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Ann Albers ~ Message From The Angels

“The world is indeed in a bit of chaos right now, but you need not dance in the darkness. You can choose with your free will to focus on all that is good, beautiful, and true.” – The Angels

Meditate_Lotus_FlowerCelebrate amidst the chaos on earth, amidst the darkness, pain and suffering, because this type of turmoil results from the light attempting to rise to the surface of human hearts. Every perspective wants to be acknowledged now. Everyone wants to be seen as having validity to their being. And everyone wants to be understood as a creation worth of love.

Love, dear ones is not always a ‘warm fuzzy feeling.’ Real love is an acknowledgment of the truth – that there is one Creator and one light that animates all beings… whether they realize it or not. Love says, “I see beyond your behaviors, your thoughts, your appearance.. deep into the essence of your being. I can love that light. I can love that spark of Divinity. I can love who you really are… whether or not you are even aware of that truth inside of yourself.” Continue reading

Pete Giannini ~ Be Kind, Be Patient, And Live Well

InspireMeToday  September 24 2013

I don’t think anybody needs a speech on what is right and what is wrong. Most people don’t want to be told how to live their lives either. Through the years, I’ve continually fought against everyone’s advice.

If I could go back with the knowledge I have now and with what I have experienced, things would be so very different. Even basic “listen to your parents” kind of advice — and I know that, yes, I should have listened to my parents more. Besides the typical teen screw-ups, which I think most of us are guilty of, it can get so much worse if you don’t listen or take advice from elders.

Over the years and through my struggles, I have learned that taking advice, suggestions, and guidance from others is very important. When you’re talking with people who have “been there, done that,” listen and really let it soak in. Obviously you have to be aware of the person giving the advice, but if it’s a trusted family member or friend, just listening could be one of the wisest things you’ll ever do.

Be kind, be patient, and live well. These are simple guidelines I try to live by. Whether you believe inkarma or not, I believe that when you are kind, it will always come back to you in some way or somehow. Although, when I say be kind, I’m not just referring to kindness to other human beings. Pet a dog, plant a garden, pick up the trash that’s blowing down the street; anything really! The smallest kind gesture not only is a great thing to do but makes you feel so great too.

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Veronica ~ A Simple Action

April Crawford Inner Whispers April 30 2013

We are often asked how one can make a difference for the better in their relationships.

Many seek a complicated answer. However, a simple action can begin the process of healing and positiveness in their daily life for themselves, and others.

Each day, verbal defamation and gossip ravages many lives. It is often overlooked as many feel there are much bigger problems to solve in the universe. All are having their own unique experiences, and some are damaged by these types of actions.

We would suggest starting to clean up your personal reality of these seeds of negativity. Begin by only speaking good of others, while encouraging others to do the same.

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Dr. Raj Parti ~ Learn What Will Give Your Life Its Greatest Meaning And Purpose Then Go For It

Inspire Me Today | November 12 2012

Dr. Raj is a holistic physician, transformational coach, speaker, and author of the book The Soul of Wellness.

There is one word that is not well known – but needs to be. The word is “seva,” which in Sanskrit means “service.”

I’ve learned that Seva is not just any kind of service, but rather selfless service performed with a sense of gratitude. It is service infused with kindness and respect for the ones served, and it arises from a place of peace and love.

If we do our work and carry out relationships in accordance with seva, the world would change profoundly. Seva is not about taking a few hours out of our busy week to help others. It’s not something to be turned on and off, as if kindness, compassion, and gratitude are qualities to be doled out in limited amounts.

Seva is about designing our lives in such a way that we consistently serve others selflessly. Every action, every interaction should be seva.

This includes our work lives. Professionals of every stripe – lawyers, doctors, dentists, and others – often assume a distant or even superior attitude toward their clients or patients. They fail to connect with the other person’s humanity. For caregivers to take such an attitude is especially sad because for such professions, the rewards of seva are great.

If a doctor, for example, greets a patient with an attitude of compassionate service, with actions and words that essentially say, “I am thankful to you for finding me worthy of service to you, and for providing the means of my livelihood,” then the doctor will likely find that the patient already feels better before anything else is done or said.

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Laurie Gray ~ We Can Never Really Accept Or Love Anyone Else Until We Learn To Accept And Love Ourselves.

Inspire Me Today | August 15 2012

Most of us have grown up with some version of the Golden Rule that includes doing unto others as you would have them do to you and loving your neighbor as yourself.

Most of us think of the rule as encouraging us to be kinder to others. Such thinking is completely backward. We already do love our neighbors as ourselves. The problem is that most of us have never learned to love ourselves and to see ourselves as a source of love.

We can never really accept or love anyone else until we learn to accept and love ourselves. Even our soulmates, spouses and children – we are only able to love them and receive their love for us in the same measure as we love ourselves.

How do you love yourself? By letting go of self-judgment and criticism. By acknowledging feelings of failure and insufficiency and then letting them go and replacing them with self-affirming thoughts like, “I am doing the best that I can today, and that is enough for today.”

Once I understand that I love my neighbor by loving myself, I realize that I am not just a receiver of love. I am a creator. I have my own light and my own love inside me. I don’t need to wait for someone else to love me first. I can choose to love everyone and everything around me.

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Anne Gurchick ~ Sanity Dictates That We Go With The Flow, Never Knowing Where It Will Take Us

Inspire Me Today | June 22 2012

Sanity dictates that we go with the flow, never knowing where it will take us. ~ Anne Gurchick

Practice kindness. It’s a simple word that is used frequently but practiced not nearly enough. To be kind on a daily basis can be quite a challenge – it seems to encompass so much. If we are kind, we won’t judge another, lie, cheat, steal, be mean or spiteful, resent… the list goes on.

Practicing kindness makes us more compassionate, understanding and accepting. It isn’t easy and certainly few of us remember to be kind every moment of every day but when we are kind, things that come our way are usually met with calmness, thoughtfulness and acceptance.

What doesn’t matter is pettiness, mindlessness, regret, resentment and anger. These states of mind are usually centered in fear and the emotional toll is a complete waste of energy. Don’t judge and don’t let others’ judgments and criticisms ruin your day. Have confidence in yourself and follow your heart. Be happy.

Spend time in nature. Take in and relish this beautiful world we live in. Whether it be sitting on top of a mountain staring at the vast beauty in front of you, in a forest where you can smell the pine and the earth, or on a beach where the waves mesmerize you as they crash to shore. We live in a beautiful world and too many times we get busy and forget to stop and look at what we have.

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AA Michael ~ Be Your Own Angels

Ron Head | May 26 2012

We are pleased this morning to discuss with you the topic of kindness.  Every soul who has been drawn to these messages is quite familiar with and capable of kindness.  It has taken you many lifetimes to learn this thing.  You have lived through experiences of great pain at the hands of others.  You have yourselves had to learn by hard experience the consequence of disregarding the feelings of others.

Many, many times you have reviewed life experiences and experienced your own actions and words from the viewpoint of all those affected.  You have painfully forged selves that have sworn to consider always the feelings of those around you at all times.  You have come here at this time to accomplish what no one has ever tried to do before.  In order to do this, you will need the combined efforts of every soul around you.

It is not important for you to teach them.  It is not important for you to lead them.  It is important for you to demonstrate their worth to you in order for them to begin seeing their true worth for themselves.  What they have hidden from themselves, find and show to them.  Be kind above all things.  Learn to feel the effects of your words and actions before you loose them.  Learn to support, applaud, cheer, and comfort.  Do you need examples to follow?  Read again the countless messages from other dimensions and worlds that you receive daily.  Be your own angels, if you will.

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New Year, New World…Into The Rainbow

One World Rising | January 1 2012

All aboard!! Please fasten your seatbelts and returrn your tray tables to an upright position. We will be taking off shortly.

Just a quick post today to welcome in this long awaited 2012.  The energies are powerful and the changes continue to unfold around us.

So what will this final journey hold for all of us? It will hold whatever we desire, whatever we place our intentions on. It is up to us to create the world we choose to live in.

As we begin our journey let us remember to watch our thoughts carefully. Let us not judge others or talk badly of them. Let us look for the good in all situations. Let us listen deeply to ourselves and others. Let us open our minds to new possibilities and let go of the old.

Above all let us keep our hearts open to love and compassion for all inhabiting the earth and earth herself ! Let us be truthful, for we are done with the lies and deception. Let us feel the pleasure of sharing with others and helping others, for the time of greed and manipulation is over. Let us begin this new day feeling gratitude for all we have and make the new year and beyond all about how we can give back to the world and leave it a better place than when we came in.

No return flights everybody. Here we go!

John Smallman ~ Awakening From The Illusion Will Enable All Your Faculties

John Smallman’s Blog | December 4 2011

Remember that by holding the Light and demonstrating love, gentleness, kindness, forgiveness, and compassion at all times, or just whenever you can spend even a moment expressing and sharing the intent to do so, you change yourselves and, as a result, you change the world.  That is why you are on Earth in human form at this moment in her history – to help all to awaken into Reality. The moment for that awakening is drawing ever closer, and so the effect of your efforts strengthens and intensifies with that of the divine energy field enveloping all on Earth.  This is a time of enormous and unprecedented significance for all of humanity.

Awakening from the illusion will enable all your faculties, allowing you to know and understand experientially what it means to be one with God.  When that happens it will be as though a dark and enshrouding cloak had been removed, or a thick, gray mist had evaporated, disclosing the brilliance of Reality in all its glory.  The exhilaration of that moment will be stupendous.  You are all dearly loved, so open your hearts in acceptance, and focus on releasing the burdensome fog of personal issues that is obstructing your vision – and the improvement in how you feel will amaze you.

You are destined to return to your true, divine state where you are utterly Yourselves, living in perfect harmony with one another and with God.  There is Reality, there is where you are eternally, and there is here – where you are now and in every moment – you just cannot sense it at present because your belief in and attachment to the illusion is so strong.  And that is going to change!

As you wait, poised to awaken, know that you are being inundated with Love, guidance, and spiritual assistance on a scale that in your human state you cannot possibly imagine.  God’s Intent, and yours, is that you awaken, and so you will; it is inevitable.  There are signs showing up in innumerable places throughout the illusory reality which demonstrate this very clearly.

Every time you become aware of something kind and loving occurring anywhere, in your own personal lives, or on the other side of the world – give thanks.  Giving thanks is a powerful and effective way to extend and share the divine energy field, thus assisting everyone in their move towards awakening.

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