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Clif High ~ Immediacy Data Intelligence Report [Audio]

Forecasts of future manifestations via predictive linguistics covering the period from July 2014 through 2025 (main focus 2014/2015).

  1. Language about July 20/21.
  2. Linguistic structures about
  • Magnetic pole shift
  • Magnetic anomaly over the american continents
  • UV
  • Other Rads
  • Diaspora
  • Housing USA/NA Summer 2014
  • Housing Renaissance 2015 Onward
  • Usa Corps Disguise Products
  • Bifurcated Currency
  • Dynamic Forms Of ‘Protest’
  • Debt Repudiation
  • 5/Five New Charismatic Leaders
  • New Socs
  • Earth Expansion Effects
  • Drought Reinforced By Fracking
  • Glacial Shifts Planet Wide
  • Impacts On Ocean Current
  • Weather Patterns
SF Source clif high  July 10 2014

Weather News June 5, 2014 ~ Filament Eruption, Hail Storm [Video]

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News In 2 Minutes ~ August 7 2013 [Video]


  • Earthbound CME –
  • Pole Reversal –
  • 1918 Pandemic –
  • Dead Pigs In China –
  • Fracking Gag Order -
  • Human-Human Bird Flu –
  • Navy Cancels Plans To Repair Damage Nuclear Powered Submarine –
  • Uganda Protests –
  • Senator In Egypt –
  • Russian Volcano.

3MIN News ~ May 1, 2013: Severe Weather, Space Weather, Major Watch [Video]


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Ruth Ryden ~ Newsletter #127 From Ruth & The Masters Of Light (April 2013)

The Masters of Light

Masters, what can we expect from weather and earth changes this coming month?

Masters ~  “This coming month of April will come to be remembered as an historic change in the atmospheric weather conditions of your world for this time of year. The storms now dropping down from the Arctic across Canada and into the Eastern states and the Mid-West will act in ways not expected. Although the coastal areas will be hit hard again, we do not see sea waters impinging upon those who have already suffered so much loss. Those who enjoy and attend the seasonal sporting events will have to be prepared for difficult weather conditions in many places. By the middle of the month the harsh weather fronts will dissipate for the most part to provide some relief and warmer weather, although we still see a great deal of rainfall, especially in the southern states.

Flooding is a possibility that should not be ignored. The northwestern states, and the southwest part of the U.S.will continue to enjoy warmer weather for two or three weeks, but we are seeing some drastic wind storms and unusual tornadic activity all along the western coast lines.

The desert regions of North America will begin to experience extremes in temperatures as April reaches into the last two weeks. Heavy, unexpected rainfall, combined with high temperatures, will see flowers, etc. explode into life, then dry out suddenly as temperatures rise again. This is a month to listen carefully to your weather forecasters, and prepare accordingly.

Canada is also experiencing a time of changing weather fronts, extending the difficult winter temperatures and storms that will be jumping from coast to coast without preamble. The really different changes that will be occurring this month will be seen in the Arctic regions and Alaska, as inner heat will continue to melt huge ice fields and cause native peoples to find higher grounds. The changes in sea life will start to be noticed as fisheries find either fewer schools of favorite fish or see physical changes in them.

Central America will be caught in a swarm of weather fronts that will change suddenly and cause damage on coastal areas from high seas and heavy rainstorms. The same conditions will drop further south into South America, confronting the atmospheric conditions in the mountains along the coasts and inland.

Of course the unusual atmospheric changes will be affecting all of Europe, Asiaand Africa, as well as Australia. What will be seen is a conversion of the normal Spring climates, sometimes to the point of dangerous traveling conditions and the difficulty of enough rain for crops and livestock.

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