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Julian Websdale ~ The Crown Empire And The City Of London Corporation

WakeUpWorld  November 5 2013

World politics today is governed by the Vatican, but also by the Crown Empire. The modern world of so-called Western Civilization began at the end of the 17th century with the blossoming of the British Empire. That empire actually began several hundred years earlier with the establishment of the City of London, which is now an 800-year corporation that controls finance from an entity called ‘The Crown’. This entity is the creator and controller of the Bank of England, the US Federal Reserve, the World Bank (IMF – International Monetary Fund), The European Union, and various cartels and corporations across the earth.

The Crown Identity is kept most secret, and The Crown Bank of England took and assumed control of the United States during the Roosevelt Administration (1901-1909) when its agents, who were really Crown agents (J. P. Morgan), took over 25% of American business.

The Crown has never been the King or Queen of England since the establishment of the corporate body, but the British Monarchy is a figurehead for The Crown, rules parliament in Great Britain and has authority over the Prime Ministers through a Vatican knighthood called the Order of the Garter. The Crown, however, is not the King or Queen of England – they are an established monarchy of the corporate body.

The Crown is the directorate of the corporation, and Great Britain is ruled by The Crown, the City of London which controls the Bank of England – a private corporation. There is a private state existing in Britain within the centre of London. This City, located in the heart of Greater London, became a sovereign-state in 1694 when King William III of Orange privatised the Bank of England, and turned it over to the Vatican banksters who today rule the financial world.

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News In 2 Minutes ~ October 31 2013 [Video]


This latest NSA reveal takes the cake and the cake stand – NSA spied on the Vatican during the conclave. Talk about zero limits. Wow! ~G

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  • Nuclear Project Has Catastrophic Potential –
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Judge Dale, Ret’d ~ How To Defeat Admiralty Courts And “The Law Of The See”

Shift Frequency May 13 2013

The Catholic word  “See” conceals the influence of the Holy Roman Church over the corrupt corporate government and legal system.

The term “see” comes from the Latin word “sedes”, meaning “seat”, which refers to the Episcopal throne (cathedra).

The term “Apostolic See” can refer to any see founded by one of the Apostles, but, when used with the definite article, it is used in the Catholic Church to refer specifically to the see of the Bishop of Rome, whom that Church sees as successor of Saint Peter, the Prince of the Apostles.[22] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holy_See

Sedes Sacrorum (Latin Sedes for seat/see, Sacrorum for holy) otherwise known as Santa Sede and the “SS” also known in English as “Holy See” refers to the legal apparatus as a whole by which the Roman Catholic Pope and its Curia of Bishops claim historical recognition as a sovereign entity with superior legal rights. (http://one-evil.org/content/entities_organizations_holy_see.html)

The Catholic Church uses two legal personalities with which to conduct its international affairs: the first is as an International state known as the Vatican City State, to which the Pope is the Head of Government. The second is as the supreme legal personality above all other legal personalities by which all property and “creatures” are subjects.

The legal enforcability of its first personality as an International State is constrained by international law. The sovereign status of the Vatican City remains dependent upon the continued recognition of an agreement known as the “Lateran Treaty” signed between Catholic Facist Dictator and . . . Benito Mussolini in 1929 and his political supporter Pope Pius XI. This recognition remains in defiance and contempt to existing international laws prohibiting recognition of rogue states and laws created by mass murdering dictators.

The legal enforcability of the second personality of the Catholic Church as the Holy See is dependent upon the continued adherence to legal statutes, definitions, conventions and covenants as have been accumulated since the Middle Ages concerning the primacy of the Pope over all property and creatures. These statutes, conventions and covenants remain the fabric and foundation of the modern legal system of most states in the world.

To extend its legal strength using its second personality, the Catholic Church considers the region controlled by every bishop a See.

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Jim Self ~ March 2013 Keeping Pace With the Shift [Audio]


Excerpt from the March 21, 2013 Awakening Zone – Sandie Sedgbeer Show.
In the Winter Solstice episode of Conversation at the Cutting Edge, international speaker, teacher and author Jim Self said that 2012 would be taking us right into the “eye” of the Shift.

With financial issues still at the forefront of the news, and the wholly unexpected resignation of the Pope, it would seem that Jim’s warnings on the unraveling of everything that isn’t working are right on the mark

Josh Voorhees ~ Italian Media Reports Of Secret Gay Network At Vatican

Slate February 22 2013

Italian media are reporting that Pope Benedict XVI decided to retire the same day he was given the secret dossier

Pope Benedict XVI is a little more than two weeks away from beginning his retirement at the Castel Gandolfo, but his final days as head of the Catholic church don’t look like they’re going to be quiet ones. Unsourced reports coming out of Italy suggest that the pope decided to call it quits not because of his old age but instead to avoid the fallout that could come from a secret 300-page dossier compiled by three cardinals he tapped to look into last year’s leak of confidential papers stolen from his desk.

Those papers, widely known as the “VatiLeaks,” raised questions of financial impropriety and corruption at the Vatican. The investigation that followed, however, may prove even more uncomfortable for church officials.

The secret dossier allegedly details a wide range of infighting among various factions in the Vatican’s governing body, known as the Curia. But the headline-ready takeaway from today’s report from La Repubblica concerns the existence of one faction in particular, a network of gay church officials. Just in case that weren’t enough to pique international interest, the Italian newspaper also reports that some of said officials had been blackmailed by outsiders. According to the report, the pope got his first look at the dossier—”two folders hard-bound in red” with the header “pontifical secret”—on Dec. 17, and decided that same day to retire.

Now’s a good time to take a step back and offer a few disclaimers. For starters, the Vatican has repeatedly dismissed the reports as baseless. The story from La Repubblica that is driving the allegations is unsourced, so it’s difficult to tell how much stock to put into the whole thing. (There’s also the fact that, it being an Italian-language paper, there’s always a chance of some of the details getting lost in translation.) Still, it appears as though at least one other Italian newspaper, the weekly Panorama, has a similar report—although its unnamed sources could very well be the same as La Repubblica’s. A third Italian paper, Corriere della Sera, alluded to the existence of the secret dossier soon after Benedict announced his resignation earlier this month, describing its contents as “disturbing” but providing few details.

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JG Vibes ~ Wikileaks Releases 3,000+ E-Mails On The Vatican And The Pope

theintelhub.com February 20 2013

This week we reported on the possibilitythat the Pope and the Vatican were both being investigated under child abuse allegations.

While this is highly probable based on recent events, it is also true that there is likely to be a myriad of reasons for the resent resignation.  After all, the Vatican is one of the most corrupt organizations on the planet and has been running various rackets throughout the centuries, alongside the many governments of the world.

In the past few years alone, wikileaks has released a ton of information on the Vatican, most of it coming from the hacked Stratfor emails.

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Alexander Stille ~ Can The Vatican Survive The Age Of Digital Media?

The Atlantic | September 28 2012 | Thanks, Ann B

Strange things have been happening at the Vatican this year. Beginning in January, documents written by high-level figures in the Catholic Church began finding their way into the Italian press, many of the letters to the pope denouncing instances of corruption and complaining about the direction and management of the Church.

When a book full of leaked documents, Sua Santità (His Holiness), was published in late May, the Vatican took the extraordinary step of arresting the pope’s butler, Paolo Gabriele, a humble but trusted member of the papal household, and announced that officials had found numerous papal documents at Gabriele’s apartment within the Vatican. At the same time, the Vatican Bank, under investigation for money laundering (charges the Vatican denies), fired its president, a respected Catholic banker, listing among the reasons for his dismissal allegations that sounded a lot like leaking: “Failure to provide any formal explanation for the dissemination of documents last known to be in the President’s possession.” Immediately after his firing, the former bank president hired his own bodyguard service and wrote a private memorandum to the pope, which he wished to disseminate “in case something should happen to him.”

Power struggles and scandal are nothing new in the Vatican. Pope Alexander VI, for one, was accused of poisoning his enemies and sleeping with his daughter, the infamous Lucrezia Borgia. But until now the pope had been able to count on the loyalty and discretion of his inner circle and a hermetically sealed culture of silence, discretion, and secrecy that has often been compared with that of the Kremlin at the height of Soviet power. Now the last and most ancient of the world’s absolute monarchies is suddenly in the fishbowl culture of the 21st century, where the most-trivial and the most-important details alike become transparent.

The job of managing this transition from secrecy to openness has fallen to Father Federico Lombardi, the pope’s official spokesman, a Jesuit priest who wears a uniform of simple black pants and a black shirt with a white collar. When I met him this summer in Rome at the end of another long day at Vatican Radio, he had the deeply exhausted look of a man bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders. A thoughtful and kindly-looking man who trained as a mathematician, Lombardi now finds himself in the much messier world of media, in which appearance and reality, rumor and fact can all get mixed up in an impossible tangle.

For an organization famous historically for keeping its internal business as private as possible, the Vatican has gone out of its way since the scandal broke this spring to be as open and accountable as possible. Having been embarrassed by constant leaking, the Vatican has clearly decided to go on the counteroffensive, releasing information in anticipation of events so that it is not constantly caught off guard by embarrassing revelations. Lombardi has been giving nonstop press briefings since Paolo Gabriele was arrested on May 24; at an August briefing, he even took the extraordinary step of making public the indictment papers against Gabriele. The Vatican promised that his trial, set to begin September 29, would be made public (immediately after the May arrest, all the pretrial documents were posted on the Vatican press office’s Web site). Also indicted but on lesser charges was a computer technician, Claudio Sciarpelletti, who is seen as a minor accomplice in the misappropriation of documents.

Suddenly, the word transparency, which was hardly pronounced during the first two millennia of the Catholic Church’s history, is on everyone’s lips at the Vatican, in what amounts to a kind of Copernican revolution — an attempt on the part of an essentially medieval institution to join the Internet age. One medieval pope described himself as “the judge of all men who can be judged by none.” The current Vatican has begun in recent years to accept, painfully, that this is no longer the case. If it does not want to be defined by others, the Church must respond to and even court public opinion, using modern media to shape its message.

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Empire Of The City (States) ~ The Crown – Washington DC – The Vatican

The Jeenyus Corner | September 15 2012 | Orig. Source

The Empire of “the City”

There is an entity that is actively taking over the world right now. Some call it the New World Order, which was so fondly spoken of by Bush Sr. The signs of the New World Order are everywhere. Corporations bear their symbols, and so do our money (“Novus Ordo Seclorum”, the “New Order of the World”). It is not just our American money, but money in Europe and scattered all over the world as well. Globalist thinking is also encouraged throughout the NWO “nations” by means of propaganda, and the people of these “nations” are kept apathetic and ignorant by a complex system of control, which I will explain later.

A favorite symbol is the all seeing eye, which is the Eye of Horus contained within a triangle. It is sometimes accompanied by a pyramid missing its capstone. Things bearing this symbol include, but are not limited to: the reverse of the Great Seal of the US, the back of the dollar bill which bears the Great Seal, The Information Awareness Office, the part of the Department of Defense in charge of developing mass surveillance and intelligence gathering technologies and databases, the logo of Fidelity Investments, the MI5, even Tolkien’s classic personification of evil, Sauron. Other symbols you could look for is the upside down pentagram, and the upside down five sided star.

I don’t want to get too much into that but seriously, their symbols are everywhere, and it is obvious that they are in very high places with a lot of influence. But who are “they”, and why are they so obsessed with sun symbolism?

They are what is called the Empire of the City. The Empire of the City actually consists of three cities, which belong to no nation or state and pay no taxes: Vatican City, the City of London ([inside] London), and Washington DC. Vatican City controls the world through religion, the City of London controls the world through currency, and Washington DC controls the world through force.

The City of London (or the Square Mile) is a plot of land approximately a square mile in London. It is independent from England and is ruled by the City of London Corporation.

Located in the center of each city is an Egyptian obelisk erect. They are: the obelisk in St. Peter’s Square, the Washington Monument, and Cleopatra’s Needle in the City of London. Of course, one question you might want to ask yourself is why is there an Egyptian obelisk, which is a tribute to the Egyptian “pagan” sun god Amen-Ra, in the middle of Vatican City? Contained within these three cities is more than 80% of the world’s wealth.

The Empire of “the City” is essentially the British Empire, or more accurately, the forces behind the British Empire of the past. The Empire asserts its control over its colonies (such as the US, Canada, Australia, the European Union) through complicated means.

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Nicole Winfield ~ Vatican Confirms Pope’s Butler Arrested In Scandal

Associated Press | May 26 2012

VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican confirmed on Saturday that the pope’s butler has been arrested in its embarrassing leaks scandal, adding a Hollywood twist to a sordid tale of power struggles, intrigue and corruption in the highest levels of Catholic Church governance.

Paolo Gabriele

Paolo Gabriele, a layman and member of the papal household, was arrested Wednesday after secret documents were found in his Vatican City apartment and was continuing to be held Saturday, Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi said in a statement.

Gabriele is often seen by Pope Benedict XVI’s side in public, riding in the front seat of his open-air jeep during Wednesday general audiences or shielding the pontiff from the rain. He has been the pope’s personal butler since 2006, one of the few members of the small papal household that also includes the pontiff’s private secretaries and four consecrated women who care for the papal apartment.

His arrest followed another stunning development at the Vatican this week, the ouster of the president of the Vatican bank, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, by his board. Sources close to the investigation said he, too, was found to have leaked documents, though the official reason for his ouster was that he simply failed to do his job.

The “Vatileaks” scandal has seriously embarrassed the Vatican at a time during which it is trying to show the world financial community that it has turned a page and shed its reputation as a scandal plagued tax haven.

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