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Emmanuel Dagher ~ The New Cycles Of A New Earth

emmanualDagherEnergyForecastIt’s such a gift for me to be able to connect with you in this way again.

The month of October starts off with a powerful Total Lunar Eclipse occurring on the 8th that will highlight the relationships in our lives.

These energies are giving us the opportunity to look at our relationships from a higher level. They are calling us to ask important questions, such as:

Are these relationships operating from a space of integrity, honesty and mutual respect?

Are we allowing ourselves to speak our truth in a kind, loving and productive way, without intending to dim our light and the light of others in the process?

Is it time to move on from certain belief systems, people, places and experiences that no longer feel to be in resonance with where we are in our lives?

And could it be time to align with new ideas, people, places and experiences that support and are in harmony with the kind of reality we desire?

The answers to these questions and much more will reveal themselves as we move through this upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse.


In all of our relationships, the art of listening can be a powerful beneficial practice. It can help us receive greater clarity as to whether or not certain relationships are meant to continue in our lives. Continue reading

Emmanuel Dagher ~ May 2014 – Did that Really Happen?

Emmanuel Dagher  May 6 2014

SunFlare2How have you been since we last connected, at the beginning of last month?

In April’s Forecast, I shared that there would be several celestial alignments that would inspire rapid changes to occur in our consciousness, and that a big part of this change would include a profound purification of our mind, body and emotions.

The Solar Eclipse at the end of April was the exclamation point that closed the doorway to what was probably one of the most intense yet transformative times in the last 10 years.

If you glided through the past month completely unaffected by the intense energies, then you’ve probably reached a point of great balance within yourself.

However, if you struggled with those profound shifts, know that you are not alone, and that you are exactly where you are meant to be on your path.

For many, the experiences of the last month have left them asking, “Did that really happen?”

The Release

Last month, many experienced the deeply rooted patterns that contribute to the creation of fear-based reality, which promotes separation, coming to the surface more potently than ever. These patterns came up so strongly this time around, right in front of our faces, so that we can free ourselves of them once and for all. Continue reading

Annular~ Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse April 29, 2014

3MoonOcean  April 28 2014

Eclipse1 ~ Rarity

Artist's Rendition of The THIN RING of the  Annular Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse on April 29, 2014 over Antarctica

Artist’s Rendition of The THIN RING of the Annular Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse on April 29, 2014 over Antarctica

The April 29, 2014 Annular Solar Eclipse is a rare kind where the totality of the ‘Ring of Fire’ will only be visible for 49 seconds over Antarctica. In addition, the ring is especially thin.

This particular eclipse is also rather unusual because the central axis of the Moon’s shadow misses Earth entirely while the shadow edge grazes the planet. This is what’s known as a non-central annular eclipse.

Non-central Annular Eclipses are very, very rare. Out of the 3,956 annular eclipses occurring during the 5,000-year period -2000 to +3000, only 68 of them or 1.7% are non-central (Espenak and Meeus, 2006).

The nearest Solar Eclipse that was this exact occurred on August 29, 1486, and will not occur again until January 8, 2141. – http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/OH/OH2014.html

The thin ring that appears for only a brief moment, and the non-central aspect of this eclipse, really set it apart. It is fitting that it is ending the Eclipse/Cardinal Cross Vortex of April 2014, as it was a special opportunity for raising our spiritual consciousness within a cauldron of intense change.

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M Kelley Hunter ~ New Ground

Heliastar  April 28 2014

Image: Amaryllis Spring in St. John, oil painting by author.

Image: Amaryllis Spring in St. John, oil painting by author.

Has April been one of the most intense, challenging, exciting and enriching months of the year? I hear a chorus of agreement through the ethers!

This solar eclipse gets us down to business to follow up on the momentum of change. Emphasizing pragmatic issues of Taurus, we are asked to question and redefine our definitions of security and what’s sustainable in the long run. Though not a total eclipse, it will have its impact, especially under such a literal-minded earth sign. In the push and pull of the Big Change pattern, so strong this past month, we consider: what is worth our investment of time and energy, not to mention money? Let’s use our common sense to answer this question. There are hopeful signs that things are going in a good direction, even amidst the chaos and angst, and we’ll see more such signs in the next couple of months. Substantial developments are on the road to making a real difference. It’s a great New Moon day to celebrate the basic, simple things in life. It doesn’t take much, but we do need the essentials: good food, water, shelter, clothing, beauty and companionship. A creative flair makes the simple very special.

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Simone Butler ~ Taurus New Moon: Abloom With New Life

AstroAlchemy  April 25 2014

FlowerPathI always know when the Taurus season has arrived – my backyard is suddenly abloom with magnificent pink and orange epiphyllums! Sensual, beauty-loving Taurus is my favorite sign. It rules the finer things in life—a homemade Caesar salad with an exquisite glass of pinot noir, a barefoot walk in the grass, a long, slow massage. During the Taurus season (mid April to mid May) we feel more than usually inclined toward such indulgences. At the Taurus New Moon, like the one that’s dueApril 28 at 11:14 pm PDT, we plant new seeds for creative projects, deepen the love in our relationships, and generally celebrate new life. This New Moon is also a solar eclipse, intensifying Taurean themes like security, finances and commitments of all kinds. Yet because Taurus is ruled by peace-loving Venus (currently exalted in Pisces), and messenger Mercury makes beautiful aspects at the New Moon, the stage is set for a calmer, more stable period ahead.

And boy do we need it, after the recent Grand Cross and total lunar eclipse. Talk about wake-up calls! The April 15 eclipse lit up my Neptune in the sixth house of health, and squared my Sun (life force). A week before the eclipse was exact, I suffered a stroke. The doctor was dumbfounded, as I have none of the risk factors for stroke. Nor did I exhibit the usual slurred speech or paralysis. Just an infernal headache that wouldn’t quit. I was lucky. In fact, I was blessed—at the time of the incident, transiting Jupiter was near my Venus (ruler of my sixth house), protecting me. Friends and family came out of the woodwork to pray, send healing energy and surround me with love. I was released from the hospital after only two days, and told I’d make a full recovery (with the help of blood thinners). Cleared for travel, I flew to Houston a few days later to visit my sweetie, who pampered me to the hilt. I was “stroked by love” on so many levels. I even found a chiropractor who greatly reduced the headache.

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Meredith Murphy ~ The Cardinal Grand Cross April 2014 Eclipse Cycle

Expect Wonderful  April 22 2014

Meditate_Lotus_FlowerThis week, within the Eclipse Cycle, we experience a powerful alignment: the Cardinal Grand Cross.

There are many who have written about the astrological perspectives of this alignment, and you can enhance your participation, if you feel inclined, by reading some of those on sites such as Spirit Library.

You can also simply live your life, and listen to your heart and your body and do as you’re inspired and you will receive everything you can use and benefit from, as this alignment takes place.

I want to encourage us, more and more, to really get how natural this whole Ascension Pathway is for us. Our bodies, are leading the way and we can follow. In the recent Soar Fest focused on Freedom, we were encouraged to let go of controlling life or trying to make things happen. It’s an invitation I’ll extend to all of us, today too. In living this way, we are more fully present to ourselves and to what is happening. Because we’re within our own energy, paying attention and open.

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Meredith Murphy ~ April Eclipses, Grand Cross & Merging Streams: Harmonizing And Homecoming

Expect Wonderful  April 10 2014

grandCross2Greetings Dear Friends & Family of Light, This new wave of light weaving within our midst and upon your planet is the stuff you’ve been waiting for, for a long while. It is the energy of your essence, transmitting to you from within and being met from without, in accord. There is a powerful resonance of being taking place and for many of you, who for so long have not yet felt at home on Earth, this will change all that.

There is a homecoming happening energetically, and you can easily feel it within your heart. It’s enough to move you to tears, some of you, as this fuller knowing of who you are comes together. Regardless of how you respond to this energy the energy itself is realizing your deepest aspirations for life on Earth, dear ones. These are very dear hopes, and long-held visions for participating, for evolving, for collectively creating and for uplifting Earth and opening up the planetary matrix to other cosmic levels of being and light. It is a time to feel deep satisfaction and joy.

Life will never be the same and the Legion of Light, the Angelic Realm here and in the material, plays a significant part. Many of you are participating simultaneously in the Angelic Realm and from that focus you feel your essence on Earth. The same way that on Earth you sense your non-physical presence. There is increasing openness between Earth and all realms which means there is increasing openness and clear pathways for connection, communion and transmission between you and you and you and you and you …!

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Sarah Varcas ~ Liberation Awaits

SpiritLibrary April 4 2014 (Thanks, Constance)

SarahVarcasThere is much talk of the intense influences around this month. What with a total lunar eclipse on 15th, a Cardinal Grand Cross on 23rd/24th followed by a solar eclipse to round the month off on 28th/29th, yes, there’s plenty to excite! And of course, as with most things in life, these alignments do not just appear out of nowhere on the day in question, but instead build gradually towards a climax of fulfilment and fruition, before just as gradually falling away into nothingness once more. If we take the analogy of child-birth, we could say that right now labour has begun but there’s a way to go yet. Come the lunar eclipse things are speeding up and the birth is imminent. The Grand Cross sees the arrival of new life and the solar eclipse brings the full awareness of what this new beginning means for us and every aspect of our life. Suffice to say we have an intense few weeks ahead, but at the end of it lies the potential for a shift of both personal and collective orientation which could, in due course, change the course of history. Of course, history can be changed in all manner of ways, positive or negative, and neither course is set in stone. It really is up to us at this juncture and there are some interesting and enlightening challenges ahead!

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