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Who Stole The Weather? Chemtrails And GeoEngineering

“Humanity is being manhandled and manipulated on a massive scale, and as Hitler and other despots have pointed out, the bigger the lie, the less they’ll challenge it.” ~Zen Gardner

Chemtrails and Geoengineering

The increasing existence of the persistent chemical trails we regularly see in the sky behind high flying jets has rapidly become commonplace knowledge. Ironically these were first called “chemtrails” in US military program literature, but this term was soon demonized as “conspiratorial” by these very same powers and their cohorts in order to squelch information getting to the mainstream public.

So what are they spraying, and why?

These are very serious questions, and apparently the answers would not meet with public approval. A litany of literature, scientific studies and patents regarding such aerosol programs are readily available on the internet. By far the most dominant cover story is that they are trying to reflect sunlight from the earth to mitigate global warming. Whatever your feelings on global warming science and rhetoric, that idea is both nonsensical and extremely dangerous, both to our ecosphere and human health. It’s even since been proven that a canopy of heavy metal nanoparticulates entraps earth’s heat instead of reduces it which shoots that excuse full of holes.

So what are the true purposes? Our governments certainly aren’t talking.

You’ll find this geoengineered weather control program, as well as other insane ideas such as deliberate algae blooms and underwater sonar experiments worldwide now. Geoengineering is a mainstream term and openly promoted and financed by the taxpayer via the military and from “frontmen” private backers such as the likes of Bill Gates and others. Aerosol spraying is often talked about in the mainstream media as a “future idea” to test the waters and anesthetize public outcry. Don’t be fooled.

Apparently it’s been sold at various levels as some sort of “emergency measure” to save the planet, no doubt with a lot of pressure, blackmail and bribery. All this despite the fact that anthropomorphic global warming has been thoroughly debunked. Except for, I will add, this toxic spraying program that is wreaking havoc with our climate and weather and precipitating horrific unnatural responses including very dangerous methane releases.

The History of Chemtrails

The existence of chemtrails, or persistent contrails if you wish, has been documented since the 1940′s with the first spraying used to seed clouds and alter weather patterns for use in agriculture, as well as warfare. Later, radar deflection appears to have become another directive as metallic “chaff” was released into the atmosphere to disrupt electromagnetic transmissions. This is all verifiable via simple internet searches on the subject. Continue reading

Transhumanists Stuck On Stupid

“In the end, all the HAARP manipulations and chemtrail spraying cannot and will not achieve domination over the planet. Relying on NASA to discover nirvana or trusting Japanese scientists to resolve a Fukushima nuclear winter is no better than following celebrity global warming advocates into the vast void of their own mental space.” ~Sartre

Absolution In A Sophomoric Society

StuckOnStupidIn a post-modernism age the most assertive and self-proclaimed worshipers in the supremacy of science, have no room for a belief in God. These arrogant elites treat anyone, who profess that a true understanding of science does not contradict the presence of the almighty, with condescending distain for refusing to accept that God is dead.

The transhumanist insistence that they will emerge as supreme beings is the pivotal sacrilege that underpins the social culture and political chaos that leads to the ultimate destruction of the species. Extinction of the human race and the invention of an artificial deity, denies that the act of creation inherently is the prowess of the All Powerful.

Sophomoric intelligence based upon pretentious and conceited self-regard is actually immature and ill-informed sense of worth and understanding. The reason for the absurdity, which is the hallmark of societal dysfunction, stems from the malevolent masterminds NWO globalist plan and carried out by their technocrat minions.

The Most Secret Science by Archibald E Roberts examines the MATTOID SYNDROME in chapter twelve. “Irrational political decisions at policy-making levels force upon perceptive Americans the conclusion that an invisible government of men “unbridled by logic or understanding” has acquired ultimate power and influence in the United States. Furthermore, the image-building manipulations of these Mattoids favor the development of similar attitudes in others and give thousands—perhaps millions—of normally well-balanced persons the courage to overtly engage in absurd or infamous acts.” Continue reading

Did The Us Air Force Just Admit It Was Using Haarp For Weather Control?

GizaDeathStar May 17 2014 (Thanks, Minty)

JosephPFarrellTwo regulars of this community, Ms. P.H. and Mr. V.T. both sent this article to me, so, for that, a big thank you. I have to admit when I first started reading, I couldn’t figure out why they had. After all, the closure of HAARP was not big news, and I had already blogged about it before, and even suggested that the reason HAARP was being closed was because they had moved on to better and more efficient methods for accomplishing the same thing, i.e., weather modification. Back then, I noted that the ionospheric heater facility in Gakona, Alaska, would be contracted out to DARPA (the Diabolically Apocalyptic Research Projects Agency) for “experiments”  before it was shut down for good.

The HAARP facility has been, in its own unique way, a mirror to our culture, reflecting its concerns and memes with some accuracy. Very early on in its career, Dr. Nick Begich and Jean Manning, whose book Angels Don’t Play this HAARP exposed its possible uses as a missile defense and weather modification/control technology. This, of course, was roundly denounced as more conspiracy theory crackpottery by the lamestream media, notwithstanding that it was simple physics that Begich and Manning were talking about: play around with an electromagnetic dynamic system like the Earth’s ionosphere by creating vast regions of plasma and so on within it, and,yes, one could create huge areas of low pressure and literally steer weather systems around.

Perhaps…perhaps one might also set up unique standing waves within the Earth itself along fault lines, or stimulate piezo-electric effects in rocks along faults lines… The speculations grew, and even Dr. Bernard Eastland, author of some of the first ionospheric heater patents, expressed doubts in a couple of interviews about his own project, and what it might be capable of. Continue reading

Dr. Michio Kaku Admits Government Weather Control On CBS News

IntelliHub  February 17 2014

MichioKakuIn a recently aired clip on CBS, Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku talks about experiments that scientists have been doing with weather modification.  The experiments that he discusses sound strangely similar to what we know about the HAARP facility in Alaska.  These experiments seem to operate in the same way, by shooting lasers and nanoparticules into the sky.

Later in the conversation, Michio Kaku talks about the deep history of weather modification that has been carried out by governments for decades.  Very quickly the CBS staff interrupted him to point out that government directed weather modification was only “alleged”.

In new research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Professor Wolf Kasparian said the laser beams create plasma channels in the air that caused ice to form.

He said: “Under the conditions of a typical storm cloud, in which ice and supercooled water coexist, no direct influence of the plasma channels on ice formation or precipitation processes could be detected.

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Watch The Left Hand: Fukushima May Be The Right

GeoengineeringWatch  December 30 2013

Something is far beyond contaminated and glow-fishy about the Fukushima meltdown. For two years it has been discussed and swarming with expertise, but with no limiting or actual efforts to stop the radiological contaminants from being released into the Pacific and all other connected oceans, the largest food and oxygen sources on the planet. Yet, surfers are surfing, swimmers are swimming, children are playing on beaches, and restaurants all over the earth are eating Pacific fish and also contaminated Atlantic fish according to multiple reports.

Also never actually disclosed or addressed is that perhaps as many as 1500 nukes have been tested in the world’s oceans, which also might have produced “contamination” since nuclear pollution doesn’t ever really go away. So, at this juncture I ask myself, where is the left hand and what might it be doing?

Politics, as we know, has new meaning in the global world of corporate-political elites. Their political intentions were always based in deceptions from the earliest planning stages to today, for one hundred if not two hundred years. The UN Agenda 21 blueprint has never been fully disclosed in truth or in the open. The 47 U.S. Biosphere Reserves are still completely under the veil for 90% of American people who have still never heard of them; same with the World Heritage Sites, and they are totally in the dark regarding the 620+ global reserves.

Stratospheric Aerial Geoengineering and Solar Radiation Management (chemtrailing) are only just now kind of/sort of acknowledged as “possibly” damaging the planet for 35 years or more as well as the super-secret global HAARP facilities, which happen to super-heat the atmosphere, while aerial spraying traps the “warming” on the ground beneath the artificial, metallized, and very noxious and debilitating clouds and haze that laid across the skies, globally.

And suddenly, we have another global crisis, publicized, with people sick, dying badly, and with sea life really, really sick and dying, and with worsening news and contamination pouring into the Pacific every day. Instead, a handful of “experts” are studying, having meetings and press conferences, pondering, coordinating thoughts and ideas, kicking the dirt, etc., etc.

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HAARP & Chemtrails – How They are Change You – Bioengineering [Video]

PEREXUSREX  January 11 2013

How They Are Changing you . . . Cells and DNA . . . Against your will.

Chemtrails and nanotechnology are changing the world in which we live (Bioengineering). They are changing your cells and DNA against your will — dark change

People will all become sterile and plants will not be able to reproduce – science will keep us alive and control us 100% (transhumanism). They will plunge our world into darkness. 

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