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TSA Alienates Americans One Grope At A Time

RTAmerica | May 22 2012

According to a new study by the Department of Homeland Security, the Transportation Security Administration has not been doing a good job tracking or reporting its findings. Many Americans say this only confirms what they already knew, but allege the TSA has become more of a joke then a benefit. Jonathan Corbett, president of Fourten Technologies, joins us with more.

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TSA ~ Greatest Liars On Earth

Infowars | January 27 2012

A group that makes Pinocchio look honest. TSA officials are seemingly unable to the tell the truth. The lies against Rand Paul following his most recent encounter with TSA goons only serves as yet another example of blatant lies and rampant corruption from the Homeland Security-branch agency dedicated to disavowing the Bill of Rights and dismantling the economy and spirit of America– all under the pretext of fighting a foreign enemy.

From lies about the harmful radiation of the body scanners, to the dishonesty about groping children and the elderly, to lies about the false flags that dictate future policy, to the disregard for employee and passenger safety and much more, TSA has used deception at every turn to undermine travel, tourism and the American way.

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