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Crossing The Galactic Plane–And The Photon Belt [Video]

Dregs of the Future | December 23 2012 | Thanks, Dale

Update 12/23/2012:  Earth has now crossed the galactic plane.

Some people say “nothing happened.” Maybe that’s true for them. As the Zen monks have said, “Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water; after enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.” (In other words, before and after our perception has shifted, even if we become enlightened, we still care for our bodies, we still have chores. Enlightenment is in our consciousness, not somewhere “out there”.)

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James Gilliland ~ Poly Tics

ECETI | October 31 2012

Many have asked what my stance is concerning the elections. This pretty much sums up modern politics.

Poly=Many Tics=Blood sucking parasites.

Many have asked what my stance is concerning the elections. Some say it is a choice of a lesser of two evils. This still gives the illusion you have a choice. The two evils are both under the control of the NWO puppet masters. We have a one party system – republicrats – and no matter what they promise they cannot deliver if it is not part of the plan of the aristocracy, banksters and corporations. Just ask yourself what happened to all the third party candidates?

The very few people of integrity left in politics are just a voice in the wind unless the people wake up and get behind them. Yet most are hypnotized by the corporate sponsored media backing these unethical people. What you have is a corporate sponsored dictatorial democracy. Lack is manufactured. Most of your ills and disease originate with these corporations due to toxic chemicals, bioengineered virus and bacteria, and the poisoning of the food, air, water and land.

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