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Dr. Edward F. Group ~ Do You Know These 6 Facts About Laundry Detergent?

“Most detergents run into the water supply and have been shown to interfere with aquatic life. This stuff is not natural and many plants and animals cannot process the chemicals contained in these products.”  Dr. E F Group

LaundryDetergentWomanDoing the laundry is a simple, straightforward task for most people. However, have you actually thought about the chemicals contained in most laundry detergents? Most of this stuff doesn’t wash out in the rinse and can be absorbed into your body through your skin. Knowing what we are putting on our clothes, and in our body, can be incredibly important for protecting our health. Detergents, for example, contain chemicals that can contribute to skin irritation. Not only that, many commercial detergents may mimic hormones and disrupt endocrine function, a problem that influences reproduction, mood, and metabolism.

The Dangers of Laundry Detergent

The following 6 facts about laundry detergent may help you become more aware of the many hazardous ingredients contained in these cleaning agents. These facts may also give you some insight into better options for you and your family.

1. Surfactants Cause Skin Irritation

If you take a close look at the warning label on your favorite laundry detergent, you’ll notice that it urges you to avoid direct skin contact. Detergents work by removing oils from clothes, and that includes the natural oils produced by your own skin. Among other uses, our natural oils are necessary for protection against microbes.

Surfactants are the main agents that strip away oils, an action that can seriously irritate the skin and aggravate skin issues.[1] Rashes are common when the skin comes in direct contact with detergents, and some sensitive individuals may break out after wearing clothes that have been washed with conventional surfactant-containing detergents.[2] Respiratory problems may also result from regular exposure to these chemicals.[3] Continue reading

Susan Edelman ~ 2,500 Ground Zero Workers Have Cancer

“So far, 115 cancer claimants have been awarded a total $50.5 million, in sums from $400,000 to $4.1 million. The VCF could not say how many cancer claimants have died.” S Edelman

911GroundZeroRespondersMore than 2,500 Ground Zero rescuers and responders have come down with cancer, and a growing number are seeking compensation for their illnesses, The Post has learned.

The grim toll has skyrocketed from the 1,140 cancer cases reported last year.

In its latest tally, the World Trade Center Health Program at Mount Sinai Hospital counts 1,655 responders with cancer among the 37,000 cops, hard hats, sanitation workers, other city employees and volunteers it monitors, officials told The Post.

The tragic sum rises to 2,518 when firefighters and EMTs are added. The FDNY, which has its own WTC health program, said Friday it counts 863 members with cancers certified for 9/11-related treatment.

A retired FDNY captain, 63, who toiled non-stop at Ground Zero for a week after 9/11, and months in all, recently received a $1.5 million award from the federal 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund for lung disease and inoperable pancreatic cancer. Continue reading

Mike Adams ~ GMO Pushers Horrified At Idea Of Being Held Responsible

. . . For Their Role In Farmer Suicides, Crop Failures And Environmental Devastation

“The day is coming, of course, when the link between bt corn and cancer tumors can no longer be denied. The day is coming when glyphosate’s systemic destruction of soils and the environment can no longer be covered up. When that day comes, it is important that history remember the names of those who actively participated in furthering that destruction.” M Adams

mikeAdamsNaturalNews ~  The single greatest fear of GMO pushers has just been revealed. In the days after I wrote my now-famous article comparing GMO advocates to Nazi collaborators, the blogosphere erupted with a heated discussion of Monsanto, journalism, the scientific dictatorship of the Nazi empire and the parallels with modern-day GMO pushers.

This story thrust the topic of GMOs back into the minds of millions of people, which was of course the whole point. It also helped introduced terms into the minds of the public like “Monsanto collaborators” and “agricultural holocaust.” Critics of the article only helped this effort by pointing to it and bringing more traffic to Natural News, causing our email subscriber list to rapidly explode over the last few days.

Lists of GMO skeptics are acceptable, but lists of GMO collaborators cause panic

Naturally, I expected to be attacked and vilified for daring to make such a comparison, but what I didn’t expect was to discover just how freaked out GMO pushers would be when they found their names being added to a list. The list, hosted by a still-fishy website called MonsantoCollaborators.org (which appears to be offline at the moment), contained a list of names of a selection of pro-Monsanto bloggers, journalists and scientists. The list seemed somewhat random, and I didn’t even recognize half the names on it. But the mere existence of such a list freaked out the GMO pushers to an extreme. Essentially, they panicked. Continue reading

RT News ~ World News Links (July 28 2014)

Fracking to be allowed in UK national parks in ‘exceptional circumstances’


ARCHIVE PHOTO: Demonstrators hold banners during an anti-fracking protest in central London March 19, 2014 (Reuters / Neil Hall)

The UK government will allow fracking in national parks and heritage sites in “exceptional circumstances,” say new guidelines. Around half of the UK is now open to shale gas exploitation, despite growing public concern over the environmental impact.

Under the banner “all out for shale,” the UK government is opening up vast swathes of the British countryside to companies, who will extract fossil fuels from deep under the ground through the controversial process of hydraulic fracturing. Bidding opened in Britain on Monday for companies looking to exploit shale gas resources.

Companies who are granted a license will be required to apply for planning permission and environmental permits before they can begin extraction of shale gas.

Environmental groups have slammed the process as detrimental to the environment as it can contaminate water supplies and cause small earthquakes.

“Today the risk of fracking has spread. This threat to the environment and public health could now affect millions more people,” said Friends of the Earth’s energy campaigner Tony Bosworth to Sky News.  Continue reading . . .

Selected RT_News LInks

Bee studies feel sting of pesticide manufacturers – MPs

Ron Paul: End the CIA!

Earth is headed for its sixth mass extinction – study

A nation duped? UK govt. paves way for GM babies

100,000 amps breakthrough: Highest electrical current achieved in Japan

The Right to Resist: 5,000 rally for Palestine in Brussels, Israel gets 500

US releases satellite images ‘proving’ Russia is firing into Ukraine

US allegations of Russia firing at Ukraine are ‘baseless’ – Russian MP

Over 50 dead in Tripoli airport battle as foreigners leave collapsing Libya

Lavrov: Hopeful MH17 crash probe will respect ‘presumption of innocence’

‘Revolutionary’ single-dose breast cancer therapy approved for NHS use

Dinosaurs’ colossal bad luck: How they died and we survived

SF Source RTNews

Mike Adams ~ The Agricultural Holocaust Explained: The 10 Worst Ways GMOs Threaten Humanity And Our Natural World

“There is no rational justification for putting the entire world at risk with genetically engineered crops that have clearly failed to be subjected to responsible long-term scientific testing. As with most other chemicals — aspartame, Agent Orange, Bisphenol-A and so on — industry simply unleashes them onto the world and hopes nothing goes wrong.” M Adams

mikeAdamsNaturalNews ~ Why are genetically modified organisms (GMOs) a serious threat to humanity and the environment? The reasons span the realms of science, social justice, economics and the environment, and once you understand this, you’ll readily understand why so many environmentalists, humanitarians, responsible scientists and social justice advocates are strongly opposed to GMOs.

Here are the top 10 ways GMOs threaten us all:

#1) Every grain of GM corn contains poison

GM corn is genetically engineered to develop a deadly pesticide in every grain of corn. When this corn is harvested and turned into Corn Flakes, corn tortillas, corn syrup or other corn-based foods, that same poison remains in the corn.

What is the effect of human children eating all the poisons grown in GM corn? Nobody knows for sure because the tests haven’t been conducted on human consumption. That’s why GMOs remain an untested experiment that exploits humans as guinea pigs.

See www.GMOevidence.com to learn more.

#2) GMOs have never been safety tested for human consumption

Although GMO advocates ridiculously claim GMOs have been “proven safe in thousands of studies,” what they don’t tell you is that those were all short-term studies on animals, not humans.

In fact, GMOs have never been shown to be safe for long-term human consumption. What happens when a child eats GMOs for two decades? Does it substantially increase their risk of cancer, diabetes, kidney failure or future Alzheimer’s? Nobody knows, exactly, because the tests haven’t been done. Continue reading

J. D. Heyes ~ Record Growth Of Organic Food Consumption In The U.S. And India

“The major organic-food-producing states in India include Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh, the research firm noted.” J D Hayes

OrganicProduceNaturalNews ~ There has been record growth in sales of organic, non-GMO food in some of the world’s largest produce markets, a good thing for consumers and advocates of clean, wholesome, non-bioengineered commodities.

In the United States, the value of the organic foods market in 2013 exceeded $35 billion for the very first time, an increase of nearly 12 percent from the previous year, according to Eileen Bentley, small business and prepared foods manager at Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board.

The U.S. economy, as a whole, has been growing, on average, at between 1 and 2 percent for months, which is dismal.

As reported by AgriLand, an Ireland-based agricultural news site, Bentley outlined in a recent Bord Bia Food Alert that data compiled by the U.S. Organic Trade Association (OTA) found that the 2013 figures represent the fastest growth in purchase and consumption of organic food in five years. Continue reading

Christina Sarich ~ Monsanto Ordered To Pay $93 Million To Small Town For Poisoning Citizens

“The factory which produced Agent Orange was opened in Nitro in 1948 and remained in operation until 2004, even though usage of this herbicide in the past (in Vietnam and other Asian countries) was fatal to millions of citizens and the war veterans who were exposed to it.” C Sarich

cartoon_monsanto4Big wins can happen in small places. The West Virginia State Supreme Court finalized a big blow to the biotech giant Monsanto this month, finishing a settlement causing Monsanto to pay $93 million to the tiny town of Nitro, West Virginia for poisoning citizens with Agent Orange chemicals.

The settlement was approved last year, but details were worked out only weeks ago as to how the funds were to be spent.

The settlement will require Monsanto to do the following:

  • $9 million will be spent to clean dioxin contaminated dust from 4500 homes.
  • $21 million will be spent to test to see if people have been poisoned with dioxin.

Continue reading

Elizabeth Renter ~ Study Explains How Edible Plants Communicate With Animal Cells And Promote Healing

“The scientists found these isolated food nanoparticles to have similar structure and size to mammalian-derived exosomes. They also found the mammalian intestinal macrophages and stem cells to take up these exosome-like nanoparticles, and as a result, those mammalian cells underwent biological changes.” E Renter

GingerRootIf you know anything about food medicine or even nutrition, you know the foods you eat affect your body through various mechanisms and processes. But have you ever stopped to think about how the ginger knows to stop your upset stomach? Or what garlic does once it’s in your digestive system to boost your immune function and reduce inflammation? A new study delved into these questions and found some remarkable evidence for interspecies communication at a cellular level.

Published in the journal Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, the study looked at the role of exosomes, “small vesicles secreted by plant and animal cells that participate in intercellular communication.” These are the words, if you will, shared between cells who need to communicate with one another.

As GreenMedInfo reports, the researchers explained the term as such:

“Exosomes are produced by a variety of mammalian cells including immune, epithelial, and tumor cells [11–15]. Exosomes play a role in intercellular communication and can transport mRNA, miRNA, bioactive lipids, and proteins between cells [16–19]. Upon contact, exosomes transfer molecules that can render new properties and/or reprogram their recipient cells.”

Continue reading

Christina Sarich ~ Low Levels Of Arsenic In Drinking Water Found To Lower Intelligence Of Children

“New Hampshire, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, and California all have arsenic problems. ” C Sarich

DrinkWaterBabyThe World Health Organization (WHO) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have their own guidelines about what levels of exposure to arsenic are non-toxic, but a groundbreaking new study has shown that states where the drinking water has even 5 parts per billion (.005 ppm) of the toxic substance can reduce working memory, verbal comprehension, and perceptual reasoning in school aged children.

We already know from a 1999 study by the National Academy of Sciences that arsenic in drinking water can cause bladder, kidney, liver, lung and skin cancers, but is it possible this toxin is also diminishing our intelligence? Is this just another chemical being utilized against our minds, making subservient citizens too ignorant to question the fact that arsenic would be put in our municipal water supplies to begin with?

Arsenic is naturally occurring as a metalloid in soil and rock in much of the US and other countries. It can seep into groundwater causing contamination. For many years it has been dismissed from the concerns of public health officials, though it has been shown to cause numerous diseases. Continue reading