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This Is The Most Probable Reason Why They Hide ‘The Spirit Molecule’


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Rick Strassman, M. D. – One of the secrets is – our body is a lens – a filter. It experiences a specific physical reality only – which in and by itself is not actually there – it is an illusion.

There is no objective reality out there! We create it on the spot in our head. It is like only seeing the color red in a picture that contains a myriad of other colors and then say: I see a red building – it’s all red!

Possibly we only see one part in a million of the Total Reality that surrounds us.

This one millionth part we call Physical Reality.

All other realities are filtered out by our awareness system. Continue reading

About The Pineal Gland [Video]

“Where ignorance is removed, so-called ‘evil’ ceases to exist.” (Martinus, The Book of Life, vol. 1, sect. 19) – http://www.martinus.dk/

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Download brainwave model and find out more about where the Pineal Gland is operating: http://www.Bevolution.org

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Alzheimer’s Disease Linked To Pineal Gland Calcification From Fluoride

“. . . Alzheimer’s patients have been observed to have a higher degree of pineal gland calcification than patients with other types of dementia, and sleep disturbances have been identified as a primary cause of Alzheimer’s disease pathogenesis . . .” C Sarich

DoctorWithAppleAlzheimer’s disease is running rampant throughout the modern world now, but even with pharmaceutical companies spending billions on drugs to ‘cure’ it, they have failed miserably. While the use of coconut oil for Alzheimer’s disease is proving beyond beneficial, the answer to really treating this disease may lie in the pineal gland and the decalcification of one of the most important elements of the endocrine system.

For the past few decades, research into treating Alzheimer’s disease has been relegated to an assumption: that it is caused by the lack of the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine. In fact, most pharmaceuticals made to treat Alzheimer’s patients are acetylcholinesterase inhibitors (drugs that inhibit the enzyme that breaks this neurotransmitter down.)

Big Pharma Fails to Treat Alzheimer’s

These drugs have produced only palliative results, if any, and many of them cause seizures or other neurological issues in the patients who take them. As Sayer Ji from GreenMedInfo so convincingly points out, Alzheimer’s drugs are nothing but patented xenobiotic chemicals, completely alien to human physiology. So – if this is the case, it makes sense to look deeper into the causes of such a prevalent disease which is said to be ‘bigger than cancer’ for the pharmaceutical markets.

Despite failed trials, Big Pharma continues to invest heavily in ‘cures’ that may not do anything but worsen the disease.

For instance, trials of Eli Lilly’s gamma-secretase inhibitor, semagacestat (LY450139), were halted due to below par results. Later, despite reports that results of solanezumab, a neuroprotector that binds to plaque and inhibits its formation, were positive, the company said that it was not going to the FDA for approval, but will conduct a third Phase III trial. The company has already failed three times at creating a “inhibitor that would address this disease effectively. Continue reading

How To Hone Your Bliss Instinct

“Purifying the body and losing its density is directly related to being an effective human being on Planet Blue.” – Indra

FollowBlissManAngelPonder this thought for a moment: Planet earth is a video game. Consider that we are all are here to “win” the game of life, or rather get to mastery skill levels, and to slay the proverbial dragons we encounter with our incredible agility, mental acuity, and wit. All along the journey there are traps to lead us astray, as well as important clues, signs, and road maps. We are provided only one tool to distinguish between the traps and the clues, to determine which is leading us to victory and true survival, and which to our demise.

Perhaps you’d agree that it would be no fun if this tool were easy to use. Otherwise if too simple, we would find a need to program into the game varying levels of complexity. In order to accomplish this, we adopt a multi-layered feeling-based tool known as intuition, or radar, or our gut feeling. The basic premise is that when you feel certain things, it’s a “green light”, and when you feel others, it’s a “red light”.

Following your bliss

When Joseph Campbell said “follow your bliss”, I doubt he realized his simplistic suggestion actually decoded a highly sophisticated tool. Indeed, following your intuition — your Bliss Instinct — is a science. I call it the language of the soul. Those of us who have worked on honing it have come know a higher rate of being “right” about things, people, circumstances, and situations. I call it a “right rate”. Continue reading

How Fluoride Affects Consciousness And The Will To Act

“. . . it is not only that fluoride consumption has adverse health effects and reputedly makes people easier to control (as the Nazi’s believed), but the very spiritual essence of who we are, our consciousness, can be hindered from manifesting in our lives.” J Resnick

WaterFluorideRecent research has brought the controversial practice of water fluoridation back into the spotlight, revealing links between water fluoridation and brain disorders, particularly in regard to its effect on children.

Troublingly, the report found that side-effects do not only come from direct ingestion by children, but also from higher levels of chemicals such as fluoride in expectant mothers’ blood and urine, which was linked to brain disorders and lower IQs in their children. In many cases, the changes triggered can be permanent. This evidence flies right in the face of spurious claims by skeptics that ingestion of fluoride in low concentrations has no harmful effects on our health.

Is it any wonder then that only seven countries in the world actually fluoridate more than 50 percent of their water supply? Although it is often portrayed in America as if every country does it, this is very far from the truth. In fact, the United States accounts for more than 50 percent of all the fluoridated water drinkers in the world, while the vast majority of European countries for example avoid this practice altogether. Continue reading

Is There An Organ In Your Brain Which Seats Your Soul?

CollectiveEvolution  May 24 2014

“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light…” Matthew 6:22-23

A Gateway To Between The Physical And Metaphysical?

pinealGlandSituated at the anatomical center of our brain lies a mysterious gland that may be the intermediary gate that bridges our physical and spiritual experiences here on Earth. Seventeenth-Century French philosopher Rene Descartes coined this organ, called the pineal gland, as the “seat of the soul”, as he believed it provided people with a medium from which our soul could be expressed through our physicality. The pineal gland has been a topic of great debate over the past couple of decades as the science community is still trying to discover its complete biological function. Dr. Rick Strassman, M.D., author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule, has dedicated years of research to the pineal gland as he suggests that this gland is the factory for a powerful brain chemical called DMT (Di-Methyl Tryptamine) which when produced induces a person into a psychedelic and mystical experience.  Many different cultures talk about our “third eye,” and modern theories suggest that this may be a reference to the pineal. Even more peculiar is the fact that pineal gland symbology can be traced to many civilizations such as the Romans, Mexicans, Egyptians, Babylonians and the Greeks. It is interesting to note that even the Catholic Church displays pineal gland imagery, as the Vatican Square contains the largest pineal-like statue in the world. So what could all of this mean? Is there ancient knowledge of this gland that previous cultures had access to? Furthermore, what role does the pineal gland play in our spiritual experiences and how can we explain this in physiological terms?

One of the earliest accounts of the pineal gland is in the writings of a third-century B.C. Greek physician named Herophilus, where he discusses the piniform or pinecone shaped organ as being the size of our pinkie fingernail. The name comes from the Latin word pinea, which literally means “pinecone.” As mentioned previously, the gland sits at the approximate geometric center of the brains mass. Additionally, the gland is not technically part of the brain, as it is not protected by the blood-brain barrier.  In his book DMT: The Spirit Molecule, Dr. Rick Strassman discusses the glands unique solitary status within the brain, Continue reading