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Oracle Report ~ Friday, August 7, 2015


“Colorado mountains” – photo by Marie

Third Quarter Moon in Taurus: revise, complete

Goddess of Wisdom: Dhumavati (Goddess Who Closes and Completes)

God of Will/Desire: Kathe (God of The South, God of the Field of Experience)

Skill: remain aligned with the value and respect for life

Catalysts for Change: harsh judgment of self or others, frustrated by the ignorance or lack of understanding of others, seeing only one’s own point of view and disregarding others’, idealizing the past, old battles in the mind, bossy, exploiting a situation for personal gain at the expense of others, reacting in an old way, self-punishment, inability to accept good

True Alignments: revelations, resolution of contracts/agreements/promises, caring for others, things becoming unstuck, recovery, renewal, insecurities being improved and fears resolved, standing up for others, taking personal responsibility, bringing air to situations, organizing, improvement of systems and practices

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “a woman and two men castaways on a small island in the South Seas”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres”

The Third Quarter Moon phase is the time of the lunar month when we look back to the New Moon phase, see how the energy has manifested, and make any revisions or adjustments that need to be made to complete or advance things.

The New Moon phase of this lunar cycle was July 15-19. Think back to what was transpiring in your life then. The energetics of “a woman and two men castaways on a small island in the South Seas” began to unfold then. In the outer world, this manifested in complex relationship dynamics and interactions. In the inner world, our feelings and intentions tried to find unity and peace. Continue reading

A Universe Born of Its Own Design

18th/19th May – 11th/12th June 2015: Mercury Retrograde in Gemini Opposing The Great Attractor

mercurySarah Varcas – Mercury stations retrograde at 1:44 am on 19th May GMT, and remains in its own sign, Gemini, throughout its retrograde passage. Practically speaking, this is an inquisitive Mercury, seeking information and answers, reviewing events of the past three months, wondering about relationships and connections with others and generally taking stock and sorting through unfinished business. It efficiently clears the decks of outstanding matters, enabling positive progress in the months to come. Of course, that also means current misunderstandings will need to be addressed in the coming weeks whether we like it or not! It may be a hassle at the time, frustrating our desire for progress, but if we commit to sorting through the chaos and getting things back on track now we’ll make up what felt like lost time, in due course. If, however, we try to battle on, ignoring the increasingly obvious signs that something somewhere is going awry, we can be absolutely certain that once Mercury turns direct again we’ll wish we’d listened better to its warnings and done what was needed back then!

Mercury’s retrograde station occurs opposite The Great Attractor. This anomalous point in space is the ultimate in seduction, drawing us towards and beyond it whether we like it or not. The Great Attractor reminds us that in a world of infinite possibilities all things must both repel and attract each other at some point in their cycle of becoming. Just as children can be repulsed by foods they enjoy as adults, and the ‘love of our life’ can become our most ardent enemy when the tides of passion turn, the existence of polarity is central to the very nature of being. We must know the extremes to find the balance that allows wholeness, entertain possibilities that before seemed too outlandish to be true, discard what once meant the world to us and be prepared to release even the very facets of our nature that previously made us who we are. The Great Attractor is our portal to the future, born of the deepest contradictions which may paralyse us in the present. Continue reading

A Last Quarter Summing Up of Intensity

Saturday evening’s Last Quarter Moon, taking place late night further east, or early on Sunday morning in Europe, is an interesting one, following as it does the intensity of the two very potent eclipses of late March and early April. This final major phase therefore represents a erissumming up of the intensity of these earlier lunations in the cycle, and traditionally for this phase also a noteworthy alteration in point of view, which Rudhyar called a “crisis in consciousness.” This shift in perception is based upon successfully digesting the experiences of the previous three weeks of the lunation cycle thus far. Additionally, this configuration places the Moon in Pluto‘s current sign of Capricorn with the Sun in square, in Aries, the sign Uranus occupies. The Sun there also conjuncts Eris, the planet beyond Pluto, one degree away.

This new planetary energy, which according to my own research represents an astrological archetype that can be termed a Spiritual Warrior for Soul Purpose, speaks to standing up for one’s inner calling, that task that you can recognize that you have come into this lifetime to fulfill. This is thus an important and powerful emerging archetype for these times that we are currently living through. For those interested in reviewing my research, conclusions and the evidence that has led up to this characterization of Eris, see the current April issue of The Mountain Astrologer magazine, or check out my new book on Eris, The Tenth Planet, due to be released at the end of May from The Wessex Astrologer.

This Last Quarter Moon comes after the significant moment of last month’s final collision of the planetary archetypes of Uranus and Pluto this decade, the seventh exact hit out of seven, a series that began in June of 2012. This important lunation also follows the station to direct motion of Jupiter, in aspect to both ends of their square alignment.

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13 Mass Public Poisons

Activist Post August 24 2013 (Thanks, A.L.)

We are being poisoned. This mass public poisoning has been going on for over a century, and it has been gradually increasing. You and those you care about are being harmed almost continuously. We are being abused with multiple poisons in small doses on purpose.

The more of us that become aware of some of the most common ways this is happening, the better chance we have of reducing or ending exposure to at least some of the poisons.


This highly toxic chemical warfare agent has been added to public water supplies since about 1910 as a disinfectant. The now common health problems of circulatory disease and cancer became widespread only after the masses started being chlorinated regularly. Drinking it, bathing in it, breathing it and soaking it up in our showers, and consuming it in most food and beverage products made with city water, makes chlorine one of the most common public poisons.


The fluoride added to municipal water and dental care products is not really good for your teeth. It is a cancer causing, apathy inducing, intelligence reducing chemical, a waste product of aluminum and phosphate manufacturing. It was accumulating at production plants in the 1940s and ruining local ground water.

The industry first tried to get rid of excess stocks of fluoride by marketing it as rat poison, but not enough was sold. Then in the 1950s they concocted the scheme of convincing the American Dental Association to recommend it be added to public water supplies and oral care products to harden teeth. In the long run, it actually makes teeth brittle and mottled, while diminishing people’s IQ, minimizing active interests and shortening lives.


Aluminum has long been used in cookware and food service material. As people learned of its toxicity, they started abandoning aluminum pans and avoiding heating food wrapped in foil.

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Why You Need To Know About The Coalition For Mercury-Free Drugs (CoMed)

NaturalNews | January 14 2013

Though they continually try to deny that the mercury and mercury-based components added to many medicines and vaccines are toxic to humans, mainstream medical authorities are having a much more difficult time these days defending their distorted position against sound science. One of the groups responsible for bringing this continually emerging science to light and pushing for real change is the non-profit advocacy group Coalition for Mercury-Free Drugs, also known as CoMeD.

Over the years, we have covered a number of stories here at NaturalNews that address the dangers of mercury which, contrary to popular belief, is still added to multi-dose vial influenza shots and various other vaccines commonly administered to young children (http://www.naturalnews.com). All this time, CoMeD has been on the front lines trying to raise awareness about the presence of mercury in vaccines, as well as urging lawmakers and other appropriate authorities to protect our children by taking action against the continued use of mercury in modern medicine.

“We recognize that organic mercury-based compounds are a proven neurotoxic risk to susceptible men, women, and children at levels below 1 part per billion (1 part in 1,000,000,000),” explains CoMeD on its website about the group’s core values. “We seek a world in which no mercury-based ingredient is knowingly added to any medicine, and the ingredients used in medicines have the lowest levels of mercury that the best practical technologies afford.”

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Choosing Your Intentions: Second Uranus/Pluto Square: September 19, 2012

HandClow September 1 2012 Thanks, H!

In my analysis of the first Uranus/Pluto square on June 24, 2012, I suggested we are awakening the human heart. Now in September, the field of the Uranus-Pluto squares is locked firmly in our lives like a vise-grip; anybody noticing? This field is intensely creative, which causes our thoughts to manifest all around us, so we are challenged to clearly and wisely intend what we want to create. Whenever we navigate reality by means of clear intentions, we utilize quantum forces—the highly accelerated energy field that creates events based on what’s in our minds. Because more and more people have learned how to create this way, miracles are happening.

I’ve already described the historical and economic trends playing out during the seven squares in my analysis of the first square. You can refresh your mind on these general trends and long cycles by reading “Welcome to the Truth” listed in News on my website. In my analysis of this second square, I will examine the quality of Earth’s creative (quantum) fields at this time.

Since the first square in late June, human conduct has been exquisitely mirroring the collective mind back to us. The human populace continues to shop like addicts, eat like pigs, and consume natural resources, acting like there is no tomorrow. The planet bakes in extreme heat with crops failing, and maniacs on psychotropic drugs murder people who go to theatres at midnight to watch Batman. However, in the middle of this accelerating collective insanity, many of us are discovering innovative new ways to create reality. You may feel like a fairy godmother waving your magic wand and creating stardust when you opt out of consensus reality and fly about in the exquisitely malleable quantum fields.

There is little direction in the 3D physical zone because the solid world is collapsing while conscious individuals build a new world by utilizing the quantum fields—human ascension into the fourth dimension. You are an incarnated being and will have a solid body as long as you are alive, and now you are remembering how to resonate with nature.

Resist allowing your mind to fog over when you hear the word “quantum!” Quantum physicists have discovered something astonishing that is also very simple: All realities are directed and transformed by the observer—you! This summer, many of you may have been rather shocked to see things “just happen” around you that you were merely considering in your minds. For example, when you felt blocked and confused (often!), simply by moving your attention to something positive (anything really!) doorways opened.

This reminds me of being a child on a sled or toboggan when it tipped over its fulcrum point and raced wildly down the hill on a path through packed snow. Maybe you slipped out of consensus reality and found yourself floating in a shimmering wonderland of particles taking magical forms? Within this lacy light, a less dense world is forming, a world with plenty of time and space.

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