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Ancient Myths And Legends Served To Explain The Startling Phenomenon Of Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse is set to darken the sky over Europe, as well as parts of Asia, North West Africa, and North America in the biggest eclipse since 1999. Expected to plunge some countries into 98 percent darkness, the event, which corresponds with the March equinox, will “skirt the south of Iceland, pass over the Faroe Islands and the Norwegian territory of Svalbard, and finish over the North Pole” this Friday, according to NASA.


Map showing the regions where the eclipse is visible (timeanddate.com)

This rare and spectacular astronomical alignment, when the Moon passes directly between the sun and the Earth and shadows the surface of the planet, has always given humanity pause. The event of midday twilight is said to even quiet birds. They stop singing, thinking night has somehow come. Continue reading

Oracle Report ~ Friday, March 20, 2015

New Moon in Pisces/Aries (6:28 am ET/10:28 am UT): begin, intend

Wisdom Goddess: Shodashi (Goddess Who Fulfills Our Highest Desire)

Skill: look at the various things that are being projected


“Journey Between Suns”~ Sol www.crowrising.com

Positive Imprints: initiative and initiations, completion, focus, applying one’s knowledge/skills/talents, connecting Heaven and Earth, progress, growth, clarity, release, looking to a higher power, goals and desires, solid foundations, cravings, being students and teachers for each other, determination

Catalysts for Change: denial of one’s true self, going off on tangents, temptation to act out one’s feelings, tricks, laziness, unclear, being under someone’s influence, prematurity, lack of initiative, lingering in the past, wanting others to project a certain or ideal image

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “a majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealized by a boy who takes it up as his ideal of greatness, and as he grows up, begins to look like it”

The New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse occurs today, and it happens at the very last degree of the zodiac. Poised on the precipice of the Second Renaissance, the panorama of majestic rock formations surrounds us.

This month is very important because it marks an end point. A cycle of time where truth and wisdom have been shadowed comes to a close. A new cycle of time that steers us back toward balance and sanity begins at the next New Moon, the New Moon in Aries on April 18, 2015. This is covered in the audio recording overview for the month, which is posted on the homepage of www.oraclereport.com. Continue reading

Henry Seltzer ~ The Mystical Practicality of the Solar Eclipse New Moon

eclipseFriday morning early, the New Moon that takes place in the final degree of Pisces is also a Solar Eclipse, thus an extra-powerful New Moon with long-term implications for individual and collective transformational development. Additionally the same day the Sun enters Aries for the important symbolism of the Spring Equinox, beginning the entirety of the season. We will want to look closely into the symbolism of this powerful lunation for the clues to that which we will need to incorporate into our own process of dawning awareness and evolutionary growth.

The cosmic message of this timing will speak to us in different ways depending on where we have arrived, along the outline of our path, and where indeed we might yet be stuck. This New Moon eclipse is especially poignant for us now, coming as it does in the aftermath of the recent perfection of the UranusPluto square, the seventh in a series of seven, thus the last exact hit of their dynamic alignment for the next thirty years. Eclipses are significant moments and you will want to be asking of this one, what exactly is the message for your life right now — what is the cosmos attempting to convey that speaks to your own particular situation?

In reference to a message, the position of Mercury is particularly apt, and we do find Mercury highlighted in this eclipse configuration, in conjunction with Neptune, only a few degrees of Zodiacal longitude away, and closely parallel. The position of Pluto, at 15 Capricorn, makes a sextile to this Mercury while they each make an inconjunct aspect to Jupiter, which almost exactly aspects their midpoint, bringing both the archetype of transformational change, and as well that of the logical mind, as represented by Mercury, into greater focus. Mercury resides in numinous and other-dimensional Pisces, and the eclipse itself takes place in the final degree of Pisces, the sign of Neptune‘s rulership.

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Emmanuel Dagher ~ Energy Forecast March 2015

eclipseWe have so much to catch up on! How have you been feeling lately?

There was a palpable shift that occurred after the 19th of February that brought many of us an overall sense of peace, even though there were a few days in between that still had some residual effects of Mercury in retrograde.

For those mindful that their reality is a direct result of their projected ideas/thoughts about it, those few days provided clear feedback as to what things we can continue to polish up, as we enter a gentler year ahead.

The Equinox and the Total Solar Eclipse

Beginning in early March, the energies start to build toward the equinox (spring for the Northern Hemisphere, autumn for the Southern Hemisphere).

This occurs on Friday, March 20 at 6:45 PM EDT (10:45 PM GMT). To add to this already exciting time of transformation, we will also be experiencing a total solar eclipse on the same day as the equinox!

So what does this mean for us? Continue reading

Liberation Awaits

SpiritLibrary April 4 2014 (Thanks, Constance)

SarahVarcasThere is much talk of the intense influences around this month. What with a total lunar eclipse on 15th, a Cardinal Grand Cross on 23rd/24th followed by a solar eclipse to round the month off on 28th/29th, yes, there’s plenty to excite! And of course, as with most things in life, these alignments do not just appear out of nowhere on the day in question, but instead build gradually towards a climax of fulfilment and fruition, before just as gradually falling away into nothingness once more. If we take the analogy of child-birth, we could say that right now labour has begun but there’s a way to go yet. Come the lunar eclipse things are speeding up and the birth is imminent. The Grand Cross sees the arrival of new life and the solar eclipse brings the full awareness of what this new beginning means for us and every aspect of our life. Suffice to say we have an intense few weeks ahead, but at the end of it lies the potential for a shift of both personal and collective orientation which could, in due course, change the course of history. Of course, history can be changed in all manner of ways, positive or negative, and neither course is set in stone. It really is up to us at this juncture and there are some interesting and enlightening challenges ahead!

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The Photon God [Video]

2012 The Awakening | July 24 2012 | Thanks, Annette

Informative presentation on photon light’s relationship to  higher consciousness as the solar system embeds itself in the photon belt, Bill also covers the possible time slip or dimensional ramifications of crossing the galactic rift as illustrated in the Lost Book of Nostradamus.

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Shift Frequency (Into Alignment With Now)

Life unfolds like a flower, opening seeds, stems, buds – expanding life petals into the unknown, trusting all will be ok. It discovers “trust” must be right now or it doesn’t work.

It doesn’t stress which timeline It’s on, or wonder if It “made” it. Doesn’t ponder “Is my heart wise enough to win through? Can I share Spirit with my Self?

Life just knows it can.

Experience today in now time

Today’s The Day! Isn’t it always The Day? – a moment   calibrated to now? Isn’t “today” being created from future and past right “now”? Isn’t it composed of all these thoughts scampering and skipping up, down, over, around the time scale?

Yes. That and more. It becomes more when awareness shifts into focus. Through conscious thought selection the center of awareness shifts. Thought becomes heart focused in “now” time and finds harmony in its Self.

Now time is time to focus on what we want manifest.

So, what about the eclipse?

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