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Dana Mrkich ~ Going Higher…Finally!

danamrkich2We’ve talked about the spiral path a lot in these posts to help explain how even though it may seem we are repeating issues and patterns over again, we are not going round in circles. Rather, we are always going higher, gaining new insights and awareness, and travelling deeper, seeing clearer into more aspects of our hidden selves.

Until recently, this has felt much like a never- ending excavation process with us wondering, when will it end? Well, we have finally broken through into a new space as a collective, allowing us a very new experience with our spiral path.

We have become experts at going ‘deeper’, yet the ‘going higher’ part seemed to have a cap on it. It was as if we could only see or receive so much, but no more. Or it was easy to feel connected for minutes or hours, but not days or weeks. We discovered and remembered many of energy’s natural laws – that we are the creators of our reality, that if you can imagine it, it is possible – but it has been a challenge to remain vigilant over subconscious thoughts and beliefs that have ruled the roost for so long, constantly wanting control over our steering wheel.

2015 has brought with it a massive shift. We have received an upgrade unlike any other so far. We have emerged into a higher level of ‘the field’ than we have had access to before on this grand a scale when it comes to number of people residing in it. Continue reading

Zen Gardner ~ Further – The Oft Neglected Path

“Those still attached to their status, income, good deeds, moral high ground, or sense of superior intellect or spirituality in an exclusive and judgmental manner can be the worst enemies to full on truth and spiritual freedom. It takes on many forms and we all fall for these attitudes when in an unconscious or semi-conscious state. After all, it’s fiercely reinforced by the matrix and its tear down mentality.” – Z Gardner

GoFurtherHow many times have we been faced with the decision to move on to the next level of commitment to truth? How often has a new level of personal sacrifice been standing at our door, beckoning? How did we respond? Were we willing to go further, no matter the cost?

That’s pretty much what it takes in the pursuit of truth. A constant shedding of the old, no matter how attached we’ve become to our self image and familiar surroundings; to be relentlessly following the signal from this esoteric siren of love and a greater reality that we know awaits. Much like mountain climbing, the decision comes first, then the climbing. But each step of the way presents more decisions. Will we go on in spite of fatigue, doubts, discouragement and obstacles? Which path will I take at each upcoming juncture?

It’s not a one time thing. The decision to pursue quickly leads to a myriad of ensuing decisions along the way. We don’t decide once and for all and then on the truth train we chug up the mountain to a land of ecstasy and complete fulfillment. It doesn’t work that way. This is why so many faint along the way and give up. They become daunted with the often lonely and arduous task. They turn around and move back down to the security of the valley with all of its comforts and self assuaging reinforcement. Continue reading

Chris Hedges ~ Banning Dissent In The Name Of Civility

“The code word that the Israel lobby and its facilitators at universities use to silence critics is “civility.” Israel supporters are permitted to spout hate and calls for indiscriminate violence against Palestinians. Critics of Israel, however, even if they are careful to denounce violence and not to demonize Jews, are banned in the name of “civility.” It is the height of academic duplicity.” – C Hedges

I had been invited to talk next April 3 at the University of Pennsylvania at a peace conference sponsored by the International Affairs Association, but last week after Truthdig published my column “ISIS—the New Israel” the lecture agency that set up the event received this email from Zachary Michael Belnavis, who is part of the student group:

We’re sorry to inform you that we don’t think that Chris Hedges would be a suitable fit for our upcoming peace conference. We’re saying this in light of a recent article he’s written in which he compares the organization ISIS to Israel (here’s the article in question). In light of this comparison we don’t believe he would be suitable to a co-existence speaker based on this stance he’s taken.

Being banned from speaking about the conflict between Israel and Palestine, especially at universities, is familiar to anyone who attempts to challenge the narrative of the Israel lobby. This is not the first time one of my speaking offers has been revoked and it will not be the last. However, the charge of Belnavis and the International Affairs Association that I do not believe in coexistence between the Palestinians and Israel is false. I oppose violence by either party. I have condemned Hamas rocket attacks as war crimes. And I support Israel’s right to exist within the pre-1967 borders. The charge that I oppose coexistence cannot be substantiated by anything I have said or written. And those of us who call on Israel to withdraw to the pre-1967 borders are, after all, only demanding what is required by international law and numerous U.N. resolutions. Continue reading

Ian Saums ~ A Vision Of Truth

“Those who powerfully choose to live their truth must do so in an artificial environment.  This is the most difficult endeavor.  There are few points of reference.  There is very little relativity with those around us. ” I Saums

The Incorporation of the Self

EyeWaterRaysSunThere are events in our lives that incite personal uprisings within us.  No matter how calm, quiet or peaceful we may be, in less than a breath we can become ablaze with upset, frustration and rage.  Something else happens in those moments when we come alive.  We are inspired, motivated, empowered and called into action and, most importantly, being.

These are the moments that make the greatest difference in our lives.  It is in the possibility of the present when we are able to acknowledge the true potential we are and can express when we choose.  The choice is simple.  We can succumb to the traditional conditioning of the fear we encounter through our distress and confusion.  Or we can transcend the self-induced boundaries of our being and embrace what has always been present for us to claim.  Our humanity.

Throughout our lives, we are energetically attacked mentally, emotionally and spiritually to the extent that we begin to adopt the thoughts, words, behaviors and actions of our authoritative assailants.  Be they our parents, siblings, friends, foes, teachers, preachers, co-workers, significant others or ourselves.  It is inevitable we will begin to talk the talk, enforce our false power and act out the given role for which we settle.

Whether it is one that we are coerced into, a family tradition or whatever may seem appealing to us, rarely is it one that we create for ourselves.  So it goes, the eternal revolving merry-go-round of life that promises thrills, chills and fulfillment.  Yet rarely, if ever, delivers.  Eventually, we begin to devise an artificial enlightenment.  It is developed from the weight we throw around, our temperament, intelligence, social status, achievements and the product of all of these, our self-righteousness.

Inside Job

Continue reading

Zen Gardner ~ Thinking Outside The Hourglass

“As the old dissolves, truth based reality evolves.” – Z Gardner

HourglassThis imposed artificial time constraint is a very subtle one, especially when you realize everything depends on perspective. We’re clearly experiencing a manipulated, illusory cycle of time with parameters that make us feel contained, limited. And that’s the intent. Closing in on your prey is an ingrained predatory behavior. If the subjects feel there’s no escape, compliant behavior will eventually follow.

That’s pretty clever on the part of the controllers, but it’s only effective when you’re not awake to what’s going on.

Perceived containment has been proven time and again in even popular science to produce certain behaviors. Time is only one factor, but an important one as it is one of the more subtle ways they exert control and amplify fear. We cannot succumb to any of these false paradigms. Humanity is running to and fro in an effort to find solutions, but only within the confines they’ve been cleverly restricted to. It’s a closed system with clearly defined limitations. We look within their constructed time-framed and otherwise controlled system for solutions when there are none to be found. And again, it’s all by design.

The only true solution lies in conscious, transcendent awareness of the true big picture.

Playing By the Rules

Herein lies the big “catch”.  Similar to the obvious political right-left paradigm, we’ve been injected into a much more complex set of confining rules and regulations. They are adopted by assumption from the parameters we’ve been given. It’s not possible to objectively discern our condition when we think we have all the information we need to make right decisions…when in reality we don’t. Continue reading

Oracle Report ~ Wednesday, October 8, 2014

“If the truth hurts today, understand that all that is being revealed is taking you to another level – a place that is better suited to you. Destiny is unfolding and it asks you to join the dance that transcends limitations.” – L Walker

Lunar Eclipse Taken By B Davis Posted At Spaceweather.com

Lunar Eclipse Taken By B Davis Posted At Spaceweather.com

Full Moon in Aries/Total Lunar Eclipse: illumination

Skills: embrace life; watch

Negative Imprint: guilt, self-delusion, suppression, operating solely from base instincts, mistrust, selfishness, fear, tension, loss

Positive Imprint: transcendence, change, new perception, discovery, unseen assistance, attraction, resonance, passion, endurance, self-reliance, mysticism, magic

Welcome to the dance of life today. The dawn of the Blood Moon reveals a very special change.

Today marks the time when the energetic wave that values freedom, life, and love (natural world order) overpowers the energetic wave that values control, death, and fear (unnatural world order).

The Mahavidya Kali joins us today, leading the dance. She shows us that rebirth comes from the churning chaos. So today we will watch the lunacy of the Total Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon with a different understanding. We see destiny in the changes. We see the structures of the control paradigm turning to sand. It’s happening right before wise owls’ eyes. The matrix is falling down from under itself.

It does not appear this way on the surface. But it is true. Continue reading

Lisa Young ~ Recognizing Truth In 5 Steps

“Paying attention to the way your body and spirit respond to Truth can become a very powerful personal tool from which to move through life. By attuning our physical, mental and emotional self to Truth, we grow in self-trust, as we no longer need to look outside ourselves for answers.” – L Young

mysticTourist_truthHow do you recognize and trust what is Truth? With so much conflicting information available to us on every imaginable topic, how do you discern what is Truth, what is fabricated, or just confused half truths?

Here are 5 simple steps to recognizing truth.

1. Go to the Source

The easiest way is to go to Source.

Truth is actually an energy, a formula and a principle of Source. Before it is articulated into specific information or “fact”, it is an energy and a specific frequency. Because it is an energy, it can bypass the human mind and organically be registered by the body and spirit for confirmation. Many times we “feel” the Truth of something and cannot even explain it. We just “know” it is right.

The more you are connected to Source, the easier it becomes to recognize TRUTH. It plugs you directly into the main power hub of its distribution throughout our Universe, free of any human interpretation or manipulation. It re-aligns you directly with the Truth of your Divine Self and Blueprint. By calibrating ourselves to this Divine hook-up, it is immensely easier to know and recognize Truth. Continue reading

Jamye Price ~ Truth

“We are seeing Truth in its many iterations of human perception and appreciating the reflection of opposition and support. We are boldly choosing and focusing our eyes to the Light of Love as we flood this plane with new information.” – J Price

jamyePriceAs you change through Life, your Truth is changing with you. Your ability to observe with detached, empowering compassion, as well as choose with powerful focus requires a comfort in your Truth that is only within you. As you observe the world around you and see truths being made into law, being focused into sound bites that instill reaction of all sort, and even being slipped into your consciousness through the doorway of guilt, fear, science or entertainment; you have choice.

The open mind is a flow of data that is observed without attachment to right or wrong, merely perspective. All life is opinion from perspective. Observational data is all there is, no matter how repeatable the experiment. You observe what you perceive based on the parameters of your previous knowledge, your expectation and your ability to stretch beyond the known – which for most is minor. This is not a bad thing, it is the progression of life on a strong foundation. Your creations, your technologies and your relationships follow this same stair-stepping of progress and it is a necessary part of earthly life and evolution. Truth is built upon and shifted in ways that allow the conscious mind to understand a fuller scope of creation, life and the ability of humanity to expand internally as well as externally. Continue reading

Zen Gardner ~ Enter The Rightful Role Of The Truth Warrior

“It’s time to awaken the weapons of loving truth – and wield them with full authority.” Z Gardner

TruthWarriorIt’s amazing how people have been backed into a corner by this barrage of social programming and outright intimidation. People actually feel apologetic about speaking the truth when it counters the politically correct entrained mass mindset of the world today. It’s not always obvious and can manifest in many subtle yet powerfully debilitating ways.

I’m in the midst of answering older sibling’s responses to my understanding of America’s participation in the Zionist phenomenon. I’ve only sent select information in the hopes of at least cracking their eyes open even a little bit as to the obvious results of this militarized American mindset and what they’ve been bamboozled into supporting. While we communicate freely on other subjects and our discourse is not belligerent, on this one I was met with not just the usual irrational justifications and indoctrinated responses, but there soon appeared a patronizing and condescending tone, an indication of the degree of entrenchment I was touching on.

It was as if entirely different people were suddenly speaking to me, resorting to addressing perceived underlying weaknesses in my thinking, delivery and temperament while at the same time basically reflecting the profoundly deep culture of religio-political tainted western programming. It was a perfect illustration of the tough contest many are up against and brought to mind some of the more subtle aspects of why many are often reluctant to share the naked truth. Continue reading