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Lady Quan Yin ~ Mother Earth’s Message

Natalie Glasson | Sacred School of Om Na | January 15 2012

My grace and love is expressed to you bountifully from every vibration that combines and creates my being. I am Lady Quan Yin. I step forward as a voice for the feminine vibration of the Creator’s heart, holding power, gentleness and tenderness. It is my mission to step forward to you today to share some important wisdom and to be of service at this most sacred time.

I say to you that love is coming. Love is present already and eternally but it is the manifestation and humanity’s realisation of love that is coming. With each and every day you continue to exist on the Earth you are enhancing the vibration of love. Love at this very moment ought to occupy your mind, taking up more space and multiple thoughts which grow and strengthen in power with each day. We are not asking you to move mountains, to sacrifice yourself in the name of love or the name of the Creator. We are simply asking you to fill yourself with love. Do you respect your body enough to allow it to vibrate as love? Do you honour your soul enough to develop your focus even further than before, making sure that more of your thoughts are concentrated on love?

From the core of Mother Earth love is rising like bubbles into the Earth’s soil. At this very moment love is rising into the atmosphere. It is a new movement occurring on the Earth. The newspapers and news channels will not cover this shift in the Earth’s activity but it is news to be aware of. We have not seen such bubbles of love rising up through the soil of the Earth for so many lifetimes upon the Earth. It is a great and wondrous manifestation that symbolises that love is beginning to manifest.

These love bubbles are manifesting through the soil of the Earth and represents that love is transforming into a more solid vibration and energy. Over the next few months the love bubbles will continue to flow and you can allow yourself to be open to this sacred love. There is a need to simply connect your heart with Mother Earth and ask for the love to flow into your being. Ask your body and auric field to absorb the loving energy flowing through the soil into your atmosphere. This is occurring all over the world. Quietly and silently love is manifesting. Let yourself benefit from the loving energies melting into the physical vibration and dimension. It is only the beginning of the manifestation of love.

The transition of moving from 2011 to 2012 allowed humanity as a whole to leave behind much karmic energies and so a greater openness is being experienced. The Earth in itself has experienced a new liberation from blockages and is able to filter the love from Mother Earth into the atmosphere and realities of humanity.

As the love bubbles are forming and rising through and into the Earth every person on  Earth is receiving a divine awakening. Mother Earth cannot make it any clearer to you your purpose and mission upon this Earth at this very moment. Mother Earth is existing in peace and joy, opening her heart chakra and allowing pure love to flow. This love is the love given by humanity to Mother Earth over thousands of years. Mother Earth doesn’t want you to stop sending your energy of love and healing to her but she opens her heart expansively and gives back to humanity, expressing more than ever before.

Her message to you is to be at peace and in joy at this time, to allow your own heart chakras to open expansively. Give to yourself and to the world all the love that has been given to you by your family and guides upon the inner planes over your many lifetimes. All the love that has been given to you in the past, you do not have to hold it within you any longer, but simply let it flow.

Mother Earth wishes you to know that life, meaning the vibration of your being and your experiences, doesn’t need to be intense or difficult. You can exist in the energy of love allowing all to be well. Mother Earth wishes you to know that by opening your heart chakra more than you have previously allowed yourself, will act as your protection, your guiding light and your alignment with everything. She wishes for many of you to increase your sensitivity to the Earth. This is why she is asking you and making you aware of absorbing the love bubbles flowing from her heart chakra. If each person on the Earth can feel a greater attunement with Mother Earth then natural disasters and dramatic natural shifts will become situations of the past. If people are sensitive to Mother Earth they can begin to move with her, absorbing any stress or strain from energetic shifts into their own being to be dispersed easily, naturally dispersing the climax of energetic shifts through meditation and practices focused upon instructing consciousness.

This is a very important and sacred message appearing from Mother Earth. She no longer wishes to work alone but as one with humanity, now is the time to build the oneness that each soul wishes to experience.

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