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December 3 2011

Due to our completing the past Evolutionary Cycle/Mayan calendar (Oct. 28, 2011), we’re now in a volatile transitional cusp period between the collapsing past and the manifesting new. Having been a performer (dancer) for nearly twenty years, I always enjoyed that short, hectic, rushed period between performances where you quickly did your costume change, freshened up, cooled down, went to the bathroom, repaired your hair and makeup, had some water and got yourself ready for the next show. This grand finale transition period (late 2011 through all of 2012) feels much like that to me in many ways; so much new potential and creativity just around the corner, but a short and hectic costume, lighting and music change needed first.

Notice I did not call this a rest or break period but a short, hectic, and volatile transition period. In so many ways 2011 and 2012 is a much higher octave of the 1960’s, and if you lived through that time as I did as a teen, then you know how crazy, volatile, potentially violent, intense and transformational 2012 is going to be. (Please connect this with the quote and stories below about the “Asshole Hippies From Outer Space”.) I’m sorry to all of us that are so exhausted we can barely brush our teeth or hold a thought (or write an article!), but we’ve got more important transitional Work to do now and through 2012. In Barbara Marciniak’s fall Pleiadian TIMES issue her channeled Pleiadians referred to 2012 as that period that’s “the darkest before the dawn.” As much as I hate to admit it I know this is true and we’ve got to push through our exhaustion and this volatile and hectic transitional period and embody like we always have.

This transitional period from October 29, 2011 through the end of December 2012 is, I’m discovering, packed just as full of strange goodies as the past twelve years have been. So far I’ve sensed that this transitional period will be dealing with removing the negative patriarchal mess and trash as we simultaneously rush towards the December 2012 Cosmic, Galactic, and Super Galactic conjunctions and subsequent Energy Imprinting of the new Evolutionary Cycles. Lots of ground to cover between today and the end of December 2012, but thankfully it’s going to pass very quickly.

Big Energy Arrival The Last Week Of November 2011

Maybe this had something to do with the partial Solar eclipse on Nov. 24, 2011. Maybe it’s combined with the amplified and increased solar energies that have started because we’ve completed the Mayan calendar/Evolutionary Cycle. Whatever it was, something fairly potent energetically arrived around that time and there’s been positive and negative reactions to it ever since. In the end it’s all good, just rather intense because these events are multidimensional so we’re affected across the multi-D board and not only physically.

I recently wrote about my Nov. 28, 2011 grocery shopping adventure witnessing nearly everyone displaying very familiar old Ascension symptoms of zombie-like brain fog, mental confusion, inability to focus and remain focused, ungroundedness, and that embarrassing inability to simply be effective within physical reality…while in public! How do I know this? Because my physical Ascension Process started on Feb. 1, 1999 and I’ve struggled with all of these symptoms and much more every minute of every day/night ever since. I bring this up again only because it’s another aspect of the recent energy changes and why many more people have suddenly been activated or more deeply affected by these Ascension Energies.

The next clue I had that something positive and important happened energetically around the last week of November 2011, was that on December 1, 2011 I awoke at 3:13 A.M. due to another dislodging of dug-in negative energies. It was a very mild negative psychic “attack” and nothing as severe as I’ve experienced many times during these Ascension years. When the Dark is suddenly loosed and angrily flying around like this, it’s because another large blast of Light energies have arrived in this physical dimension and unseated, dislodged, exploded, broken apart and exposed another large chunk of the Dark Ones/Darkness both human and non-human, both physical and non-physical. What at first appears like a negative event or attack is actually a reaction to increasing Light energies within the field and everyone everywhere having to adjust, adapt, or leave because of it.

As I lay there in bed in the dark A.M. hours watching and feeling this latest tantrum from the Dark, I became aware that something had happened from up in space that was directed down at Earth with the intention of dislodging some negative Darkness that had been living, working, and hiding below the Earth’s surface. I automatically assumed this meant a solar flare or CME energies were the trigger that caused this negativity hiding below ground to suddenly be blasted to pieces and brought up to the surface and exposed. I’m still not sure if some recent solar activity was not the cause of this, it may be, but it may be working in tandem with some Unseen Others also. It’s common for both the Light and the Dark to take advantage of the available cosmic, solar and astrological energies and us them in tandem with what they’re doing.

A few short hours later I got up and went about my usual morning activities. After I’d gone online to check my emails and the Comments here at TRANSITIONS, I was unexpectedly impulsed to go to a website I rarely ever go to. Because I recognized I was being impulsed to consciously connect with some very specific information right then, I willingly followed this invisible nudging and surprisingly found myself at David Wilcock’s website Divine Cosmos, reading his Oct. 13, 2011 article Disclosure Imminent? Part II: Many More Bases Destroyed.

There I am the morning of Dec. 1, 2011 only hours after my 3:13 A.M. negative jolt awake and perceptions about something coming from up in space, reading only this particular article of David’s, fully aware that I’d been led there to connect with some specific information. It didn’t take long either, and to make a long story short, David Wilcock was talking about some positive ET Beings who, evidently, are responsible for destroying some man-made underground bases here in the US and elsewhere recently. Sorry, but I’m laughing over this; thank you my beloved ET kinsfolk for leading me to this information. I know you knew I’d thoroughly enjoy it so thanks for leading me to it only hours after my 3 A.M. negative repercussion experience.

There are two parts of information I needed to connect with that morning at David Wilcock’s; the first part was titled—and I thoroughly enjoy this—“Asshole Hippies From Outer Space”. Aah gawd, no one could have described these positive ET’s/Starbeings better than the patriarchal human male jerk/jerks that perceives these advanced Starbeings in this way! Too funny, and as always, very revealing of these people’s level of awareness.

The second bit of information was a few paragraphs further into David’s article and was “from a key staff member” and it was titled “The Prophetic Dream”. I’m going to quote it first and then follow it with some quotes from my book A Lightworker’s Mission (2010) and let you fellow Starseeds in on the multidimension ET/Starbeing connections and messages. From David Wilcock’s article:

The Prophetic Dream

Here is what I read — and this is only one of a variety of extremely powerful dreams that have been coming in, suggesting that we are on the threshold of an extremely positive shift:


“We were out in a beautiful natural setting. I saw a little silver thing spinning in the air. At first I thought it was a top, but I then realized it was a weird little UFO. It flew towards me. About 200 of them came. They were spinning and they were small — about six to ten inches across. They were spinning and glowing and I realized they were little tiny spaceships.
They were pretty – they seemed to have liquid mercury on their skin, and looked like they were somehow alive. Then there was a big ball that came that was maybe six feet in diameter. It was spinning. It went into the middle of the smaller objects.

It was amazing that none of them ran into each other because there were so many of them. They all started moving together like a school of fish.


“The big one started whirling and turned into a while light. Then the image of a person emerged from the light.

This person was not standing on the land — and he was obviously and ET. He was really tall. Taller than most people by a foot or two. Maybe seven and a half feet tall.

He had a mane of really wild black hair with fluorescent green feathers sewn into it.

He was wearing this highly futuristic-looking outfit with many small spikes coming off of it, almost like a porcupine. It had fluorescent green and blue colors, tribal style.

He was smiling and standing there. Everyone else was shocked, but I was happy about it. He said hi to me. I ran up to him and hugged him and he smiled at me.

Then, everyone else realized he was safe… and they all started hugging him.

Then he was making weird faces with his face – such as the ability to stretch his skin sideways off of his face. It was kind of gross. I didn’t look at him while he was doing it. He was laughing the whole time.

He wanted to tell people about all kinds of different things – whatever they wanted to know, he answered. How things really worked in the Universe.”

I’ve left out some of this story due to room only, but here’s the highlights of the quote from A Lightworker’s Missionabout my yearlong (1982–1983) inter-dimensional lucid dream relationship and project with a non-physical ET/Starbeing. You’ll easily recognize the similarities between this ET being I worked with decades ago and the ET being described above by one of David Wilcock’s staff members. Here’s my story with what I believe is probably the same ET being. Part Two page 60–66:

“One of the first things I remember happening at this new upstairs apartment was the beginning of a series of unusual lucid dream meetings with a male who I called my crazy twin brother. He didn’t look like me at all as he had rich brown skin and I’m Caucasian. My very first impression of him was that he was a Mayan. I did not know anything about the Mayans or the Mayan calendar at that time in early 1982 however. Nothing had happened at that point concerning the Mayan calendar and all that it entails (that I was consciously aware of), so these recurring dreams with my Mayan crazy twin brother were yet another unusual interdimensional connection.

The first lucid dream I had with him he came rushing in excitedly wanting to ask me something deeply important. I instantly viewed him up and down and was highly intrigued. He had beautiful light brown skin, brown eyes, a very angular face, and long straight black hair. He wore clothes I was not familiar with as they weren’t anything I had seen before. I didn’t pay all that much attention to his clothes actually, only because he was so exuberant, playful, so energized and excited that he easily pulled you right into him and what he was doing.

Back in the mid-Seventies I dyed my hair black. It is naturally straight and was very long back then. The fact that our hair looked so much alike made me really happy because I had remembered many of my past lives when I had beautiful brown, cinnamon, red, or yellow skin and all of them with long black hair. I dyed my straight brown hair black because of the remembered past lives. A few years later when I started Belly Dancing, having very dark hair was a plus, so I kept it that way for many years.

My etheric Mayan crazy twin brother told me in this first dream that he desperately need my help. He claimed he needed me to help him build a bridge. He said he would work building it from his side but that he needed me to help build the other end of it here from my side. In other words, he asked me to help him build an energy bridge that would connect his higher dimensional world with the physical third dimension and timeline I was living in.

For some reason his dream request sounded to me like the most normal thing I had heard in a long time. The proposed nonphysical bridge building project make perfect sense to me the second the words fell from his lips in this first dream meeting. I somehow instantly knew exactly what he meant and why this energy bridge was so critically important at that time in late 1982. I knew and yet I did not know all the complex reasons for it.

I told him I did not know what I could do here in physicality, but that I would happily do whatever I could to help build his inter-dimensional energy bridge from my side of the Veil. He was so happy, so relieved, so excited that I had instantly agreed to help him build this bridge, that he started running in circles, jumping, and howling like a ..crazy person. I just stood watching and deeply loving him and feeling very happy for him that his inter-dimensional bridge building project was not officially a GO. I grinned warmly and lovingly at him acting like a handsome nutcase as he ran around doing flips and yelling weird yelps and foreign words. It was all somehow perfectly normal and happily wonderful to me…

“…Four more months would pass before he returned in another dream to let me know where we stood with our inter-dimensional bridge building project. Every time he showed up in a dream, he was always so energetic and full of joy and wonderful silliness. He always make me feel such hope and strength with my seemingly being stranded here in polarized physicality. He knew far more than I remembered at that time, and I now believe that was why he was so proud of what I was able to do working from this much denser side of the dimensional Veil or border.

The next dream arrived a few months later and he did a lot of running around, jumping, twirling and singing like a crazy fool—and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. In this dream meeting, he was wearing numerous brightly colored tropical bird feathers in his long black hair. He wore a scant leather loincloth, but it was his red, blue, yellow, purple and teal colored feathers that had him wild with joy it seemed. I remember just watching the show and loving my crazy twin brother more than I even did before. He yelped, jumped, danced, flipped and howled with total abandon and I relished every delightful gesture he made and happy emotion he radiated. He seemed to be celebrating something special for us both. There wasn’t much dialogue between us in this dream meeting, just this Mayan celebration party, or whatever it was. He frolicked, I watched, and I fell in love with him totally.

It was another four months before or so after this dream meeting before he showed up again. In this next dream, he had shaved his long beautiful black hair all off and looked so different I was shocked. He acted very differently too which emotionally shook me considerably. I remember thinking in my lucid dream that he possibly was “crazy” after all. I yelled angrily at him for cutting off all his gorgeous long hair and demanded to know why he had done such a seemingly crazy thing. He was literally bouncing all over the place with his high energy and did not acknowledge me much at all. He never responded to my questions about why he had cut his very long beautiful hair all off. It seemed to be a silly non-issue to him.

As I watched him, I slowly realized that our inter-dimensional bridge building project must be very close to being finished. That realization was terribly bittersweet. I was extremely happy we had completed our inter-dimensional project, but I was also deeply saddened to have my beloved Mayan crazy twin brother leave me on Earth alone again. I sensed that once this bridge building project was finished, we would not see each other in dreamtime meetings like this ever again…

This was the last dream meeting I had with him in late 1983, which told me our invisible multidimensional energy bridge had indeed been completed. i was very happy and proud about that, but did miss him terribly for quite a while. I wondered if some of his actions in those last two dreams were his way of trying to make our upcoming disconnection a bit easier for me emotionally in physicality. I believe that was the case at any rate.”

So now we attempt to put all these interesting inter-dimensional ET and Starseed interactions and potent energy happenings together to get a slightly better overview of what’s been happening recently. This time it’s fairly easy thanks to my being impulsed to discover some unknown to me information written by someone else that was also a personal message to me now. Thanks my crazy twin brother for reconnecting with me again after so many years. I see you’re still as colorful and wonderfully crazy as ever. Glad you’ve got your beautiful hair back too. :lol: We Starseeds can’t wait to have the big Family Reunion with the rest of you out there. Soon now.

Obviously it was a special treat for me to be led to this other persons dream experience with an eccentric ET friend I built an inter-dimensional bridge with back in 1982–1983! It was also highly interesting to read what David Wilcock had to say about these positive ETs—those miserable “Asshole Hippies from Outer Space”—ETs who’ve evidently been energetically blasting or vaporizing (from up in space) certain physical man-made underground bases in the US and elsewhere. This doesn’t surprise me at all either because, if you’ve read A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution, then you know I’ve astrally been to a few of these physical man-made underground bases (and meeting places) while lucid dreaming during the 1970’s and 1980’s and saw human military and human civilians walking and talking with different non-human, non-physical ET beings in these underground bases.

This information I was led to on the morning of Dec. 1, 2011 covered two related and very similar experiences I had decades ago, plus connected into and possibly further explained what jolted me awake at 3:13 A.M. on Dec. 1st. and more importantly why. Like I said, I became aware while laying there in bed feeling the pissed off dark energies flying around in the space in my house, that something from up in space had caused these negative energies to be dislodged from below the surface of the physical Earth, so it was great reading David Wilcock’s higher sensory perceptions about these particular events.

This complex, intertwined, usually humorous and rather weird coincidences and multidimensional twists n’ turns are typical of certain positive ET/Starbeings and how they enjoy playing and communicating with us Starseeds down here in meat suits, especially when we’re bitching and whining about how crappy and horrible it is here. :roll: I’m certain many of us insisted that during those times when I/you/all of us Starseeds become depressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, too serious, too fixated on our individual Starseed Missions on Earth now, that some of our ET/Starbeing kinsfolk from Home would show up to specifically do asinine things like howl, flip around the room, stretch the skin on their face, or chop their long gorgeous hair off, or anything else they could think to do to knock and shock us out of our sticky, dense, heavy physical groove down here. I know Master Hotei would do seemingly crazy things like this to me sometimes too only to shock me into or out of some consciousness and/or emotional stupor so he could insert higher energy and consciousness into me! This is an old tactic that many Masters and ET/Starbeings use when needed to shake someone out of a 3D trance.

Anyway…it’s been a busy and intense ten days or so and I do not expect this to slow down at all but increase in both the number of physical events, solar activity, and inter-dimensional weirdness. Happy holiday in other words! Thanks again to all of the multidimensional players. ♥

December 3, 2011

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