Visionkeeper ~ Feeling A Bit Lost And Unsure?

One World Rising | February 11 2012

I imagine a great many people are feeling lost and unsure right now. The world they have grown up in and lived in for their whole lives is coming unglued at the seams. Not a whole lot of anything is making sense any more. Many, many folks are still sleeping and in denial that anything is wrong yet they are struggling along, swimming upstream against the current and finding life uncompromising. Others are partially awake but not knowing what to think, where to go for answers, how to approach life so that it works for them. Still others are fairly awake and trying hard to stay in the current going down the stream, staying positive and hopefully in the NOW. What a mishmash of life all swirling around on this planet trying to find meaning and purpose in a crazy world that offers nothing but further chaos and confusion.

People are sensing that life as they knew it is ending and are wondering what to put in its place. All things familiar and safe are slipping away. Old friends are drifting away from each other Unrest and fear have pulled up easy chairs within each of us and are looking for company  But we don’t want to feel unrest. What is going on we keep thinking? One minute life was okay the next minute everything is spiraling out of our control and those we counted on for support are no longer at our side. Do not feel alone. Look around you.

Everybody is also going through similar emotions and physical changes taking place within. The world is shifting to a new dimension. We are raising up our human consciousness and we are along for the ride. There is no need for fear. Only joy at what we will all be leaving behind us and joy for all the wonderful things that are waiting for us around the corner up ahead.

I have mentioned before writing down your journey. That is why I am writing on this site – to record humanity shifting paradigms and raising its consciousness for the first time in history. It is a remarkable time to be alive. Embrace what is taking place rather than fearing it! Writing down what you are experiencing will not only be calming and help you release what is within, but you will have a forever record of what the world is going through for the very first time. Give it a try. It can be very therapeutic for you.

Take time for yourself. Take a nice hot bath by candle light, spend time laughing with close friends, go within and figure out what you are missing because of these changes and think up new ways of recreating yourself. You are no longer the same person you were a day ago and you won’t ever be that person again. This is not a bad thing but rather look at it as an opportunity to redo your life, become the person you always dreamed about being. There is nothing stopping you, everything is possible now. The only thing stopping you is the doubt that squats inside your mind. Push it aside and bring forth what has sat quietly in your heart wishing to be born. Think of yourself as a blank slate waiting to be filled up. It is tremendously exciting. It is not a scary thing. Because you can no longer be who you were does not mean you no longer exist. This is not an ending but rather a grand beginning and you are the creator. Grab hold of that and run with it!

Become who you truly want to be.

Blessings to you all,

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