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Chautauqua ~ Mercury Retrograde 2014

AugureyeExpress March 2 2014

MercuryRetroStreetSignIt didn’t take me by surprise, I’ve known it was coming for a while now and did my best to prepare for it, for as much good as that does, because I knew this one was going to be rough on a very personal level. Yes, I’m one of those people who make a point of always knowing when Mercury retrograde will be in effect. Having a background in astrology helps, but I would still be one of them even without it. Indeed there are a great many who have their own doubts about astrology in general who know only too well from experience, what merry hob a retrograde Mercury can raise.

Mercury, the messenger, has dominion over the mental and intellectual realms; which includes all forms of communication, memory, transportation, travel, computers and commerce. Because Mercury and Venus are always close together, areas of emotionality and relationships; ruled by Venus are also affected during Mercury Retrograde.

Normally Mercury retrograde affects my hand-eye co-ordination, and general timing & agility (or lack thereof). I usually have a few minor computer issues, and maybe a case of clumsiness, those are just the givens, there’s always more, depending on those variable factors of placement. I knew this time was gonna be rough because this recent mercury retrograde hit in the sign of Pisces, right where I have four planets nestled together. This cluster of Sun, Mercury, Venus & Mars is usually a solid source of energy and ideas; but when Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces it becomes something more akin to a solid steamroller. Like some kind of virus, Mercury retrograde affects the nearby planets with it’s unique variety of mayhem and chaos. After a while it gets to feeling like a standing eight count!

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Oracle Report ~ Thursday, February 27, 2014

OracleReport Balsamic Moon in Aquarius: release, transformation, healing, compassion, forgiveness ~ Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi

SerenityPeaceTranquilityPraise the Kali’s, Mercury stations direct around 9:00 am EST/ 2:00 pm UTC! Mercury retrograde always does an overhaul of our minds, so it will be nice to slingshot forward once again, integrating the way we now see and understand things. Masks, veils, shrouds, covers, and blinders were removed since Mercury’s retrograde on February 6, 2014. Naturally these things were difficult to see or handle because they have been hidden for a long, long while. Today we will definitely feel the shift out of that energy.

Remember that the day a planet stations retrograde OR DIRECT is usually hectic, especially retrogrades and directs of Mercury, which interfere with communications, electronics, or travel. Extra patience is usually needed. The jump out of Mercury retrograde is usually such a relief that it enables us to handle frustration better.

But we aren’t free of the big retrogrades altogether; we have two big ones in process – Mars and Saturn! Painfully, Mars has been slowing to a virtual standstill. It “stops moving” around high noon EST/ 5:00 pm on March 2, 2014, and then goes retrograde or appears to move backward in the sky. When the Planet of Action comes to a standstill, the pressure build-up is enormous. Tension is produced by the constricted vibrations. You can see this reflected on the geopolitical stage, which should be carefully observed right now because it is setting up for the new astrological year which will be HISTORIC in the timeline of humanity. The New Moon in Aries on March 30, 2014 is the beginning of the natural new year.

Saturn, home of the Archons will station retrograde the same day Mars stations retrograde, about three hours later. This is a story for another day. It’s a big story.

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Oracle Report ~ Saturday, February 15 – Sunday, February 16, 2014

OracleReport Full Moon in Virgo: realization, fulfillment, illumination, shadow Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi

purpleFlowersA revitalization of something from the past occurs this weekend, putting an interesting twist on situations. From this we see what stands true, solid, and reliable. The Sun and Mercury (which is retrograde) will conjunct today, bringing messages and information that is important to the alignment or course of our lives.

Be attentive to impulses toward books (especially ones you’ve read before or ones that involve ancient wisdom), interviews and podcasts, music (especially complex pieces), or gatherings (especially lectures and workshops). Remember that nature is the greatest teacher, so be mindful of the animal kingdom. We will be naturally drawn toward the messages we need. These impulses will be strong at times. It’s really fun to follow the trail that the universe brings us.

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Oracle Report ~ Thursday, February 6, 2014

OracleReport  First Quarter Moon in Taurus: step out, break away, grow -Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi


Mercury the Messenger goes retrograde today, but the news is good! Mercury will be retrograde (appear to move backwards in the sky) until February 27, 2014. During this time, things that need to be revealed, exposed, uncovered, discovered, and unmasked will come to light. We will see what needs to be repaired or rebuilt. We will also become more resilient.

As mentioned earlier this week, this round of Mercury retrograde is perfectly aligned with the mission of being “in place” – strongly grounded with the earth – mentally, emotionally, and physically this month. We are “in stillness” with the earth. This is the position of power and as we practice holding in place, power builds.

The events of Mercury retrograde will make things stronger (mainly us.) Keep in mind that this is a state of mind. We are not paralyzed from taking action and living life while a planet is retrograde. It requires that we be more flexible.

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Oracle Report ~ Thursday, November 7, 2013

Oracle Report Crescent Moon in Capricorn: expand, grow, challenges, questions

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala

Today’s energy calls for inner contemplation and outer observance. This is somewhat like engaging our finely-honed skill of being like a wise owl in a tree. But we don’t need to be in a tree; we can blend right in where we are, like Nyx, reader VJ’s hauntingly beautiful cat pictured here today. In this energy, people will be wrapped up in their own worlds and not observant of the layer of spirit – the consciousness of Gaia Sophia – that permeates all the time. But we are going to change that.

Because people’s attention is focused so heavily on themselves today, conflict arises when others feel they are being ignored, neglected, or unacknowledged. The key today is not just inner contemplation but also outer observance. It’s a skill of balance. It’s a worthy use of energy because it leads to wisdom.

We always want to be very tuned in to the natural world, on watch for unusual sightings and examples of sheer beauty, but today communication is enhanced. The Wisdom Goddess speaks to us when we observe and contemplate. The mental state of simultaneous observation and contemplation is one of the places where she interacts with us. We can tap right in anytime, but it is enhanced when we aware of and connected to our habitat.

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Eric Francis ~ Mercury Stations Retrograde In Scorpio

PlanetWaves  October 21 2013

[On October 21] we experience the first of a series of events involving Scorpio, which together make up the peak astrology of 2013. It’s fair to say that Scorpio is the most challenging sign for many people, mainly due to the subject matter it covers: a dimension of the emotional/ psychological/ psychic realm that embraces the themes of sex, death, surrender and exchange of resources (money, feelings, DNA, and others).

To understand Scorpio, then imagine this whole branch of experience thrown under a veil of denial or concealed by a game of pretend, broadly known as taboo.

Taboos tend to cover some of the most obvious facets of life, as well as the ones we’re the most curious about and driven by.

Humans tend to live with taboo like it’s the thing to do, though after a while, if you’re paying attention, you might notice that it starts to seem like we live in a society of people who don’t wash or practice any form of hygiene in the bathroom, and are convinced that nobody else notices. The reek of the lies, secrets and denial becomes totally oppressive, but just about everyone pretends it’s not there.

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Henry Seltzer ~ An Intensely Transformationally Oriented October

Astrograph  October 2 2013

The Astrology of October features Mercury, Chiron, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. Mercury has its final retrograde period of the year beginning on the 21st, and the lunations of this quarter highlight the forming Uranus-Pluto square as well as Chiron. The October 4th New Moon forms a T-square with Uranus and Pluto, and is also accompanied by an exact inconjunct between Saturn and Uranus, while Neptune is highlighted at the time of the October 18th Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. With all these outer planet activations over this three-month period, we are heading for another strong dose of the evolutionary mandate that has been stirring within all of us over recent years, in this turbulent decade. The situation that we are in, both individually and collectively, is dire but not impossible. It might be time for each of us to step up to the plate and take a good swing at what we need to do, in order that we make the best of what we are now facing and make an important move toward forward motion into our next evolutionary stage.

This late fall period is punctuated by the next installment of Uranus in perfect square with Pluto, taking place on November 1st, the fourth of seven exact hits in this decade. All through these ending months of 2013 the energy will be strongly felt. Saturn is also an important part of the picture this month, aspecting both Uranus and also Pluto. This was a powerful archetypal factor during the height of the revolutionary sixties, when Saturn opposed Uranus and Pluto simultaneously with their conjunction. This Saturn pass is a bit more esoteric, being an inconjunct aspect to Uranus and a sextile to Pluto, but it still symbolizes that things are stirring up. Revolution – in addition to spiritual evolution – is definitely in the air.

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Dorene Carrel ~ Astrology Report for September 2013

Astro Connections Blog  August 2 2013

September is highlighted by the dynamic t-square pattern formed by Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. Last month Venus joined this planetary trio. This time Mercury, the planet of communication, joins them to form a cardinal grand cross. This will likely cause a quickening effect for both world and personal events, as we are challenged to process more information and make important decisions. Pluto turns direct this month, which increases our sense of power dynamics and encourages us to take a deeper approach. The Autumn Equinox, on September 22, is always a significant turning point for contemplating new beginnings.

The New Moon occurs on September 5 at 13 Virgo. It opposes Chiron, conjuncts the asteroid Vesta, and is in favorable aspect to Jupiter. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which emphasizes the communication theme for this month. It is concerned with the areas of work and health, along with the link between body, mind and spirit. Other themes include being efficient, pragmatic, discerning, critical and detail-oriented. Is there an area in your life that can undergo more analysis and refinement this month?

Chiron encourages us to heal our deeper wounds, while having compassion for self and others. Vesta provides dedication to find our sacred work or align with our higher purpose. Jupiter will help us gain perspective and open to higher opportunities. The Sabian symbol for this degree, “An aristocratic family tree; a deep reliance upon the ancestral roots of individual character,” suggests honoring our heritage and inner foundations of strength.

On September 9-10, Mars in Leo forms a challenging square to Saturn in Scorpio. This combination can cause much frustration, as there can be blocks or delays. It has been compared to driving with the brakes on. It is best to avoid making any new beginnings during these few days, but rather to proceed with patience and focus on current tasks.

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