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LeMuuria, The Lost Eden

TheAwakening  September 20 2013

It was not in God’s original plan for there to be a fall of Spirit onto this material plane. The Earth was to be a garden park that souls could look down upon and admire. Our souls were to remain in the angelic state, which is the natural order.

But a physical body is able to experience sensation, something pureconsciousness cannot do.  In a physical body, we are able to embrace all of the physical, mental and emotional stimuli that can be experienced – everything that Life has to offer.  So, when our souls desired to inhabit bodies in this plane, God blessed this.

Now the LORD God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden. Genesis 2:8

The first great civilization in which we lived began about 800,000 years ago.  It was the land of LeMuuria, the great continent ofMu.

This was a land in which we lived in etheric bodies that were androgynous.  There was no death, no reproduction and no sleep.  Our intuitive state ofconsciousness was highly developed within a fifth-dimensional frequency.  And all communication occurred on the level of the mind.

Over time, the physical body was raised up from the lower primates into the humanoid form.  It was into that form which we incarnated and lived in our ‘eden’, eventually co-existing with another great continent, that of Atlantis.[i]


The Rasa Lila Dance

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The Earth Game

TheAwakening  September 6 2013

When we, the angels, created this Universe, we decided to make it a highly sophisticated and very complex Game of Life.

Our Game was designed using a system of grids that create a virtual reality that is filled with increasingly sentient programs.  In order to create a reality ofChoice, it was necessary to use the frequency of the color black in the design.

The grids create an environment where we can build worlds that are limited only by our imagination.  Through the Universal Law of Attraction, each player is provided with every-thing he needs in order to go for ‘a ride’ in the Game.

These ‘rides’ are programmed to appear in a Time sequence, which those of us who are currently playing the Game perceive to be linear.  The thoughts, feelings and actions that each player experiences while playing the Game are stored in his DNA spirals, in a set of records called the Akash.

The Time sequences are facilitated by the grids, which act as servers.  There are various programs of Time that are inserted as holographic realities through these grids.  So entire civilizations are inserted as programs into the grid servers.  And all of these programs are running simultaneously.

When you agreed to incarnate in human form, you assigned a portion of your consciousness into the Time-Space continuum and into this Earth reality.  But you left the core of your true essence at your place of origin.  So those people who originate from another star system continue to exist there, while one portion of their essence and consciousness simultaneously appears on Earth in physical form.

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Know Oneness

Inspire Me Today July 28 2013

I want humanity to know oneness. It sounds complicated at first, but it is simple and will change your life forever. It did for me.

Oneness is more than a concept. It’s an experience and a way of living.

In every culture throughout time there have been saints, mystics, sages, shamans and prophets who have come to the same conclusion: all things in this world are deeply interconnected and ultimately are only diverse expressions of the one original source energy.

This was the essential experience and conviction of most of the worlds’ religious founding leaders. They called the Oneness of life different things: God, Allah, Hashem, The Great Mystery and so on, but the idea of oneness is universal. Oneness means we are each united with all of life.

Oneness is not just a spiritual or religious idea. It is now a clear scientific principle. Einstein died trying to prove the unified field theory, a belief that all life and matter are united by an underlying energy or consciousness.

The great quantum physicists David Bohm, Arthur Eddington, Max Planck and many others were convinced that at the very deepest (smallest) level of all things was energy. Deep within each cell, each molecule, each atom and nucleus, breathes an energy so subtle and yet so essential it could be called “spirit.”

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The Devil Card

Laura Bruno’s Blog | May 2 2012

The Devil Card -- Rider Waite DeckAh, the Devil Card: that reversed pentagram wielding symbol of all things evil and the sinister forces to which we willingly chain ourselves. The ultimate Shadow of repressed desire and rejected parts of the Self. Perhaps no card represents so clearly where humanity stands in relation to freeing itself and getting back to the Garden. As in the Garden of Eden. According to Wikipedia, “The Devil is the card of self-bondage to an idea or belief which is preventing a person from growing or being healthy.”

Conspiracy theorists and people following David Wilcock’s ongoing and latest updates about the end of Financial Tyranny will recognize Devil imagery in disclosures about the Illuminati and “the occult economy.” Overt Satanic rituals, mind programming in the media, near non-stop lies by government and a meticulous 300-year plan to enslave humanity! 300 years? Well, that depends on your source. Documentation remains for at least 300 years; however, some sources would bump that up to 2,000 years, 13,000 years or even “from the beginning.” Same soul group recycling the same diabolical plots of world domination and mass extinction. Can it really be that bad?

Yes and no. You can certainly find evidence for some real sick puppies on this planet. You can find evidence of fraud in banking and nearly unspeakable acts of government. These details will continue to leak into the press, especially as more and more people turn to alternative news online. Lamestream media has lost an astonishing level of credibility and viewership in recent months. CNN alone lost 50% of its viewers in March 2012! Our voting machines and election results may be obviously rigged, but we can still vote with our attention and (what’s left of) our money. Just as the chains on the Devil Card remain loose enough to slip off, nobody external chains us to manufactured news and default reality.

Police state? Why bother? Humanity has already shackled itself to a Shadow side that it claims to want destroyed. We reject our own power, secrets, sadomasochism, obsession with taboos, and then wonder how these “monsters” get so big! With Pluto in Capricorn — the Devil often masquerades as a goat 😉 –anything dark and hidden will be revealed. In addition to ruling wealth, Pluto reigns in Hades as “Lord of the Underworld,” another strong Devil-association. Capricorn has a natural ruler of Saturn, another planet with strong ties to “Satan,” co-opted religions, and the “Satanic Cabal.” Occult simply means “hidden,” but that word alone conjures fear and trepidation among many. Dabbling in the occult means playing in the “Dark,” and the watered down and overly sanitized version of our victim selves judges our own and others’ darkness.

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The Story Of Our Soul’s Journey Through The Plane Of Duality

The Way of Love | February 23 2012

As the cycle of duality draws to a close, let us use this Lenten season to ponder:  did I understand the true import of my sacred text?  Am I ready to make the approaching evolutionary leap to the 5th dimensional plane of love and light?

The Bible is one of the sacred texts for the 3rd dimensional plane of duality.  Its writers all lived on the plane of duality and were therefore confronted with good and evil.  Although inspired, they wrote from the perspective of learning to deal with duality in a manner that would allow them and us to awaken to the higher planes of life.  Many pointed the way, but did we comprehend?

In the first chapters of Genesis, we find a symbolic story of the Earth’s creation.  “And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good.”  (Genesis 1:31)

Into this lush paradise, humankind entered.  We were gifted with freewill and given the opportunity to choose how we live our lives.  “Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat; but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat; for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.”  (Genesis 2:16-17)  God was explaining that once we choose to evolve on the plane of duality, we die to the awareness of all that is within the cosmos.

Our perspective becomes extremely limited.  We die to the knowledge of who we truly are as made in the image of God—child gods.  We die to the understanding that we are One with God.  We begin to feel separate and alone.  We die to the consciousness of the Garden of Eden and instead, enter a world in which we experience good and evil.  Our physical bodies become sick, decay, and die.  We appear blind to a world of plenty for all and accept as normal:  enemies/wars, hatred, anger, jealousy, resentment, competition, egoism, discrimination, emotional and physical pain, revenge, and blood sacrifice.  And by far, the most insidious of all is the personification of Creator God as a being with less integrity than we possess.

The writers of those books, eventually accepted into the biblical canon, did not write with that intention.  Instead, they wrote within the cultural milieu with which they were familiar.  Their writings were often inspired for the betterment of those within their community.  However, by the time the canonical books were written, tens of thousands of years had passed on the plane of duality.  Spiritual blindness was well established.

As we read the biblical account, it is possible to perceive layers of meaning.  The inspired message often shines through; but few take the time to comprehend it.  Humankind has never been abandoned, even though we came to believe that is the case.  Advanced beings have periodically incarnated on the plane of duality in order to give humankind a jump start to spiritual awakening.  They have become a part of daily life on Earth and attempted to reveal Truth to us.

Let’s look at a few biblical examples.

“And Enoch found favor in the presence of God, and disappeared; for God took him away.”  (Genesis 5:24)  Enoch is the first biblical character to ascend from the plane of duality back into the higher dimensions, without physical death.

Melchizedek, a priest king of Salem (Jerusalem) is another example of an advanced being dwelling on the plane of duality, without experiencing a physical birth or death.  “Neither his father nor his mother is recorded in the genealogies; and neither the beginning of his days nor the end of his life; but, like the Son of God, his priesthood abides forever.  Now consider how great this man was, to whom even the patriarch Abraham gave tithes and paid head tax….  But this man who is not recorded in their genealogies took tithes even from Abraham and blessed him who had received the promises.  Beyond dispute, he who was less was blessed by him who was greater than himself.”  (Hebrews 7:3-4, 6-7)

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The Timeless Enigma of the Crystal Skulls

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn | Earth Keeper
October 27 2011

James Tyberonn: “Max is the by far the most powerful Conscious Library on the planet. The original code carrier, and so important to the planetary Ascension. MAX is a living computer so vast, that the energy therein encompasses the micro of the Cosmic macro. MAX contains the complete new coding for the new Earth, the DNA of the Ascension. Within MAX is an intellect so complex and infinite, that it is unimaginable. Yet Max is also a healing, nurturing energy that communicates clearly in up-shifting each person that interfaces his massive loving field.

Once you have encountered MAX, touched his physicality, you are capable of receiving a crysto-electric wave stimuli that activates ‘dormant’ parts of the human brain, bridging to the multi dimensional mind. Once your energy is connected directly to his source, you have the ability to connect & communicate proactively on a mental level, and indeed MAX is an aspectual personality that is a microcosm of ‘ALL THAT IS’.

MAX not only encompasses the sum of the 12 aspects, the 12 dimensions, the 12 crystal skulls, the 12 Sun Disc, the 12 DNA strand…he encompasses the Omni-Verse Cosmos in microcosm of the macrocosm.

It is no ‘accident’ that he is in the Crystal Vortex for the 11-11-11 and 12-12-12.

From World Mysteries: Max The Crystal Skull is the authentic, ancient crystal skull. Of the 13 crystal skulls in the world at this time, Max is the largest. Many people consider Max to be the 13th Crystal Skull, carrying the combined energy of the other 12. In any case, MAX is absolutely one of the rarest & most studied and revered artifacts ever found on this planet.

Max was discovered in 1924 in a tomb under a Mayan temple in Guatemala and was used by Mayan priests for healing, rituals, and prayers. He was given to a Tibetan Monks by a Mayan Elder. Many years later, the Tibetan Monk gave the skull to JoAnn Parks after working with her on the sad passing of her daughter.

The Monk told JoAnn that she would know what to do with MAX. She has been ‘chosen’. For over a decade MAX sat in her closet. Then one day , JoAnn, who is a down to earth, previously ‘non-Metaphysical person, began hearing a voice speaking to her. “My name is MAX and we have a mission to do”. JoAnne was amazed, and with some research contacted famous Crystal Skull researcher and pioneer, Dr Nick Nocerino.

After JoAnn described MAX. Nick quickly flew out to investigate, and was overjoyed and amazed with what he saw.

“This is the crystal skull the Elders spoke about”, Nick exclaimed, “The one with the cap over the right eye !”. Mayan legends had spoken about a Master Skull with the unique physical description that fit MAX. The 13th Crystal Skull. It was MAX.

MAX has been studied by the British Museum and reviewed by famous geologist Dr Robert Schock. The scientist have reported that, even with our most modern laser technology,MAX, because of his unusual combination of 5 separate crystal-matrix growth centers in his structure, could not have been carved without fracturing the crystal formations that form him. His existence in mass is simply an enigma, he could NOT have been carved.


I am reprinting this message received from Archangel Metatron through James due to its timeliness now. ~ Gillian

November 25, 2008

“The great Marcel Vogel once told me that he thought he understood crystals until he came across the crystal skulls. The skulls are a whole different kettle of fish, he told me.” – Nick Nicoreno

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