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Enlightened Beings ~ The 3 Secrets To Increasing Your Financial Frequency

Jafree Ozwald June 4 2013

“Abundance is not something we acquire, its something we tune into.” ~ Wayne Dyer

Everyone deserves to be free. This means being free on an emotional, social, physical, mental, spiritual level and yes… a financial level. It is your natural birthright to live an abundant life where you feel rich and supported by this amazing Universe. It truly is the only way to relax and drop deeper into trust and love. Abundance, like everything, comes from the God Source which is always connected to you. The real question is, are you allowing a constant flow of Divine Abundance into your life with effortless ease and joy?

Have you ever wondered why only a few people have an abundance of money, while others work like slaves around the clock and barely make their rent each month? The big difference between these beings is in their financial frequency. Your financial frequency is the level at which your beliefs and energy field vibrates at whenever you think about, feel about, and interact with money. What happens to your body when you start thinking about dealing with money situations this week? This is a good representation of where your frequency is at right now, which the good news is that it can be shifted in a matter of minutes! Below are 3 powerful secrets that will allow you to increase your Financial Frequency instantly!

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Jamye Price ~ The Energies Of June 2013

Crystalline Soul Healing June 3 2013

Here we are at June of 2013.  It’s been half a year since we passed the much anticipated 12/21/12.  We are still watching the control systems falter, the large structures like corporations and banking shift, as well as the exposure of what was hidden.  It’s not an overnight process and it’s not a pleasant one, but the end result is worth it – like the contractions of labor bringing in new life.  2013 is a 6 year, a year of balance.  Better stated in our Polarity Integration work, it is a year of ‘expanding your foundation’ which is a larger fulcrum from which to balance.  If you stand with your feet close together and someone pushes you from the side, you are easily thrown off balance.  If you spread your feet apart, the same pressure can not throw you off balance.  This is our year 2013 at month 6.  We are increasing our (under)standing in order to be more balanced.

Polarity Integration is integrating the opposites in order to become whole.  It is the ‘middle road’ expanding out to encompass All.  As we each become whole within ourselves, we are informing the Field of Interaction that each being cooperates with; emitting a frequency that teaches Wholeness on a subconscious level.  Herein is the paradox of Unity Consciousness.  You are an individual and will identify as such throughout your life on Earth.  Yet you are a collective of Consciousness, not truly separate from all that is around you.  Life interacts with life, transforms life and propagates more life.  This universal constant of movement is within you and manifests outside of you.  2013 has been stretching us to a new level of inner strength, the ability to Love and Enlighten within any circumstance.  As such, all life becomes a platform for the foundation of Love, the binding force of the universe.  It is inclusive and propulsive – the electromagnetic grace.

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Lisa K. ~ Go With The Flow, Follow Your Bliss And Make Your Little Gems In Life

Inspire Me Today March 19 2013

Trust. It allows you to be present in the here and now, it allows you to face the world with calmness and centeredness. Trust gives you the ability to easily let go and let God. Trust puts you in the zone and allows you to be the channel for the power of the Universe to flow through you, as you. Through Trust you will be supported in every way.

The biggest thing that has changed my life has been learning Trust. It’s not just about knowing what trust means, or being able to talk about it and explain it. Learning Trust is learning how to have trust in your mind, body and heart. It is having an unquestioning, undoubting faith that is Trust.

It is a knowing and feeling deep down that there something out there bigger and wiser than you are. That the wise all-knowing-consciousness exists in an incomprehensible way to support you, take care of you, guide you, always be there for you.

The only problem in attaining Trust, is that you have to experience it to really have it. It seems that others may be born with a natural trust in a greater power. But not everyone is, and if you weren’t born with it, you can still attain Trust.

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Michele Geyer ~ Hope Or Trust

Energetic Connection February 22 2013

Hope is a four-letter word.

The dictionary defines hope as “desire accompanied with expectation for fulfillment.” My definition is similar, yet much less accommodating and certainly not so nice! Here it is:

H stands for helplessness. O stands for oppressed. P stands for passive. E stands for expectation.

I stay away from that word, recently replacing it with “trust.” Trust carries a higher vibration, and “hope” is often just a mere step above victim, breeding powerlessness like a rabbit.

That’s part of a 2010 repost from my blog series on self-mastery and the levels of consciousness. SInce that time, so much more has been uncovered about languaging, visualization, brain waves, subconscious states and responses as they relate to our human potential to create and manifest.

Consider our constant state of transitional and evolutionary experiences: many of us are in a sort of post-pinnacle-limbo-state-of-being and even a bit of hopelessness right now. What we thought we knew last year, in fact the shift that so many looked upon hopefully, has not actualized in our 3D world. It’s just not manifest, here, now, in the way so many believed it would or could be.

Even so, and even more importantly now, it is our “job” to sustain the vision of peace, ascension, sanctuary, evolution, the betterment of mankind and our relationship to the planet…however we might “see it” as individuals.

Instead of hoping it will be, trust that it already exists.

The Western Mystery traditions use visioning practices to explore the inner realms, to invoke the divine and create sanctuary, often to evoke positive outcomes for the greater good. Essentially they use magic to hold ceremonial space, a picture of the inner temple and other realms.

There is no hoping involved. It’s an exercise of certainty and trust in both individuals and the group to make real what exists on the astral planes.

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Allison Blankenship ~ Accepting Our Present Life Situation Is Fundamental. Appreciating It Is Divine.

Inspire Me Today February 6 2013

Trust that your path is always perfect… That seems like a simple statement but as we know, simple is not the same as easy. Being a control freak is a well-loved tradition in my family – trying to control events, people and even the future can be exhausting.

For me, learning to let go and trust the process of life has been nerve-wracking, nail-biting and ultimately, monumentally freeing. During one prolific struggle, a dear friend looked me in the eye and said, “You have to trust that your path is always perfect. It’s the timing we wrestle with.” Those words became a mantra of peace and surrender to a life force I feel but cannot direct.

This concept became a foundation in our book on turning unexpected change into opportunity. How many times have you reviewed the past, only to see how fluently the pieces fit together in hind sight? How many times have you mourned a “loss,” only to discover that a better opportunity emerged? How many times have you thought “if only” – and were later relieved down the road?

Perhaps the biggest challenge of living “trust that your path is always perfect” is believing it is possible. Trust requires that we listen to our inner wisdom; trust takes faith in the life process; and trusting means we commit to living fully in the present.

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John Smallman ~ To Awaken Is Like Having An Enormous Load Lifted From Your Shoulders

John Smallman’s Blog | December 5 2012

As the end of your earth year draws closer, excitement continues to mount. What is due to happen is unprecedented in your entire human history, and has been planned and prepared for, for eons.  It is an event of enormous significance that will raise your levels of consciousness to such high levels that what you now call consciousness, even that of the most consciously aware of you, will seem to have been an incredibly deep form of sleep, punctuated by occasional scarcely remembered dreams or nightmares.  To be fully awake in the eternal Light of God’s infinite Love is a wonder beyond description, and you are soon to experience that state permanently.

As the countdown to that moment proceeds apace, hold the desire and intent to bring humanity — your divine brothers and sisters — forward into that natural, awakened state which is your heritage and your eternal destiny.  Your collective intent is an essential part of the process.  You are setting the rate at which you travel the homeward path, and have been doing so since the journey started. Initially the pace was slow, unenthusiastic, and irregular, but over the last two or three centuries it has increased at a steady and relentless rate, and within the last two or three decades enormous acceleration has taken place bringing you to this moment of intense excitement as the end of your arduous journey comes into view.

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Jim Self ~ Conversations With . . . Barbara Hand Clow [Audio]

 | November 30 2012

In this excerpt of Conversations With … Jim and Barbara Hand Clow provide a deeper understanding into the “whats” and “whys” of this cycle of the Shift. Some of the topics discussed include: The part that Uranus and Pluto has in the Shift, was there a “purpose” for Super-Storm Sandy, how all that has been hidden is coming to the surface, how fear and greed will give way to trust, and more…

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Lee Anne Peters ~ Words Of Wisdom – December

Temple Of Balance | December 2 2012

Now is the time to truly focus on manifesting our dreams, ideas, projects etc into form. Through your clear focus this will occur. Hold that clarity in your creative mind and your heart and allow it to help you bring these visions you have into form. Begin to trust in your abilities and your purpose further and this will also open up this door for you. Please know that sitting back right now and focusing on nothing, and doing nothing will not have your idea magically swich into form before your eyes – action, focus and determination are essential if you are serious about this!

*Take a nice deep and calming breath.. feel that new air fill up your lungs, and gently breathe the old air out. Find your rythym, find your body and listen… Listen to each part of your body – your toes, legs, belly, back, chest, arms, hands, neck, face, head etc and TUNE INTO these. Is there pain? Is there any tension, blocked emotion or anything else stored within there that is coming to your attention? Don’t just what you sense, but allow it to come to your awareness.

Become aware of your Spine ~ straighten it, bend it, breathe back into it – feel its strength, its support. Feel that energy that runs through your spine start to build… breathe with it, and allow it to grow and flow.

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John Smallman ~ Love Is The Answer To All Of Humanity’s Problems

Jesus Through John | October 24 2012

The loving intent that each member of humanity has always held and cherished deep within themselves is growing and intensifying very rapidly indeed as more and more of you plug into the energy field of divine Love that envelops you.  Its expansion and general acceptance has been planned for a very long time, and to see it, as it were, “take off” is most uplifting and exhilarating, as we watch over you with love and joy from our sphere of influence within the spiritual realms. The spiritual realms naturally include the “bubble” that contains your illusory environment, and that bubble has been floating around here ever since you conceived of it, entered into it, and chose to switch off your ability to perceive the realms outside it.

Loving assistance has always been on offer to you, but for a very long time indeed you chose to go your own rather painful way, gathering experiences of a most unpleasant kind while supposedly seeking your way out of the bubble.  The problem was that you gave rather a lot of power to your egos, along with the ability for them to increase it.  They then began to see themselves as independent beings of influence, intelligence, and authority, and this sense of independent strength went, as you would put it, “to their heads.”

However, egos are not terribly bright, and they began to fight with one another, as they each sought to establish themselves as the supreme power and authority within your strange and imaginary unreality.  This led to the situation that has long prevailed on Earth, where the virtuous aspect of yourselves which you call trust proved itself to be an untenable position for almost anyone to hold, because it was so often betrayed.

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