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Sartre ~ State Sponsored Assassination Culture

“Sorrowfully, government officials are locked into a denial mindset that disassociates any relationship and connection between increased levels of risks to officials and the sanctioned killings approved by their governments.” – Sartre

Obama_US_DronesThe ongoing failures of the Secret Service to provide proper protection for the President have political careerists in a tizzy. Scares that harm could come to the commander-in-chief, also worries the press. Ordinary citizens on principle, accept that the White House should be secure grounds. Rotating blame usually means that the buck does not stop on the oval office desk. Indeed, who could expect any President to be responsible for their own safety? Surely, policy decisions made as a government could not possibly have any bearing on the lunatics that harbor ill will towards our fearless leaders.

Refreshing your memory, Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley and John F. Kennedy got whacked. Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan were targets of serious assassination attempts.

With all the Secret Service trial and tribulations experienced in the last years, the popular assessment is that the Praetorian Guard bodyguards have become a dysfunctional band of self-indulgent thrill seekers.

How much money is enough to spend on Presidential security? Some like ousted Secret Service Director Julia Pierson presumably would say a price tag cannot be placed on keeping the leader alive and safe from assassination. Though, Pierson failed to provide fresh start for Secret Service that administration wanted, proves that the culture of political privilege deems their importance to be most costly. Continue reading

Charles Hugh Smith ~ The Most Destructive Presidencies In U.S. History: George W. Bush And Barack H. Obama

“We should also not be surprised that all these power grabs by the executive branch and the National Security State are cloaked in secrecy, and that anyone who dares to reveal the power grabs and abuses of power to the public is declared a traitor and crucified.” ~C H Smith

CharlesHughSmithAfter 13.5 years, there is more than enough evidence for reasonable people to conclude that the presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama are easily the most destructive in U.S. history.

When historians speak of failed presidencies or weak presidencies, they are typically referring to presidencies characterized by uneven leadership, petty corruption by self-serving cronies or in extreme cases such as the Nixon presidency, abuses of executive power.

But weak or failed presidencies are not destructive to the rule of law and the foundations of the nation. The failed president leaves office and the basic structure of the nation continues: the rule of law, the balance of powers and a free-market economy.

A destructive president weakens or corrupts these core structures in favor of executive-branch powers, and passes these unconstitutional powers to the next executive for further expansion.

The Bush and Obama presidencies have effectively dismantled the rule of law and the Constitution by invoking essentially unlimited executive powers in the name of “national security:” we the citizens of the U.S. can now be accused of violating secret laws, be indicted in secret, tried in secret and sentenced to life in prison based on evidence fabricated in secret, i.e. declaring unclassified documents classified after the fact to incriminate and imprison whistleblowers.

How is this any different from totalitarian fascist regimes?

This is absolutely contrary to basic civil liberties defined by the Constitution. Who benefits from this destruction of fundamental civil liberties? (Always start by asking cui bono–to whose benefit?) Continue reading

Jon Rappoport ~ Obama And The State Of The Onion Address

JonRappoport  January 28 2014

Apparently, the President had ingested some kind of weird drug, because when he stepped to the podium he didn’t look at the teleprompter. He just started talking.

“…like every other recent President, when I take to this platform I’m expected to tell a certain number of lies dressed up as the truth. And believe me, folks, I had a few whoppers ready to go.

“But now I feel like doing something else. I’m not going to delve into the many scandals of my administration, because examining them and taking them apart and exposing the lies would keep us here all night and into tomorrow.

“Instead, I just want to explain my overarching agenda. It’s the same agenda every modern President has fronted for. I’m not really doing anything new. That’s a myth.

“You see, in order to become President in the first place, I had to sign on to the scheme to debase, throttle, and weaken this country. I have my methods. Every President has his own.

“Weakening America is part and parcel of Globalism. Ultimately, America will not the lead the way into what has been called the New World Order. International heavy hitters, bankers, and corporations will carry that ball. America will go along, with its population of sleeping masses.

“So-called Pax Americanus, or imperial American empire, has been shelved, in favor of a much larger operation. Continue reading

Richard (RJ) Eskow ~ A Congress Of The Wealthy, By The Wealthy, And For The Wealthy

NationOfChange  January 26 2014

Richard Eskow

Richard Eskow

When the President of the United States delivers his State of the Union message next week, he’ll be speaking to the wealthiest Congress in history. What does it mean for a representative democracy when most of its representatives are insulated from the real-world economic experiences of its citizens?

A new report from Open Secrets shows that, for the first time, the average member of Congress is worth more than $1 million. It’s hard to say how much more, because the House has adopted the Senate’s less stringent financial reporting requirements, but most representatives are, as they used to say back home, “pretty well fixed.” More than half of them are worth more than $1 million, according to Open Secrets.

Some members of Congress aren’t wealthy, of course. But if the President sticks with his recent theme of inequality next week, he’ll be doing it in front of an audience that has disproportionately benefited from the very phenomenon he’ll be describing. Some reports say that the president may ask for an extension of unemployment benefits, too. If so, he’ll be proposing it to a room full of people who are unlikely to ever feel unemployment’s anguish and terror themselves.

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Catherine J. Frompovich ~ The Assumed Powers of Any U.S. President: What Are We to Do?

Activist Post December 26 2013

Recently this writer came across a YouTube which discusses some unimaginable circumstances and actions that the voiceover claims are little-known, but apparently imminent in the United States. The actions as discussed, unfortunately, result from Presidential Executive Orders (PEOs), which were designed to and supposedly will take away: our rights as citizens, our cars, food and farms, healthcare and welfare services, and relocate us to relocation centers at the federal government’s whim plus, there are PEOs that give FEMA control and powers Congress cannot do anything about for at least six months and which affect supposedly free persons in the United States of America.

In that YouTube, the PEOs that are of concern to the voice-over are listed below. In checking out which president of the U.S. issued them, I find that President John F Kennedy issued most. One has to wonder why such extreme dictatorial measures were self-assumed and consequently placed into what may become future presidents’ armamentaria for despotism and one-man rule. No president seems exempt from being capable to proclaim and implement dictatorial powers or invoke those as granted by former presidents in preceding PEOs, or those issued in the future.

PEO No. Established Power(s) for

JFK 10990 Reestablishing the Federal Safety Council

JFK 10995 Assigning telecommunications management functions

JFK 10997 Assigning emergency preparedness functions to the Secretary of the Interior

JFK 10998 Assigning emergency preparedness functions to the Secretary of Agriculture

JFK 10999 Assigning emergency preparedness functions to the Secretary of Commerce

JFK 11000 Assigning emergency preparedness functions to the Secretary of Labor

JFK 11001 Assigning emergency preparedness functions to the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare Continue reading

Senator Rand Paul ~ Sen. Rand Paul Delivers Response To President’s Speech On Military Action In Syria – 9/10/13 [Video]


Stephen Lendman ~ The Chemical Weapons Hoax

SteveLendmanBlog June 16 2013

Greater US intervention in Syria looms. Manufactured threats facilitate doing so. Replacing Assad with puppet leadership is planned. Independent governments aren’t tolerated. More on that below.

Fact: Washington bears full responsibility for Middle East/North Africa/Central Asian wars. Resource control is prioritized. So is imperial dominance to Russian and Chinese borders.

Fact: State terrorism is official US policy. Obama’s waging multiple direct and proxy wars. He’s doing so lawlessly. He’s ravaging humanity in the process.

Washington, its allies, and proxies use chemical and other illegal weapons. Permanent wars reflect longstanding US policy. Americans are deceived and lied to. Truth is verboten.

Unchallenged global dominance is sought. Washington demands total subservience. What we say goes is policy. All independent governments are targeted.

Plans call for installing subservient puppet regimes. Direct intervention in Syria looms. War on Iran is planned. Lebanon is targeted. So are other countries.

America and Israel are imperial partners. Both countries wage war on Syria. They actively arm Al Qaeda and Al Nusra fighters. Both groups are designated terrorist organizations.

They’re supplied chemical and other lethal weapons. They’re trained in their use. Pentagon contractors and US special forces are involved. So are CIA operatives. Training occurs in Turkey and Jordan. Perhaps in Israel.

Israeli forces are mobilized near Syria’s border. Libya 2.0 looms. Regional conflict is possible. So is WW III.

Fact: Alleging Syrian chemical weapons use replicates fabricated claims about Saddam’s nonexistent WMDs. It’s similar to false charges against all US enemies.

Big Lies launch wars. They’re pretexts for planned aggression. Repetition gets people to believe them. Manipulative deception is standard practice. False flags are commonly used.

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Mike Harris ~ ‘Two-Party System An Illusion, Both Funded From Same Source’ [Video]

 | November 5 2012 | Thanks, Minty

Almost 30 million Americans have already cast their votes for President, queuing for hours at early polling stations across the country. Although too soon to tell which way the vote is swinging, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are locked together according to most polls. But lost in the rivalry between Republican and Democrat, are the alternatives that many Americans have longed for.

For perspective on what the third party candidates have to offer, RT talks to Mike Harris, managing director of AMT Capital Partners.

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Greg Hunter ~ Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.9.12

USA Watchdog | March 9 2012

The big story was the meeting between the Prime Minister of Israel and the President of the United States on Monday.  Netanyahu told Obama in no uncertain terms that he was tired of waiting to attack Iran over its nuclear program.  Iran has said repeatedly it is for the peaceful production of energy, but Israel is not buying it.  Netanyahu did not announce it would attack but, also, did not mention a word of letting the sanctions work or diplomacy.  I think this was a very dark omen, and in my mind, Netanyahu was publicly putting the President on notice that an attack is going to be launched.  It has, also, been reported that Israel was requesting bunker buster bombs among other military hardware needed to carry out an attack.  (For more on the story, please click here and here.)

The Greek debt deal looks like it’s going to get done, but will it trip credit default swaps?  Is this deal really done?  What’s the possible fallout?  Who knows, but the European sovereign debt crisis is far from over.

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