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The Shift, Death, And Other Minor Inconveniences

Pablo Stemann – When we think of death – most of us will project ourselves forward, to that inevitable juncture in time when our journey in this realm supposedly ends – Well, that’s what our five senses tell us anyway, and we trust our five senses – Well, we shouldn’t.

realWhen our loved ones “die”, we farewell them goodbye, we experience a loss, we never see them again, we lose contact, and for all we know, they’re gone forever, and the same fate awaits us, at any turn of the road – but again here, our conditioned mind and our five senses are failing us miserably. We’re seeing but a tiny speck of the bigger picture.

One way of getting around this “death as a termination event”, is trying the other option, which is just as obvious, and just as inevitable: where, or what were we before manifesting in this realm? Where did we come from?

Buddhists will tell you that for each individual human soul entering the wheel of Samsara, there is a grand Cycle of 3,000 turns around it, each turn comprised of 108 lifetimes – as a human being. That is 324,000 lifetimes – just like the one you’re having now.

And where were we before entering the wheel of Samsara? And before that..? And before that?

It’s the grand paradox of TIME, the great trickster. It is, and it isn’t – it’s bendable, it’s flexible – it’s totally unreliable – but hey – it’s real. Continue reading

The Rapidly Shifting Frequency Organization on Earth

Peter Borys, Jr. – We are now in a very rapid change of the frequency domain on Earth.  The configuration of the information and energy from the cosmos and galaxy as transduced by the Sun is assisting a human resonance with the harmonic frequency of the Divine soul.  This is part of an evolving consciousness shift to a Divine physical humanity on Earth.

divineAt this point in the shifting frequency, the collective energy of the Earth is experienced as more of a deconstructing frequency.  This is the collective frequency experience that is the current organization on Earth.  It is a fear-based conflict and separating energy that is the distortion and false perception of matter in a disharmonic 3D matrix.  Even within the overall current false perception of matter, we can open to the unitary harmonic truth beyond the veils of the inharmonic overlay.

Artificial Frequencies in a Distorting Perception of Matter

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The Fire Trine, Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse – The Gateway to Love

Simon Vorster – Can you feel the intensity rising? A very concentrated and potent influx of energy is flooding in for us right now. Starting with January of this year, the vibration of Earth began amplifying. The 7th and final Pluto Uranus Square alignment (March 17) followed by the total Solar Eclipse in Pisces (March 20) raised the frequencies to become ever more noticeable and influential.

balanceWe are in the midst of a very significant astrological gateway. The challenge I am sure many of you are feeling at this point is to stay present and balanced. The awareness of all distortions that reflect separateness are being made apparent. This processes is allowing us to strengthen our 5th dimensional connection and the unity consciousness that has emerged within ourselves (individually and collectively).

Balanced Evolutionary Growth

So what is going on?

On a very complex and deep level, the current influx of energy on Earth right now is aligning and balancing various energy patterns in our energetic fields. All outdated patterns that reinforce illusions of separateness and pain are needing to finally be rinsed out of our energetic being. Thoughts, ideas and emotional attachments that are fear-based expressions of ourselves are no longer being supported in our lives.

This outdated but lingering energetic debris is needing a final flush. The balance and frequency of Earth is no longer supportive of this lower vibration, and as you and she are interconnected, this process right now is about becoming adjusted to these new levels of being.

It can seem overwhelming. It can feel as if experiences spiral out of control, even feelings of disruption. It may also feel as if you are just constantly rushed off your feet trying to keep up with all the demands of these changing vibrations. This process is forcing the issue of seeking to find genuine harmony and balance; coming into alignment. The more this balance is embodied in our lives, the greater the feeling of serenity we will experience. We are literally learning to balance and integrate the multidimensional Self in every moment; in heart, mind, body and soul. Continue reading

Ronna Starr ~ AA Michael March 2015 Message

Becoming A Practical Mystic

ronnahermanBeloved masters, there is a Light Path that will lead you out of the density into the lightness of the spiritual realms. The key that allows you to traverse this Sacred Path is within you–it is called your Soul Song. You are attuned to what is called your energetic signature while you are functioning within the Third- / lower Fourth-dimensional environment. You are gradually attuning to your Soul Song as you move through the remaining sub-levels of the Higher Fourth dimension, and into the entry level of the Fifth-dimensional environment.

Your energetic signature has resonance, cadence, tones and vibrancy, and it radiates forth from your seven major chakra centers and your auric field. It changes daily, along with your thoughts and deeds, for it is responsive to the ego-desire body personality, and to the constant highs and lows of the emotional nature. Gradually, the ego–desire body personality becomes a servant of the Soul, and your vibrational patterns slowly begin to return to a state of balance and harmony.

When your base frequency patterns reach the mid-fourth dimensional level and above, your auric field gradually expands, and it becomes more radiant. At that time, your energetic signature will begin to align with your higher-frequency Soul Song. This, in turn, initiates a clarion call to the higher Facets of your Soul Self to begin the process of reunification. Your original Soul Song was in perfect harmony with the Celestial Soul Song of this Sub-Universe; it was how you were, and are, recognized by your Soul Family members and the great beings of Light.

Each dimension has a unique resonance and an identifiable harmonic, sound pattern. Your physical existence is a reality focused on harmony and balance or the lack thereof, and the further you move into density, the more discordant your vibrational patterns become. In your material plane reality, you habitually focus on tangible things, which have substance or density–a time/space orientation of cause and effect. It is gradually permeating the mass consciousness belief structure that everyone is the creator of his/her own reality. Continue reading

Knowledge Is Power – The Benefits Of Conscious Awareness

“Nature favors the brave. Have heart on your quest for knowledge.” S Elkhaldy

Why is knowledge power? How does awareness give you more free will?

When a person chooses willful ignorance over obtaining knowledge and becoming more aware of themselves and the world, they do not gain any immunity by this free will choice. Instead, they leave themselves under the rule of the “General Law” otherwise known as The Matrix.

In that level of being, you are bound by all the mechanical laws of this reality. You have no higher consciousness, therefore no higher connection, and you function from a somnambulistic, sleep-like/trance state of mind, which makes you easily manipulated and gives you no individual fate (since fate is tied to persons with a connection to something “higher”). Therefore, you share the collective “fate” of the sleep reality, because you have made no choice with your own freewill to become consciously aware.

But, when one utilizes their free will to choose awareness, they are protected on 3 fronts:

1) Application: A person who chooses to actively apply their gained knowledge to make better choices, ultimately leads to protecting themselves.

A simple illustration of this would be if someone begins to research GMOs. The understanding of this information has led them to seek out healthier quality food sources and now opened up a door to changing their entire outlook on the body and on health. This is applying your knowledge, and is the most basic form of aligning your free will with better choices, based on your knowledge.

2) Discernment: A person who chooses to become more conscious, is better able to both utilize and exercise their discernment. Continue reading

Everything You Are, Have Been And Ever Will Be Is About Frequency

frequencyYour entire existence…all matter, all life, all experiences–everything owes its existence in the physical world to frequency. Absolutely everything is frequency. You cannot have an experience on this planet without attracting it through frequency. Every emotion, including love and hate tunes into a specific frequency. Health has a frequency. Disease has frequency. Your organs are each tuned to a specific frequency as is your entire body which resonates at its own frequency.

You are a symphony of frequencies while you project yourself through this universe and create your physical reality. You are a master of your energy, and thus you are able to control everything you are, everything you do, everything you experience. From the day you are born until the day you die, nothing will ever change the fact that you are both a frequency emitter and receiver in flux with your internal and external environment.

DNA possesses two structural characteristics of fractal antennas, electronic conduction and self symmetry. Electrical conduction allows the movement of electrically charged particles within the body and that flow produces our life force. Continue reading

The War Within: Escape The Temporal Illusory Holographic Matrix

“When you see death, hunger, and sorrow try to know that each one of us chose this experience, even if we don’t now remember making that choice. Compassion is important and very distinct from anxiety, worry, fear and anger. These fear frequencies are all food for the astral-cooties, the mind parasites. As they say at the zoo: Don’t feed the animals!” – V S Ferguson

ManComputerMatrixThe film The Matrix – the first of three – contained some fundamental truths that many around the planet instinctively responded to. The universe is indeed a temporal illusory holographic matrix made up of varying frequencies, waveforms pulsating at specific vibratory rates. Beneath the Veil, the ‘curtain of each atom’, there really is nothing out there but a vast ocean of etheric energy, the AKASHA, the silent unheard sound.

Everything you see or hear or touch is nothing more than electrical signals being transmitted by the five senses through this underlying etheric ocean to your brain. Each of these senses supports the others in the illusion generated by the amazing intensely creative power of MAYA and the GUNAS. These signals are interpreted according to our programming from birth and our DNA.

This first Matrix film revealed far too much truth to suit the ‘darkside’ forces that control this third dimensional earth-plane via their media-entertainment industry. And they quickly realized that the computer related metaphors so brilliantly accessed by the film’s writers had reached the normally impenetrable psyches of too many previously semi-somnolent humanoids. Thus the sequels were intentionally suffused with overwhelming images of helplessness in the face control. Continue reading