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John Vibes ~ Dr. Michio Kaku Admits Government Weather Control On CBS News

IntelliHub  February 17 2014

MichioKakuIn a recently aired clip on CBS, Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku talks about experiments that scientists have been doing with weather modification.  The experiments that he discusses sound strangely similar to what we know about the HAARP facility in Alaska.  These experiments seem to operate in the same way, by shooting lasers and nanoparticules into the sky.

Later in the conversation, Michio Kaku talks about the deep history of weather modification that has been carried out by governments for decades.  Very quickly the CBS staff interrupted him to point out that government directed weather modification was only “alleged”.

In new research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Professor Wolf Kasparian said the laser beams create plasma channels in the air that caused ice to form.

He said: “Under the conditions of a typical storm cloud, in which ice and supercooled water coexist, no direct influence of the plasma channels on ice formation or precipitation processes could be detected.

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Nancy Levant ~ Watch The Left Hand: Fukushima May Be The Right

GeoengineeringWatch  December 30 2013

Something is far beyond contaminated and glow-fishy about the Fukushima meltdown. For two years it has been discussed and swarming with expertise, but with no limiting or actual efforts to stop the radiological contaminants from being released into the Pacific and all other connected oceans, the largest food and oxygen sources on the planet. Yet, surfers are surfing, swimmers are swimming, children are playing on beaches, and restaurants all over the earth are eating Pacific fish and also contaminated Atlantic fish according to multiple reports.

Also never actually disclosed or addressed is that perhaps as many as 1500 nukes have been tested in the world’s oceans, which also might have produced “contamination” since nuclear pollution doesn’t ever really go away. So, at this juncture I ask myself, where is the left hand and what might it be doing?

Politics, as we know, has new meaning in the global world of corporate-political elites. Their political intentions were always based in deceptions from the earliest planning stages to today, for one hundred if not two hundred years. The UN Agenda 21 blueprint has never been fully disclosed in truth or in the open. The 47 U.S. Biosphere Reserves are still completely under the veil for 90% of American people who have still never heard of them; same with the World Heritage Sites, and they are totally in the dark regarding the 620+ global reserves.

Stratospheric Aerial Geoengineering and Solar Radiation Management (chemtrailing) are only just now kind of/sort of acknowledged as “possibly” damaging the planet for 35 years or more as well as the super-secret global HAARP facilities, which happen to super-heat the atmosphere, while aerial spraying traps the “warming” on the ground beneath the artificial, metallized, and very noxious and debilitating clouds and haze that laid across the skies, globally.

And suddenly, we have another global crisis, publicized, with people sick, dying badly, and with sea life really, really sick and dying, and with worsening news and contamination pouring into the Pacific every day. Instead, a handful of “experts” are studying, having meetings and press conferences, pondering, coordinating thoughts and ideas, kicking the dirt, etc., etc.

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HAARP – Chemtrails – How They are Change You – Bioengineering [Video]

PEREXUSREX  January 11 2013

How They Are Changing you . . . Cells and DNA . . . Against your will.

Chemtrails and nanotechnology are changing the world in which we live (Bioengineering). They are changing your cells and DNA against your will — dark change

People will all become sterile and plants will not be able to reproduce – science will keep us alive and control us 100% (transhumanism). They will plunge our world into darkness. 

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Invisible, Covert Implant Technologies: The Silent Crime Against Humanity [Audio]

Deca Mc  October 13 2013

Patricia Cori has invited Alfred Webre and Melanie Vritschan to discuss The Transhumanist Agenda — presentation of the agenda and finding possible solutions

Alfred starts off explaining what the agenda is. He has been tracking this issue over 40 years. Alfred came in personal contact with this problem in the 1970s when he was targeted by electromagnetic weapons. At the time, he was director of the Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication Study. At this time, an earlier generation of electromagnetic weapons was used. Today, very advanced scalar technologies are used against humanity.

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