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Dialectic Enlightenment & The Entertainment Industrial Complex [Audio]

Jay Dyer is a writer and researcher from the Southern US who obtained his B.A. in philosophy, while his graduate work focused on the interplay of literary theory, espionage and philosophy.

His website, JaysAnalysis, is dedicated to investigating the deeper themes and messages found in our globalist pseudo culture, illustrating the connections between philosophy, metaphysics, secret societies, Hollywood, psychological warfare and comparative religion.

Our discussion begins with a focus on mass media’s use of psychological warfare to indoctrinate world views on our culture as a whole. Jay explains how philosophies can be engineered and used as forms of PSYOP, a trap of empiricism that ultimately leads to false presuppositions.

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Andrew Martin ~ If We Lived By These 10 Great Quotes The World Would Change

BuddhaPeaceWithinThere appears to be much conflict, suffering and violence occurring in the world at the moment. While propaganda plays a part in geopolitics and government agendas and as corporations pit humanity and the environment against the economy, we have to question, what is the purpose and end game of creating such suffering and degradation?

We must ask ourselves, what is it all for? Why do countries and governments continue to provoke, massage and espouse such messages of separation? What is with this perverse agenda of domination, manipulation and control? Who wins in the end? It seems strange when we have access to so much knowledge and collective wisdom that there continues to be such suffering, conflict and ignorance.

While I don’t have the answers I can only turn to those who have gone before us to give some insight into what a world of harmony, love and compassion looks like.

1 – ” Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”. – Albert Einstein

2 – “A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.” – Mahatma Gandhi

3 – “In dwelling, live close to the ground. In thinking, keep to the simple. In conflict, be fair and generous. In governing, don’t try to control. In work, do what you enjoy. In family life, be completely present.” – Lao Tzu

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We Have Undervalued Ourselves

“Whenever it is that we come to understand ourselves and the true nature of the world, doing the right thing will cease being a burden. We will do the right thing simply because any other action would be stupid.” P Rosenberg

oceanWaterBoyGrowing up, I heard lots of complaints from parents and teachers about children being conceited, proud, and arrogant. Looking back, it seems to me that most of these complaints were related to a failure to obey. We did have one or two kids who were arrogant jerks, but the rest of us received the same comments they did.

But whatever motivated the adults of my youth, they were mostly wrong – it’s not our overvaluation of ourselves that is the real problem; it’s our undervaluation.

Here is a passage from G.K. Chesterton’s The Defendant that makes this argument:

There runs a strange law through the length of human history — that men are continually tending to undervalue their environment, to undervalue their happiness, to undervalue themselves. The great sin of mankind, the sin typified by the fall of Adam, is the tendency, not towards pride, but towards this weird and horrible humility.

I think Chesterton was entirely correct, and I think we have all been surrounded by, and influenced by, a “weird and horrible humility.”

Most of us, most of the time, fear making errors, think about our failures and deficits, and live in a sea of guilt. Not only is this dark self-image unnecessary, but it degrades us and is built upon falsehoods.

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Dimensional Potential

“You have the ability to create exactly what you desire by holding it in focus, in certainty, and in knowing. The minute you give up, it exits your world and enters another where it lives happily ever after.” ~G Macbeth Louthan

oracle_waterfallThis past year, thought and manifestation accelerated to a point in time and space that quickened all outcomes. outcomes that exceeded your expectations and perceptions. The path that you have taken in the past has been predictable. Your reactions are predictable. Your outbursts are predictable. You have followed the same emotional pathway and patterning that you always have the ground is worn where you have walked back and forth in your mind.

In this time of numerous celestial alignments, and dimensional potential – we ask you not to take the same route that you have always taken. Move past the borders that once held you as a captive audience. Always keeping you in a very small theater squared away in the pegs of the past. You are much more than you have been able to understand. Each of you stands guard at the fulcrum of your future. A place where you can see viewing your present, past, and a probable future. As soon as one views their future they change it, it is universal law.

Each and every thought that you have ever had exists somewhere in synchronized time. Each and every desire, want, need, and prayer has been fulfilled and lives ‘somewhere in time’. Thoughts and manifestations are not wasted. They are not tossed aside like garbage. They are recycled actively. In some parallel existence of the time/space continuum you are living all of your dreams. In another one, you are living your perfect body shape. In another one, you are living your perfect partner or your perfect health. Each thought either stays in the Now or exits to another plane of existence. The doorway to that exit is opened and closed by your own thinking.
When you desire a certain outcome, it begins to grow within your own energy field. If you fluctuate from that thought with doubt, with fear on any level – then it ‘exits’ the earth experience and enters another probable universe where you also exist. Continue reading


DivineTrickster  May 21 2014

Thanks, Nina. Superb article!  ~g

The nature of life.

Imagine that you exist in vast space surrounded by the very fabric of life in all directions around you. Your experience of people and objects around you are made visible (extracted and weaved from the fabric of life) by your own genetic patterning/programming, which is destined to create thoughtforms that you project onto people and objects around you, so that you can have a relationship with yourself based upon your own interpretation. Your body/mind mechanism is the vehicle you, as awareness, inhabit to create various experiences in physical form. It is only possible to have experiences in the illusion of separation, so let us make the most of it.

This is a time when we must all address our own shadow patterns, being wonderfully displayed by other people in our lives. It is of utmost importance that you trust your authentic responses in a given situation. As Eckhart Tolle nicely puts it – you do always have three choices available to you: You can complain, accept or act. Continue reading

The Ultimate Meditation

SpiritualDynamics  May 18 2014

beautifulFlowerPeace can sometimes be so far away, and inner bliss… even farther away.

Take the time now to spend some real quality time by going within. Find that sense of peace that lies within. Visit the place where inner bliss dwells and waits patiently for your return.

Let yourself unwind and compose yourself for a few precious moments of peace. Remember that your mind is much more far-reaching than your physical brain. Your mind, as consciousness, is nonphysical, while your brain is just the physical translator of your consciousness.

Your mind, therefore, always has the ability to tell your brain;

“Shsh! It’s meditation time!”

Focus your mind away from the clutter of day-to-day living and turn your attention inwards to the peaceful core of your inner being. Then think of the deepest possible state of consciousness.

And what could that state be?

It is the state of consciousness known as Infinite Being. The wordInfinite reflects the idea of ultimate, while the word Being refers to a state of awareness, rather than a doing activity. Infinite Being is infinite consciousness without a focus upon any specific activity.

Infinite Being doesn’t have to do anything, it already is everything.

It is important to appreciate that the state of Infinite Being is not “out there” somewhere external to us. Infinite Being encompasses all consciousness, including all manifestation. We are that consciousness, as is everything else in existence.

The Most Powerful Affirmation

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Practice Letting Everything Be As It Is

Jafree Ozwald May 14 2014

“The essence of saintliness is total acceptance of the present moment, harmony with things as they happen.” ~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

lightIn this world, there are many people searching for enlightenment, and then there are those who will never look for it throughout their entire life. There are also those who work hard for their money, desperately trying to get out of the rat race, and then there are those who are totally content with their humble income and the few possessions they have. There are beings who were born into this world this morning, breathing their first breath of air, and then there are those who just had their last breath of life 2 minutes ago. This world allows for such a rich diversity of people to exist here, allowing everyone to have their own unique experience of life. The Universe allows you to play whatever role you want to play. Life accepts and celebrates your existence exactly the way you are, and when you return this acceptance for life then everything changes in a miraculous way.

No matter what your habits, karmic pattern, or life long addiction, you always have the choice to be free. This freedom however is not a freedom from something or for something. True freedom is letting and allowing everything be exactly as it is. This means choosing to be at peace with yourself just the way you are, the world as it is right now, and your parents, sister, brother, neighbor and in-laws as they are right now. When you discover that total acceptance equals outrageous inner peace, you’ll never go back again. Yes, you will become addicted to “letting everything be as it is” and have even more inspiration the next day to be that divinely motivated environmentalist who cleans up our world.

“Absence of consciousness is ego. Whenever the ego is absent, God is present.” ~Osho

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Your Inner Being As Your Greatest Resource

Spiritual Dynamics October 20 2013

Your inner being – your soul or higher self – is not something that you have. It is what you are.

Your complete consciousness is your inner being. All of the so-called parts of your mind – the conscious, the subconscious and the superconscious parts – are all facets of your one, complete consciousness, your inner being.

Your conscious mind is the result of your inner being focusing attention upon the outer world through your physical brain and senses. When, instead, you turn your attention from the outer world towards the inner world, you access the resources of your inner being.

Your inner being possesses all of the wisdom, understanding and strength that you will ever need. It is your ultimate, personal resource. Your inner being is also your link with the universe and with the consciousness behind all life, Infinite Being.

If you think of yourself as living your life like a performer on stage, then your inner being is like the backstage technician who makes sure that your performance has all the support that it needs to make everything happen on cue.

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Power Is Not Through Intellectualization

InspireMeToday  October 4 2013

The most basic and fundamental truth of our existence is a miracle…

Our very reality is founded upon goodness, love, peace, and joy…

This is what we are to our core.

The very source of our existence has come from this goodness, and this is truly all that exists.

This also means that the negativity we experience in life, whether it be fear, anxiety, sorrow, or anger, is only an illusion.

Though this may seem far removed from the experience that most people are having in their life right now, it is possible for anyone and everyone to have an experience of this truth. There are many paths and techniques for having this experience and once you have it, you can never truly forget it. You will never quite be the same, and will never be quite as able to fully believe in pain, fear, or negativity.

So how do we come to know that the words I have just said are true? If you sincerely desire to know this truth, the way will be shown to you. My personal path was through meditation and study, with a strong dose of devotion and prayer. But there are other paths as well, and you may very well intuit that whatever path you feel most inclined to take will be the one most likely to lead you to this happy realization. Continue reading