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Dana Mrkich ~ Breathing Through These Strong Waves

“We can’t always control what happens, but we can to the best of our ability choose how we respond to what is happening.” – D Mrkich

danaMrkichIf you felt like staying under a blanket today, or have had ‘came out of nowhere’ emotional releases, you are possibly being triggered by the X grade Solar Flare yesterday, (X is highest grade), followed by an M Class today (not as mammoth as X but still mega huge).

This is on top of the fact we are coming up to the Solar Eclipse in 0 Degrees Scorpio on Thurs afternoon/Friday morning depending on your time zone. Ron Laswell of AstroChakras informed me that ‘this degree represents the point where the ‘veil’ is the thinnest’ so anything is possible: pay attention to your dreams, visions, insights, nudges and be conscious of what you are calling in from the Universal Field of Potential with your thoughts and feelings. Ron says: “the whole month of Scorpio has a thin veil. Notice how we have Halloween which is more near the center of Scorpio, which I feel explains why we celebrate All Saint’s Day during this time.”

Not to mention we are still in the fire and water emotional aftermath of the recent Lunar Eclipse in Aries that was both conjunct Uranus and a Grand Fire Trine.

The energy is electric, and potentially explosive (emotional or otherwise). Yesterday I lit the gas on the outdoor burner and wooshka – up shot some flames! To say I had an inner freak out would be an understatement. Christian rushed over to turn the gas off but more flames kept shooting out! So part of me is thinking ‘oh god this could explode, please don’t explode, oh my god what if it explodes!’ while the other part was feeling “‘this is so the energy right now.”

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Oracle Report ~ Saturday, October 18 – Sunday, October 19, 2014

“The Sun will only be in Libra for a few more days, so let’s luxuriate in the spectacular beauty that it brings, while staying grounded in the reality of what is happening on Earth.” – L Walker

Oracle Report ~ Friday, October 17, 2014

Henry Seltzer ~ The Holding Pattern Of The Last Quarter Moon

HenrySeltzerWednesday’s Last Quarter Moon makes for quite an interesting juncture, coming as it does between the eclipses of October 8th and the 23rd, representing a time of reassessment leading up to the beginning of the next cycle, to be signaled by next week’s Solar Eclipse. In each of this month’s lunations, outer planets are very much involved, bringing to us a powerful taste of the transformational period represented by the ending of one climactic year — of 2014 — and the beginning of another.

In the case of Wednesday”s configuration, the outer planets most closely in alignment with the Sun and Moon are Saturn in Scorpio and the new planet past Pluto, namely Eris, in Aries. Both of these are at 22-plus degrees of their respective signs, forming a close inconjunct aspect with each other, while the Sun and Moon, in square, are also at the 22-plus mark, or the 23rd degree of the signs of Libra and Cancer.

The Sun and Moon are thus in square to Eris and in close aspect to Saturn. Meanwhile Mars, at 22-plus degrees of Sagittarius, aspects all of them and completes a powerful picture of stop-and-go. With Saturn so involved, and by the very nature of this lunation, there will be stumbling blocks for us to deal with, as things seem to start up and yet fail to materialize in the way that we first imagined. We can use this pause in forward momentum most appropriately by discovering at every turn key information regarding our lives and its arc of development, providing that we are willing to look more closely at everything going on beneath the most obvious surface layers. Continue reading

Oracle Report ~ Friday, October 10, 2014

“There are also energetic signatures today that lend concerns with safety and survival, which is being massively re-imprinted by controlled media systems (formerly mainstream media).  Be smart and follow your heart with these things, but transcend the fear if you catch it.” – L Walker

Sunset, Johannesburg, South Africa From Wise Owl Frieda

Sunset, Johannesburg, South Africa From Wise Owl Frieda

Full Moon in Taurus: illumination

Skill: celebrate life

Negative Imprint: selfishness, not resting, self-sabotage, self-sacrifice, battles, disinterest, insensitivity, uncooperative, worry, criticism, offensive

Positive Imprint: unselfishness, peace, clearing, renewal, prophecy, transcending, reassurance, pleasure, joy, valor

The Blood Moon sets today, and with it the energy of the Sabian symbol for the Full Moon phase, “fairies dancing in the setting Sun.”  We rejoice in the re-enchantment that is underway in the world.

We are going to need to work a little bit harder to try and get things done today, because the energy favors playing.  When we take breaks today, we can return to matters at hand with renewed energy.  So, while you need to be productive, break and then return to things.  And when your work is done, well, then it’s time to really enjoy something.

Be aware that an unbinding of the past is occurring with the strong effects of Uranus and Pluto.  In special ways, our spirits are unbound to ways, habits, thoughts, patterns, ideals, and feelings of the past.  The effects are tangible, producing definitive changes in our lives. Continue reading

Kelley Hunter ~ Venusian Wavelengths – Full Moon Eclipse At 16 Libra-Aries

“VENUS, in the heart of both eclipses, enriches electro-magnetic wavelengths with heart, beauty and meaning, to educate our emotional intelligence and enrich our joy quotient.” – M Kelley Hunter

October 8, 5:50am EDT, 2:50am PDT, 10:50am GMD

 Image: Close up Chihully glass-blown flower

Image: Close up Chihully glass-blown flower

This Full Moon is a “wow!” total eclipse. Most of Asia, across the Pacific and the Americas will see at least part of the eclipse. We’ll all feel it. In the midst of its intensity is a really good feeling of vitality and energy. Make it so in your life. Whatever or whoever is not feeling in tune with you, free yourself and make a break.

The NODES of the MOON, which pinpoint eclipse locations through the signs, indicate the direction of destiny. There is big movement on hand, not completely unlike the Full Moon last month, but with fuller, grander impact. Last month Mercury was hanging around the North Node, bringing people together and initiating important conversations. Now VENUS does the same, invisibly close to the Sun and in her own sign, creating a feeling of harmony, if we seek it, like that 1960s song: “Everybody get together, try to love one another right now.” The potential is quite extraordinary, especially with Uranus (invisibly) accompanying the Moon. This is a big wake-up call, with the Full Moon plugged squarely into the overarching Pluto-Uranus Square, a sure indication that “the times they are a’changin.” Plenty of reminders of the SIXTIES abound. Continue reading

Henry Seltzer ~ The Intense Inspiration Of The Full Moon Eclipse

HenrySeltzerWednesday’s early morning Full Moon eclipse in mid-Aries, opposite the Libra Sun, is influential, as eclipses are in general, since they represent extra-potent lunations, powerful cosmic reminders of the symbolic intensity of the Sun and Moon as masculine and feminine numinous powers in opposition across the sky. As the Sun, the earth and the Moon line up exactly, so that the shadow of the earth falls across the face of the Moon, turning her to a dusky shade of red, we can look to the heavens and imagine that we see, just beyond the Moon, the invisible placement of Uranus. The eclipse intensity is made much stronger by the fact that the Sun and Moon, aligned in their tight formation, also closely oppose and conjunct the trickster energy of Uranus, at 14 ½ degrees of Aries less than a degree away from the Moon.

Uranus is also participating in a grand trine in Fire signs, being is extremely close trine all this week with both Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius, including the eclipse timing. There is also the Uranus-Pluto square, drawing ever closer, now less than 4 degrees from exact, and triggered at this time as well by Venus in square to Pluto. This symbolism speaks of radical transformation. Then too, with Uranus so prominent in the Wednesday skies, we will get a powerful dose of his trickster energy, providing also the opportunity for deep intuitional epiphany and surprising happenings that rearrange your reality thinking to include a wider range of possibility. This is also, it is to be noted, quite an accident-prone time, which is one reading of the Mars-Uranus signature, as amplified by Jupiter in trine with both, and with on top of that the extra-special eclipse energy. There is thus an extreme emphasis on individual quirkiness and unexpected happenings, a uniqueness that is fully yours; your own and no one else’s. Continue reading

Oracle Report ~ Tuesday, October 8, 2014

“Pay close attention to any symbols that jump out at you for recognition. Our minds are prone to scan for symbols that will relate messages, insight, and information to clarify something.” – L Walker

volcanoGibbous Moon in Aries: trust

Skill: understand that changes for the best are afoot today

Negative Imprint: repeating negative patterns, underestimating ourselves or others, dullness, gullible, infantile behavior, miscommunication, shooting off, lost in details or mind loops, resisting changes

Positive Imprint: cosmic rhythms, flexibility, hope, shields, rising above, rebirth, gaining wisdom, clarity, alchemy, rest, calm, messages, stories, security, comfort, accepting changes

Uranus rules the energy today, as the Sun makes exact opposition to it at 4:38 pm ET/8:38 pm UT. We can expect the unexpected all day long. Uranus brings the power of lightning strikes of change, surprise, and sometimes shock. Uranus works swiftly, making our heads spin, and often leaving us wondering what happened.

But there is a beauty to Uranus that puts us where we need to be no matter what. So if you experience a dramatic change, rejection, or revelation, it is a great gain – not a loss. We can practice the art of trust with Uranus because it always works for the good (though most of the time it is very hard to do this because of the shocking nature of Uranus). Continue reading

Simone Butler ~ Blood Moon Eclipse: Global Awakening

“This lunar eclipse hits similar territory to the ones last Oct. 18 and this April 15. What was coming to a head for you then? Where do you feel a compelling need for change?” – S Butler

BloodMoonYesterday, thousands of people marched through San Francisco and into the heart of Chinatown, where they held a memorial service for all the elephants killed for their ivory – in front of one of the many stores which sell these contraband items. People spoke from their hearts about the pain and suffering of these majestic creatures, and the desperate need to shut down ivory carving factories and retail outlets keeping this $2 billion industry alive, while decimating what’s left of the elephant population.

This event was part of the historic Global March Against Extinction, which attracted throngs of people in 136 cities world-wide. Its goal was to bring awareness to the plight of African wildlife – particularly elephants, rhinos and lions – whose numbers are drastically dwindling due to habitat encroachment, poaching and illegal trade in body parts. It’s estimated that unless we act now, elephants and rhinos will be extinct within the next decade. All to supply the world with ivory trinkets, ground-up rhino horn (a fake medicine), and farmed “trophy” lions. Continue reading