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Jill Mattson ~ Things You Might Not Know About The Stars That Make A Huge Difference In Life

JillsWingsOfLight  April 5 2014

SolarSystem1Hans Cousto, a German physicist, life’s work has been to apply his scientific training to unlock the deeper link between the stars and frequencies. In antiquity people believed that there is a deep spiritual harmony in the design and flow of the universe. Music is an expression of this harmony.

In his book The Cosmic Octave, Cousto shares his revelations…

“It was the result of a way of seeing things which moved me to combine the old teachings of harmonics with new findings in physics and other sciences. The result is an all-encompassing system of measurement with which it is possible to transpose the movements of the planets into audible rhythms, sounds and color. This basic system of measurement clearly demonstrates the harmonic relationship that exists between different kinds of natural phenomena in the fields of astronomy, meteorology and microbiology”.

Cousto explains his system of frequency measurement, which, “like the harmony of music, is inherent in the general structure of all beings”. Cousto links the orbital and rotational motions of the stars and planets to specific frequencies for each celestial body. He then translates these celestial frequencies into audible pitches through
the principal of octaves.

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Soren Dreier ~ The Hidden Fuel Of Intention

SorenDreier  February 14 2014

ManMeditatingHope’ and ‘Belief’ can be very tricky concepts to frame right.

They can be very low frequency or they can be very high frequency. It all comes down to the consciousness that inhabits them.

If they are low frequency they are an extension of the Matrix or the control system. If they are high frequency they are the last thing you want to dodge.

Throughout history, the Matrix has used hope and belief to keep people at dock. “I´m sweating my back off and I´m starving, but religion ensures me a much better place after I´m done here.” That’s hope and belief stigmatizing the consciousness into obedience.

Throughout the evolution of consciousness the mundane chains have been vanishing, and we now need to take the powerful tools of Hope and Belief into a more conscious framework; the framework of conscious awareness.

Recently I have written about consciousness awareness, so let’s look at that since hope and belief are well integrated in that state of mind.

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Hilarion’s Weekly Message ~ Jan. 26 – Feb. 2, 2014

Marlene Swetlishoff  The Rainbow Scribe

Beloved Ones, Many of you will feel heat within your body as your physical bodies begin to activate your DNA/RNA codes. This can be a rather uncomfortable period for you so it is important to stay well hydrated and well rested. Trust that all is well and that you are being cared for by your etheric guides as you go through this process. Listen to your guidance and do whatever is suggested. This process is the beginning of an accelerated transformation that will leave behind all former limitations. The past will fade away and dissolve as you learn to live in the present moment. This will facilitate a greater clarity of mind and an inner knowing that there has been a shift in your perceptions and you will start to regain your divine abilities in whatever way is unique to you. We, your guides and team members assist in many ways to help you on the next step of your journey. You are never alone, Dear Ones, for we walk with you during the intense and irreversible changes that are now beginning.

You have come to this point because of your deep desire to fulfill the destiny that you have chosen as your contribution to the divine plan. This destiny is now beginning to unfold at greater speed and you will marvel at how far you have come in a short space of time. The cells of your being are being regenerated and rejuvenated and you will feel cyclic waves of energy come from within you which can cause periods of dizziness. Remain calm, breathe deeply and stay in a state of peaceful allowance to the new sensations that fill and surround you. There is much recalibration that is taking place within your human operating system and your morphogenic field. This will probably scramble your meridian flows of energy temporarily  but will rebalance. You will have many episodes of sleepiness and drowsiness as you are attuned to ever higher frequencies as they come in.

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Corinna ~ Rainbow Light Body Infusion With The Golden Light

EarthHive  November 26 2013

rainbow_earthhiveAs we near the end of 2013, a miraculous year of New Earth beginnings, a grand light event is taking place that promises to allow many to access their multi-dimensional Self and the infinite realities possibilities.  The event is the marriage of the rainbow light with the Golden Light.  This is the deepening of the union between Ancient Earth and Angelic Earth.  From the Heart of the Cosmos, the timing of this event is synchronized with the turning of our human perceived clock from 2013 to 2014.  This annual clock being an illusion to the Cosmos; yet, in the human collective, there is a powerful intention to re-set reality into a new experience for 2014.  The Angelics and Cosmic Light beings work within this collective force to encourage the Agenda of the Light in activating Heaven on Earth.

Golden Web of Creation Descension

For a couple of months, we have been adjusting to the glorious presence of the Golden Web of Creation, a Cosmic Mother light creation positioned at Rose Points in the New Earth, Earth Hive grid.  The Golden Web is a foundation by which we can create reality through the Mother’s light.  Her light as it entered the Earth frequencies has re-aligned several times from the Platinum/Silver expression to White Gold and most recently a Father Principle-Mother Principle reflection of the Golden Ray.  The bees, as Goddesses of the Sun, have worked diligently through their multi-dimensional presence to re-weave the Mother Light into a new perfection and precision with a healed and self-correcting Father Principle to be experienced on Earth.  The Golden Webs remained located in the upper atmospheric layers of Earth to allow for this re-alignment to occur, receiving the New Sun/Father Principle’s love and holiness before being ready to descend.

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James Gilliland ~ Making It Through The Holidays

ECETI December 25 2013

An interesting phenomena is unfolding and it is unfolding on or just after the holidays.

Two intense waves of energy came in creating quite a process. The sensitives and light workers felt it first and much of the negative lower frequency energies were transmuted through them in abstentia. Last Sunday seemed to be the hardest yet most are still feeling the effects.

All I can say is lay the body down, pray and meditate. Ask that this move through quickly with no residual energies and ask for help on high to remove all lower frequency energies, fear, guilt, sadness, unworthiness, all wounds and traumas from past experiences. We need to release the past and there are legions unseen waiting to assist humanity and the earth in this process.

The shift is really hitting the fan. You will see intense changes on every level. 2014 is going to be quite a ride. Love the new world into being and let go of the old. Do what brings you joy in service to the Creator in all Creation. The separation game of the elite is coming to a close. It is unsustainable and not frequency specific to the evolution of Earth and all her inhabitants.

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Simion ~ Amplified Ebbs And Flows

Simion ~ The Transformation Series  December 1 2013

simion1We are Simion, The Evolutionary Collective. The frequencies of Earth are changing and finer energy patterns are moving through your world now, thanks to all the work of those bringing expanded awareness to the planet. This year will be marked by energy amplifications. The increase in finer vibrations will be pushing denser energies out and replacing them with a lightness of being. This can cause a lot of old stuff to be brought to the surface so that it can then leave the atmosphere of your life and the astral field of the planet. As the old patterns emerge, new ones will begin to take shape. All types of energy will be amplified as this occurs.

We are naming this year of 2014, the Year of Amplification, based on the increased amplitude that will be felt in all areas of your lives. What you choose to do with the intensity will be up to you. We wish to help you be aware of how this amplification might appear in your personal experiences, which will also translate into the bigger global picture.

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Jill Mattson ~ The Solfeggio Tones Create Greater Spirituality

JillsWingsOfLight  November 28 2013

From Redice Creations

Horowitz and Puleo in Healing Codes for Biological Apocalypse claim that the ancient Solfeggio tones, “vibrate the exact frequencies required to transform spirit to matter or matter to spirit”. Their book reveals a pattern of numbers encoded in Numbers 7:12-89 (Bible) that they convert into frequencies. Horowitz and Puleo also write that the Solfeggio tones are capable of “spiritually inspiring humankind to be more Godlike”.

The content of this seemingly unimportant text in Numbers 7:12-89 is about mundane activities that occurred on different days. The Pythagorean skein is then applied to the numbers of the verses associated with different days. For example the text describing the first day is on verse 12, which has a Pythagorean skein of 12, or 1 + 2 = 3. The second day starts on verse 18, or 1 + 8 = 9. The third day is located on verse 24, or 2 + 4 = 6. These three numbers (3,9,6) create the first set of numbers in this code. When you apply the same process to the rest of the chapter you get the following set of numbers:

Solfeggio Scale

1st set = 396 hertz
2nd set = 417 hertz
3rd set = 528 hertz
4th set = 639 hertz
5th set = 741 hertz
6th set = 852 hertz

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The “2 Earths” 3D/5D Timelines

SDP  October 13 – 19 2013

“Mercury retrograde” and “technology issues” seem connected by some hidden hand as insidious and real as the one plaguing 3D earth right now. It’s been quite a weave of energy, one that gives credence to the “2 earth timelines” thesis, the latest and most succinct version of which is presented by Karen Downing:

Since 1987, there has in effect, been two Earths. The planets overlap in experience, but do occupy two different vibrational frequencies. Since that time, the “New Earth” or 5D Earth as many call it, has been shifting and moved up (or moved forward) in vibration, while the “Old Earth” or 3D Earth has remained in its same vibrational space. As of the writing of this message, these two Earths still share some overlap, but distance between vibrational states is continuing to grow and grow.

Downing notes these overlapping timelines vary in vibrational rate, the heavier, denser frequencies held within the 3D plane and the lighter, faster vibratory rates in 5D. One apparent result of this 2-speed frequency overlay is altered perceptions and the experience of blinking “in” and “out” of 3D/5D from moment to moment.

Take Syria, for example. According to the 2-earth thesis 3D earth is likely embroiled with war in Syria while 5D earth is not. The faster 5D frequency repulsed with ease the “doom ‘n gloom” 3D pronouncements in support of murder for profit masquerading as war against some evil that didn’t exist until warmongers created it.

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Owen K Waters ~ Left Behind

Spiritual Dynamics October 13 2013

You might ask the question, “What if some people simply don’t want to go through The Shift and leave their old lifestyle behind?” What if they prefer to stay immersed in “them against us” dramas or even “me against the world” dramas?

Humanity was created so that we can find our way back home to the source from which we originally came. God didn’t just create humanity and leave us to fend for ourselves. There is a cosmic plan for the enlightenment of humanity and, true to our gift of self-determination, no one is forced to progress any faster than they choose.

The Shift isn’t just about the planet Earth. Our planet, our solar system, and our section of the universe are about to make a quantum jump in frequency. There will come a mass ascension day when the Earth will rise in vibration and take with her all who are ready to function in heart-centered consciousness.

That is the requirement – ready for heart-centered consciousness – and, surprising to some, you don’t have to be religious or spiritual to make the grade! A caring person who supports others with little thought for themselves is a heart-centered person. A person who promotes ecology out of care for the Earth is also expressing unselfish, unconditional love when they don’t expect anything particular in return for their efforts and concerns.

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