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Zen Gardner ~ Unleashing The Dragon

“We’re up against formidable foes, entities without compassion or empathy. Their desire is conquest and control. This couldn’t be any clearer. What’s amazing is how they’re directed by such a small faction of very sick, corrupt individuals. Of course they hide in secret and accuse others of being conspiracy freaks for pointing them out. That’s the nature of the game.” ~Z Gardner

dragonAs anyone even half awake watching these world events unfold can see, there’s an abrupt acceleration that’s taking place. To me it’s clear the signal has been given that “the coast is clear, go for the jugular”. The most profound aspect of this is that they’ve apparently come to the conclusion that their social engineering programs have succeeded to such an extent they can now get away with virtually anything.

It is a sad statement as to the state of humanity but is clearly the case. There appears to be no recourse through any of the previous channels of legal challenges, popular resistance, never mind protests, be they political or otherwise. Most importantly the populace has been relegated to simply watching.

The flagrant disregard for any kind of consequence for the multitude of egregious offenses against the fundamental values of truth, honesty or justice keep piling on by the day. Viewing the seemingly limp reaction to the massive banking, NSA and now IRS scandals, to name just a few, has given them an unspoken imprimatur to open the floodgates, including massive unwarranted illegal immigration, on many fronts, while unveiling their latest Middle East “ISIS” offensive via an “unforeseen” massive army supposedly out of nowhere, efficiently dissolving national borders and now threatening the world with nuclear retaliation.

Did I fall asleep in class or something?

Dystopian Disconnects Abound – The Ride Has Just Become Wilder

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Zen Gardner ~ Overwhelming the Illusion

ZenGardner  May 15 2014

GunsVsPeaceThey don’t own the earth. They don’t own you and me. They don’t own all their stupid secret symbols. They don’t own the present, they don’t own the future. They don’t even own themselves.

They’re usurpers, in every sense of the word. And absolutely nothing to fear.

That these invading power freaks striving to control the world should try to lay claim to some secret knowledge and power source that’s superior to everything else is a fraud. That they think they can bring on world changing events that result in national clampdowns and population reduction is their personal nightmare in the making.

And we need to see it for what it is. A spiritual charade. While we have to deal with their very real machinations they’ve unleashed to destroy the earth and most of its inhabitants for whatever sick reason they conjure, they have no superior super powers to fear.

The nightmare is theirs, not ours. We just have to deal with the fallout from their insanity. But we can do so consciously and with great peace of mind and heart in spite of all of their efforts to induce fear.

The fact is, there is no secret but that which is willfully withheld or deliberately ignored. And to the conscious, nothing is hidden that cannot be revealed.

Their Puny Pride Is on the Run

So much of the big lie that we’re witnessing on the world stage is simply projected pride – the big, fat, stinking manufactured pride of pathological egomaniacs reinforcing a fabricated world of their ugly, demented imaginations. Whether world conquest piggy-backing on natural and manufactured catastrophes, or attempting to morph humanity and terraform our environment to meet their specifications for world control, it’s all defensive.

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Jamye Price ~ Asking For Answers

Weekly LightBlast April 20 2014

Sweet Blessed Being, you have within the information around you, the core truths of your experience.  You have written them, remembered them, forgotten them and are rewriting them.  You are created in the image of God because that is what a Creator does, create within the scope of creation itself, expanding.  That is you.  You see this truth in the stars around you, for you are elementally same though your form and function are different.  You see this truth within the reactions around you for you respond with gravity and resistance, shaping movement.  You see around you Life in all forms; from other people, to animals, to plants, to planets and you assume the separation to be real.  And it is.  What is real?  What is true to you and your biological creative mechanism is real. The now moment is ‘real.’  Your biomechanism touches form, sees form and it becomes real.  You think form and it also becomes real, as when you think the past or future, your body has a chemical response.  What has been forgotten is the forming.  What has been forgotten is the formless form.  The Asking For Answers begins again.  And you create anew.

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Paul Rosenberg ~ A Way to Prove We’re All Born Libertarian

TheFreemansPerspective  February 20 2014

We’re all born knowing the truth, but by the time you’re four or five years old, they’ve beaten it out of you. – Attributed to Bob Dylan

I think I’d be a bit more charitable than Mr. Dylan; I’d say that we’ve only had the truth partly beaten out of us by the age of five. I think truth endures in us, at least to a significant extent, up till puberty, after which it is beaten into submission over the next decade or so.

The Crazy Years

We all have experience with the tumultuous years that begin with puberty: First we are slapped with a rush of hormones. That triggers a reproductive imperative. That’s crazy-making enough, but then we find ourselves inside of a rigid, status-based system… a system that massively influences all of our potential mates.

That’s a recipe for the corruption of thought, and it does corrupt our thoughts.

Orson Welles was an unusually clear-thinking and experienced child… far more experienced than average. He spent his days (he was what we’d now call home schooled) reading the works of Shakespeare and all the existing Greek tragedies, repetitively.

As a man, Orson was once interviewed about his young days. The interviewer asked what he had thought of teenagers. Orson replied, “I thought they were absolutely insane.”

I think all of us can understand why.

Getting to the Truth

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Jamye Price ~ Being Truth

Weekly LightBlast October 17 2013

I Am That I Am. Truth. It transcends right or wrong, it begets choice. Choice is freedom in every moment. This resides within you. Being yourTruth is honoring your uniqueness, the breath of Life instilled within you. You are sacred, beloved, revered and special; as is All Life. You are the Truth of Life. You may disagree with the truth of another, yet their truth is valid for them. To expand, one must embrace all facets of Life while choosing experience for oneself. It is the paradox of The One. You are One, both a sovereign, separate being in a physical body with an identity and a united being that is one with All Life, all time, All. Embrace it All and become Whole. Lean into that which you resist and allow. Allow it to Be. Allow your resistance to Be. The mystery unfolds within you as to the perfection, the Truth, of All things – the subtle, the formed, the fractal, the whole. Be it All.

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Ashton Aiden ~ Power Is Not Through Intellectualization – It’s Through Experience

InspireMeToday  October 4 2013

The most basic and fundamental truth of our existence is a miracle…

Our very reality is founded upon goodness, love, peace, and joy…

This is what we are to our core.

The very source of our existence has come from this goodness, and this is truly all that exists.

This also means that the negativity we experience in life, whether it be fear, anxiety, sorrow, or anger, is only an illusion.

Though this may seem far removed from the experience that most people are having in their life right now, it is possible for anyone and everyone to have an experience of this truth. There are many paths and techniques for having this experience and once you have it, you can never truly forget it. You will never quite be the same, and will never be quite as able to fully believe in pain, fear, or negativity.

So how do we come to know that the words I have just said are true? If you sincerely desire to know this truth, the way will be shown to you. My personal path was through meditation and study, with a strong dose of devotion and prayer. But there are other paths as well, and you may very well intuit that whatever path you feel most inclined to take will be the one most likely to lead you to this happy realization. Continue reading

Ida Lawrence ~ Stealth Oneness – Crap! I’m Confused

talk2momz  August 14 2013

You are divine… you’re love.” Naaa, I’m not… just trying to be nice and do the right thing. “Yes, you are divine, you’re love, we all are, and we are one.” Oh no, if we were, things would be different… we need to know the love of God. “You are the knower and the lover. You can’t know and love something greater than yourself.”

Huh? How could you even say that? What do you mean? I’m loving my own imagination of God’s love? Crap! I’m confused.

Evolution of consciousness is a slow process… made slow by a force that just plain doesn’t want an end to separation, restriction and slavery. It takes a while for the external male God in the sky to come home to internal male/female oneness – no separation within self; and to expand out from there to no separation from others and no separation from all that is.

Let’s sing a new song – one God, one love, one unrestricted, liberated divine energy and we are it – truth wins… war ends… nature lives… miracles begin… nothing hides… it’s all within…

Our old spiritual paradigm is external causation, and we’re at the end of it. In the western world we’re finishing up with the unknowable (but supposedly loving) God in the sky whose unfathomable will everyone must serve in order to avoid unending punishment. This end has been coming on for a while, and of course it’s right on time.

The system supported by the sky God does have some end-time options: 1) it can experience grace and come to love, asking forgiveness, making things right, turning toward home, stopping its cold-hearted, terrified, greedy, imprisoning deceit; or, 2) it can hang in there with the lies and dirty tricks and possibly win it all… the reward being complete control over a carcass; or, 3) it can just blow everything up and end itself too.

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Ann Albers ~ Message From The Angels

Ann Albers  July 27 2013

There is within every human heart, a seed of light and a kernel of truth that is present at all times. There will be periods in your life in which this light blossoms brightly within you and periods in which you forget it is there. Nonetheless, dear ones, the light and love of God exists within you at all times. The truth of God’s love exists within you, no matter what is going on at the surface of your lives.

It would be our wish that you embrace this truth and refrain from self-criticism and self-deprecation. If would be our wish that even in your most difficult hours you remind yourselves, “God is with me. God’s love is in me. God’s truth is in me. That is the deepest truth of my being.” The rest is at the surface, illusory, temporary, and often not even as solid and real as you think.

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Truth Gets Made Up In 3D

Shift Frequency Highlights July 20 2013

So what, exactly, is 3D truth?

Is it some indisputable rock-solid, factual incontrovertible reality? Or is it caught in a prism of reality perception, one in which individuals are predisposed to collect facts that agree with their beliefs about reality?

It should surprise no-one that Truth Picking is a sought-after skill mastered by would-be planetary controllers and MSM programmers. When the preponderance of facts don’t exactly fit the pre-constructed script they simply pick and choose among the facts. And, in instances like the Trayvon Martin shooting any facts that scream “required for truth’s sake” get tossed aside as “truth trash.” Is it any wonder the MSM version bears practically no resemblance to what actually occurred?

You see to the controllers “truth” is only worth considering when it presents thorny obstacles to the “made by mainstream” storyline. And when (as often happens) these tossed aside truths inauspiciously emerge they are typically magically transformed into “conspiracy theory” and left for those “nutty fringe-dwellers” to reconstruct.

The Trayvon Martin MSM Fairytale Gets Mired In Facts That Lead To Acquittal

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