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Thomas L. Knapp ~ Gun Control For The Children?” Sorry, No Sale.

The IntelHub | January 17, 2013

“This is our first task as a society,” said US president Barack Obama at a January 16th press conference: “Keeping our children safe.”

The event’s purpose was to leverage last month’s school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut into support for a set of new executive orders and legislative proposals relating to what supporters euphemistically refer to as “gun control.”

In an evolutionary and biological sense, Obama has a point. The primary of function of human society IS to protect our young so that they can grow up, reproduce and perpetuate that society.

On the other hand Obama, in his role as president, represents the single most powerful and counter-productive human institution relating to that goal: The state. The power grabs he just put on the state’s agenda serve only the interests of that institution — not just instead of, but at the expense of, the children he’s exploiting as political capital in pursuit of that agenda (and in particular, as the Center for a Stateless Society’s Nathan Goodman points out, the children of the besieged minority communities Obama’s party claims to offer protection to).

Obama’s purported opponents within government aren’t much better. Their line, as voiced by US Representative Dave Reichert (D-WA), boils down to a cowardly “the laws that we have in this land already need to be enforced.”

Well, no, they don’t.

“The laws that we have in this land already” forcibly compel the daily assembly of millions of children on convenient killing floors (“public schools”).

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Alex Thomas ~ Petition: Make White House, Federal Buildings And Events Gun Free Zones

intelhub | December 28 2012

In the last few weeks we have seen elements of the federal government and the corporate controlled media conduct an all out assault on the 2nd Amendment, demanding strict gun laws and laughing off the idea of arming teachers throughout the country.

Those calls have highlighted an extreme amount of hypocrisy as most if not all of the people who have called for limiting Americans ability to protect themselves actually have armed security personal themselves.

As President Obama calls for limiting the 2nd Amendment, his daughters attend Sidwell Friends School which has no less than 11 armed security personal on campus.

In response to this outright double standard, a petition has been posted to the White House website that DEMANDS that Obama issue executive orders that would make the White House, federal buildings, and events gun free zones.

We Demand Obama Issue Executive Order Making White House, Federal Buildings and Events Gun Free Zones

Journalist Alex Jones and Infowars.com are calling for President Barack Obama to issue an executive order amending the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990.

The executive order will establish the White House, all federal buildings and federal events as gun free zones and all federal security personnel will turn in their guns.

We also demand the order apply to private schools such as Sidwell Friends School attended by the president’s daughters. This petition is a response to government and corporate media dismissing a call for armed guards at schools following the Sandy Hook shooting.

Jones and Infowars.com believe there should not be a double standard. If the government believes gun free zones are a solution for citizens, the same standard should apply to government servants and employees.

You can sign the petition here.

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