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Constance Demby’s Secrets & Mysteries Of The 7th Interval

Contributing writer ShiftFrequency  May 18 2014

SoundWavesIn the beginning, was an original primeval beam of sound. And from that primeval sound, music poured forth.  The Bible says “the word” created it all but perhaps the “word” was really “the sound.”

“Sound is God” –Nada Brahma

Through sound we enter doorways to realms that have existed since time began. Through sound we may even sense realms originating from a Source of creation that Itself dwells beyond time.

“Music produces a kind of pleasure that human nature cannot do without.”-Confucious

Had it not been for the immense power, magic and healing frequencies of music I daresay the human race would have turned out rather differently. Life without music suggests a dry and rather empty existence, one lacking an essential quality to life on Earth.  For indeed nothing heals the human spirit like great inspired music.

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” -Berthold Auerbach 

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Thriving in the Heart of Sacred Awareness

Shanta Gabriel | The Gabriel Messages | February 27 2012

Your heart will provide the guidance you are seeking when you blend the worlds of spirit and matter within your life. As you claim Unity in a world of polarity, it creates an empowered connection to the Source of all Light. Increasing frequencies of Divine Love are elevating your consciousness in ways that allow greater Truth to surface from your heart, the seat of your intuition. To consciously empower the energy frequencies in which you live, create clear intentions that let the Divine know what you are available to experience in your life. The fields of potential around you will then begin to expand exponentially.

All is frequency. The accelerated rates of energy that heighten awareness are so malleable that extraordinary results can be seen in your life in a very short amount of time. It requires your taking responsibility for your thoughts and feelings in such a way that your magnetic field only radiates the life you are choosing to live in. Your heart is a powerful guide in this process. As the human expansion into multidimensional consciousness explodes in the arena of the human heart and mind, new chakras are opening within your being.

One of these energy centers is what can be called the Sacred Heart. It has also known as the Magnetic Heart, the High Heart or the Seat of the Soul. Located behind the sternum in the area of your thymus gland, this energy center can open new doorways to Christed awareness. You can increase the frequencies in this chakra by consciously filling that area with Divine Love every day as a spiritual practice.

Just imagine that this area contains a Sacred Vessel that you can fill with the Light of Divine Love as a pure elixir of God’s Grace, a Divine Substance. Not only does this empower connections to your intuitive knowing and creative awareness, but your physical being will also resonate with these heightened frequencies. You can create an inspiring image of a beautiful crystal chalice in the area of your High Heart. As you place your palms on your chest, and breathe into this area, a very simple prayer of invitation can be used, such as:

“Divine Presence, with every breath I take, fill my Sacred Heart with Divine Love and Illuminate my heart with your Grace. Thank you.”

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Bill Ballard’s Story

Bill Ballard | January 11 2012
via email

Opening The 11:11 Doorway 1/11/1992 & 2nd Group of 144,000 ~ Celebrating the 20th year Anniversary

Bill Ballard

A story is only a story – one person’s experience of events shared as a collective. There are as many stories of an event as there are those experiencing that event.

Today is the 20th year anniversary of the Opening of the 11:11 Doorway. I began what is written below as a small note telling others of the experience I had in my life leading into this now. As this story unfolded it took on a different shape as the explanation of my life experience began to unfold. So, I make this post without reservation to share with others who are also feeling this event, through telling my story. I hope you enjoy.

This just flowed!

Bill Ballard

My Story

20 years ago today, 144,000 of us gathered together at various sacred points around Mother Earth, on her chakra centers to do ceremony in which we joined together in a unified focused intent to Open the 11:11 Doorway. Solara remembered and gathered us, telling me why I knew those things I knew since I was a child.

The year leading up to that, which began exactly for me with the beginning attack of the 1st Persian Gulf War, January 16, 1991, was the unlocking of my encodings. Isaiah 13 was unfolding before my eyes. Peter Arnette in Baghdad filming the beginning battle, with the night vision camera, viewing the green glowing anti-aircraft fire in front of a mushroom shaped water tower that looked like something out of War of the Worlds (which it now seems it indeed was) for me was that trigger.

Starry Procession Giza Opening the 11:11 Doorway 1/11/1992

A friend would later hand me a Bible, showing me Isaiah 13, and I completely understood the meaning of the message. I was so spooked having had a déjà vu of this that I read the Bible cover to cover. I knew what it meant. I knew I was one of those 144,000 (2nd group of 3 End-times groups of 144K) and that we were soon to gather. You will find a mention of these groups in the Book of Mormon too, as the only two chapters that are copied from the Bible into Mormon areIsaiah 13, the first Persian Gulf war and Isaiah 14, the second Persian Gulf war, all the way to finding Saddam Hussein in the “pit” and his sons being killed, then the economies of the Earth would collapse because of certain events which were to transpire in the future.

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