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Oracle Report ~ Monday, July 7, 2014

“The thing that needs to shift or change within you may be an emotional state. It may be a belief about yourself. It may be a relocation. It’s individual to you.” L Walker



First Quarter Moon in Scorpio: step out, take action ~ Ruling Mahavidya: Dhumavati (The Goddess of Death) and Kali (The Destroyer)

  • Skill: follow the prescribed path
  • Negative Imprint: rigidity, being locked in to ways of thinking and doing
  • Positive Imprint: movement, allowing new ways of thinking and doing

There is a “prescription” for today’s energy: connect, consult, choose, and change.


For the past three weeks, our physical bodies have borne the brunt of intense energetics. We’ve been in an “upgrade” process. The first part of the prescription is to connect with our physical body and stretch it out, work it out, or conduct whatever level of activity you can. Yoga and deep breathing are particularly good for this. Old energy and air lingers and hides in the corners of our bodies. The first order of business is to clear out the cobwebs.


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Henry Seltzer ~ The Powerfully Active And Subtle Month Of July

 “. . . we are in some sense recapping the powerful emotions wrought by the transformational impact of Uranus and Pluto in combination, a strong factor in these fractious times which are also terrific time of learning, as environmental and political as well as personal issues continue to challenge us.” H Seltzer

The astrology of July has on offer a slow-moving Mercury in recovery from its recent retrograde, and as well an interesting Saturn-Uranus aspect that lasts throughout the month. Many planets are also changing signs, to include Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter. This is therefore a volatile and yet subtle time of continued change, in the wake of an intense springtime that featured Uranus and Pluto in their fifth of seven exact hits. The changes that have come down upon us during this earlier period are perhaps only now making themselves really felt and truly understood in their total impact on our lives.

The Cancer New Moon from the last weekend of June, that kicks off the current monthly cycle, had a dynamic configuration that possessed several aspects of interest, including the trine that it makes to numinous Neptune, plus Mars opposite Uranus, Saturn trine Chiron and Saturn inconjunct Uranus. This latter aspect is fascinating in that it stays with us all summer long.

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Oracle Report ~ Tuesday, July 1, 2014

“Impulsivity is high right now and we are tempted into reckless action by giving up something that we have put a lot of time/energy/hope into. Don’t be tricked by this. Let things rearrange and reassemble. Take a break, get some rest, and gain some perspective. Many things will come back together today to bring equilibrium.” L Walker

Crescent Moon in Leo/Virgo: challenge ~ Ruling Mahavidya: Dhumavati (Goddess of Smoke) and Kali (The Destroyer)

  • Skill: tending to things with care and gentleness
  • Negative Imprint: self-sabotage
  • Positive Imprint: nurturing self

WaterWorldEarthEveryone hails Mercury returning to normal movement today. The day a planet returns to direct motion after being retrograde is like a slingshot being released. Pressured interpersonal communications and frustrating telecommunication issues have been experienced since June 20th. All of that changes today.

We remain, however, under heavy and intensive energies until we complete the Full Moon phase of the month. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of this week are the peak times, as we have the Sun moving into opposition with Pluto and Mars moving into opposition with the Eris Point. Pluto and Eris are God and Goddess of the Underworld – the Land of Death and Rebirth. The Sun and Mars are firing energy into this dynamic, empowering the shift/change that is underway.

This entire year is THE shift and THE change, but this month is one of the four turning points of it. Continue reading

Djwhal Khul ~ New Moon Mercury Direct

rp_djwhalKhul.jpgDjwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. We’re on a New Moon essentially. We’ve got Chiron retrograde in psychic Pisces sort of kicking up old wounds and when they surface, don’t hold on to them and rethink them. Just get it out of the body, get it out of the system, get it out of the aura. Use whatever tools you have to do this.

And really practice being in the present moment: what is true right now and how do you want to feel right now.

Now the New Moon kind of adds emphasis to that. Mercury is still retrograde although it will go direct on July 1, it’s not going to feel like it’s direct, in fact I think it’s going to feel even a bit more muddled maybe for another 5 to 7 days. Worse than what it was during the actual 3 week retrograde.

So do be cautious there and continue to clarify your communications and others’ communications.

Alright dear ones. As always, thank you and my love to you.

Djwhal Khul

Terri Newlon  June 26 2014

Simon Vorster ~ Rectification And Re-Orientation – The New Moon’s Message

“A good question to ask yourself is: Are my current definitions of my needs truly and honestly giving me what I need, or are they just familiar and comfortable?” ~S Vorster

The zodiac at the moment is highlighting some interesting aspects supporting inner spiritual growth. With the amount of flushing out, changing of core beliefs and re-orientation of our imbalanced self, it is no wonder that we are feeling like everything is intense at the moment.

As many of you know by now, we are in the process of going through a massive transformation. Global consciousness is upgrading its frequency and leaving behind its outdated self and an emergence of a more balanced state between ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ energy is the bottom line of this transformation.

Our Journey So Far…

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Mahala ~ Planet Alert: Summer Solstice June 2014

“I think it is a good idea to go barefoot on the Earth every day, if possible. This connects us to Mother Earth and I believe that is a very important thing to do. It also helps us heal, and balances our energy field. Once we make a connection to the Earth we can start activating our extended light bodies. This will include the activation of our other chakras which are connected to the Universe like our Galactic Chakra, our Universal Chakra, and our Cosmic Chakra.” ~Mahala

SolsticeStargateThe Summer Solstice will occur this year on June 21 at 3:51 AM PDT. The Summer Solstice is always in effect until the Fall Equinox. The Summer Solstice and the Winter Solstice are always lined up with the Galactic Center which makes it a very important point in time. The planet Mercury (in retrograde) is also lined up with the Galactic Center this year. Actually I should say Mercury is in opposition to the Galactic Center which is 28 Sagittarius. Mercury will be on 28 Gemini. We feel the effects of this alignment either in conjunction or opposition.

The Midwest will feel the full force of this Summer Solstice. As the Sun moved through Gemini it activated fires in various parts of the west, like Arizona and the fire in Sedona, along with the fire in Bend, Oregon. As the Sun starts its journey through the sign of Cancer on June 21 we will once again be in the water emotional energy of Cancer. I believe the energy from this Solstice will culminate on July 4th when there is again a cardinal cross in the heavens which points to Washington, D.C. There was just a major change in our government yesterday when Erik Cantor lost his election. He was number two in the Republican leadership. I believe this will have a large impact on the Republican Party.

Did you hear that they are closing down HAARP? They are not only going to shut it down, they are going to dismantle it. Now if we could just get the rest of the world to shut down their High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programs we will have it made. And the Pope is firing more people who have been associated with the Vatican Bank. Changes are occurring on a large level. Continue reading

M Kelley Hunter ~ Storylines

“This is a perfect alignment for celebrating Friday the 13th, a special goddess day. Friday is named for Frigga, the Nordic Venus, and there are thirteen Moon cycles in a year. No wonder the patriarchal powers thought it an unlucky, witchy day!” ~M K Hunter

 Detail from Glass Vase seen at Donald Schnell’s Amore studio in St. John. Photo by M Kelley Hunter.

Detail from Glass Vase seen at Donald Schnell’s Amore studio in St. John. Photo by M Kelley Hunter.

The polarity dynamic between the SUN in open-minded GEMINI and the FULL MOON in goal-oriented SAGITTARIUS reveals options and new vistas and visions. What is your storyline? New threads and old are being woven into the plot, as we watch the movie of our lives move into a new chapter. The old threads are stitches we are picking up thanks to the Mercury retrograde cycle. Are you hearing from old friends or calling family members, reviving significant bonds?

These two flexible signs work well together when all opinions are aired, not just the noisiest, dominant, (likely to be biased) one. Still, someone needs to direct the show, hopefully not the part of you with narrow belief systems. This Gemini-Sagittarius Full Moon can bring out the intuitive, visionary manager who sees where everyone on the team can make the best contribution, where each point of view fits into the puzzle. A variety of our sub-personality voices are vocal. A change-up is called for, though there might be a musical chairs shift of positions before each element is properly positioned. Various points of view inform the long-term vision. After that’s settled, no pussyfooting around. Let’s get going with faith, firm belief and enthusiasm. Are you with the program? If you can’t make a commitment, at least for the short term, you belong elsewhere, and that will be best for everybody. Continue reading

Oracle Report ~ Saturday, June 7 – Sunday, June 8, 2014

First Quarter Moon in  Libra: step out; take action ~ Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi (The Paralyzer, The Storm-Calmer)

“Be slow and clear when communicating and understand that you may not be understood at first. It may take a couple of tries to get your thought across. Keeping this in mind will help alleviate frustration and conflict.” ~Laura Walker

  • Skill: be like the turtle and slow down
  • Negative Imprint: arguments, conflict, jealousy
  • Positive Imprint: hopes, dreams, healing


Mercury stations retrograde (or appears to move backward in the sky) today and will remain retrograde until July 1. Things tend to go a little crazy on the day a planet stations retrograde. With Mercury, travel, communications, and electronics can cause us difficulties.

Interpersonal communications are the primary focus for this Mercury retrograde, as the Sabian symbol for the degree of the retrograde is “a cat arguing with a mouse.” In addition to this, the Sun is located at the degree of “two Chinese men speaking Chinese in a Western crowd.” So there is ample energy in play for misunderstandings and problems communicating what we intend.

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Henry Seltzer ~ A Fraught And Startling First Quarter Moon

“There is a forming trine to Chiron as well from retrograde Saturn in Pisces. This latter aspect indicates that authority figures could seem to be trouble rather than helpers, at least to our inner gaze, and that the fear of structure, or of losing it, could come to the forefront of our consciousness.” ~Henry Seltzer

Thursday afternoon’s First Quarter Moon has something for everyone, and represents quite an interesting time, when anything can happen, with all the feelings of anticipation and excitement for the new thing that this idea implies. This is also a time when our fears for a less predictable future are simultaneously stirred, so that we also might experience some degree of negative feelings associated with loss of constancy and structure. This phase in any case represents running into curve balls that we did not expect as we set out, full of confidence, at the time of the New Moon, one week past. The shift in the energy right now is palpable, because Mercury has also come to a virtual standstill in early Cancer, preparing to station retrograde early on Saturday morning.

The New Moon, in the exact middle degree of Virgo, makes a very close inconjunct aspect to Uranus in the same degree ofAries, with the Sun in sextile. Mars in Libra is also coming into opposition once again with Uranus, growing closer and closer to exact over the next two weeks. This is therefore a time when surprise is in the air, together with the startling enlightenment brought about by new ways of looking at the world around us, the intoxication of new wine in old bottles. The Sun and Moon are both ruled by mischievous Mercury. The messenger planet is more out there, even, than usual. Mercury’s unfamiliar placement in the sign of Cancer is definitely a bit odd, and together with its current uncharacteristic lack of forward motion, plus the symbolism associated with a highlighted Uranus, make for a difficult passage for those who like to keep their feet firmly planted on terra firma. These astrological indications hint that strange and untoward events this week are more likely than not. Continue reading