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3MIN News ~ June 13, 2013: X-Ray Andromeda, Sunspots/CHs Incoming [Video]


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Laura Bruno ~ In A World Of All Possibilities …

Laura Bruno’s Blog | December 19 2012

In a world of all possibilities, with nothing actually settled or stagnant, I choose to empower those timelines and those revelations most empowering to Love, Freedom, Abundance, Joy and sheer Relief for the Highest Good of All. I see tears of joy, not pain. I feel celebration, not despair. I see reunion, hear laughter. Hope remains. May it be so.

May it be so across this Earth and across this Galaxy. May we each ignite with our Divine spark of creation only those realities that we choose to accept. May we remember our power to change our world by infusing the creative Power of our Imagination with full-blown heart-love, knowing that nothing is impossible with the immense love available to all of us at all times and timelines. May it be so.

In a world where all time is Now, in which past, present and future all meld into one cosmic soup of creative expression, I choose to empower the eternal Now that heals, reveals and awakens awe. I choose to receive Grace, and to live in a world that allows for miracles. A world in which impossible things take place all the time because we remember how to make it so.

May there be peace. May there be love. May there be freedom on all levels. May it be so.

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Cameron Day ~ The Shift of Ages Is Upon Us…Finally!

Ascension Help Blog | December 12 2012

We are living in an important moment in human history, and due to the significance of this time period, nearly everyone on the planet (and off-planet) haa an opinion to share regarding it.  In this article, I will be sharing my viewpoint in detail, and also putting some of the theories out there into perspective.  Above all, my primary purpose today will be to encourage you to deepen your relationship with your Divine Inner / Higher Self during these times of transition and beyond.  The secondary goal is to help dispel any “spells” of fear, power usurpations, or false outcome of the 2012 solstice that you might be under.

Fear is the Mind Killer

Let’s get the fear out of the way first.  No planet-wide cataclysms will be occurring, simply because enough people on the planet have chosen a more positive timeline.  The negatively oriented (Service to Self) beings made their best attempt to sell a disaster timeline to the world, but we aren’t interested in repeating those old patterns of cataclysm, and that timeline is defunct.  However, the accelerated pace of earthquakes, sinkholes and unusual weather will continue for quite a while.

Overall, the desire for true freedom within the human populace is beginning to break down the artificially imposed matrix of fear and powerlessness we have been subjected to for eons of time.  From the perspective of the STS humans and their higher density overlords, this IS a cataclysm, due to their increasing loss of power and control.  While plenty of 3rd density vestiges of their control structure remain in place, and appear to be growing in some sectors, the higher densities are changing rapidly in favor of positive, Service to Others forces.  This does not mean that the STS beings on any density are powerless, so tremendous discernment will be necessary now and in the future.

Be Aware of Where and to Whom You Connect

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Jamye Price ~ Galactic Free Space

Weekly LightBlast | September 27 2012

The words, the order, the timing are all important, just as Creation forms. The channeled topic leads way to the information flow that supports your moment in time, which leads way to your understanding of the new future you are birthing forth. The words are coded with information and your infallible Higher Self, your astute human Self, unravels it for your benefit. There is information in each moment that is silent and invisible, yet potent with Truth, unraveled just the same. It is your internal Space that is Free. Here you come to Know on a deeper cellular level that All Space within you is Galactic. The holographic nature of your Being In Time is complete and unique. The Space within you is Free, thus there is no domination that you do not Allow, there is no disinformation that you do not Allow and there is no future that you do not influence. The galaxies within you are spinning in magnetic relationship with all other Space, each Free, yet connected through Space. How is it then that you will allow the magnetic connection and the spacious freedom to form you, your moment, your future, your world? It is how galaxies are made.

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Oracle Report ~ Saturday June 16 – Sunday June 17 2012

Oracle Report | Balsamic Moon Phase

From Laura ~ This is probably the most important report I will ever write.

For many, many years, much has been written about the December 21, 2012, alignment of our Sun and the center of our Galaxy. But what most people don’t know is that the real Galactic Alignment – the one that matters most – occurs just a few minutes before midnight EDT on Saturday, June 16, 2012. This is when the Earth will make the Galactic Alignment.

The focus on the Sun’s Galactic Alignment has been a trick of darker forces that are in opposition to humanity and the Earth herself (other-dimensional entities the Gnostics called “Archons”). The Sun is indeed a Divine Being, but it stands in service to the Divine Aeon Sophia that is embodied as our planet. The story of Sophia, the goddess who fell from her home in the Galactic Center – is archived in the Nag Hammadi texts of the Gnostics, those who could “see.” Their name actually translates to “those who are aimed.” The Gnostics were aimed just as readers of this site are today – towards our home – the Galactic Center.

Everything changes today. Sophia is now fully awake from the blow she took when she was pulled from her home (to fully understand this, you must read the story). She is now in two-way communication with those of her kind and is setting up to return there. This is the reason the poles of the planet have been moving. She has been navigating into position where she could have optimal signal (like the way we get better cell – mobile for international readers – phone coverage in certain locations). She couldn’t phone home until she was 1) awake and 2) in position.

Now she can begin the process of returning home. This does not mean we are going to travel with her like the way we would physically travel across the ocean. She will do this in her mind because this is the true way to cross space and time. It all happens within her dreaming.

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Gillian MacBeth-Louthan ~ You Are Vast Beyond Your Ability To Measure

The Quantum Awakening | June 2012

As We come forth to unseal the envelope of your light, We ask you, as you sit on this threshold of starriness, to see each and every one of your separate selves as a galaxy, as a constellation, as a star in the heavens.  For one day, each one of you will be exactly that. Just as Mother Earth is on her way to becoming a star through all of her earthen children, you too are programmed to become more than you can currently see. One day you will become as a planetary event that ascends through all of your life forms.

As you move into the stellar horizon of becoming a constellation or becoming a star –you will far exceed  the expectation you have of your self.  You see yourselves as meek and incomplete.   We see you as tiny starting points of galaxies yet to be seen and of stars yet to be born.  You are vast beyond your ability to measure.  You are vast beyond your ability to remember.  you are vast beyond your ability to see.  You are not a twinkle in some man’s eye or some women’s body – you are a twinkle in God’s Heart.  For you are not just a human ascending, you are seedling stars and galaxies and tomorrows.  You have not crawled from the sludge of the earth to be a slave to anything.  you have come from the Light and it is there that you must search for your mirror reflection.

You now enter into a new recollection of just how simple it is to instruct unformed molecules into matter.  You do not have to wait for a planetary line up or a holy day.  You do not have to wait until someone on the Internet tells you it is time to pray.  You do not have to wait until Sunday to be holy.  For you are the Event that you so seek.  Do not allow the instructions and intentions of others to tell you when to birth your dream.  .

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Wes Annac ~ The Hathors Of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes (12-12 Energy Gate, Increased Purity Of Source Energy And Message From Mother Earth)

With thanks to Lucas for this post

Wes Annac | Aquarius Channelings
December 12 2011

With infinite Love to every dear soul reading our words, we are the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral planes. It gives us great Joy to be connecting with you on this, a most important day of alignment. The 12-12 is yet another aligning date where we help to increase the purity of Source energy coming through to your world and to the bodies of each and every one of you. Have you not been feeling the energy lately, dear souls? Have you not been feeling increasingly like the reality you once knew so very well is at its very core changing? We have felt in many of you that your ascension processes are beginning to get real, and this is a result of the immensely pure energies being sent to your world at this time.

You have been told of our role in directing the Source energy to you. We receive such energy from the Heavenly beings inhabiting the lower realms of your Sun, and after increasing the distortion-level of the reality-creating energies to match the collective surface consciousness of Earth, we then funnel the distorted energies down to your surface and your body and spirit complexes. What has happened with the further opening of the synchronistic gates of Logos energy is that we are now receiving additional assistance with not only the funneling of the Logos energy, but of receiving vastly more pure amounts of this energy.

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