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J. D. Heyes ~ Is Obama’s Ebola Czar An Advocate Of Human Depopulation?

“In 2006, University of Texas scientist Dr. Erik Pianka advocated the development and use of weaponized strain of airborne Ebola to kill 90 percent of the world’s population, as a way to save the Earth. . . . In that speech, Pianka slammed the notion that humans occupy a special place on the planet, and added: “We’re no better than bacteria.”” – J D Heyes

ObamaNewEbolaCzarRon Klain, before he became President Obama’s latest czar (Klain is the “Ebola czar”), was chief of staff to a pair of Democrat vice presidents, Al Gore and the current VP, Joe Biden. His appointment by Obama has been praised high and low by liberal politicians. U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., has called his appointment an “excellent choice.”

But as was noted by critics of the choice when he was named, Klain has no medical experience whatsoever: He’s been a Democrat Party hack his entire career, and this latest appointment is seen by some as just another rung on the ladder of Democrat Party power.

To counter that criticism, the Obama Administration said they turned to someone with loads of managerial experience, to make sure that the efforts to contain the deadly virus in the U.S. would be coordinated and efficient. And that sounds good — except for new evidence that has surfaced which appears to indicate that Klain has very unorthodox views (though not for environmental activist academics and political figures) on global population. Continue reading

Julie Wilson ~ Antibiotic And Heavy Metal Contamination In Environment Contributes To Resistance Of Harmful Bacteria

“Very low concentrations of both heavy metals (such as arsenic) and antibiotics, either separately or in combination, were able to enrich resistant plasmid-bearing bacteria, according to the study’s results.” –

drugAbuseLow concentrations of various pharmaceutical drugs are making their way into our water systems and soil through improper disposal, such as flushing, and through human excretion.

When people take antibiotics, or other medications, they are often passed through the urine unchanged, active and in their original state. This drug-containing urine then enters wastewater treatment facilities where it is not filtered out due to a lack of screening and the necessary equipment required to remove the drugs.

Excrement containing pharmaceutical drugs eventually ends up in the environment, which is concerning, because the environmental impacts of this process are still being uncovered and are therefore widely unknown.

However, the results of a new study published in the journal mBio sheds some light on what’s happening to these drugs and how their presence in the environment contributes to antibiotic resistance, as well as their reaction with heavy metals present in nature due to natural sources and human activities. Continue reading

Chip Carter ~ Is Bill Gates Buying Up Farms In Vidalia?

Documents And Growers Link Microsoft Founder To Recent Sales

Vidalia, GA, produces the most famous onion in the world. What growers here want to know is why Bill Gates seemingly wants to be in the sweet onion business — and why he apparently does not want that fact widely known. (Photo by Chip Carter)

Vidalia, GA, produces the most famous onion in the world. What growers here want to know is why Bill Gates seemingly wants to be in the sweet onion business — and why he apparently does not want that fact widely known. (Photo by Chip Carter)

VIDALIA, GA — It has been rumored and discussed on the streets here for months that the Seattle-based Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation or Cascade Investment LLC, the Gates’ private trust located in Kirkland, WA, is actively seeking to purchase producing farms in the Vidalia area, renowned for its sweet onions and the center of that industry.

Already, two entities — Coggins Farms in Lake Park, GA, and more recently Stanley Farms and its subsidiaries in Lyons, GA — have been sold and, while the trail is murky, documents and interviews with other Vidalia-area growers link the purchases to Kirkland and seemingly to Gates.

The Produce News recently obtained a copy of a letter written by Stanley Farms General Manager Vince Stanley to vendors and suppliers dated Oct. 1 and headlined, “Re: Change of Ownership.” An included W-9 IRS form showed that while the business name of the operation is Stanley Produce Georgia LLC, the owner is the Mt. Hood Administration Trust, with a listed address of a post office box in Kirkland. There is no readily available information on the trust.

Stanley wrote, “On Oct. 1, Stanley Produce Georgia LLC purchased the interests of [Stanley Farms subsidiaries] Vidalia Valley, Manning Farms and Vidalia Onion Farms. Please accept this letter as notice of such a change. The Stanley Family wants to personally let you, our valued customer, know that the entire staff you have come to rely on will 100 percent stay in place and will only add quality folks to better serve you!” Continue reading

Brandon Smith ~ Why I Will Not Submit To Medical Martial Law

“I can think of no rationale for government involvement in the treatment of an Ebola outbreak. If it is not pure incompetence on their part that has exacerbated the threat, then even worse, it is a deliberate program of genocide. In either case, no military or CDC “strike teams” should be allowed free reign in our neighborhoods, towns, counties, or states.” – B Smith

MedicalMartialLawPoliceGunsOne of the most dangerous philosophical contentions even amongst liberty movement activists is the conundrum of government force and prevention during times of imminent pandemic. All of us at one time or another have had this debate. If a legitimate viral threat existed and threatened to infect and kill millions of Americans, is it then acceptable for the government to step in, remove civil liberties, enforce quarantines, and stop people from spreading the disease? After all, during a viral event, the decisions of each individual can truly have a positive or negative effect on the rest of society, right? One out of control (or “lone wolf”) citizen/terrorist could reignite a biological firestorm, so, should we not turn to government and forgo certain freedoms in order to achieve the greater good for the greater number?

If the government in question was a proven and honorable institution, then I would say pro-Medical Martial Law arguments might have a leg to stand on. However, this is not the case. In my view, medical martial law is absolutely unacceptable under ANY circumstances, including Ebola, in light of the fact that our current government will be the predominant cause of viral outbreak. That is to say, you DO NOT turn to the government for help when the government is the cause of the problem.

The recent rise of global Ebola is slowly bringing the issue of medical martial law to the forefront of our culture. Charles Krauthammer at The Washington Post recently argued in favor of possible restrictions on individual and Constitutional liberties in the face of a viral pandemic threat. Continue reading

Oracle Report ~ Friday, October 24, 2014

“We want to be very careful with our words because sometimes things we say can’t be taken back.  Don’t get carried away because people are prone to breakdown today, and the slightest push could send them over the edge.” – L Walker

Alfred Lambremont Interviews Ole Dammegard ~ Ebola-“News” Psyops; CDC-CIA Proprietary; Bilderbergers-JFK Kill; 911; Ebolagate [Video]

VANCOUVER, BC – In this ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, author and researcher Ole Dammegard details how Ebola “news” stories are largely disinformation psyops; The CDC Centers for Disease Control is actually a listed CIA proprietary corporation, a front for CIA bio-terror operations; and the Bilderberger organization approved large scale false flag operations including the JFK assassination of November 22, 1963, the 9/11 False flag of September 11, 2001, and the EbolaGate Bioweapons martial law false flag operation, operationally coordinated at the 2014 Bilderberger meeting in Stockholm.

SF Source Exopolitics  Oct 21 2014

Bruce Grierson ~ What If Age Is Nothing But A Mind-Set?

Photo illustration by Zachary Scott for The New York Times.

Photo illustration by Zachary Scott for The New York Times.

One day in the fall of 1981, eight men in their 70s stepped out of a van in front of a converted monastery in New Hampshire. They shuffled forward, a few of them arthritically stooped, a couple with canes. Then they passed through the door and entered a time warp. Perry Como crooned on a vintage radio. Ed Sullivan welcomed guests on a black-and-white TV. Everything inside — including the books on the shelves and the magazines lying around — were designed to conjure 1959. This was to be the men’s home for five days as they participated in a radical experiment, cooked up by a young psychologist named Ellen Langer.

The subjects were in good health, but aging had left its mark. “This was before 75 was the new 55,” says Langer, who is 67 and the longest-serving professor of psychology at Harvard. Before arriving, the men were assessed on such measures as dexterity, grip strength, flexibility, hearing and vision, memory and cognition — probably the closest things the gerontologists of the time could come to the testable biomarkers of age. Langer predicted the numbers would be quite different after five days, when the subjects emerged from what was to be a fairly intense psychological intervention. Continue reading

The Brilliance Of Dr. Suzanne Humphries On The Dangers Of Vaccines [Video]

There will come a day when all Doctors will understand that vaccination is based on speculation, opinion, and grand assumptions, not real science. When that day comes, more doctors like Dr. Suzanne Humphries will speak out on the dangers of Vaccines.

She perfectly sums up the problem with vaccines in a nutshell. Dr Suzanne Humphries, a practicing nephrologist (kidney physician) says the vaccine industry isn’t giving people both sides of the story, and parents need to get informed before subjecting their children to vaccines that can potentially cause serious harm or even death.


SF Source PreventDiseaseTV  Oct 21 2014

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