domestic issues. Without delving into any fancy psychiatric terms, Obama is clearly showing signs of mental fatigue; as well as, erratic, inconsistent behaviors. No recent statement has been more detrimental to the State of the Union than the one he just made undermining the legitimacy of the present FBI investigations into Hillary’s use of personal emails. Continue reading

The US-UK Special Relationship: Partners In High Crimes Against Humanity

“Monied interests alone benefit. War-profiteering now more lucrative than ever. Homeland repression more vicious. Phony war on terror facilitates police state ruthlessness. . . . So-called radicalized homeland Islamist threats don’t exist. Except state-sponsored manufactured ones.” – S Lendman

steveLendmanObama hosts British Prime Minister David Cameron at the White House today. Focusing on mutual issues.

Ongoing wars. Escalation plans. Choosing new targeted countries.

Stepped up cyber and other forms of surveillance. New police state crackdowns. Economic and financial issues benefitting monied interests alone.

Both countries represent an axis of pure evil and then some. Longstanding partners in global genocidal crimes.

In March 1946, Winston Churchill spoke at Fulton, MO-based Westminster College. Delivering his famous “Iron Curtain” speech. Titling it “The Sinews of Peace.”

Noting a special US/UK relationship. Saying “(n)either the sure prevention of war, nor the continuous rise of world organization will be gained without what I have called the fraternal association of the English-speaking peoples…a special relationship between the British Commonwealth and Empire and the United States.”

In November 1945, he said “(w)e should not abandon our special relationship with the United States…”

In 1930, British Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald affirmed it earlier. Churchill incorrectly called its originator. He’s best remembered for what was said earlier.

The special relationship dates from the 19th century. Notably after America’s Civil War. The structure and character of US/UK relations changed.

Hostile tensions abated. Accompanied by growing economic, financial and political interdependence. Its modern form emerging post-WW II.

At the same time not mutually exclusive. Notably Washington’s special relationship with Israel. Sharing strategic interests. Partnering in each other’s wars.

The way US/British relations work. One rogue state supports another. On January 16, AP headlined ”Obama hosting UK’s David Cameron for working dinner.”

Saying Britain’s prime minister arrived in Washington Thursday evening for a two-day visit.

His meeting with Obama “comes amid heightened fears about terrorism in Europe and the West.” A press conference will follow.

Ahead of their meeting both leaders issued a joint statement. Typical demagogic boilerplate rubbish. Turning truth on its head saying: Continue reading

The Big Secret Behind The Spying Program

WashingtonsBlog  May 15 2014

Spying Is Meant to Crush Citizens’ Dissent, Not Catch Terrorists

greenwaldWhile many Americans understand why the NSA is conducting mass surveillance of U.S. citizens, some are still confused about what’s really going on.

In his new book, No Place to Hide, Glenn Greenwald writes:

The perception that invasive surveillance is confined only to a marginalised and deserving group of those “doing wrong” – the bad people – ensures that the majority acquiesces to the abuse of power or even cheers it on. But that view radically misunderstands what goals drive all institutions of authority. “Doing something wrong” in the eyes of such institutions encompasses far more than illegal acts, violent behaviour and terrorist plots. It typically extends to meaningful dissent and any genuine challenge. It is the nature of authority to equate dissent with wrongdoing, or at least with a threat.

The record is suffused with examples of groups and individuals being placed under government surveillance by virtue of their dissenting views and activism – Martin Luther King, the civil rights movement, anti-war activists, environmentalists. In the eyes of the government and J Edgar Hoover’s FBI, they were all “doing something wrong”: political activity that threatened the prevailing order.

The FBI’s domestic counterintelligence programme, Cointelpro, was first exposed by a group of anti-war activists who had become convinced that the anti-war movement had been infiltrated, placed under surveillance and targeted with all sorts of dirty tricks. Lacking documentary evidence to prove it and unsuccessful in convincing journalists to write about their suspicions, they broke into an FBI branch office in Pennsylvania in 1971 and carted off thousands of documents. Continue reading