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Oracle Report – Wednesday, January 20, 2016

beautyLaura Walker – And we were doing so well. Mercury retrograde strikes, and today’s entire post was lost. Here are the highlights of what I had written:

Venus makes conjunction with the Galactic Center today (exact conjunction at 4:34 pm ET/9:34 pm UT) at the degree of “the sculptor’s vision is taking form.” What can we create of beauty today? What will make it last longer or stand stronger?

Structure and Containment are themes with the Sun at “an old adobe mission” and the Earth at “under emotional stress, blood rushes to a man’s head.” What needs reinforcement or renewal? Which foundations needs strengthening? What needs to be rearranged?

Unification of things that have gone separate ways occurs with Mars located at “a fellowship supper reunites old comrades.” Resonance is strongly at work to bring like-minded people together. Socializing is underscored.

A Clearing of those things that are not structured or contained comes with Mercury at the degree of “a girl surreptitiously bathing in the nude.” Generalized feelings of vulnerability or exposure accompany this energy, which gives us insight into anything that might be limiting us. We come face to face with ourselves. This energetic wants us to be unencumbered and will push us into new arenas. We are cleansed in many ways when this symbol/energy is in effect.

Today is a day of beauty, for sure, so what can we do to bring beauty into form? Kindness goes a long way. Unconditional acceptance does, too. Recognizing, renewing and rededicating ourselves to our blessings honors them. Let’s create beauty, in big ways and small, as the “hidden choir” of the Galactic Center takes our visions and helps us bring them into form.

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“End the drama. Return to ease. I broker no interference. No weapon, thought, or word formed against me shall prosper. My brothers stand around me and my sisters are within me. Wisdom, let me attend.” — Mantra for the Defense Against Archontic Intrusion.

SF Source The Oracle Report

Give Yourself A Fast From Negative Thoughts About Yourself

ShantaGabrielAA Gabriel ~ You are being asked to give yourself a fast from negative thoughts about who you think you are. Nothing wears down your sense of self more than this type of negative thinking. It is debilitating in every way. Your thoughts are a good place to start in order to affect other areas of your life.

A fast is a time period in which you refrain from some activity. Most people are familiar with a food fast, which allows the digestive system a period of recovery. The same is true for a mental fast. It gives your mind time to recover so you can begin to see the truth in your life without judgment.

The judgmental mind is relentless, constantly seeking out inadequacies to bring them to your awareness. Although shining light into the dark corners of your mind is beneficial, bombarding yourself with negative thoughts, even if you believe them to be true, serves no good purpose.


So what can you do when such incessant thoughts begin in your mind — thoughts like “I should have done better,” “I can never do it right,” and other negative impressions of your personal character? Continue reading

Kind, Gentle and Loving

rp_djwhalKhul.jpgDjwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. We have some interesting things coming up here. We have Rosh Hashanah. We have Mercury going into Scorpio while the Moon is in Scorpio, which can provide some healing for communications. And then we have Venus moving into Libra and then Yom Kippur coming up and we build up to the next Blood Moon which is on Sukkot or the Full Moon.

So it’s kind of a time when I’d say things tend to build with more pressure than normal and as a Lightworker your practice would be to be gentle with yourself, kind and loving within and kind and loving towards others. The chance to heal some communications may even be a time when you decide to sit down and have a talk with your inner self or maybe write a love letter to your Inner Self or your child, you know, your Inner Child may want to draw a picture that represents Self Love or something like that.

So play with kind, gentle, loving.

Alright Dear Ones. As always, thank you and my love to you.

Djwhal Khul

Channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon

SF Source Terri Newlon  Sept 25 2014

Be Kind, Be Patient, And Live Well

InspireMeToday  September 24 2013

I don’t think anybody needs a speech on what is right and what is wrong. Most people don’t want to be told how to live their lives either. Through the years, I’ve continually fought against everyone’s advice.

If I could go back with the knowledge I have now and with what I have experienced, things would be so very different. Even basic “listen to your parents” kind of advice — and I know that, yes, I should have listened to my parents more. Besides the typical teen screw-ups, which I think most of us are guilty of, it can get so much worse if you don’t listen or take advice from elders.

Over the years and through my struggles, I have learned that taking advice, suggestions, and guidance from others is very important. When you’re talking with people who have “been there, done that,” listen and really let it soak in. Obviously you have to be aware of the person giving the advice, but if it’s a trusted family member or friend, just listening could be one of the wisest things you’ll ever do.

Be kind, be patient, and live well. These are simple guidelines I try to live by. Whether you believe inkarma or not, I believe that when you are kind, it will always come back to you in some way or somehow. Although, when I say be kind, I’m not just referring to kindness to other human beings. Pet a dog, plant a garden, pick up the trash that’s blowing down the street; anything really! The smallest kind gesture not only is a great thing to do but makes you feel so great too.

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Sanity Dictates That We Go With The Flow

Inspire Me Today | June 22 2012

Sanity dictates that we go with the flow, never knowing where it will take us. ~ Anne Gurchick

Practice kindness. It’s a simple word that is used frequently but practiced not nearly enough. To be kind on a daily basis can be quite a challenge – it seems to encompass so much. If we are kind, we won’t judge another, lie, cheat, steal, be mean or spiteful, resent… the list goes on.

Practicing kindness makes us more compassionate, understanding and accepting. It isn’t easy and certainly few of us remember to be kind every moment of every day but when we are kind, things that come our way are usually met with calmness, thoughtfulness and acceptance.

What doesn’t matter is pettiness, mindlessness, regret, resentment and anger. These states of mind are usually centered in fear and the emotional toll is a complete waste of energy. Don’t judge and don’t let others’ judgments and criticisms ruin your day. Have confidence in yourself and follow your heart. Be happy.

Spend time in nature. Take in and relish this beautiful world we live in. Whether it be sitting on top of a mountain staring at the vast beauty in front of you, in a forest where you can smell the pine and the earth, or on a beach where the waves mesmerize you as they crash to shore. We live in a beautiful world and too many times we get busy and forget to stop and look at what we have.

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