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Susanne Posel ~ Chemically Nucleated ‘Fake Snow’ Demystified: Exclusive Report With Susanne Posel And Dane Wigington

TheUSIndependent  January 31 2014

(You can listen to the exclusive interview between Dane Wigington & Susanne Posel here)

We get a great opportunity to see what Dane Wigington has found and what this ‘fake snow’ really is.

Get ready to learn about polymer webs, chemically nucleated snow, current seeding operations and what we need to know about GeoEngineering on national as well as global levels.

What’s up with the snow?  Dane Wigington geoengineeringwatch.org People around the globe have taken notice of what appears to be very strange characteristics of the snow falling of late.  The snow does not appear to melt in a usual fashion and many report the snow emits a chemical smell when exposed to an open flame. Is this possible?

The short answer is yes. Though I can not speak directly about the flame experiments since there is no rain in most of California let alone snow, and cannot conduct my own test. I and others have long since been sounding the alarm about the artificially/chemically nucleated snow that has been and is a major component of geoengineering.

What are the known elements showing up in the snow during the last decade?

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3Min News August 8 2012 ~ Noctilucent Clouds [Video]

SuspiciousObservers | Thanks, Minty 

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