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Mahala ~ Planet Alert October 2013

Mahala’s Astrology  September 30 2013

How is your life going? Are you totally happy and in bliss, or do you still experience the trauma that is going on in the rest of the world? My life is alright until I turn on the news and see what is going on in the world. It appears like the world has gone mad and people are out of control. This is not the way I choose to experience life. Guess it’s time to stop watching the news and stay in my bubble of happiness.

This past full moon and the Fall Equinox were very hard on my body. I think I am experiencing major transformation. I looked to see what the planets were doing and discovered that the planetary aspect that is affecting me is not over until the end of September. Has anyone else been experiencing neck and shoulder pain?

I know we all create our own reality and there are also a lot of other people creating their own reality. There are so many different realities on Earth that it amazes me. If I hear someone talking about doom and gloom I tell myself ‘That is not my reality’. ‘All is well in my world.’ If you still get angry and upset about events and want to fight, you are adding to the negative energy of the world. Now is the time for peace, not war.

The North Node is still in Scorpio and will be there until February of 2014. Saturn will stay there until September of 2015. The Middle East and Russia will be in the spot light until Saturn moves out of that sign. Pluto, the transformer has been affecting the United States with lots of storms and flooding. The opposite side of the world has also been having lots of storms, especially China. In October the west coast USA will have intense energy toward Earth changes like wind storms, rain storms, or possibly quakes. Libra is a wind sign. Today it is raining really hard here in Seattle.

Russia and China will now be playing a major part in the world and here is what is occurring. We have been waiting for a new financial system to occur for a long time and as of September 6, 2013 it is now a working system. I was sent an article written by Lindsey Williams. It was from the web site www.examiner.com. It says

“On September 11, Pastor Lindsey Williams, former minister to the global oil companies during the building of the Alaskan pipeline, announced the most significant event to affect the U.S. dollar since its inception as a currency. China announced its intention to bypass the dollar for global oil customers and began selling the commodity using their own currency”.

“On Thursday, September 6, China made the official announcement. China said on that day, our banking system is ready (BRICS = Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), all of our communication systems are ready, all of the transfer systems are ready, and as of that day, September 6, the dollar will no longer be the primary oil currency as China begins to sell oil using Yuan”.

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Oracle Report ~ Saturday Nov 17 – Sunday Nov 18 2012

Oracle Report | Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius

Tzolkin, the Great Being we call the Sun, sent us a great gift Saturday, one that will provide tremendous guidance on our vision quest. From spaceweather.com:

“A truly gigantic explosion happened on the sun today. Magnetic fields snaking halfway across the sun’s southern hemisphere erupted in tandem, producing a prominence so big, it doesn’t fit inside this image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO).”

This happened as the Sun, Mercury, and the North Node made an almost-to-the-minute conjunction.

The equation goes like this: Sun (spiritual being and guide) + Mercury (deliverer of messages and information) + North Node (the one who shows the way, destiny) = good stuff for a vision quest.

We live in an electromagnetic universe and when our Sun sends out a wave like this (precisely timed with Mercury and the North Node), the electromagnetic fields of all living beings are affected. This energy is going to bring something to you. Actually, it is more accurate to say that it will take you somewhere new – the “place” you seek. Of course I am speaking of the spiritual place, the mindset, the frequency of wisdom that we are questing after this month.

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Oracle Report ~ Wednesday November 14 2012

Oracle Report | New Moon Phase – Moon in Sagittarius


Can you maintain light while immersed in darkness? This is what total solar eclipses (like the one yesterday, photographed here by L. Jean-Marc and posted on spaceweather.com) and the month that follows them ask of us.

Yesterday I faced a person who has intended the darkest, most destructive harm to me than any person in my entire life (and I’ve had a couple of these people in my years). I wasn’t too caught off guard by this because anytime I write about the dark side’s intentions with the energy, the dark side always finds me that day. But the degree of darkness will take me some time to process. How did I maintain light while faced with this shocker? I knew the potential for darkness to be activated – which is the reason I write about the “negative” polarity of the energy. Knowledge is power and we are wise old owls indeed!

We journey into the second day of the activation point/vision quest under the continued influences of an interplanetary shock wave (electromagnetic force) that brings transformative realizations that move our focus from our baser instincts toward more enhanced spiritual perception. It includes a process of coming to terms with ourselves and recognizing our unique talents (which makes up our individual design on Gaia/Sophia’s canvas). Hidden or under-utilized talents are shown. The astrological aspects of yesterday’s New Moon included the energy of raw sexual power – power that is being transmuted into spiritual awareness today.

Our focus has been on the sky and the blocking of the Sun, but today it is time to get back down to Earth and remind ourselves of the beauty and wonder of the natural world. (The V-formation of the Canadian geese land for a breather.) Remember that the childlike imagination is empowering this month’s vision quest. What brought you joy as a child? Bring it back today.

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John Wadsworth ~ Total Solar Eclipse: 13th November 2012

Kairos Astrology | November 12 2012 | Thanks, Constance

Tomorrow, Tuesday 13th November, at 10.30pm GMT, there is a total solar eclipse (visible only in parts of Northern Australia) and this is a significant moment astrologically.  A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly across the face of the Sun. It is one of the synchronicity ‘miracles’ of our geocentric perception that the Moon and Sun just happen to be appear exactly the same size in our sky, despite being vastly different in their actual size.  In an astrological chart, one can identify a solar eclipse when the new moon is conjunct with the north or south node within a few degrees.  This typically happens twice a year.  In May we had an eclipse with Sun and Moon conjunct the south node, and now they are conjunct the north node at 21 degrees of Scorpio.

Eclipses carry a powerful energetic imprint at a collective level and can be especially impactful at a personal level if they contact planets or angles in a person’s birth chart.  They focus energy and bring issues to a head.  They can be catalytic and accelerate change.    So anyone born with planets (especially Sun, Moon, personal planets or angles) between, say 18-24 degrees of Scorpio will be particularly sensitized by this eclipse.  Also, if you have planets at 18-24 degrees of the other fixed signs: Taurus, Leo or Aquarius, then the energy of this eclipse will be strong, and potentially challenging, even transformational.  If you have planets at these degrees in the other water signs, Cancer or Pisces, then the energy is likely to be more harmonious, or at least easier to integrate. Continue reading

Jamye Price ~ October 2012 Energies

Crystalline Soul Healing | October 3 2012

October is a collective movement month.  The movement will be visible in the collective and those that are well with change and implementation, will find a natural progression.  As we move into a month of 10 (with the energy of 8), we begin to understand the flow of the individual within the collective.  Our individual needs are a constant flow of interchange creating a collective.  You share, you interact and you agree based on the system of life you subscribe to through your choices.  Do you obey, do you rebel, do you find our own drumbeat within the harmony or the cacophony?  It is always choice.  What is presented on the outside is a choice, how you deal within the internal flow is a choice.  How the two interchange is the difference between freedom and bondage.  Are you bound by the things you dislike?  Are you bound by the emotional flow you allow?  Are you well with the curves that life presents – some slow you down, some speed you up; but movement is always guaranteed.  Friction and fiction are the stories of life.  How yours serve you determine your freedom.

October is the new octave of your 2012 progress (CHANGE!).  You will begin to see how the internal shifting of the last 3 to 4 months has integrated into a new setpoint of balance.  We have released a lot of baggage and fear.  As a Lightworker you have most likely been aware of the change and have noticed the rapid pace of release, the wave after wave of the next level of whatever you left on the backburner.  Integration of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within has been imperative this year (assisted by the Venus Transit of June) as you reach for Wholeness within so that your world begins to reflect this.  Your empowerment is beckoning you.  October will become implementation time (inspired action) for all those projects that you’ve been saving and your creativity that is awaiting birth.

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Oracle Report ~ Thursday October 4 2012

Oracle Report

First let me begin by saying thank you to everyone who sent warm wishes, energy, and messages about my grandmother’s passing. I was overwhelmed by the outpouring and buoyed by the love. There is no way I can reply to everyone, so please know that your thoughts were well received! I am truly blessed.

We have a lot of conjunctions in the sky on the eve of Saturn’s entry in Scorpio:

  • Mercury and Saturn;
  • Mars and the North Node;
  • the South Node, the Moon, and
  • the Black Moon.

In addition, Venus is opposing Neptune. This makes for a lot of activity in the sky and on Earth. The position of the Sun says it all, though: “miners emerging from a deep coalmine.” This speaks not only to our emergence from the inner transformation at the turning point, but to now bringing forward what we have (and who we are) into the light.

With all of the astrological activity today, it’s sure to be eventful. The keyword is “emergence.” So be aware that all kinds of things will emerge.

The Sun is approaching opposition with Uranus, but is in close enough range for things that are emerging to come from out of the blue, quite unexpectedly. The end result of whatever emerges will be positive – even if it doesn’t appear this way as it happens. My teacher was wise and taught me that we are saved by our rejections. I have always found this to be true, but it is especially true with Uranus. Uranus doesn’t only bring changes that are difficult; many are quite a relief. I mention this for those who experience an emergence that feels like a rejection.

Now for tomorrow’s meditation. I re-posted last week’s picture of this dog because it is its own gatekeeper. If you have any sort of negative reaction or hesitation about this picture, do not participate in tomorrow’s activity. Just blow past all of this and disregard it. You can continue to read the daily reports without any other attachment.

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Carl Boudreau ~ October 2012 – A Million Points Of Departure

Carl Boudreau’s Astrology Blog | October 1 2012

September’s composite chart, which encompassed the Fall Equinox, began a season of increasing clarity on the issues and decision. Several years of crisis, uncertainty, hesitancy and confusion are ending.

October’s chart will accelerate all of September’s trends and then some. October’s chart is very high-energy. Countless additional decisions will flow from September’s initial decisions.

October’s chart also brings a growing commitment to a difficult task: reshaping the world in accordance with the ideas unfolding in our minds. It also begins the gradual return of reason, responsibility and common decency to public affairs.

True Creative Chaos

October’s chart will bring extremely volatile energetic conditions. A seemingly small impetus will have surprisingly dramatic effects. Surprise events will trigger startling changes of direction. New trends will spring suddenly into existence all on their own. Existing trends will veer unexpectedly in new directions.

October will not allow accurate predictions, firm control or reversing course. The chart looks like a one-way portal into a different time line.

Fortunately, again, people will tend to favor the humane, common sense approach to our many problems. People are far more inclined to read the fine print, now.

Three major planetary ingresses occurred between January 2008 and February 2011: Pluto entered Capricorn, Uranus entered Aries, Neptune entered Pisces. Our lives entered a state of deep, continual systemic transformation.

But for several years, uncertainty, indecision and suspense have prevailed. No one could, or would, decide on a course of action. As often as not, poorly thought out, extremist ideas captured the public imagination, at least strongly enough to produce stalemate.

That period of troubling political and economic gridlock and flirtation with unwise solutions is ending, and, given current world events, not a second too soon. October will bring the kind of chaos that yields to true creativity and progress.

Zero Points on the Angles

In October’s chart, the angles – the Ascendant, the Imum Coeli, or base, the Descendant and the Midheaven – are all occupied by the zero degree of their native signs.

0° 25’ Aries is on the Ascendant. 0° 31’ Cancer is at the Base angle, the Imum Coeli. 0° 25’ Libra is on the Descendant. 0° 31’ Capricorn is on the Midheaven.

The zero degree point of any sign, but especially cardinal signs, is a high energy point. The create a surge of activity and provide a strong thrust to any undertaking. Also, cardinal signs and the angles they call home, are all signs of decision in a chart.

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Kelley Rosano ~ Aries Full Moon ~ Luck, Chance & Destiny

Kelley Rosano | September 21 2012 | Thanks, Minty


September closes amid the powerful Aries Full Moon on September 29-30 challenging Pluto and Uranus. This could be the most intense Full Moon of 2012. Major changes are to be expected. The secret to our success in a shifting environment is our willingness to experience rapid evolution. While our growth can be swift and painful at times, our rewards too can be great.

A Full Moon is an opposition between the Sun and the Moon. Oppositions are awareness’s that come to us externally through people, places, situations and events. The Libra Sun centers on relationships, partnerships, love, balance, harmony and justice. The Aries Moon symbolizes action, independence, inspiration, courage, enthusiasm and originality. The Aries Moon is coupled with erratic Uranus opposing the Sun in Libra. All are T-squaring (intensely challenged) by calculating Pluto. We can expect the unexpected. We can experience sudden surprises. Drama and anger could be at an all time high. Be calm. Act from a place of calmness. We are moving from breakdown to breakthrough.

  • What self-limiting patterns/beliefs do you need to release?
  • Does your inner critic hold you back from taking chances?
  • What needs to change for you to experience greater freedom and Joy?

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Carl Boudreau ~ Astrology Forecast for October 2012 [Video]

  | September 24 2012

Exponential change. October blasts the status quo to smithereens. Say your final good-bye’s to stalemate and indecision. People build on commitments made in September and branch out in a thousand new directions, based on those decisions. Inner changes burgeon into burgeoning outer changes.

Pluto and the North Node both hammer the 8th house. The military, high finance, political and economic power, insurance and pension issues, reproductive sexuality, human intimacy, personal boundary issues – a lengthy laundry list of vital issues come up for final negotiation on the macro and micro levels. The next year or two brings high stakes, high tension, hard fought efforts to achieve a new consensus on a host of issues of vital importance to everyone.

Saturn puts a damper on extremists and fringe types. A degree of sanity and probity will be restored to public discourse

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