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Christina Sarich ~ Vermont’s Anti-GMO Legal Fund Doubled By NGO

“. . . regardless of the various arguments surrounding GMOs, people have a right to know if food is genetically modified.”  C Sarich

GMO_VermontLabelingLawThe non-governmental organization, and anti-GMO non-profit, MoveOn.org, has doubled Vermont’s legal campaign against the biotech bullies trying to overturn the state’s recent GMO labeling win. The organization made a massive deposit recently to support Vermont’s Food Fight Fund that will legally uphold the democratic decision to force companies to label all genetically modified foods.

Though the coffers of companies like Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, and Syngenta are enormous, and they are able to wage multiple legal campaigns in different countries simultaneously, they were recently defeated in a win by a small town called Nitro after residents were poisoned with Agent Orange chemicals. Now, with the help of citizens and anti-GM organizations like MoveOn.org, the biotech bullies won’t be able to supercede people’s right to know what is in their food. Continue reading

Elizabeth Renter ~ Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Switches To Non-GMO, And Fair Trade Means BIG Changes

“For some flavors, this has meant changing not only what goes inside, but the name as well. Coffee Heath® Bar Crunch, for example, could no longer contain Heath® bars. Instead, the company had to find another option for the fudge-covered toffee pieces. They did, and have renamed the flavor Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch.” ~E Renter

Icecream_BenJerryIf you indulge in ice cream from time to time or on a daily basis, you likely have a favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor. Whether it’s Chunky Monkey or Cherry Garcia, this company, known for its out-there and abundantly-packed ice cream cartons, has a flavor for everyone. A recent decision by the company to phase out all GMOs and only source fair trade ingredients means many of these flavors will be changing, but where food transparency and integrity are concerned, these changes will be all positive.

Last year, I reported on Ben & Jerry’s statement that the company would be going GMO-free by 2014. The company already offers food that is 80% GMO-free, though it wants to go the whole 9 yards and build that number up to 100%.

Fourteen flavors have already been changed. The remaining will follow until all can carry a label that says “GMO free” and “Fair Trade”. The company is maintaining a blog to track their progress through the transition, where they offer some great information on how complex such a transition can be.

In looking at just one flavor, Phish Food, the company had to deal with multiple suppliers, sourcing each component to ensure that it was non-GMO. Continue reading

Aaron Dykes ~ Monsanto Security Tries To Block Reporters At Headquarters [Video]

Despite preaching “transparency” in its corporate policy, Monsanto is so secretive it has worked overtime behind the scenes to block GMO labeling, influence politicians and intimidate free speech – even outside its own headquarters.

Monsanto – often dubbed “The World’s Most Evil Corporation” is a $15 billion U.S.-based multinational agrochemical and genetically modified seed company. Despite the fact that millions all over the world consume Monsanto’s GM seeds hidden in unlabeled food products every day – primarily in the form of GMO corn, soy, oil and beet sugar – the people of the United States and other parts of the globe are not allowed to know what they are eating. This is to the outrageous point that the company’s lobbying firm is suing the State of Vermont for trying to mandate GMO labeling (after voters demanded it).

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Christina Sarich ~ Ban or Label: The Hot GMO Debate

NaturalSociety  May 12 2014

Inspired by a recent Facebook post from a friend I usually share opinions with; I was confronted with an interesting topic for debate. Do we label GMOs, or simply ban them as other countries already have? Will labeling them force Monsanto, Dow, Bayer and others to go bankrupt, allowing scientists to prove that ingredients they put in our food caused cancer, eventually forcing responsibility for poisoning millions, or is labeling a moot point already?

Of course, we assume that GMOs being bad for us is a foregone conclusion – and how could it be otherwise. There seems to be a new, independent scientific study outlining Bt toxins or transgenic dangers in GMO crops almost every month. Despite this, the US government has fast tracked genetically modified food crops in ever-new variations as if they were completely harmless.

Thus far, Hawaii, California, Vermont, North Dakota, Montana, Colorado, and Washington have attempted banning and labeling GMOs in the US, and sections of, or entire countries of the EU have banned GM crops, including Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal, Greece, Spain and the UK. Also, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Algeria, Paraguay, Thailand, the Philippines, as well as Saudi Arabia have banned certain GM crops, from wheat and maize, to potatoes. More recently, Brazil, Russia and Mexico have also banned GM crops. So why is it still a question in the US? As we demand labeling are we missing the larger point of banning these poison crops altogether? Continue reading

Christina Sarich ~ Vermont Officially Passes GMO Labeling Bill, Monsanto Announces Lawsuit

NationOfChange  May 10 2014

cartoon_gmo_cornThis past Thursday, Vermont’s governor finally acted on what he has been saying for a while, and has now signed a bill into law that will require the labeling of genetically modified foods in Vermont. This is the first law in the nation that will require labeling of GMO foods without a ‘trigger’ from other states for it to go into effect. By July 2016, any food produced with GMO ingredients must be labeled. The news is awesome, but will big biotech really let this happen?

“Vermonters take our food and how it is produced seriously, and we believe we have a right to know what’s in the food we buy,” said Gov. Peter Shumlin. “More than 60 countries have already restricted or labeled these foods, and now one state — Vermont — will also ensure that we know what’s in the food we buy and serve our families.”

Unfortunately, it may not be so easy.

Monsanto, GMA, Dupont Will Sue over GMO Labeling Bill

Literally hours after Governor Peter Shumlin (D-Vt), signed a mandatory GMO labeling law into effect in Vermont, the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association (GMA), headed by Monsanto & Dupont, announced that they plan to sue Vermont to prevent the bill from being implemented.

This is an outrageous but expected attempt for Big Ag and biotech to overrun state’s rights. The people of Vermont have barely had an opportunity to crack the champagne bottles open. In a statement passed just prior to signing the bill Gov. Shumlin said:

“I am proud of Vermont for being the first state in the nation to ensure that Vermonters will know what is in their food. The Legislature has spoken loud and clear through its passage of this bill. I wholeheartedly agree with them and look forward to signing this bill into law.”

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Vermont Approves GMO Food Labeling [Video]

RT America  May 8 2013

Vermont approved a law Thursday requiring all foods produced with genetically modified foods to disclose this on their labels. The first state in the US to require GMO labeling, Vermont defied food producers who are pushing congress to pass legislation barring states from setting their own standards for labeling. The new regulations will come into effect in July 2016.

RT’s Lindsay France has more details on the first-of-its-kind legislation in the US. 


Christina Sarich ~ Vermont’s Mandatory GMO Labeling Bill Awaits Governor’s Signature

NaturalSociety  April 28 2014

gmo_wakeupWill Vermont be the first state to pass an active mandatory GMO labeling bill? The House of Representatives decided to let its original GMO labeling bill stand, and instead of nitpicking its details in a Vermont Senate conference, sent Bill 112 straight to Governor Peter Shumlin’s desk this past week with a 114-30 vote.

If Shumlin follows through with his promise to sign the bill, Vermont will make history by becoming the first state to successfully stand up to Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, Syngenta, and the biotech corporations who have pumped millions into the anti-labeling campaign. On its own state authority, regardless of FDA recommendations or Big Ag propaganda, Vermont GMO products will have to contain labeling which admits ‘this food contains ingredients that were subjected to genetic engineering’.

Of course, the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) is against the bill. A spokesperson for the association said the bill is “critically flawed and bad for consumers.” Reiterating their usually flawed propaganda, the GMA also said, “GM crops are safe and have important benefits for people and our planet. The government therefore has no compelling interest in warning consumers about foods containing GM ingredients ….”

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Jon Queally ~ Vermont Law Makes It Official: GMO Food Must Be Labeled

CommonDreams  April 24 2014 (Thanks, H)

Vermont is being hailed as a national leader following its passage of a law requiring foods that contain genetically-modified food to be labeled, the first “no-strings-attached” legislation passed in the United States.

The bill, passed by both bodies of the state legislature, was signed into law by Governor Peter Shumlin late Wednesday.

“The people and legislators of Vermont have taken a tremendous step forward in allowing their citizens to know what is in their food. All families deserve this simple right to know.” —Rebecca Spector, Center for Food Safety

“I am proud of Vermont for being the first state in the nation to ensure that Vermonters will know what is in their food,” Shumlin said in a statement.

State Rep. Shap Smith, speaker of the Vermont House, echoed Shumlin’s message, stating: “Every Vermonter has a right to know what is in their food.”

“Genetically engineered foods potentially pose risks to human health and the environment,” he continued. “I am proud to be the first state in the nation to recognize that people deserve to know whether the food they consume is genetically modified or engineered.”

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