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FBI Plans to Shut Down Internet Servers Infected With Notorious Trojan

Dave Bohon | The New American | February 20 2012

Computers experts around the world are warning that, in an attempt to stop the damage inflicted by a Trojan virus that has infected millions of computers worldwide, the FBI plans to shut down Internet Service Providers (ISPs) whose administrators have not yet cleared their systems of the malware.

As reported by PCWorld.com, in November 2011 the FBI shut down a network that a gang of criminal hackers in Estonia had launched to infect servers with the notorious DNSChanger Trojan — a virus that redirects computers from legitimate online destinations to phony websites that launch online ads that generated revenue for the hackers. The Trojan is sophisticated enough to prevent computers infected with the virus from visiting websites with the tools available to remove the problem.

According to PCWorld, the FBI temporarily fixed the issue by replacing “the criminals’ servers with legitimate ones that would push along traffic to its intended destination.” However, the online news site explained, the “surrogate network was supposed to be temporary — in operation just long enough for companies and home users to remove DNSChanger malware from their machines.”

The FBI plans to unplug the temporary network on March 8, and when that happens, “computers infected with DNSChanger will not be able to access the Internet,” explained PCWorld. “The malware will send requests to servers that will no longer be online.”

The computer tech blogsite Krebs on Security reported that although the FBI has been warning of the impending shutoff and of the importance of companies and individuals to clean up their computers and servers, as of the first of February the DNSChanger Trojan was still active on computers at half of Fortune 500 companies, as well as on PCs at 50 percent of federal government agencies.

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