Visionkeeper ~ Changing Can Be Challenging

One World Rising | January 24 2012

Okay, so we are well aware that the shift is well under way and that we are meant to change ourselves from within – think from our hearts not our minds. I think we need to talk about how challenging it can be to make this shift.

We need to find support as we alter how we think. Often times as we change, suddenly those people in our lives who have been a part of our daily living seem different. Some may change as well and still be by your side. Others may fall away from you.

At first this may seem sad but if you look more closely at the situation you will see that you are no longer thinking alike or resonating the same energy. This is to be expected. But that doesn’t stop the pain of separation. This is part of the process of raising your consciousness.

“Then I don’t want to raise it” you might be saying.

The shift you are in right now is our doorway to our new world, our freedom. You can remain in 3D if you choose. Just know by staying here there will be no freedom. Only misery.

It is important to understand letting go is part of the growing process of life. We don’t always remain in the same space of experiences, unless, of course, our life is stagnant and we have ceased to grow and move forward.

Right now in this new shift of consciousness one of the lessons to be learned is to let go of thoughts, people, and circumstances if you are being beckoned to change. If you are not willing to go with the changes and allow yourself to be fluid in your life, you will not be able to become part of the shift.

Rigid thinking and beliefs will only hold you back. In fact once you do shift and move forward, it oftentimes seems difficult to still be here on a 3D planet. You long to be separate in a world of your own so you can keep expanding uninterrupted.

This is why I spoke of writing, doing internet blogs, art or music in my last post. We need ways of expressing who we are becoming and meeting up with like minds to fill the emptiness of those leaving our space.

Everything is becoming new in so many ways. If we have others to share this time with and share our new minds with moving forward isn’t so difficult to embrace. This is like planning ahead for a trip, where we know where we will be staying, what we will be doing, where we are going.

Think of this as a trip as well. If friends have to drift away from us we must plan on what we can fill that space with. If  we feel we just can’t bear being here for the moment we can allow the writing or music or art take us away from it all, to relieve us of the frustration we may be feeling. In other words, we must not just remain stuck in place feeling terrible. Remember there are ways to bypass what we are feeling with just a little effort.

Things usually feel hopeless or we feel helpless when we don’t see a way out of our situation. I am telling you, there are ways out if we make the effort – just like flipping that switch in our thoughts from negative to positive.

Change is only hard to make if we do not have ideas or solutions we can use to rebuild what we have just taken apart or to replace what we had to let go of. Without ideas or solutions it leaves us with no positive direction to go in.

So yes, we may lose some friends along the way. But if we remain open new friends will float in to take their place. If people leave it is because we have shifted how we think and interact with life and they no longer understand or resonate with where we are going or who we have become. It is not about who we are as a person. No room for ego here, no thinking it is our fault or their fault. It is what it is and that is life. Accept it and move on.

What we are heading towards is far greater than anything we had to leave behind. We are the change!

Blessings to you all,

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