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Emmanuel Dagher ~ April 2014 ~ Universal Purification

Emmanuel Dagher  April 1 2014

waterRipplesI am so grateful to share in this way with you today.

A brief point of global stillness occurred in the days that followed the March 20 equinox, which gave us the opportunity to breathe and recharge, in preparation for the hyper-energetic activity the month of April is bringing our way.

The exciting celestial developments during the month of April will create a perfect environment for quantum spiritual expansion to manifest —in our individual lives, and in the collective consciousness.

Some of these celestial occurrences include the lunar eclipse on April 14 and the solar eclipse on April 28. These two alignments alone are motivating rapid change to occur in our consciousness.

A big component of this change will be a profound purification of our mind, body and emotions. This purification will most definitely leave us feeling quite different at the end of the month from how we felt at the beginning of it.

During April, we will also be moving through another celestial alignment known as the Cardinal Grand Cross. This occurs when certain planets align to create a cross-like configuration that often inspires great change to occur.

With all the activity in the heavens right now, the opportunity for great personal and global transformation is amplified many times over.

The Wave of Purification

With April’s powerful combination of the celestial developments and the intentions of oneness that our Higher Selves have jointly called forth, a universal purification is fully under way.

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Gillian MacBeth-Louthan ~ Look Into A Place Of A Future That Seeks To Be Known

The Quantum Awakening December 12 2013

It is your destiny to look into a place of a future that seeks to be known. When that existence is seen in the light of day, a shift occurs allowing one to see beyond the current choices available. Humanity is part of the tapestry of time, both in and out of space. You as a planet hold a key that has been hidden, like a lost golden egg in a crystal forest, all seems fractured. You house the codes that allow the nexus to be experienced. You are blending dimensions in a far greater design than you realize. Earth is finding that ‘being spatial’ is not as effortless as one would think.

The turning point of evolution speeds up to meet itself in 2014.

We all seek to come out of the haze which has formed all over the earthen heart. 2013 held spiritual undercurrents, rip tides of truth, that can be seen without time constraints, Nothing is hidden no matter how hard it tries to conceal itself.

Cellular intelligence declares its independence from circumstance; trial and error is part of remembering one is always a master. No time to sit and ponder with the scholars as they rock upon their hunches, digesting Christmas Turkey.

Hope is imbued with science as more and more of what one believes comes to past thru the present. Our internal circuitry reacts to the luminous downloading. Photonic particles are created within space without time. everyone is asked to participate in this next creational circle. You Are Asked To Become More Than You Ever Thought Possible! You are asked to become the healer, the scholar. You are asked to become all that you avoid and rebuke. You are asked to make personal decisions that even Christ himself would sweat over. You are being pulled away from your personal line in the sand and taken to a new beach in the new world. A place where your footsteps will count.

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A Bridge Between Worlds

Openhand  November 10 2013

A new paradigm of being is opening up. It is here all around us. But sometimes it’s extremely hard to balance the connection to this ‘new world’ with living day-to-day in society, especially because not everyone is yet reading from this divine ‘script’. It can sometimes feel like it’s one or the other. Integrating one into the other can seem a nigh on impossibility, but it is not. Here’s where the tactile, empathic nature of the soul – the ‘diplomat’ – comes into it’s own: intuiting and feeling the flow of ‘rightness’ in any given situation, yet molding and blending it into this material world for maximum unraveling and realigning impact. You can live your truth, honour the alternative truth of another, yet not compromise your soul…

A tall order? Yes indeed. But it is definitely possible.
Mastering this “Ray 4″ Diplomat in you, is certainly a path to mastery.

The fuel of inner alchemy

It is no secret that we live in a world which is out of balance with nature and therefore out of alignment with the natural harmony of the universe.

As separation consciousness exploded outwards at the “Bigbang” and then condensed into form, so Unity Consciousness continues to destabilise outdated structures and harmonies of lower truth as it makes it’s journey back to the source. Unity Consciousness is this flow of love that is the universe’s organising energy which you can feel in your heart when you stop judging the moment or need a particular outcome from it.

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Enlightened Beings ~ The 5 Steps To Manifesting Any Intention

Jafree Ozwald November 20 2013

“Success doesn’t come to you … you go to it.” ~Marva Collins

Setting an intention is something we all have done in the past and naturally have the ability to do, and most of us haven’t learned exactly how to control it….yet! Today we are going to go into the specifics about how YOU can manifest WHATEVER you want in your life through this amazing power of intention that you already have! Start right now by noticing where these images about your life are coming from. If you look deep enough, you’ll see that something in you is constantly directing your attention towards what you want, and thus consistently attracting it into your life. Whether it’s that same constant argument with your best friend about religion, the feeling that you really do deserve a better job, or perhaps that dream car, house or bank account you wish you had, your mind is always focusing on something!

Whatever you place your thoughts upon is where the manifesting energy flows, which incidentally create the exact situations and circumstance of your future. When you come to know what you really really WANT to have in your life, you simply relax your body and focus your entire life energy into that direction with the FEELING your deepest desires is about to be fulfilled! Your mind will just go there automatically when the feeling is ripe and alive. Which brings us to the first golden key to manifesting; learning how to set a positive intention.

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we are not really living. Growth demands a temporary surrender of security.” ~Gail Sheehy

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Emmanuel Dagher ~ November 2013: Divine Intervention In Action

Emmanuel Dagher

Blessings my friend,

It’s a privilege for me to share the sacred moment of now with you again.

So much has happened since the last time we checked in with each other, and I’m excited to share it all with you.

In last month’s Energy Forecast, it was mentioned that the end of September to mid-October would serve as a time of rest and relaxation. That time period provided us with the opportunity to prepare for the energy shift that began a few days before the October 18th Penumbral Lunar Eclipse and is in full bloom now.

The Significance of the Lunar Eclipse

The recent Penumbral Lunar Eclipse created a doorway to higher consciousness. A Penumbral Eclipse is when the Moon is within the shadow of the Earth.

This Eclipse gave us the opportunity to release deeply rooted resistance and energetic blocks we’ve carried in our shadow self. This release supported us to experience a quantum leap in our personal and collective journey to higher consciousness.

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Hilarion’s Weekly Message ~ September 15 – 22, 2013

Marlene Swetlishoff  The Rainbow Scribe

We find as this month progresses that many of you are experiencing the release of many patterns of thinking that have been holding you back from moving forward into new perspectives and new beginnings. Call upon us to assist you in releasing these from your consciousness and from the cells of your body. Make this request a daily habit until your goal of freedom from these is accomplished and know that we are ever at your side helping to bring balance and equilibrium and the ceasing of these discordant energies, for in truth, these are simply old energies that need to be dissolved. We want you to ask us to help you with these challenges, for the sooner you are freed from them the sooner you can accept and fully integrate the higher energies and your greater light.

By these actions, much discord is freed and transmuted from the greater collective field which then enables more of humanity to awaken and free themselves from old illusions and perceptions that do not serve the evolving soul. As more light becomes anchored here on Earth it creates a greater force of Light that can then be used to create new solutions and new beginnings. The process of ascension into higher consciousness as we move through the fourth dimension is moving into its final phase and as it does so, it also increases the intensity of the thought patterns and emotions that well up within all individuals and it is vital for all lightworkers to understand the importance of holding the light steady during these chaotic energy fluxes. Stay centered in your heart center as much as possible.

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Enlightened Beings ~ The 4 Steps To Revealing Your Soul’s Purpose

Jafree Ozwald  August 25 2013

Life is a mystery. The more you understand it, the more mysterious it becomes.” ~Osho

The purpose of your soul is multi-dimensional, multi-sensual, and multi-orgasmic. Even though there are perhaps an infinite wonderful reasons why you were born into this body on this magical planet, there is one single purpose for your life that encompasses them all. This purpose gives your soul direction, and makes your heart sing your soul’s sweetest song into the Universe. By finding your soul’s purpose, you become aligned with your highest power and creativity, and can experience how easy it is to manifest anything you want into your world. This purpose expands your heart and mind, opening you to experience the amazing multi-dimensional being that you truly are.

You’ll know that you’ve discovered the main purpose of your soul, because it will instantly enlighten your approach towards the world and your attitude with existence. You’ll feel unstoppable in all that you do, as your creative juices will be constantly pouring through you! You’ll wake up in the morning and the sky will seem more blue, the grasses greener, the air fresher and your heart will feel lighter, bigger, and overflowing with love. Your soul’s mission is that powerful, and it will automatically light up the path for your future, so you can always see which decision to take whenever you come across a fork in life’s road.

“You take yourself to be limited, but you are not. Discover this. Stay silent and attentive. Be earnest about it. Just be aware of your being here and now. Reality will find you.” ~Nisargadatta Maharaj

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Hilarion’s Weekly Message ~ August 18 – 25 2013

Marlene Swetlishoff  The Rainbow Scribe

Beloved Ones, As the increased energies pour down upon the Earth, people all over your world awaken and begin to realize their potential for the creation of good on their planet. Many are participating in global focuses for the healing and empowerment of the Earth’s inhabitants. These focuses have more power for good than is currently realized by those who take part and is cumulatively energized by the higher realms. Truly we say to you, that where two or more are gathered, there we are also, assisting and magnifying your efforts. Your loving intentions as forces for good on this world never miss their mark. Everything that each of you do is noted and supported from on high and puts the unemployed Angels which surround you to work for the highest good of all, which they do with the greatest of joy.

It is important to note that the inspirations you receive and that you act upon are direct messages from on high and these come through the atmosphere as ‘seeds of thought’ which are then received within receptive humanity, and as you know, seeds must be planted and nurtured in order to grow into beautiful manifestations of the Creator’s Light. Each ‘seed’ that is planted with love becomes a living legacy, a force of energy, that reaches further than your own planetary boundaries and goes out unto all creation to heal and bless and make whole that which seeks wholeness. The force of Love is the mightiest force in all of creation and one is never amiss by responding in kind to it. Love begets love in response and sets the tone of joy, peace and harmony throughout the Cosmos.

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Twelve Insight ~ Creation Space Is Non-Linear

Twelve Insight Journal  August 17 2013

Q: To me infinite means it’s all right here right now. and any part of it is capable of manifesting physically at any time. That seems different than a universe that goes just goes on and on in a straight line.  Can you talk with us about infinite nonphysical vs. really really big?

It’s a good distinction to make, between a universe that’s really really big, and a Universe that is infinite. That which is really, really big is still linear and limited. It’s like looking at your national product and recognizing that there is great abundance there. But still it’s only so many trillions and trillions of dollars; so there might not be enough some day. Hmmmm…and then doing the math and deciding that there can only be so much for so many people…and then deciding that must be the limit of it. It’s like drawing a line in the sand somewhere saying, “That’s it, here’s the point where we will run out.”

But you cannot catch up to it, you see. It is always growing, always expanding. And if it’s not growing and expanding at this moment in one area, it is in another. The Universe is like that. So where does it all come from? 

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