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Henry Seltzer ~ A Last Quarter Moon Of Discovery

Astrograph  April 21 2014

lastquartermoonTuesday night after midnight on the west coast (later if further east by the number of hours from PDT) the Last Quarter Moon perfects with the Sun in early Taurus and the Moon in Aquarius. This phase represents a period of thoughtful reexamination of everything that has come before it, and arrives in the midst of an exciting time, as we go through the wringer of the cardinal cross involving Uranus and Pluto colliding in square alignment, as are also the Sun and Moon. These potent outer planets occupy respectively the signs of Aries and of Capricorn, representing intuitional identity versus structure. As we mull things over, we are summoning up more than just the past few weeks, perhaps rather the past few years, as we try to see ahead to the top of the mountain that we are currently climbing. As we — in symbolic chime with the energy of this quarter moon — meditate on our situation, we are also attempting to assess that plateau that we have reached amidst the stages of our own developmental cycle, and in the turning of the ages, as we strive as a culture toward the new beginning represented by this 21st century’s second decade.

The sign of Aries represents how we self-identify, and how we move forward in a way that is consistent with our most deeply held values. Capricorn is about the very structure of our lives, rooted in tradition and cultural conditioning, and as an earth sign is particularly resistant to inevitable change. Uranus and Pluto, residing there, are shaking up these facets of life. These areas are evolving on both personal and societal levels with every hit of this storied square. Their rulers, Saturn and Mars, are also prominent, with Saturn, ruling Capricorn, and highlighted in Pluto’s sign of Scorpio, characterizing another powerful symbol of transformation. Mars is moving backward now through Libra, the sign of partnership, imparting that we need the reflection of ourselves that we find in the mirror of relationship for a most useful accompaniment to our own process of growth.

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Oracle Report ~ Tuesday, April 22, 2014

OracleReport Third Quarter Moon in Aquarius: revise, realign, personal responsibility ~  Ruling Mahavidya: Chinnamasta and Kali

  • Skill: stay open about the future; look for signs
  • Negative Imprint: hopelessness
  • Positive Imprint: hopefulness

Happy Earth Day!

WaterWithRainbowAfter yesterday’s emotional storms, like a rainbow, today offers signs of hope. Reassurance from higher sources comes to help us see promises for the future. For this we take in the spectrum of the colors of our lives – the brighter ones and the dimmer ones. They aren’t all bold and they aren’t all dull.

But it can be a challenge, in these times, to see a rainbow – to see hope. It can be challenging to dwell in a joyous mindspace. Our emotions can carry us off, ungrounding us. We can become battered.

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Oracle Report ~ Thursday, April 17, 2014

Oracle Report Full Moon n Scorpio/Sagittarius: realization ~ Ruling Mahavidya: Chinnamasta and Kali

  • Skill: listen
  • Negative imprint: premature judgment of situations; resisting change
  • Positive Imprint: gratitude for experiences; embracing change

ColorfulBirdExitingTreeToday the Sun reaches the degree known as “the music of the spheres.” The world of spirit attaches to our inner realm and communicates to us. From this, wisdom is gained.

In contrast to the past few days’ intense energy, this energy is positively ethereal. Our inner selves are on a magic carpet ride through the changes that come from lasting transformation. We are wise to refrain from judging or evaluating whether things are going well for us or not. Instead, we recognize that we are gaining wisdom from the process. Even if it feels like a pattern is repeating and you are failing, this is not the case.

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Henry Seltzer ~ A Dramatic Full Moon Eclipse

Astrograph  April 12 2014

TotalEclipseMoonMonday night April 14th, around midnight on the West Coast, or later if further east, 3 hours for the EDT time zone and 8 or more for Europe and beyond, there will be a lunar eclipse and Full Moon that will be rather dramatic in both its physical and its astrological manifestations. Physically it will be worth staying up for, since this eclipse will be visible all over North and South America, and in parts of Europe and just at moonrise in Australia and New Zealand. The partial is at 11 PM PDT and the total begins at about 12 AM April 15th, when the Moon grows redder as it enters the Earth’s shadow. The time of the exact astrological event is 12:42 AM PDT. The Earth eclipses the Moon, and the Moon is opposite the Sun, making for the dramatic symbolism of an extra-powerful Full Moon.

Since this Full Moon is part of the week leading up to the cardinal cross event of the following weekend, it is also important that the Moon is within 9 degrees of a conjunction with retrograde Mars, while Mars, moving backward through the sign of Libra, is starting to come into its final alignment — by next weekend — opposite Uranus and square to Pluto. At the very time of the eclipse, in another synchronistic connection, Mercury in the sky exactly aligns with Uranus in the 14th degree of Aries. Visually, if you can find Mercury in the sky the next morning, just before sunrise, you will be looking at Uranus as well. This Full Moon configuration is thus a precursor of the powerful alignment for Easter Sunday. Pluto currently occupies the 14th degree of Capricorn, while Jupiter is coming into the 14th degree of Cancer, opposite Pluto, where it will be found by mid-week. With Mercury touching off this closing square we are already into the timing of the cardinal cross, so that the pressure for radical transformation climbs at least a notch or two higher on its way to the perfection of the following Sunday, April 20th.

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Henry Seltzer ~ A Difficult First Quarter Moon Of April 2014

Astrograph  April 6 2014

FirstQuarterMoonMonday morning’s First Quarter Moon represents a difficult time. There is normally an increase of interpersonal tension with the Sun and Moon in square, leading to new ways of looking at our current situation. This time the theme of feeling somewhat at odds with our destiny is further augmented by a T-square that the Sun and Moon make to feisty Mars. We find the red planet just a couple of degrees away from exactly opposite the Sun, moving retrograde through Libra. This would be a recipe for a volatile increase in reactivity, were it not for the very internal nature of this Mars, not only in retrograde motion, but located in the sign of its detriment. Mars is happiest in Aries, the sign he rules, and in the opposite sign of Libra he feels less at home, although decidedly more diplomatic. As we search deeply for answers to whatever is coming up for us during the course of this powerful month, we might discover within ourselves a potent intentionality for transformation.

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Oracle Report ~ Thursday, April 3, 2014

OracleReport  Crescent Moon in Gemini: expand, grow, defy struggle ~ Ruling Mahavidya: Chinnamasta and Kali

  • Negative Imprint: cut off
  • Positive Imprint: linked together
  • Skill: if difficulty arises, cut yourself off from struggle; reconnect with common values or what you have in common

Owl_quizzicalToday’s energy tempts us into feeling cut off – cut off from Spirit, cut off from others, cut off from joy. Instead we can take this tendency and use it to cut through the matrix and the illusion that we are alone. We are part of the cosmos. Each of us is a thread in the great weaving.

Part of today’s energy involves feeling like we are repeating patterns or are back where we started. Life is cyclical. But we come at things wiser than we did the last time. This means we can do things a different way if we want. Don’t be fooled with things that look like they have “fallen down.” They are merely ready to change form and function. The past warps into the present and begins morphing into the future. New usefulness emerges from what seems to have been cut down or knocked out.

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Oracle Report ~ Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Oracle Report  ~ New Moon in Taurus: set intentions and wishes; beginnings ~ Ruling Mahavidya: Chinnamasta and Kali

  • Negative Imprint: frazzled
  • Positive Imprint: focused
  • Skill: command the energy into a coil and wrap it around you; use it to power yourself

Today’s energy carries tension and pressure that is designed to push us forward. This will create situations and circumstances where people get kind of crazy. (This is also reflected in the earthquake in Chile. As mentioned in my latest article, Mother Nature is going to make herself known over the next year.)

The Sun and Uranus are in still in tight conjunction, so take extra caution while driving and double-check that appliances are turned off.

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Oracle Report ~ Monday, March 31, 2014

Oracle Report New Moon in Aries: intend, begin, seed, initiate ~ Ruling Mahavidya: Chinnamasta and Kali

  • Negative Imprint: distortion
  • Positive Imprint: balance

ColorfulBirdExitingTreeActivity: move your body while mentally reinforcing your New Moon intentions and visions for the next year

Complex and intense energies continue today. The prevailing pattern leans toward distortions – things getting out of proportion and toward extremes. Our aim is to remain balanced and see what becomes distorted.

When thinking about how to bring balance to the situation, give considerable thought to how you really want to use your energy. Is it worth it? Is it best just to let it be? Will engaging in the fray truly accomplish anything? Mars is retrograde, so we are learning how we want to better use our energy. The Mars/Aries energy is notorious for over-doing. This leads to quick burn-out. We are only in the second day of this new cycle in Aries. It’s necessary to pace ourselves. The instinct to push out or push forward is natural, but needs to be tempered with the wisdom of an old owl.

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