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James Gilliland ~ Enlightened Contact With Extra Terrestrial Intelligence

ECETI News  March 25 2014

Maui ~ It has been a while since the last newsletter and so much has transpired I don’t know where to begin. With the intent of a much needed vacation in coming to Maui it seems Creator always has other plans. The old saying man plans and God laughs seems to hold water again and again in my life. The connections made on the island have been phenomenal. We have been opening Star Gates, clearing the islands of unseen negative influences, releasing ancestors stuck in between worlds and personally my own health has been quite a challenge. All the chemtrails, chemical, frequency and psychotronic assaults have taken their toll.

Have you noticed all the whistle blowers, UFO investigators etc. who have experienced an untimely death? Now the bankers committing, “suicide” which were mostly hits on whistle blowers and insiders that knew too much. While the planned opposition, shills, those of lessor integrity have risen to the top and are getting the podium and press we have to ask why? We have to look at some of the major talk show hosts, those at the forefront of ufology and ask why are they missing and avoiding the big picture? Why are they as well acting as censors within the community when they profess to be of noble character defending truth?

I can cite several examples for those who miss it. Why perpetuate the lie that we have not already gone to the Moon, Mars as far back as the 60′s with exotic technology? Why are they entertaining spokesmen for NASA etc. who perpetuate the lie and cover-up concerning our own extremely advanced secret space fleet? Why do they continue to give groups air time who claim exclusivity on God and ET such as the Billy Meier spokesman? Why do they have guests like Seth Shostak who repeatedly say there is absolutely no evidence UFOs exist or have ever visited the Earth? There is not just a mountain of evidence to the contrary. There are momentous temples left behind and artifacts clearly proving UFOs have been coming and going for up to 650 million years.

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James Gilliland ~ Conscious Contact: Truth Connections (Also featuring Freeman Fly) [Audio]

truthconnections  February 25 2014

James Gilliland joined Truth Connections to discuss humanity, disclosure and the current and future state of consciousness. We also discussed ET Contact, dimensional beings, the ECETI Ranch, his experience in the field and many other fascinating topics. James has been on the cutting edge of ET contact for many years. He is a minister, counselor and internationally known lecturer. He is also a best selling author of; Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, and The Ultimate Soul Journey just to name a few.

Freeman Fly also joined us to discuss some of his thoughts on Obama, Egypt and cloning. http://freemantv.com/

James Gilliland ~ Mexico Update

ECETI December 26 2013

Upon arriving in Mexico it seemed every night was a different experience. I have Sorcerers, discarnates, women with skull heads and a few reptilians visiting me. The strange thing is some of the creepy ones are archetypes to help people cross over who do not need healing.

Have to suspend judgment on the skull ladies. I told them next time to throw some flesh on. (Little humor there.) On Christmas a group of us did a clearing in the middle of town. It seemed the town was in such a funk and so many people were depressed, locked into their process etc. This is a global event and each individual and town is processing this differently. The light workers especially are being called to duty.

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James Gilliland ~ Incoming Waves

ECETI December 1 2013

sf_2014We spoke earlier about the energy waves coming in just after Thanksgiving, the next wave peaking just after Christmas.

Are you feeling it? Those who are sensitive are really feeling it. Others who are not taking responsibility for their process are projecting, blaming, often with emotional outbursts not even knowing why.

I personally have been having visions of past relationships, feeling sadness on how they ended along with the realization that I cannot be responsible for the pain, sadness and healing of others.

You cannot instill want into another. You can only hold a loving space and in some cases we have to love ourselves enough to set any necessary boundaries. Now is the time to make love and kindness your mantra and practice as well as set boundaries with those who have chosen not to practice love and kindness.

It is God-force energy, the ultimate power is love. It is the cosmic glue that holds everything together and the manifesting force behind all creation. Seems there is a lot of mis-creation manifesting which is what is surfacing and falling apart.

Respect is also a key word coming up.

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James Gilliland ~ Transcend The Victim Wheel [Audio]

Roxy Lopez  August 1 2013

This show was hacked taken down 5 times and reloaded. A must listen if you want to know what is going on. There is an effort to censor those who are incorruptible sometimes with deadly force as in psychotronics and radionics while at the same time gathering those who are corrupt or corruptible to be the new spokesmen/women for an agenda to steer all information towards a globalist agenda.

Listen to the show along with Alfred Webers latest interview with Roxy to understand the nature of this agenda.

Be well James

James Gilliland ~ ” Your Actions Are Screaming So Loud I Cannot Hear Your Words.”

ECETI June 14 2013

We are seeing this now in all aspects of our lives. Almost all the institutions are acting completely contrary to their mandates and their words are in complete contradiction to their actions.

There is a saying – a man’s/woman’s character is established by their actions. Their actions are representative of just who is driving their boat. Whether it be social programming, a wounded ego, unseen negative influences, or a healthy soul and spirit the actions clearly define who is in charge. No matter how much we might want to be-lie-ve in someone we cannot discount their actions. Although it seems to be quite easy for them to deny, avoid and continue on; those days of denial are coming to a close.

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James Gilliland ~ The Great Yak Escape Part 2, UFOs and the New Energies

ECETI April 29 2013

The skies have been very active the past few days over ECETI. On Friday night April 26th in around 30 minutes we witnessed at least 40 craft. They seemed to be coming from every direction, powering up in tremendous bursts of energy, splitting into two then back to one, responding to the lasers and the people’s requests on the ground. Many were very excited which seems to excite the occupants of the ships as well.

Thursday night with the full moon energies opened the door to the great Yak escape part 2. The last full moon brought the same experience. Again we used our techniques of divination to find the herd and just as before they were spot on, 2 miles to the west. We went 2 miles to the west and there they were. Herding them back was much more peaceful this time, they cooperated and I left the motor cycle out of the equation this time. Validation of spirit never gets old and we are always glad to know we have allies on high to assist us in out everyday challenges. The next couple of days consisted of fence mending and shoring up weak areas.

There were two gamma ray bursts that hit the Earth, those who are sensitive felt them and personally I was a bit wobbly and spacey with the energies. Gamma rays are 7th dimensional energies it is like being bathed in your own Godself descending into the body. Whereas there are those who are not so sensitive they would just get a bit agitated or go into process. These full moons, solar flares, gamma ray bursts and planetary alignments as well as the alignment with galactic plane are changing the planet on every level. We can use these energies to awaken and heal, observing what is coming up and going within or create more chaos through blame and projection. Sometimes there is a little of both determined by the spiritual advancement of the individual.

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James Gilliland ~ Breaking The Chains Of The Archon Network

www.eceti.org April 18 2013

After several radio shows concerning the archon network many have asked how do I break free.

First we have to understand who the archons are and their program to break free. The archons are an ancient collective of discarnate spirits, demons, regenerate ETs, some greys, reptilians and serpent beings who feed off negativity and care nothing for humanity and the Earth. Their program is to keep you enslaved through your very own mind and to create as much separation, pain, and suffering as possible.

This is done with programming, various kinds of media, societal programming, psychotronic technology using ELF, microwave, radionic and other frequencies, not to mention mind to mind manipulation with the archons. The television and the news is one of the most obvious designed to keep you fearful, insecure, and in need of a savior outside of self. It is also designed to keep you focused on the material world, acquiring acceptance and approval outside of self, being well adjusted to society for your very survival.

Krishnamurti best summed up this process with the quote, “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. ”

That being said let’s look at today’s society. We must also look at the social, economic, and environment conditions. Look at the wars, the diseases, the unbridled greed and corruption in government, the disempowerment of most religions and complete failure to bring man/woman closer to the God/Creator/Spirit within as well as unify humanity.

Do we have universal peace? Do we have Brother/Sisterly Love throughout humanity? Do we have individual freedom and prosperity for all? Do we have a clean pristine environment? What is the condition of our air, water, the land? Let’s not dismiss these questions too readily without using brutal honesty.

Who is in control of this planet? The next question (and again using brutal honesty) is, “Are you contributing to the mess?” Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? Are you trapped in the archon matrix making choices and acting according to soul and spirit or the programmed and manipulated ego? Who do you serve, God of the beast?

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