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Timothy Glenn ~ Uranus Square Pluto Part Five: A Grand Cross to Bear

LauraBrunosBlog  April 19 2014


Laura writes ~ My friend, astrologer Timothy Glenn, returns with a spirited update on the next Uranus Square Pluto — the fifth in a series of seven. Reading this article reminded me of hisHeliocentric Square piece about the significance of November 23, 2013. Light bulb! I have been saying for months that I was never so glad to finish a month as I was to get through November 2013. I had completely forgotten about that as an astrological hinge point. No wonder I’ve felt like coasting downhill since that month ended.

Anyway, back to April 2014, which most Earth-centric astrologers have pegged as hugely significant. Indeed, we have loads of energies influencing us right now! I always enjoy how Tim describes planetary actions like a great big, crazy family and friends reunion. What will Uncle Jupiter do next?! Will Uranus and Jupiter gang up on Mars? Tim’s wonderful humor and wisdom put these wild energies into perspective. Enjoy the ride!

Uranus Square Pluto Part Five: A Grand Cross to Bear

Timothy Glenn ~ The most powerful astrological influence of our time takes quite a bit of time, which contributes to its influence being so powerful. Even here in the heart of this transit (the seven exact squares of the planets of evolution and revolution) more than two and a half years elapse. The first exact square of Uranus to Pluto occurred on June 24, 2012. The seventh will put the cap on the process on March 16, 2015.

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M Kelley Hunter ~ Full Moon Total Eclipse At 26 Aries-Libra

Heliastar  April 12 2014

kelleyEclipseChangerApril 14-15, 3:42 am EDT, 12:42am PDT, 8:42 am GMD ~ This total eclipse highlights the polarity of two opposite signs, ARIES and LIBRA. There are also other planets in those two signs that amplify the impact of our experience of Self and Relationship.

During a total lunar eclipse, the light of the Moon is “turned off” and turned back on again— a dramatic statement about closing a door and opening a new one. Visible in Australia, New Zealand and across all of the Americas, these regions may experience the mundane ripple effects of this eclipse most powerfully. If you live in those areas, go out and watch this lunar eclipse, if you dare to be loony and mystified. An eclipse is a significant karmic turning point, a shift of destiny that ripples through our system for some time to come, at least six months, but more likely a year. There is a reverse total eclipse on October 8, which will be a good time to look back to what is going on now.

ARIES is a highly individualistic sign, at its best capable of pristine integrity to the Self. Aries is the first out the door, off the starting block, blazing a new trail, full of initiative, sparkling with energy. It can also be a sign that’s “all about me.” We’ll see both fully exposed in the full light of this Full Moon. Will you stay with your clarity or be pulled off-center by others?

Also in Aries under this Full Moon is an exact conjunction of Change Agent URANUS and MERCURY, the Messenger, suggesting surprising developments during this blacked-out Moon, or in its aftermath. This highly electrical combination will certainly be charged up and bring unexpected news. Maybe it already has had a preview effect in your life…? There is A LOT to talk about, debate, discuss, considering all angles and new approaches. This is a major change-up moment. Don’t you know A LOT of people making big changes? As an astrologer I am hearing this A LOT, and experiencing it myself! Never a dull moment, but do take time to center yourself. This eclipse is essentially about relationship to your Higher Self.

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Simone Butler ~ Lunar Eclipse And Grand Cross: 4-11-14

AstroAlchemy  April 11 2014

GrandCross3We’re headed into a rip-roaring period, with the approaching Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra (April 15, 12:42 am PDT) and Cardinal Grand Cross (April 20-23). Relationships, life decisions and international affairs will be going through big changes this month, as both the eclipse and cross engage with the fifth of seven exact squares between revolutionary Uranus and evolutionary Pluto. It’s a potent time for internal shifts, dramatic new awareness and perhaps even the final release of whatever has held you back.

If you’re up early (or late) enough to see the eclipse, which will be visible throughout North America, you’ll notice the bright, reddish spark of Mars next to the Moon. Currently retrograde (and frustrated at being unable to charge forward), Mars incites the normally peace-loving Libra Moon to emotional extremes. And, with the Moon being eclipsed by the Aries Sun, aggression, passion and impulses are apt to reign. The day before the eclipse, communicator Mercury in hot-headed Aries squares Jupiter, then conjoins Uranus and squares Pluto—which is extra powerful as it turns retrograde that night. Avoid blow-outs and jumping to conclusions from the 14th to the 16th (when Mercury opposes Mars). Channel your emotions and aggressions into positive outlets like exercising, making art or making love. Relationships could deepen or self-destruct, depending on how they’re handled.

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Jennifer Hoffman ~ The Energies Of April 2014

Enlightening Life  March 31 2014

I see the potential of the energies of April as similar to cutting into an avocado. Sometimes it’s perfect, as is the one in the photo, which I had with my dinner tonight, other times it’s disappointing and what looked like a perfect avocado from the outside is a mushy, black mess on the inside. This is one of the most powerful months we have had in a very long time, with a cardinal grand cross, two eclipses, a Uranus/Pluto square, an ongoing Jupiter/Pluto T-Square, and several other strong aspects that begin on April 1. Individually, these are extremely powerful energies, putting them all together creates a month that will pack a punch.

We are part of the energetic engine of the Universe, which is in evidence all around us, including within the planets of our solar system. It’s all part of the same whole, which also includes us. It is undeniable that the world is changing, that governments and economic structures are in crisis, the societies we are part of are going through profound pangs of change, we are individually and collectively tired of the ‘old’ ways and searching for new answers to our collective malaise. As my guides have reminded me, ‘Labor prepares the body for birth; getting it ready so the baby can come out.” What we have been feeling so far are the labor pangs, I think that this baby is about ready to be born, and that’s the hard part, or is it?

I believe that we are collectively ready for change, even though we do not know what that change entails. Every aspect we are going to experience in April is a portal for change, or more accurately, for profound transformation. Change can be as simple as putting on a new outfit; transformation is a complete makeover. If you think you’ll experience April’s energy as a change of socks — you might, but I doubt it. Another interesting facet of April’s Cardinal Grand Cross is that it falls on the US chart and Pluto is again in Capricorn, for the first time since 1776, the birth date of the US, which could be experiencing a significant rebirth.

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Henry Seltzer ~ An Intensely Transformational Month of April

Astrograph  March 31 2014

AprilShowersFlowersThe astrology of April is quite intense, including two eclipses, and the perfection of the Uranus-Pluto square alignment in a major grand cross in cardinal signs. Uranus and Pluto come together this month in their revolutionary square that has been the hallmark of this contentious decade for the fifth of seven times. In this month’s configuration, their perfect square is accentuated by Mars and Jupiter, forming a tight grand cross and rendering the radical energy for transformation and revolutionary/evolutionary change even more powerful. This is a time of great and crucial transformation, as the contradictions in our society become even more clearly recognized, dramatically showcasing the urgent need for meaningful change to take place. This very same process is echoed in our individual lives as well, since each one of us represents a microcosm for the whole.

On April 20th, Easter Sunday, Mars in retrograde, moving backward through Libra, opposes Uranus, at about a degree away, just as Jupiter, sailing through Cancer, arrives at the exact opposite point in the Zodiac to Pluto. The Moon also aligns with Pluto that evening, further highlighting the transformational activity. The exact timing of the square between Uranus and Pluto arrives the next day, Monday, and then Mars aligns exactly on the next, so that the three days of the most transformative power are the 20th through the 22nd. Every day this month leads up to this, although the energy is certainly extremely volatile by the time of the April 15th Full Moon. This is an energetic and somewhat accident-prone time, as well as an opportunity for growth spurts of all kinds. It is also a potentially difficult period, when reactivity could sink your ship, or when inadvertent impulse could lead to unforeseen consequences.

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Henry Seltzer ~ A Synchronistic Month of March

Astrograph  February 27 2014

The astrology of March features a once-more closing in of Uranus and Pluto in their volatile square combination, plus the retrogrades of Mars — only just beginning in late Libra — and Mercury, officially ended but still in its retrograde shadow until the 21st. As in the previous month of February, we are therefore inner oriented. Uranus is also given a boost by a stationing Jupiter in exact square to Uranus and in opposition to Pluto. The trauma of these times is indeed closely related to Uranus and Pluto coming down, in their storied square, to wrest us from our complacency and get us to ask the difficult questions of ourselves such as where do we need to be learning and growing, as we shuck off behavior that has no real utility for us any longer in our more evolved understanding of ourselves. In this way, we are all going through some degree of future shock, based on our own continuing evolution, to the point where we no longer even recognize our former selves.

This is an exciting month of March, because while we are turning further to the unconscious side of our being, in order to examine our inner workings more closely, we are also venturing out upon new psychological territory that is new and daring. This concept is reflected in the close Uranus-Jupiter square that is near exact for the entire month and on throughout April. Its moment of exact comes next month, on the 20th, magically just as Pluto and Uranus form their exact square at very nearly the same degree and minute of their own respective signs. Meanwhile, Mars in Libra in its retrograde motion comes quite close to exactly opposing Uranus. As we prepare for this cosmic event, hailed by many as the “cardinal grand cross,” still to come next month, we have in March a very strong dose of Uranus and Jupiter, closely aspected by the Pisces New Moon, indicating that brilliant ideas come to us with more frequency than even lately. These are accompanied by synchronicities that signal their symbolic resonance with meaningful change to take place in our thoughts and eventually our deeds and in a revitalized organization for our society.

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Henry Seltzer ~ An Extremely Powerful New Moon

Astrograph  November 2 2013

Sunday’s New Moon in Scorpio is a very interesting configuration, just about the most powerful and intense that we have lately seen. An eclipse is in any case a more potent lunation, being an exact line-up of Sun and Moon, in terms of declination as well as zodiacal degree. Most astrologers feel that the effects of an eclipse last for six months or more. If so, the next six months will be extremely intense indeed, since this configuration, and also that of next month’s Winter Solstice and the New Year chart for 2014, presage a difficult passage of time to come in the year ahead.

The reason that the energy of this New Moon is so strong is that theUranus-Pluto square is exact at this point in time, at about 9 ½ degrees ofAries and Capricorn. This is the planetary alignment that defines our decade as being in many ways like the sixties, when these two powerhouse outer planets were conjunct and when revolutionary protest against a disquieting establishment status quo was in the air. In this case, there are seven such exact alignments, from 2012 to 2015, with this one, which perfected two days ago on November 1st, and the next, of April, 2014, representing the fourth and fifth. The New Moon degree is 11 ¼ and so the aspects that it makes to Uranus and Pluto, a quincunx and a sextile, are less than 2 degrees away from exact, which is quite close. The New Moon is also trine Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in Pisces, which occupies the same degree, while Mars is opposed to Chiron. The November monthly has delineations of this potent combination for all twelve signs.

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Oracle Report ~ Sunday, November 3, 2013

Oracle Report New Moon in Scorpio: begin, emerge, intend

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala

The lunar month of the New Moon in Scorpio begins today, and with it the return of the Mahavidyas, specifically the Mahavidya Kamala, the Lotus Goddess Who Brings Transcendence of Limitations.

The lotus is the flower that is rooted in mud but whose petals are uncontaminated by it. It rises from limitation.

Kamala comes on at the perfect time, of course, as the energy of the New Moon at 12 Scorpio is the Sabian symbol “an official embassy ball,” which implies all types of limitations. This symbol represents strict protocol, political theatre couched in the appearance of something it is not (an official embassy ball would be one of my last ideas of fun), and limitations of so-called social constraints.

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Sarah Varcas ~ Fully Alive! 1st November 2013: Uranus/Pluto Square

SpiritLibrary  October 21 2013 (Thanks, Constance)

Fully Alive!

The current nature of this on-going Uranus/Pluto square is akin to having teeth extracted without anaesthetic. I know… horrible image, way too visceral for nice, spiritual people and not that pleasant for the rest of us! It’s just that to write with any honesty about this cosmic event, exact today, visceral is going to have to be where it’s at, because this is no walk in the park (unless you’re being chased by a man with a chainsaw that is) and it’s certainly no vacation (unless it’s, you know… at the Bates Motel…). Okay, so I’m guessing you’re getting my drift here, and it’s not just that I’ve been watching too many slasher films in my spare time. This square contains a whole load of very powerful, desperately pent-up energy and if we want to work with that energy in a constructive way we’re going to have to embrace the darker side of our psyche, the unappealing aspects of life and the repressed energy which fuels us from the shadows and distorts much of who we are and what we do.

This is no astrological alignment for the faint hearted, except there is no opt out clause so we’re all in the firing line anyway, faint hearted or not. This square comes to shake us awake to the consequences of past choices, actions and behaviours. It has powerful karmic overtones and reveals the dark under-belly of the current ‘spiritual’ landscape in which so many live these days. It poses the question: what do you deny and how do you do it? And with Venus, Jupiter and even Neptune set adrift from their cosmic companions, there are few places we can turn to for comfort or refuge at this time. All we can do is look in the cosmic mirror and recognise that what we criticise in others is within us.

What we think makes us special doesn’t and however ‘spiritual’ we think we are, in the moment we think it, we’re not. This square asks us ‘Who do you think you are?’, and whatever we try to answer interrupts our response with a scornful laugh that lays bare our best attempts to defend our position and claim some dignity for ourselves.

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