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Colonel Don Myers, USMC (ret.) ~ The Imperial Presidency

Government Gone Wild | April 9 2012

This past Monday President Obama challenged the Supreme Court by stating that in effect it did not have the authority to judge “ObamaCare”. His comments were quite specific and challenges arose from many quarters rather rapidly. The following day, he refined his comments and made them less severe but that did not change the uproar from numerous quarters. On Wednesday the White House press secretary explained the President’s comments even more in an effort to quiet the uproar. Many Presidents have been upset at the Supreme Court, but that normally occurred after the court made a rulingthat was contrary to the President’s desire. The greatest example was in the 1930′s when President Roosevelt threatened to stack the court with six more justices who would be in agreement with his desires. Fortunately, that went nowhere.

The media has been reporting and opining from every direction in an effort to make sense of the situation. Some suspect that the President was trying to intimidate the court, while others believe that he was sending a message to his base about his commitment to people without health insurance. This is just the latest example of President Obama acting like his decisions should not be questioned. Remember when he chastised the Supreme Court at his State of the Union address because the court ruled against him on campaign contributions by businesses.

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