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Google Now Has Access To Millions of Patients’ Medical Records

dataMichaela Whitton – A controversial deal between tech giant Google and the National Health Service (NHS) will allow artificial intelligence units access to 1.6 million confidential medical records. Since 2014, Google has partnered with several scientists in an attempt to understand human health, but a new report reveals the data gathering goes far beyond what was originally anticipated.

According to documents obtained by the New Scientist, the data sharing agreement between Google-owned artificial intelligence company DeepMind and the Royal Free NHS Trust gives access to the sensitive healthcare data of millions of NHS patients. The chilling and wide-reaching deal allows DeepMind access to the medical records of the 1.6 million people passing annually through the three London hospitals owned by the Trust — Barnet, Chase Farm, and the Royal Free.

The Google-owned A.I. firm announced in February it was working with the NHS to build an app called Streams — intended to help hospitals monitor patients with kidney disease. However, the new information has revealed that the extent of the data being shared goes much further and includes logs of day-to-day hospital activity, records of the location and status of patients, and even logs of who visits them and when.


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Vegan Company Turns Down Google’s $300 Million Buy-Out Offer

Amanda Froelich – The company Google recently bid to buy out ‘Impossible Foods,‘ the creator of the “Impossible Cheeseburger” which looks, cooks, and tastes like ‘real’ meat.


Forget the hype that vegan food tastes like cardboard. It must be good if the company Google is seeking to buy out a faux cheeseburger company.

As reported by The Information, an unconfirmed report has it that Google recently tried to purchase Impossible Foods (link), a startup founded by Stanford University professor Patrick Brown. The offer, reported to be around $200 to $300 million, was turned down, however.

The company is the mastermind behind ‘The Impossible Cheeseburger’, a “garden burger” that takes meat alternatives to the next level. In fact, this faux meat offering is designed to look, smell, taste and cook like it came from an animal.

According to the website
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Matt Drudge Warns Public “You’re A Pawn In The ‘Ghetto-isation’” Of The Web


“Reclusive” Drudge says he has not had a photo taken in 8 years

Tyler Durden –  The very foundation of the free Internet is under severe threat from copyright laws that could ban independent media outlets, according to Matt Drudge. “I had a Supreme Court Justice tell me it’s over for me,” said Drudge, warning web users that they were being pushed “pawn-like” into the cyber “ghettos” of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

As DCClothesline.com reports,

During an appearance on the Alex Jones Show, Drudge asserted that copyright laws which prevent websites from even linking to news stories were being advanced.

“I had a Supreme Court Justice tell me it’s over for me,” said Drudge. “They’ve got the votes now to enforce copyright law, you’re out of there. They’re going to make it so you can’t even use headlines.”

“To have a Supreme Court Justice say to me it’s over, they’ve got the votes, which means time is limited,” he added, noting that a day was coming when simply operating an independent website could be outlawed.

“That will end (it) for me – fine – I’ve had a hell of a run,” said Drudge, adding that web users were being pushed into the cyber “ghettos” of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Social Engineering 2.0 Google Algorithm Poses “Serious Threat to Democratic System”

Truthstream Media – Did democracy just get downgraded (yet again)?

Social engineering is now a dated practice, that has undoubtedly influenced nearly all our lives for the past century in ways that many of us perhaps don’t notice.

I have a book titled Social Control from 1901, by Edward Alsworth Ross, that as the dust jacket explains, “formulated (and gave an answer to) the problems of the massive transformation of the American society by industrialization” where Ross “analyzed the dynamics of social change for modern socieities in general and for America in particular.” The book was a hit, and influenced economists, scholars, politicians and Progressives.

In the decades that followed, P.R. gurus like Edward Bernays and Ivy Lee pioneered the use of spin, advertising, propaganda, cross-branding and quite a few subtle tricks of undue persuasion to sell a consumerist society to the masses, and create a marriage of the mind between their clients and the people who would come to depend upon and identify with their products.

The BBC has an excellent mini-series called the Century of the Self that explains the huge impact that Edward Bernays and Madison Avenue had in transforming America. Using psychology to fuel market research and advertising to reach customers on a more potent level, society became populated with suggestible, obedient naive sheep, with critically thinking citizens fewer and further between. Continue reading

Bilderberg Wields Artificial Intelligence: “A Tool To Massively Amplify Our Ability To Control The World”

 artificial intelligenceAaron Dykes – The underground project to unseat humanity and create a world run by technology has been officially underwritten by the elite.

What do we know about Bilderberg’s techno-control master plan since the wrap up of its June 11-14 conference?

As usual, not much from the inside; but we know quite a bit by tracing the work of its attendees and insider members, as well as the progression of the conference itself over the past decades, as invitees have increasingly tended towards the high-tech.

Robotics and technology are huge steps ahead.

Artificial intelligence is one giant leap further.

Meanwhile, Bilderberg’s steering committee has invited more and more entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley as well as tech heads leading changes on the Internet, in cybersecurity and the vast changes happening in technology.

As such, Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt has become a visible center of the 21st Century Bilderberg meetings, giving further gravity to chic geeks brushing shoulders with the power brokers of the post-WWII era, who have long dominated banking, industry, military and political interests.

Palantir’s Alex Karp – a notable technology attendee from recent years – has now been added to the steering committee this year in 2015, joining the insider tech-axis with friend and sometimes partner Peter Thiel, the so-called “PalPal Mafia” Don and Facebook’s key early funding angel.

The new power bloc is still based around banking and other traditional spheres, of course, but they are now partners with computing. Microsoft’s Craig Mundie has been a key attendee for some time now, while Bill Gates has occasionally dropped by. Former NSA director Keith Alexander appeared consecutively for many years since 2008, paralleling the importance of mass surveillance and the advent of “cyber warfare.” Continue reading

Who Is The ‘I Spy’ Of Google?

googleRebecca Hardcastle Wright – Google’s homepage wishing me Happy Birthday looked cute but felt creepy. Like a birthday card from your dentist who means well, but reminds you of drills and scraping. I tried to shake off this foreboding Google feeling, with no success.

Then I came across an interview with Julian Assange where he shares the underbelly of Google as a type of private National Security Agency behemoth.

Google is an emerging state within a state. It’s a type of private National Security Agency,” he says. “It’s in the business of collecting as much data around the world as possible, about as many people and places as it can. It stores and indexes this data, builds profiles of people and sells them to advertisers. Spying is its business model. But as the Edward Snowden revelations make clear, it’s also a target and ally of the National Security Agency.”

Times have changed since the most prolific spy network was the Roman Catholic Church with its rank and file priests filled with endless confessions that continuously dropped into their data collection plate. Wars and destruction were launched with this information. The Roman Catholic Church is religious and political.

Assange reminds us that Google is private and political. It is an advanced player in the new religion of Singularity with its promises of immortality, artificial intelligence and a superhuman body. With Google, you have command and control from your own social media, blog or website as long as you follow their dogma and doctrine.

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