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We Are Destiny

8th/9th March 2016: Solar Eclipse in Pisces

eclipse Sarah Varcas – The solar eclipse occurs in the 19th degree of Pisces at 1:58 a.m. UT on 9th March. Conjunct Chiron and opposed by Jupiter, this is a potent eclipse with the power to stir up old emotions and demand we deal with them, like it or not! In the interests of inner balance, it triggers a cleansing process which may require something of an emotional purge at the outset. How we experience this process will be largely dictated by our willingness to experience previously avoided or denied emotions, moving through them and out the other side rather than trying to sidestep or prematurely transcend them without having penetrated their depths, which are also ours.

Emotions can be troublesome things, arising of their own accord, muddying our perspective, clouding our view and influencing our behaviour in ways we may regret. But they can also be beautiful, life-affirming blessings, even those which, on the face of it, are less than positive. Whilst grief can feel like a deeply destructive force, its power is testament to the love we have shared and the inexplicable mystery of death that throws every moment of existence into sharp relief. Anger can feel vicious and attacking, but can also be an expression of passionate commitment to live a life that refuses to settle for the numbed-out dumbed-down world that tries forever to suck us in.

This eclipse may stir up the past just when we thought it was all done and dusted, reminding us that our psyche lives not in linear time but on a different plane where decades ago can be right now, memories become real, the future becomes the present and what once we knew as truth is simultaneously the greatest lie. Understanding this fact and knowing our true essence amidst the whirlwind of memory and emotion is an act of power at a time when we are all being recalibrated to live life in a new way.

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A Pisces New Moon Eclipse of Darkness and Light

saturnHenry Seltzer – This Tuesday we have an especially powerful New Moon that is also a solar eclipse, and this serves to remind us that we are in the midst of great societal and personal transformation. This is because the eclipse degree, the 19th of Pisces, simultaneously aspects Uranus and Pluto in their square alignment, active over this entire decade of the “turbulent teens,” and both ends as well of the forming square between Jupiter and Saturn, of much shorter term but still a major factor in these spring skies.

The Sun and Moon also aspect Chiron, the Wounded Healer, less than a degree away from this extra-potent New Moon, speaking to feelings of angst and lack of confidence. Then, too, we also would want to make note of the dark symbolism of Saturn with Pluto, and the polarity indicated by conservative Saturn in forming trine with revolutionary Uranus, while Jupiter and Uranus, in close alignment also, presage brilliant flashes of insight and inventiveness.

This combination of inspirational planetary archetypes also represents deep intuitional knowing that seems to bypass the slow process of arid logic with an instant apprehension of an unusual answer to a seemingly insolvable problem. This is the up side of this configuration, while a dire sense of an extra weight of responsibility, represented by Saturn-Pluto, is also very much with us, making for a volatile and a darkly wise time period characterized by fundamental optimism, and yet with many clashes of differing viewpoints.

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The Sound of Gravitational Music

Carol Ciocco – You may have heard that we had a major scientific breakthrough this past week (there have been quite a few lately!) concerning the discovery of Gravitational Waves as predicted by Einstein. See below for a few thoughts on this discovery through the lens of spirituality.


Revolution in physics as gravitational waves seen for first time (article)

Eclipses Coming Up

In the meantime, here’s a quick heads-up concerning the Eclipse season, which is now upon us. We will have a Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces on March 8/9, 2016, followed by a Penumbral (partial) Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 23, 2016 (very close to the Equniox).

Total eclipses – especially Total Solar Eclipses – are always of special note, as they have great impact on the human psyche. During a Total Solar Eclipse, the Moon’s shadow covers the Sun creating the effect of night occurring during the day. When the ‘great light’ of our world winks out and disappears, it affects us on a subconscious level. As I like to say, ‘the ego shivers’.

The way that animals and nature behave during a Total Solar Eclipse gives a hint at the instinctual impact: flowers close up, the birds stop singing, animals spontaneously lie down and go to sleep, and the stars and planets near the Sun become visible. The order of the Universe is overturned.

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New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo – It’s Time to Rise and Shine!

alignmentSimon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone –  A beautiful series of alignments are forming for us as the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo begins to manifest. This alignment ushers in the winds of change.

With the Full Moon in Pisces at the end of August, an invitation opened up for us to connect with and start bringing into being our most extraordinary and self-empowering dreams. Now, as we begin to establish the empowering truth of who we really are on our paths towards self-mastery, we are being asked to take charge of the next step in our collective awakening and begin building, creating creating new structures around us that align with our dreams.

Who is ready to take the next step?

Planetary Alignments Reflecting Our Evolution

Uranus in Aries Quincunx Sun and Moon (Solar Eclipse) in Virgo

This alignment brings with it an amazing opportunity to start taking the new direction that is present with us right now, and to distill it into manifestation.

The angle “quincunx” is a re-adjustment angle and offers us powerful opportunity for learning balance. In this angle there is a tendency to become paralyzed. This is due to the to the nature of crisis. Crisis causes the need to pay attention and focus on the situation. This awareness through reflection and confrontation brings liberation if approached with this view.

So in the context of these planets and their archetypes, a powerful invitation is present with this New Moon. Uranus in Aries brought about random instinctual liberation from the old. The placement of the New Moon and Sun (eclipse) quincunx Uranus in Aries now asks the question: Where are you taking this new direction, what are you seeking, what are the logistics involved and how is this being seen in your life? Continue reading

Ancient Myths And Legends Served To Explain The Startling Phenomenon Of Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse is set to darken the sky over Europe, as well as parts of Asia, North West Africa, and North America in the biggest eclipse since 1999. Expected to plunge some countries into 98 percent darkness, the event, which corresponds with the March equinox, will “skirt the south of Iceland, pass over the Faroe Islands and the Norwegian territory of Svalbard, and finish over the North Pole” this Friday, according to NASA.


Map showing the regions where the eclipse is visible (timeanddate.com)

This rare and spectacular astronomical alignment, when the Moon passes directly between the sun and the Earth and shadows the surface of the planet, has always given humanity pause. The event of midday twilight is said to even quiet birds. They stop singing, thinking night has somehow come. Continue reading

Liberation Awaits

SpiritLibrary April 4 2014 (Thanks, Constance)

SarahVarcasThere is much talk of the intense influences around this month. What with a total lunar eclipse on 15th, a Cardinal Grand Cross on 23rd/24th followed by a solar eclipse to round the month off on 28th/29th, yes, there’s plenty to excite! And of course, as with most things in life, these alignments do not just appear out of nowhere on the day in question, but instead build gradually towards a climax of fulfilment and fruition, before just as gradually falling away into nothingness once more. If we take the analogy of child-birth, we could say that right now labour has begun but there’s a way to go yet. Come the lunar eclipse things are speeding up and the birth is imminent. The Grand Cross sees the arrival of new life and the solar eclipse brings the full awareness of what this new beginning means for us and every aspect of our life. Suffice to say we have an intense few weeks ahead, but at the end of it lies the potential for a shift of both personal and collective orientation which could, in due course, change the course of history. Of course, history can be changed in all manner of ways, positive or negative, and neither course is set in stone. It really is up to us at this juncture and there are some interesting and enlightening challenges ahead!

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