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Ann Albers ~ Message From The Angels

AnnAlbers April 19 2014

PinkRoseIn all things you have choice, and while you might not see the choices in front of you so clearly, they are nonetheless there. Even if you see no options in the external world, you always have the ability to choose how you will respond to life. You have the ability to choose how you will respond to other human beings. And you have the ability to choose how you will respond to you very own thoughts and feelings. So in essence you are never ever trapped in a “bad” situation because you can choose to respond with love. And in so doing, you change your vibration and therefore what you will attract in the very next moment. It only takes a second of stepping into a more loving space to change your entire future.  Continue reading

Owen K Waters ~ Your Inner Being As Your Greatest Resource

Spiritual Dynamics October 20 2013

Your inner being – your soul or higher self – is not something that you have. It is what you are.

Your complete consciousness is your inner being. All of the so-called parts of your mind – the conscious, the subconscious and the superconscious parts – are all facets of your one, complete consciousness, your inner being.

Your conscious mind is the result of your inner being focusing attention upon the outer world through your physical brain and senses. When, instead, you turn your attention from the outer world towards the inner world, you access the resources of your inner being.

Your inner being possesses all of the wisdom, understanding and strength that you will ever need. It is your ultimate, personal resource. Your inner being is also your link with the universe and with the consciousness behind all life, Infinite Being.

If you think of yourself as living your life like a performer on stage, then your inner being is like the backstage technician who makes sure that your performance has all the support that it needs to make everything happen on cue.

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Jamye Price ~ Releasing The Noise

Weekly LightBlast October 10 2013

It is easy to perceive or feel that life should be a different way. It is one facet of the grand paradox of Life. All is Well in this moment, yet all is changing in this moment. If all is well, why is there change? In these moments of paradox, you find new space. When there is no definitive answer or direction, there is the void of potential. Here you release your definitions and you find your dispersed, subtle nature that has not one answer, but multiple perspectives of Truth. It is the way of Truth, it changes with you. Within paradox, your truth expands; first undefined, then refined, then released again for the next wave of expansion. This expansion is a result of you releasing your preconceived notions and definitions, opening your heart and mind and finding your new, expanded Self in the quiet moment of paradox. The noise is the internal and external chatter that tries to define or hold stagnant the inevitable expansion.

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Ashton Aiden ~ Power Is Not Through Intellectualization – It’s Through Experience

InspireMeToday  October 4 2013

The most basic and fundamental truth of our existence is a miracle…

Our very reality is founded upon goodness, love, peace, and joy…

This is what we are to our core.

The very source of our existence has come from this goodness, and this is truly all that exists.

This also means that the negativity we experience in life, whether it be fear, anxiety, sorrow, or anger, is only an illusion.

Though this may seem far removed from the experience that most people are having in their life right now, it is possible for anyone and everyone to have an experience of this truth. There are many paths and techniques for having this experience and once you have it, you can never truly forget it. You will never quite be the same, and will never be quite as able to fully believe in pain, fear, or negativity.

So how do we come to know that the words I have just said are true? If you sincerely desire to know this truth, the way will be shown to you. My personal path was through meditation and study, with a strong dose of devotion and prayer. But there are other paths as well, and you may very well intuit that whatever path you feel most inclined to take will be the one most likely to lead you to this happy realization. Continue reading

Simion ~ Contemplation

Simion ~ The Transformation Series  October 1 2013


We are Simion, The Evolutionary Collective. You have all dropped many stones into the waters of your life and all have a ripple effect. We wish to remind you that each pebble you send forth into the drama of your life has an impact. The pebbles represent your thoughts, emotions and related actions. There will be a lot of energy moving about this month, and those to come, that may affect your ripples and drive them in new directions. Therefore, it is particularly important for you to center yourself within to find where you wish to send ripples into your world.

There are times when the energy is conducive to action and other times when deeper contemplation is in order. Now is a time for the latter. We urge you to spend time reflecting on the seeds you have planted in your life and consider which you wish to give attention. Or to stay with our analogy, consider which ripples you wish to see reach the shore of your desires and which you can allow to be diverted with new stones that change the trajectory of the ripples.

contemplationEvery thought, emotion and action you’ve had has presented itself in the waters of your life. Contemplate whether they are showing you the Now and the potential Future you wish to be and experience. The ripples you are influenced by now, are the consequences of what you have put out. Some may already be materialized, while others are on the way, in some form or another.

Reflect on where you are now and what you wish to experience at the core of your being in the months ahead. Now is NOT the time to forge ahead with plans, but rather to quietly reach within and contemplate what you are doing everyday and where it is leading.

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Jon Rappoport ~ Spiritual Fascism

JonRappoport  September 30 2013

Year by year, I continue to make my case for the independent individual—one might even say the lone individual, except that this phrase has been co-opted to mean an assassin, a killer.

Which tells us where society is heading.

On every possible front, the psyop is about discrediting the individual and elevating the group and the collective.

Because I’m 75 years old, I’ve been around long enough to see the tectonic shift, among so-called intellectuals, from admiring and praising the individual to celebrating some sort of spiritual unity that makes us all into One Cosmic Glob.

For example: “There is really no separation between us. That’s an illusion. Finally, we are one consciousness.”

I dispute this. I reject it completely.

This, yes, insanity arises from a basic confusion and blind spot about the creative power (of the individual), which has no boundaries.

It is quite possible to imagine and create and invent a perception that we are all one consciousness and to experience the fullness of the perception. It is not an illusion. It is quite real.

But one can also un-create that perception.

In fact, in the early spiritual exercises of Tibetan tantric students and adepts, this on-off creation was a significant component. It was done, consciously, as a merging and un-merging with Nature. It was PRACTICED on a daily basis.

In early Tibet, a truly unique culture that was soon dismantled and destroyed by theocratic leaders, the individual was recognized as an staggeringly powerful artist.

Rather than assume there was one final highest reality we all share, it was understood that the individual could and did invent realities without limit.

Presuming to understand a final reality for all of us was considered absurd.

It is also a form of fascism. Spiritual fascism.

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Owen K Waters ~ Conscious Level Versus Location Level

Spiritual Dynamics September 15 2013

One of the many metaphysical topics that cause confusion today is the concept of ascension to a higher level of existence.

Many teachers have said that we have had opportunities in recent years to ascend to the fourth “dimension” (higher-physical fourth density) and even the fifth “dimension” (nonphysical fifth density.) And yet, here we are, all standing around in third density. No one has ascended, none of our friends have suddenly disappeared into higher realms of existence, and it can all end up sounding like empty promises.

The promises actually weren’t empty; they were valid concepts that were simply misunderstood by the teachers. On our 2012 gateway course, for example, the pathway into fifth-density, soul consciousness was opened wide to those who participated in the daily attunements. Although we were teaching people how to reach soul consciousness, we didn’t suggest that anyone would physically disappear and relocate into a higher realm. With the enormous support given to all of us by the ascended masters, the 2012 course was a roaring success in helping people establish access to fifth-density, soul-realm consciousness.

Let’s look at some new terminology that will clear away the confusion. Attendees on that course now have the ability to reach 5D soul consciousness at any time. That means reaching the 5D CONSCIOUS LEVEL while their physical bodies are still located in this 3D LOCATION LEVEL. Conscious Level and Location Level are often two different things.

Even though your physical body is stationed in the 3D Location Level, your Conscious Level can vary from minute to minute. You can be focused on a practical challenge requiring 3D thinking one minute, then go into heart-centered 4D consciousness the next minute and then, with some training, launch even further into 5D soul consciousness.

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Ann Albers ~ Message From The Angels

Ann Albers  September 14 2013

It is the nature of the universe to expand. Change is inevitable and although you will all go through very natural periods of dormancy, there will also be phases of your life when it is time to release the old in order to make room for the new.

This can be as simple as getting rid of old clothes to get ones that please you more. It can be releasing a home you no longer enjoy in favor of one that provides more financial flexibility and freedom. It can mean giving up an old way of thinking to allow greater happiness. Whenever you are wanting to create something new it is natural that you will find you must release something either inside or outside of yourself to make room for this.

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Sartre ~ Descartes and Western Individualism

BATR  September 9 2013

“If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.” – Rene Descartes

The philosophical condemnation of the supremacy in individual liberty versus the reigning doctrine of collective dominance, is a primary cause for the destruction of Western Civilization principles. Rene Descartes preferred to do his radical doubt thinking in solitude. In today’s society, thinking is about as foreign as rational behavior. In order to understand the timeless values and precepts that fostered the underpinnings of our Western thought and heritage, the significance of Descartes needs a close examination.

Jorn K. Bramann, PhD in The Educating Rita Workbook is the source reference for the Descartes: The Solitary Self essay. This excellent treatise deserves your full attention.

“There are two cultural legacies of lasting importance that Descartes’ radical separation of the mind from the physical world has left—two philosophical conceptions of reality that found expression in how Europeans related to their environment, and how they perceived their over-all existence in the world.

The one legacy fastens on the absolute sovereignty of the mind vis-à-vis everything that is not mind. While the external world, including the thinker’s body, is subject to the laws of physics and other external contingencies, the mind is not. I, being pure mind, enjoy a supreme degree of independence from my body and everything physical.

The radical separation of mind and body–and of the mental and the physical in general–is known as “Cartesian Dualism.” And by attributing to the mind something like sovereignty over the external physical world, it has prepared the way for a distinctly modern conception and experience of reality, a conception which replaced older ways of seeing the world in drastic ways.

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