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Jonathan Turley ~ Obama Administration Moves Toward Tolls On Interstate Highways

Jonathanturley  May 1 2014

jonathanTurleyI have previously written about the proliferation of toll roads in the United States as governments shift the cost of highways to citizens while spending wildly on foreign wars and losing billions of waste. Congress allows billions to literally disappear in places like Iraq and Afghanistan or give billions in aid to affluent countries like Israel, but it insists that American citizens already struggling financially should be forced to pay to use their federal roads. The change is a fundamental shift in our approach to highways which were viewed as the basic service supplied to taxpayers. However, the Administration has quickly open the door in the new transportation bill to end the long tradition of free federal highways. Of course, do not take too much cash on the highways, because it can be seized by police in the growing number of pretext stops called “policing for profits.”

This move follows states like New Jersey closing bathrooms and ending other basic programs. It seems that there are fewer and fewer benefits that citizens can expect for their taxes. They must pay the government and then pay again to use basic government services. This is an effective tax disguised as a toll that will hit low income people the hardest and add a new barrier to their securing or maintaining jobs. I could not care less about the cost but there are many, many families where this seemingly small added toll will be a hardship. It is cumulative for such families. At every turn, they are being asked to pony up for government services. While the Administration and Congress talks a good game about fighting for the shrinking middle class, it routinely shifts more and more costs over to such families while using tax dollars to literally deliver bags of money to such corrupt officials as Hamid Karzai.

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(Tough) Love And (Wake-Up) Light

Laura Bruno’s Blog | December 18 2012

Wow, the intensity as we approach the Dark Rift of our Galaxy is palpable. Besides sessions, I find myself alternately sleeping and praying. There is just. So. Much. Energy. If the desperation of the Powers that Be/Soon to be Were is any indication, then we really do fight with powers and principalities, cloaked in the costumes and characters of 3Dality.

It always surprises me when otherwise rational, loving and reasonably aware people start spouting trance-speak regarding current events. Having not voluntarily watched any television for all but two years since 1991, I forget that one reason I can do this intuitive work stems from natural gifts … but that the other reason comes from not routinely subjecting myself to tell-LIE-vision.

In the interest of public service and in the hopes of some news viewers recognizing the religious pomp and substitute spirituality that allow media to create their truth, I’m sharing this post by Jon Rappoport. Those people committed to media brainwashing will dismiss his words, but those people who’ve begun to go hmmmm may finally have some gears click into place. No time like the present to reclaim your own reality creation powers. Someone snuck into your brain and hid ’em, but I promise you, they’re still available for your own use — if you claim them. We are each more powerful than the media and Hollywood give us permission to imagine. When are we going to reclaim our own mental, emotional and spiritual sovereignty? As soon as we do that, we’ll find the physical blessings, too. Here’s Jon:

How The Newtown Massacre Became A Mind-Control Television Event

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