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Transcend The Victim Wheel [Audio]

Roxy Lopez  August 1 2013

This show was hacked taken down 5 times and reloaded. A must listen if you want to know what is going on. There is an effort to censor those who are incorruptible sometimes with deadly force as in psychotronics and radionics while at the same time gathering those who are corrupt or corruptible to be the new spokesmen/women for an agenda to steer all information towards a globalist agenda.

Listen to the show along with Alfred Webers latest interview with Roxy to understand the nature of this agenda.

Be well James

Your Actions Are Screaming So Loud I Cannot Hear Your Words

ECETI June 14 2013

We are seeing this now in all aspects of our lives. Almost all the institutions are acting completely contrary to their mandates and their words are in complete contradiction to their actions.

There is a saying – a man’s/woman’s character is established by their actions. Their actions are representative of just who is driving their boat. Whether it be social programming, a wounded ego, unseen negative influences, or a healthy soul and spirit the actions clearly define who is in charge. No matter how much we might want to be-lie-ve in someone we cannot discount their actions. Although it seems to be quite easy for them to deny, avoid and continue on; those days of denial are coming to a close.

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The Ways Of The Archons

www.eceti.org April 5 2013

We have spoken earlier about the archons, the degenerate ETs, astral beings, at the lowest level some real dark serpent beings. As I write this article they are really pissed off, hitting me with some real sickening painful energies. They were working last night in my dream state creating extreme negative scenarios with old lovers, family and friends.

As I speak I am laughing at them. Before I continue with this article I have to clear them to insure the information is correct. There. Now that that is done we can continue.

I hate to burst the bubble of many new agers . . . There is a war going on. It is an interdimensional war which is acted out – as above so below. The below is the gross uneven dispersal of wealth, the planned obsolescence, the enslavement through dependency, the pollution and destruction of the environment as well as the manipulation and mind control through various mediums. The above is the archons who feed off the negative emotions, the pain, suffering, sadness sorrow etc. They have manipulated humanity through the network, which is filled with false dreams – the American Dream, desires, wants and needs – including the need for acceptance and approval by social consciousness through external means. These manufactured desires are all external and designed to keep everything external, trapping souls in the physical 3D reality. They focus on the first three chakras – survival, sex and power – even using those close to you to hit you in the 4th chakra to take you out of love and into confusion, pain and suffering.

There is a story of Buddha’s awakening where the dark lord uses fear, tsunamis, hordes or demons fires, his sexy daughters, his own wrath – all to pull Buddha from his center, to trap him back into the 3D reality he was transcending. This is happening on a grander scale because the archons are losing their battle with the 5th, 6th, and 7th dimensional beings, the very Source itself. They are pulling out all stops, using everything at their disposal to keep the awakening Gods – “YOU” – trapped in be-lie-ving your 3D reality is all there is to you, and in this lies your security.

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Drudgery Of The System

James Gilliland | ECETI | May 11 2012

For those who are wondering what is happening at ECETI . . .

To make a long story short it seems the county has a real issue with people awakening and healing, living in peace and harmony as well as watching UFOs. When someone is living outside the box and doing a much better job of it than they are this seems to be a threat. If we were Baptists we would not be having these problems. I watched people being paraded about in chains [in the courthouse]. Huge fines being levied. Many people obviously could not pay them and due to their already challenged life were challenged even more by the system. Where is the healing? Yet they have the audacity to tell us how we should live?

How This Intrusion Began

It all started with a member of the City Council spreading vicious gossip about us stealing a girl from her father and bragging how he was going to take us down. The girl was in her forties. When he was challenged concerning his actions and bias he had to recuse himself yet not without a grudge.

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