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Propaganda Mind Control: Turning Truth Backwards

Jon Rappoport  September 25 2013

Now and then, if you take a popular advertising or PR slogan and turn it backwards, you get something more interesting.

Remember GE’s “Progress is our most important product”? Try “Product is our most important progress.”

Or “There’s no I in team” becomes “There’s no team in I.”

More esoteric? If you have a little surrealism in your blood, you can do a Zen koan with “Think outside the box,” making it, “Box outside the think.”

Propaganda mainly exists to put the truth backwards, because for some reason people like it that way.

The Vatican has some high-level propaganda pros working for it. They float the idea that in-house pedophiles are just occasional wanderers from the ethical status quo.

Whereas the priesthood is closer to an ad for men who like little boys.

“You can wear an official robe and we’ll protect you. If you get caught, we’ll move you around from diocese to diocese until you disappear, and you’ll never have to serve a day in jail or pay a fine. Ask yourself if this profession is right for you…”

The government wants us to believe that alternatives to oil are extremely difficult to come by (except for nuke reactors that can destroy life on Earth).

Presidents will always pay lip service to gaining independence from foreign oil.

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